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Solving Bible brain teasers can be a fun little activity for parents to enjoy with their children.

Biblical riddles are almost old as time itself and if you've read the bible, you'll also notice many riddles present between the scriptures. Many people indulged in biblical humor even during Jesus's time.

The Bible is known to be a collection of scriptures or religious texts that are meaningful to various communities such as the Christians, the Jews, Rastafari, and the Samaritans. Bible brain teasers can come in handy when you're trying to host a fun church event and want something to engage the crowd. The riddles in this article definitely dip into Bible humor and can act as funny bible trivia questions for family trivia night! This curated list may appeal to people who are looking for Adam and Eve riddles, religious riddles, Bible riddles for adults, hard Bible riddles, funny Bible riddles, and easy Bible riddles. You may guess the answer for some of these riddles if you've religiously gone through the bible, but worry not! Even a complete novice will be able to crack some of these Bible riddles and brain teasers. People who are looking for Bible trick questions, riddles for church, Bible riddles to solve, Bible jokes for kids, or even a simple who am I Bible riddle should also glance through this list for some engaging content. Fortunately for you, we've got some great Bible riddles and answers on this list!

This list takes inspiration from a melody of people, places, and objects mentioned in the Bible. While the exact clues mentioned in a new riddle might not be directly mentioned in the Bible, the answer most probably is. Many people have a eureka moment right before they solve a riddle, so we hope that you will have a lot of those!

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Bible Riddles With Answers

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This list is great for people who are on the hunt for Bible who am I riddles, riddles in the Bible with the answers, or just a simple church riddle. There are many Bible riddles written in this article, so we hope that at least one of them appeals to you. A good Bible brain teaser can be invigorating both for the mind as well as the soul. We hope you enjoy this list!

1. This person was the best financier present in the Bible. He kept afloat his stock while everyone else's stocks were liquified. Who is he? Answer: It is Noah.

2. This man led all of the Israelites away from Egypt. He trekked up Mount Sinai with nothing exceptional but carried two tablets made of stone when he came back down. Who is he? Answer: It is Moses.

3. I have more locks that one can count. Nobody was supposed to shorten me, for a vow had been uttered. I used to be a symbol of strength in the past, but I became weak after I was laid out in pieces. What is this? Answer: Samson's extremely long hair.

4. A queen encouraged this king when he felt extremely perplexed about some inscriptions on the wall. Who is he? Answer: It is Belshazzar.

5. This Bible character did not have anyone he could call mom and dad. Who is he? Answer: It is Joshua. Son of Nun.

6. This man was a shepherd and the youngest of his family's lot, yet he still became king. Who is he? Answer: It is David.

7. I am a book in the Bible where many people derived the phrase 'Lamb for slaughter' from. What book is this? Answer: Isaiah.

8. This man was a traveler who was mocked by some children because he was bald. Who is he? Answer: Elisha.

9. This person lied to one of Jesus's apostles and the Holy Spirit about the money they collected from the sale of a possession. They died with their partner. Who is this? Sapphira.

10. This person chose to bail and not go to Ninevah. They were thrown overboard while on a boat and consumed by a whale. Who is this? Answer: Jonah.

11. What excuse did Adam give to his children when they asked him why all of them no longer lived in Eden? Answer: Eve ate us out of house and home.

12. How long did Cain hate his brother and resent him? Answer: He did it for as long as he was Able to.

13. This person aided the blind to see and was also a member of the holy trinity. Who is he? Answer: Jesus.

14. This tiny man was able to defeat a giant with only a pebble and sling, and soon after was elected king. Who is he? Answer: David.

15. This person was created with only a bone. The reason behind their creation was that someone wasn't meant to be alone. Who is this? Answer: Eve.

16. In the first chapter of the Bible, this character helped to tempt Adam and Eve. Both of them ended up eating some forbidden fruit, so they had to leave. Who is this? Answer: The snake.

17. This person had seven devils cast out of them by Jesus. Who is this? Answer: Mary Magdalene.

18. This is something for one to read when they're sitting in a pew. It holds two testaments. While one is old, the other one's new. What is this? Answer: The Bible.

19. A Pharisee called Herod by this animal's name because there was danger at hand. What animal is this? Answer: A fox.

20. This leaf symbolizes peace and was brought back to Noah's ark by a dove. What is this? An olive leaf.

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21. This object was used to show the way and came alive with a hissing sound when it was thrown to the ground. After it hit the rock, water started to flow. What is this? Answer: Moses's staff.

22. This person is a male who is the brother of the man who split the seas. Who is he? Answer: Aaron.

23. I have been divided three times because of what God decided. I became the threshold of many new things and the limit for many things. Once an ark was in my place and God's son I chose to embrace. What am I? Answer: River Jordan.

24. This man chose to climb a sycamore tree to see Jesus and invited him to come to his house, even though other people sneered at him. Who is he? Answer: Zacchaeus.

25. This is more than a double triangle. It intertwines both the external and internal dimensions of God, Israel, and the Torah. What is it? The Star of David.

26. This entity has no form, and they aren't an animal or a thing, but everyone looks up to them? Who is this? It is God.

27. This person was higher than any other person from the shoulder and upwards. Who is this? Answer: Saul.

28. This is a symbol of Christianity and it resembles one of the letters of the alphabet. What is it? It is the cross.

29. Everyone wants to see this object but it is mostly kept out of sight. It was lost and then found, and most people can't find it now even though it is present in the bible. What is this? It is the Ark of the Covenant.

30. There was a man who prayed on top of a Joppa house. He dreamt of a big sheet while waiting for his meat. Inside of it were fowls and other things which were creeping. The man who was praying was told to eat, because in reality, God had himself cleansed the meat. Who was the man? Answer: Peter.

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