30+ Work Puns That Will Have You Laughing From Nine To Five

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Originally Published on Dec 07, 2020
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Work often leaves us worn out, but funny work puns and funny jokes can cheer us up.

Our Instagram and Facebook feeds are filled with funny memes and funny quotes, but funny puns are the classic form of humor. So, why not have a look at some funny and good job puns?

A pun is a play on words. Puns can be a display of wit and they often make people laugh. Work puns can help to make your workplace a happy one. Also, work jokes and puns provide motivation for employees. Even those who work from home can join in on the fun, with some working from home puns included on this list! You'll find plenty of work quotes funny enough to make you giggle here, so sit back and enjoy these puns about work.  

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Hilarious Occupation Puns For A Good Laugh

Work humor works irrespective of the profession, and so, here are some funny and appropriate puns about different occupations to give you a laugh.

1.  Rumors are that the software developer went bankrupt. It may be because he used up all his cache.

2.  The computer programmer resigned over a tussle with his boss. But all he wanted was a-rrays.

3.  It's funny that even the headhunter couldn’t find a job for my musician friend. Maybe it’s because he isn't note-worthy.

4. The owner of the pest control agency is very religious. He likes to motivate his employees by s-praying.

5.  I used to be a psychic, but the pandemic cost me my job. I didn’t see that coming!

6. I think you should try your luck in astronomy. Maybe your whole career will look up.

7. You know I’ve always wanted to be a pet groomer. But I couldn’t end up making heads nor tails of it.

8. My wife is a skilled X-ray technician, it's funny how she always sees right through my lies.

9. I hope you have prepared well for your job interview as a bug sorter. All you’ve got to do is box the right ticks!

10. My baker friend tells excellent work jokes. He has a d-rye sense of humor.

Absolutely Amazing Puns About Getting Fired

Tired of scrolling through funny memes and funny quotes? These amusing work puns about getting fired from work will make anyone smile.

11. Last week, I got fired from my job at the roastery because my boss said I have no filter.

12. It's funny that they fired me from the yoga instructor position even after I bent over backwards for them.

13. “You just can’t seem to concentrate!” yelled the manager of the orange juice factory before he fired me.

14. Unless you put in enough shifts, the keyboard factory might fire you.

15. I have been an honest shoe salesman for 15 years, and now all of a sudden, the company wants to give me the boot.

16. “Oh, snap!” said the rubber band factory employee after she got fired from the job.

17. I asked the train engineer why he got fired. “Management says I have a one track mind,” was his reply.

18. I was dismissed as a pirate because I had long hair and the captain wanted to make some crew cuts.

19. I warned my friend against taking up a job as a bullet. He can be fired any day!

Funny Work Stress Puns To Crack You Up

Work pressure is no joke, but these funny and silly puns about stress at work are sure to lighten the mood. Some of these puns can be used during work breaks too, why not share one with your work mates?

20. The local donut shop shut down last month. The baker said he was tired of the w-hole business.

21. I am stressed out about my job at the vacuum cleaner factory. The paycheck really sucks!

22. I had a cushy job at Nike. But the pressure was too much, I just couldn’t do it anymore!

23. I used to be a flourishing archaeologist, it's funny how my career is in ruins now.

24. If you tell me that you quit your job at the rubber factory because it was exhausting, I'd think that’s a bit of a stretch!

25. His job at the pepper mill factory is super tiring. Look at all the daily grind there!

26. If your work at the sofa manufacturing company gets really stressful, go to the break room and watch some sit-coms.

Working From Home Humor That's Very Relatable

Excited woman working in office.

You may have seen a lot of funny work puns and funny quotes about work before. Now you can check out these funny puns about working from home that are just as hilarious as any other work puns.

27. My work from home plan isn't going very well because my pet cat keeps hitting paws on my remote working.

28. I missed my Skype work meeting today. It's funny how I’m not even remotely sorry!

29. Remote working with a cat in the house isn’t easy, it’s really starting to push my buttons now.

30. Now that I'm teaching remotely, I can't reward my students for their good work. So I tell them to visit my website for cookies instead.

31. Remote working has worked out well for IT professionals. It was a hard drive to the office anyway!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for work puns then why not take a look at these Monday jokes to start your week with a laugh, or for something different take a look at these robot jokes that all kids 'rust' know.

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