75 Lemon Puns That Are Simply The Zest

Danielle Outen
Dec 12, 2023 By Danielle Outen
Originally Published on Sep 28, 2020
Fact-checked by Monisha Kochhar
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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.....and tell some zesty, funny lemon jokes too!

Lemons are a staple in every fruit bowl because there's so much to do with them. They are great for making lemonade, citrusy desserts, and yummy salad dressings.

In many cultures, a lemon signifies positivity, and that is certainly the case with these lemon puns that are guaranteed to bring some joy. A pun is a play on words that is witty and hysterical.

This article has hilarious and punny lemon jokes that you can tell while serving up some lemonade or digging into a lemon meringue pie. Try telling a lemon pun from this article, and you are bound to get some giggles.

Lemon Dessert Puns

These jokes are centered around delicious desserts, including lemon pie and lemon meringue puns.

1. Walking down the road, I passed an apple pie, a lemon cheesecake, and ice cream. I thought the streets were desserted!

2. A dancing pie is also known as lemon meringue.

3. If a lemon curd, it would.

4. The lemon meringue was a bit sad because she lost her zest for life.

5. The lemon pie went to the dentist because it needed fillings.

6. I Lemon You Tart!

7. Don’t get me tarted!

Lemonade Puns

Why not tell a lemon joke alongside your glass of refreshing lemonade?

8. When you meet an injured lemon, give it lemon-aid.

9. I just lost my job at the lemonade store because I could not concentrate.

10. A lemon was given only 10 minutes to clean her house, so she hired a Minute Maid.

11. The baseball keeps its lemonade in the pitcher.

12. I gave a woman some lemonade last night and schwepped her off her feet.

Lemon Zest Puns

Zest is part of the lemon peel. The word 'zest' has made its way into some of the funniest lemon jokes around.

13. You're simply the zest!

14. One lemon met another, and the zest is history.

15. A cowboy lemon runs through the wild zest.

16. The lemon is feeling said she just lost her zest.

17. One lemon said to the other lemon, "we are zest friends forever!"

18. The lemon lawyer declared, "I zest my case!"

19. This conversation is starting to lack zest!

20. Live life with zest.

Lemon Peel Jokes

You and your kids will be peeling funny telling one of these.

21. The lemon visited the doctor because it was not peeling well.

22. Lemons always apply sun lotion because they peel all the time.

23. The lemon failed its driving test because it kept peeling out.

24. I ate the lemon because it looked so a-peeling.

25. When a lemon falls in love, it catches peelings.

House cleaning product

General Lemon Puns

You will certainly not look like a lemon telling one of these jokes!

26. A dinosaur eating a lemon is a Tyrannasourest Rex.

27. I went to the supermarket to buy lemons, but they didn't have any. It was a fruitless trip.

28. The search for the stolen lemons was fruitless.

29. When you bump into a lemon, it says, 'sour you doing?'

30. A cat that eats lemons is a sour puss.

31. The lemon went to the doctor because it had a sour stomach.

32.'This lemon is too sour,' he said bitterly.

33. The lemon answers the phone by saying, 'yellow!'

34. When the lemon proposed, it pipped the question.

35. The lemon didn't do well at school because it couldn't concentrate.

36. When life gives you lemons, make a Sour Patch Kid.

37. This citrus just got real.

38. When life gives you lemons, don't worry - you can always add some zest to the situation.

39. Lemons are like the sun - they're sour and yellow and make you squint.

40. How do you catch a lemon? You set a trap and wait for it to fall from the tree!

41. How does a lemon get to school? By citrus!

42. What do you call a sour lemon? A pucker-up!

43. If you have got lemon, grab salt and tequila

44. Lemon tell ya… I love you so much.

45. Are you feeling down? You need some lemon up!

46. What do you call an old lemon?' A Mellon.

47. How does a lemon stay up all night? By drinking lots of LemonAid!

48. What happened after the lemons got married? They make lemon drops.

49. I tried to make some cologne out of lemons, but it turned out to be sheer citrus!

50. I’m not a morning person, but I can always lemon up for breakfast.

51. You know what they say about lemons...once you go sour, you can never go back!

52. Where did the grapefruit get her joggers? Lululemon.

53. Why was the car salesman arrested? For selling lemons.

54. Who is the lemon’s favorite Beetle? John Lemon.

55. What do you give an injured lemon? Lemon-aid!

56. Why did the lemon cross the road? To play squash!

57. Why did the lemon hide when the bully came? Because he was Yellow.

58. What did the teacher tell the lemons when they misbehave? You have to do bitter next time.

59. Lemon failed her driving test. She kept peeling out.

60. What did the lemon say when they had to get by? Ex-squeeze me.

61. What did the organic lemon say about the genetically modified lemon? Those are totally fake zests!

62. Who is the lemon’s favorite author? Lemony Snickett.

63. How long did it take for the lemon to form its zest? A couple of sours!

Lemon And Lime Puns

Despite them looking similar, lemon and lime are not the same. A green lemon is simply unripe. It is not actually a lime. Although they are not the same, they go fabulously together, especially in puns.

64. Don't you just love lemons? They are sub-lime!

65. Lemon and limes love to fight. They are bitter rivals.

66. The lemon robbed the bank with its partner in lime.

67. When a lemon works overtime, it gets paid half a lime.

68. A lemon uses pickup limes to get a date.

Lemon Juice Puns

Being funny is easy squeezy with one of these lemon juice jokes.

69. The lemon stopped on the road because it ran out of juice.

70. The next person that asks for a concoction of lemon juice, pineapple juice, and orange juice with fruits is getting a punch.

71. When lemons start fighting, all hell breaks juice.

72. Lemons are positive fruits. They always squeeze the day.

73. Juice be you!

74. Don't be sour. Drink some juice!

75. I asked a citrus fruit what the secret to happiness is, and they replied, 'Just take things one sip at a time.'

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