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80+ Paw Puns That Are Simply Paw-Some

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Happiness is when you paws for a moment and spend some time with your furry friend.

Be it dogs or cats, pets are absolutely loveable and cushy companions to most of us. These quadruped fluffy creatures are no less than funky cute, little, great companions.

Pets are really cute and affectionate and all of us love to play with their cute paws. The best part is that we have some really amazing new puns and jokes here. So, if you're sniffing for some funny paw jokes or puns for a social media caption, or for a hilarious family conversation, then you're in the right place. These puns will remind you of what you are missing. We will make sure to leave you chuckling. Being a fur lover fur-ever, nothing could stop you from scrolling below and grinning over these cute and witty puns.

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Funny Dog Puns

Funny dog puns are great for Instagram captions. Dog puns are good conversation starters for dog lovers. Here is a list of some fun dog puns.

1. He's not a bad pup, he's just a little ruff around the edges.

2. I just want to dedicate this message to everyone who had a ruff day, don't stress out just be paw-sitive.

3. The Dalmatian usually hides from people because he didn't want to be spotted.

4. My dog ain't fat, he's just a little husky.

5. My dog is a big fan of Pink Floyd's album named "Bark side of the moon."

6. My neighbors call their dog pup-sicle as he's very cold all the time.

7. My dog loves binge-watching movies with pup-corn and pup-eroni pizza.

8. The dog breeder went to the dentist because he lost one of his canines.

9. This dog is so intelligent that he completed his Master's in Barkeology.

10. If you had a bad day then please forget about it don't terrier self, mistakes happen.

11. The dog owner said, "Silence, please! My dog is in corgi-nito."

12. I don't know how some people can be re-pug-nant to pets, I believe pets radiate paw-sitivity.

13. My pug turned into a watchdog after we gifted him a Rolex, so he's living the pug life.

14. My dog was feeling sad, so I took him to the dog whisperer. He said that my dog was feeling melan-collie-c.

15. My neighbor's dogs were celebrating their second anni-furr-sary in some Bark-B-Q joint.

16. My friend's dog loves bubble baths because he is a Shampoodle.

17. We went to watch a dog movie, it was quite purr-plexing to recognize the doggelgangers.

18. My friend's puppy stays indoors when it rains cats and dogs because he doesn't want to step in a poodle.

19. My dog loves the fall season, he enjoys dressing up for howl-o-ween costume parties.

20. My dog felt got upset very easily. He has been going through a rough pooch lately.

21. The animal lover mentioned in her resume, "I am very paw-sionate about dogs and cats."

22. My dog prefers to eat food that is rich in fat, he is not a big fan of collie-flour cakes.

23. We got two more dogs so they say that we have a Rover Dose.

24. The poor dog can't afford a woof over his head, I really feel bad for him.

25. I am taking my dog for vacation, he really loves to surf in Collie-fornia.

26. My dog went to the bank because he wanted to make a de-paws-it.

27. The barking lot wasn't empty and so my dog went to the Bark-B-Q.

28. My dog went to the university of Collie-fornia to get a paw-degree.

29. My dog is so beautiful that she got an o-fur to be on the cover of 'Vanity fur'.

30. His dog was a proficient story-teller because he knew how to paws for dramatic effect.

Funny Paw Puns

Beautiful and young white cross breed dog.

Having a pet is always a blessing, and paw puns can be really entertaining if you have pets. Here are some quite fetching dog puns, cat puns, and a paw pun for you, which will surely leave you howling.

31. A hotel said that dogs and cats aren't allowed. I think it's too p'awful.

32. Dogs and cats can easily get away with mischief because they hold their paw-er over their owners.

33. His dog ran five miles to bring the ball back, and I think that's im-paw-sible.

34. Here's a golden op-paw-tunity for all the beautiful pups out there, as Vogue has announced a pup-a-razzi shoot in Collie-fornia.

35. "It is im-paw-sible to predict the future", said the doggy astrologer.

36. Dogs and cats could have been anything in their life if they wanted. They are just not that paw-ssionate.

37. "Just trying to be paw-sitive as the day was really ruff", said the dog.

38. Everything is paw-ssible when you have a dog companion around you.

Hilarious Dog Jokes

Who doesn't like paws and pets? A paw joke is one of the best kinds of jokes. Here is a purr-fect list of dog puns inspired jokes to have a funny talk with your funny dog.

39. Which is the law enforcement called in the cats and dogs community? Paw-lice.

40. What is a blockbuster movie for dogs called? Jurassic-bark.

41. What would a dog or a cat be named in JK Rowling's Harry Potter series? Harry Paw-ter.

42. What does a dog engineer construct? A woof.

43. What would a dog do once his tails fall off? He would go to the re-tail store.

44. Which dog does Dracula own? A bloodhound.

45. What would a dog Avenger be named? Labra-Thor.

46. Which is the best dog to take on a submarine ride? A subwoofer.

47. What would it be called if a dog discovered Murphy's Law? Murphy's Paw.

48. How are a dog and a phone similar? They both have a collar ID.

49. What do dogs prefer at breakfast? Pooched eggs.

50. What is the only similarity between a dog and a tree? Bark.

51. What would a dog or a cat poet be addressed as? William Shakes-paw.

Funny Cat Puns

Cats are considered to be really comforting and adorable pets. They happen to be very caring, affectionate, and cute as well. Here is a list of some really funny puns on cats which would definitely make for a great ice breaker for you.

52. My cat is so fur-getful that he accidentally enters my neighbor's house. Our cats look very fur-miliar.

53. It was a complete cat-astrophy that a dog lost the pet show to a cat.

54. Every meow-ment is a threat to a rat who's being chased by a cat.

55. The sick cat told the nurse, "I would be glad if you could please paws me a glass of water, I really had a ruff day."

56. My cat's fur-sonality looks really good when she wears a purr-ple hat.

57. Procrastination is a common habit. When you own a cat, then you're more of a pro-cats-tinator.

58. My cat's claw enforcement training helped us through the investigation when the paw-lice showed up at our house.

59. My cat loves grooving to pop songs. Her favorite singer is Kitty Purry.

60. His cat went for a va-cat-ion and spent some purrfect time abroad.

61. The cat scientist discovered that cat-ions are paw-sitively charged ions.

62. One of my colleagues said, "Take a paw-ternity leave for your cat."

63. I have two cats and they really enjoy some soothing meow-sic.

64. My cat turned three, and one of my friends bought her a little present. He wished my cat a very Happy Purr-thday.

Funny Cat Jokes

Cats are beautiful creatures, so here's a list of some amusing jokes about cats. If you're sad then after reading you would be feline happy. If you love wordplays, then you're in the right place, and we'll make sure not to leave you feeling claw-ful.

65. If cats were piled up, they would be known as? A meow-ntain.

66. There were 4 cats in the balcony and one of them jumped in the backyard. How many cats were left? None, because they were all copycats.

67. Why do cats go to school? To be litter-ate.

68. Why cats aren't tech-savvy? Because they get distracted by the mouse.

69. On what day of the week was my cat born? Caturday.

70. What does a cat say to people who don't believe her? I'm furr-real.

71. How does a cat reply to someone who doesn't like cat jokes? Are you kitten me?

72. What is a cat's favorite color? Purr-ple.

73. If a cat had 8-paws then she would be known as? An octo-puss.

74. If cats were at school what subject would they be great at? Hiss-tory.

75. Which food would invisible cats be eating? Evaporated Milk.

76. How is the comma different from cats? Comma comes as a pause at the end of a clause, and a cat has claws at the end of its paws!

77. What would an athletic cat be called? A Cathlete.

78. What would a cat name its first book? Tail of two cities.

79. If a cat won a dog show then what would it would be called? A cat-as-trophy.

80. What do cats love to have for breakfast? Mice crispies.

81. How is your cat now? She's feline paw-sitively good.

82. What is a cat's go-to wear at night time? Paw-jamas.

83. What is the only car a cat knows to drive? A Furr-ari.

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