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92 Turkey Puns For Kids To Gobble Up

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Who doesn't love bird related puns?

Turkeys are among the most popular birds in Western society, being the first choice of meat at Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. Turkeys are large, intelligent birds with lots of personality, hence they inspire a lot of funny puns about Christmas and beyond.

Did you know that some turkeys can swim and some wild turkeys can even fly? What's more, the shape of a turkey's poo can tell you whether it's come from a female turkey or a male turkey. Speaking of male turkeys, only male turkeys gobble. Female turkeys make more of a clicking sound. You might also be surprised to know that turkeys are afraid of umbrellas when they are opening and predator kites hanging from poles, but not humans!

One of the traits that make turkeys special is the fact that they have better vision than humans - three times greater, to be specific. Also, their peripheral vision is greater, at 270 degrees, whereas ours is 180 degrees. This enables them to detect motion from far and wide. A female turkey is called a hen, a make turkey is called a tom and a young turkey is called a poult. A young male turkey is also called a jake. Each turkey (hen, tom, or poult) has a unique voice, making them recognisable to one another.

Read on to discover loads of funny turkey puns.

Funny Turkey Puns

Take a look at these classic bird related puns and Christmas turkey puns that will crack you up.

1. I'm fowling for you!

2. It's not a jaking matter.

3. I'd like to cut back on the Christmas leftovers, but I just can't quit cold turkey.

4. The jake's on you.

5. Your henwriting has improved.

6. This stuffing is tur-key to success.

7. What a per-key turkey.

8. I need more henergy.

9. That doesn't wing a bell.

10. That was hen, this is now.

11. Without feather ado.

12. I've got a lot of chicks up my sleeve.

13. Those kids are so henergetic.

14. No fowl play.

15. Tur-key to a nice, relaxing evening.

16. Bag of chicks.

17. And hen there was one.

18. Tur-key to success.

19. Look no feather.

20. Tur-key to my heart.

21. United we stand, divided we fowl.

22. Lock him up and throw away tur-key.

23. Chick or treat!

24. All that and hen some.

25. Right hen and there.

26. Like feather, like son.

27. Can't take a jake.

28. The ball is in your court.

29. Fowl into bad habits.

30. Change comes from withen.

31. The bigger they are, the harder they fowl.

32. How hentertaining.

33. An inside jake.

Brilliant Beak Puns

Turkeys use their beaks to peck, spit, yelp, cluck and, of course eat. Check out these excellent beak puns to make your day!

34. The cluck is ticking.

35. A race against the cluck.

36. Cluck on the button.

37. Peckground noise.

38. With a little yelp from my friends.

39. Can't yelp falling in love.

40. The big peckture.

41. Pecket-sized pack of tissues.

42. Every little yelps.

43. Around the cluck.

44. At the top of the pecking order.

45. Beak-a-boo!

46. Stop the cluck.

47. A few sandwiches short of a pecknic.

48. Can I yelp you?

49. An epeck movie.

50. Five, six, peck up sticks. Seven, eight, lay them straight...

51. Pecks me the details.

52. Yelp make ends meet.

53. A peckturesque view.

54. Yelp yourself.

55. You're a spitting image of your father!

56. A despeckable villain.

57. They climbed to the beak.

58. In a peckle.

59.Turn back the cluck.

60. In my peckyard.

61. Good things come in small peckages.

62. Within spitting distance.

Farm male turkey outdoor.

Turkey Puns About Turkey Anatomy

These puns go above and beyond, great for those who fancy a turkey pun that shows off their knowledge about the different parts of the turkey. Get ready to impress, as well as amuse.

63. Can't make head or tail of it.

64. Some you wing, some you lose.

65. Everyone's a winger.

66. More fan meets the eye.

67. Heads I wing, tails you lose.

68. The phone goes wing wing wing!

69. Does that wing any bells?

70. Take me under your wing.

71. It's not whether you wing or lose, it's about taking part.

72. Easier said fan done.

73. Throw your hat into the wing.

74. Wing the doorbell.

75. Don't wing us, we'll wing you.

76. Winger takes all.

77. Everyone's a winger.

78. Let's just wing it.

79. Actions speak louder fan words.

80. That was a fairytail ending.

81. It's not the winging that counts, it's the taking part.

82. Bite off more fan you can chew.

83. Blood is thicker fan water.

84. You are now entering the wing of fire.

85. Alarm bells are winging.

86. Better late fan never.

87. Two heads are better fan one.

88. Let me give you a sneak-beak.

89. Sorry, it doesn't wing a bell.

90. Don't be a tattle-tail.

91. Wing your clothes so that they dry faster.

92. Better to be safe fan sorry.

<p>A Fine Art student from the Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, Temitope has a passion for learning and expressing herself creatively. She finds great reward in tutoring children from primary school up to sixth form. When she's not teaching or writing, you can find Temitope painting, editing photos, baking, or building LEGO with her nephew.</p>

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