50+ Funny Cat Jokes That Are Purr-Fect

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Three kittens sitting together.

Funny cat jokes are hard to find, but they can be an amazing way to pass the time.

Cat jokes and cat one-liners can be fun to read. Play puns on cats or what to call a cat can really amp up your catty humor.

For example, it will change how you say raining cats and dogs or call a cat. A funny cat joke can be a great conversation starter, especially for animal lovers. Corny cat jokes can absolutely make your day funnier!

Here are some kitten jokes and cat jokes for kids that you will definitely love. Cats are very popular choices as pets. There are various different breeds of cats like Sphynx, Siamese, Bengal, Persian, and Tabby Cats.

These can be found extensively across the globe. Cats are known to be amazing companions and so make for great options as pets.

Besides, they are strong and flexible at the same time. Their spontaneity also makes them good at killing rodents in the house and preys in general. There are other wild cats like cheetahs and tigers too, which are more dangerous and are best left in the wild.

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Cool Cat Jokes

Cat looking out from door.

Are you a cat lover looking for amazing cat jokes? Here is a list of some funny cats jokes, including some kitty jokes and some meow jokes:

1. How did the abandoned kitty feel when she got a kitten home? Her life felt purrr-fect now.

2. What is a cat's favorite season? It's pawtumn.

3. What is a pile of cats called? A meow-tain.

4. What does a cat do when he does not feel too well? He goes to a purr-amedic.

5. What is a cat's favorite day of the week? Cat-urday.

6. How do cat owners know their cat has a good influence on their life? Their cats motivate them to remain paw-sitive in every situation.

7. What would a cat tell the other if they see someone misbehaving with cats? You ask them to a-paw-logize.

8. Why do few cats not have too many friends? Some cats have a lot of cat-titude.

9. How do you find a cat owner who is obsessed with her cat? They would always keep their cat be-fur anyone else.

10. What is the favorite food of cats? Mice Krispies.

Funny Cat Jokes


Here are the best cat jokes that you will absolutely love and laugh at.

11. What did the mama cat to the cat when she birth to six cute puppies? Con-cat-ulations!

12. Why did her my best friend's cat not react when she saw me? She probably thought I looked fur-miliar.

13. How does a cat decide what he needs to buy at a store? By referring to the catalog.

14. What self-help book should a cat read to be the favorite of her owner? 'How to be a Good Mousekeeper'.

15. What did the cat say when she got stuck in the hole? Help meow-t!

16. What is worse than when it's raining cats and dogs? Hailing taxis.

17. Why does a cat stay near the computer all the time? He waits to catch the mouse.

18. What did the cat say to the vet when she went for her checkup? I am not feline good!

19. How do male cats call female cats to express their love? They say how purr-ty she looks.

Clever Cat Jokes

Read on for some of the best cat jokes, including a meow joke that you can choose to make your day.

20. What is a cat's favorite Mexican dish? Purr-ito.

21. How did the litter of cats celebrate their success at the game? They did so by having a glass of purr-seco each.

22. What is the favorite button on the remote? The paws button.

23. What did the cat's mother say to her when she was rude? She asked her to be paw-lite.

24. What is a cat who pretends a lot called? A pawser.

25. What does a cat like wearing at night to sleep? Paw-jamas.

26. Why did the gardener have cats in his garden? He wanted lawn-meowers.

27. How can a cat uplift a depressed audience? By becoming a meowtivational speaker.

28. How would a cat propose to his girlfriend? He said, "Let us get meow-rried!"

29. Which movie do cats love to watch over and over again? The Sound of Meow-sic!

Hilarious Cat Jokes

Do you like hilarious cat puns that you can use to impress others around you? Here are some of the funniest ones chosen for you.

30. In which state do we find a lot of dogs and cats? In Petsylvania.

31. Why do lazy cats not get anything done on time? Because they are busy pro-cat-stinating.

32. What kind of sports do cats love to play the most? Hairball.

33. What does the kitten's mother do to make her sleep at night? She reads out some furry tale to her.

34. What are cat cops called in the cat world? The Paw-lease.

35. What happens when you keep too many animals together? They fight like cats and dogs.

36. Which sports car does a cat love to drive? Definitely a Fur-rari.

37. How does the cat spend most of his free time? By listening to mew-sic.

38. What did the thug cat's friends call him when he got caught by the police? They called him a pur-patrator.

39. Why was the cat very nervous before the boxing match? Because he had a fur-midable contender.

Amazing Cat Jokes

Read on to get hold of some of the best cat puns.

40. What kind of comb do you use for a cat? A catacomb.

41. What does a cat do when it gets really agitated? It starts throwing a hissy fit.

42. How does a cat always gets its way so easily? Because cats are very purr-suasive.

43. What is a cat's favorite novel to read? 'The Great Catsby'.

44. Why can't cats go to the jungle to play poker? They cannot play poker in the jungle because, in the jungle, too many cheetahs roam around.

45. What does a cat do every time it feels sick and needs medicines? The cat goes to the fur-macy.

46. Why could the cat not read what I had written for him? He was il-litter-ate.

47. What does a cat like the most about Egypt? They like the purr-amids the most.

48. What should be the best title for a painting of a cat? A paw-trait.

Witty Cat Jokes

Are you looking for purr-fect cat jokes that you can impress people with? Here is a list of some witty cat puns that you will love if you are a cat lover, have one or two cats, and understand cats well.

49. Why did the cat like eating lemons? Because he was a sourpuss.

50. What is a cat's favorite color? Purr-ple.

51. What is a cat's favorite vegetable? It is definitely as-purr-agus.

52. What is a cat's favorite dessert? Chocolate mouse.

53. What is a cat most excited about during Christmas? Receiving gifts from Santa Claws

54. Which part of America does a cat love to live in? Conneti-cat.

55. What does a cat like to do on vacations? Visit the meow-seum.

56. How did the cat celebrate his second birthday? He threw a huge paw-ty.

57. What did the cat do to his baby on long trips? She made him wear a dia-purr.

58. What did the cat call himself when he started living in an igloo in a European country? An eski-mew.

Awesome Cat Puns

Here are some bad cat jokes, funny one-liners, and puns, that will keep you laughing for a long time.

59. How does a cat smell good all the time? When the cat uses a purr-fume.

60. How do cats efficiently maintain law and order? By proper Claw Enforcement.

61. What do cats like to eat on summer days? Mice-cream.

62. Where does a cat go when he hurts his tail? To the re-tail store.

63. What does a cat do every morning while sipping on tea? Read the mewspaper.

64. How do cats greet each other? By saying, "Have a mice day!"

65. Which breed of cats is the loudest? Purr-sian cats.

66. What did the doctor say when the cat complained of a back pain? He said his paw-sture was incorrect.

67. What is a cat's favorite nursery rhyme? Three Blind Mice.

68. What does the musical cat want to be when he grows up? A purr-cussionist.

69. What kind of a kitten works at a hospital? A first-aid kitten.

70. What did the cat exclaim when the mouse he was chasing got away? You have got to be kitten me.

71. What is a cat's favorite chocolate? Kit kat.

72. How is a cat similar to a coin? Both have heads on one side and tails on the other.

73. What do you call a cat who wears shoes? Puss in boots.

74. What would you call a situation when a cat wins a dog contest? Cat-has-trophy.

Knock Knock Jokes

Cat knock-knock jokes are a great way to start a conversation. If you want to humor your catty friends, these knock knock jokes can be a great way to start. Laughing along with these jokes may give your extension of nine lives like a cat:

75. Knock Knock.

Who's there?


Catskill who?

Cats kill mice.

76. Knock Knock.

Who's there?


Catsup who?

Catsup the tree and won't come down.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for cat jokes then why not take a look at animal puns, or for something different take a look at zoo puns.

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