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DC Comics Trivia: 100 Questions (And Answers) Only True Fans Can Answer

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DC Comics, one of the oldest and largest American comic book companies, is a giant that dominates the world of comics along with its long-time rival and competitor, Marvel.

DC shot to fame with the introduction of its two iconic heroes: the world’s greatest detective, also known as Batman, and the Man of Steel, also known as Superman. The industry is also now quite renowned for its empowering female superheroes such as the Amazonian Princess, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl.

The DC Universe is a huge family of over 10,000 characters, and the dark and gritty industry is also well known for its wonderfully well-constructed villains. Two villains whose names strike in the minds of the readers whenever someone asks about DC villains are the infamous genius Lex Luthor and the Clown Prince of Gotham, also known as the Joker.

Encouraged by the success of our comic book trivia and Batman trivia, we have set you the Ultimate DC comics quiz to decide your worth as the ultimate DC dork! Read on to find out if you can answer this set of question answers correctly.

Fun Facts About DC Comics Quiz Questions

Check out this set of facts about comic books and answer this DC Comics fun facts trivia quiz to measure your depth of knowledge about the books and the movies!

1. Question: What was Wonder Woman originally named?

Answer: Suprema.

2. Question: Which supervillain was once the Iranian Ambassador to the U.N.?

Answer: The Joker.

3. Question: Which Marvel writer worked for DC Comics?

Answer: Stan Lee.

4.Question: What did Gal Gadot hide from her filmmakers during the shooting of 'Wonder Woman'?

Answer: Her pregnancy.

5. Question: What is batman's favorite food?

Answer: Mulligatawny soup.

6.Question: Which anti-hero is the only one to remain conscious after the Pathfinder zapped him?

Answer: Deadshot.

7. Question: What name is Captain Marvel also sometimes known by?

Answer: Shazam.

8. Question: Which DC Comics character did Stan Lee say was his favorite?

Answer: Lobo.

9. Question: Which DC villain was meant to be terminated after their second appearance?

Answer: The Joker.

10. Question: In how many seconds can Green Arrow shoot and reload?

Answer: Two and a half seconds.

11. Question: What does 'DC' stand for?

Answer: Detective Comics.

12. Question: Which anti-hero was a knock-off character from Charlton Comics?

Answer: Rorschach

13. Question: Who was the founder of DC Comics?

Answer: Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson.

14. Question: Who is the only superhero that was a member of both the Justice League and the Avengers?

Answer: Hawkeye.

15. Question: Which two superheroes were first meant to be a couple?

Answer: Wonder Woman and Green Lantern.

16. Question: Which top DC superhero was meant to have blonde hair but instead has brown?

Answer: Batman.

17. Question: Which superhero's weakness was hastily included in the comics?

Answer: Superman's weakness of kryptonite.

18. Question: What is the spiciest food in the DC Universe?

Answer: Green Arrow’s Chili.

19.Question: What did the original DC comic book depict Superman as?

Answer: A bald megalomaniac.

20.Question: Which writing font was inspired by Detective Comics (DC)?

Answer: Comic Sans.

21. Question: Which famous superhero originally had no flight ability?

Answer: Superman.

22. Question: True or false? The DC Universe invented the word 'Shazam'?

Answer: False.

Fun DC Comics Trivia Questions

DC comics feature some of the world's greatest superheroes. Answer these DC comics questions that we have picked out to find out your level of DC geekiness!

23. Question: How many 'Scare Tactics' issues were published?

Answer: 12.

24. Question: What is the name of Superman's father?

Answer: Jor-El.

25. Question: How many series of 'Night Force' were published?

Answer: Three.

26. Question: Which in year did Lois Lane and Clark Kent get married?

Answer: 1996.

27. Question: Which Crime Syndicate original member organized the Secret Society of Super Villains?

Answer: The Outsider.

28. Question: Which hospital did Harley Quinn intern at as a psychologist?

Answer: Arkham Asylum.

29. Question: Who are the members of the Gotham City Sirens?

Answer: Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

30. Question: What is Lobo’s nickname?

Answer: The Main Man.

31.Question: How many languages how many languages does Bruce Wayne speak?

Answer: Over 40 languages are spoken by Bruce Wayne.

32. Question: Which super villain is originally from the planet Colu?

Answer: Brainiac.

33. Question: Where is Poison Ivy’s base of operation?

Answer: Gotham City.

34. Question: The Green Lantern villain Doctor Polaris was killed by which superhero during the Infinite Crisis?

Answer: Human Bomb.

35. Question: What is Task Force X also called?

Answer: The Suicide Squad.

36. Question: Who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne?

Answer: Joe Chill.

37. Question: Which anti-hero deduced Batman's secret identity?

Answer: Dr Hugo Strange.

38. Question: What color was  Hal Jordan unable to use his power against?

Answer: Yellow.

39. Question: What does the tattoo on Simon Baz's arm say?

Answer: "Courage".

40. Question: What was Bruce Wayne's IQ estimated to be?

Answer: About 192.

41. Question: Who discovered the Phantom Zone?

Answer: Jor-El.

42. Question: In Lex Luthor's original story, who was held responsible for his baldness?

Answer: Superman.

43. Question: Who used their power to temporarily restore the Joker’s sanity?

Answer: Martian Manhunter.

44. Question: Which DC character was once hired by the Easter Bunny to kill Santa?

Answer: Lobo.

45. Question: What was the special about the Phantom Zone?

Answer: People trapped inside the zone could never get old, or therefore die. They can also see events outside of the zone.

46. Question: Who was the original Atom, from the Golden Age of Comics?

Answer: Al Pratt.

47. Question: What was the name of the hidden network put up by the villain Calculator?

Answer: Unternet.

48. Question: Who was Ryan Choi's archenemy?

Answer: Dwarfstar.

49. Question: Which superhero's secret identity is Carter Hall?

Answer: Hawkman.

DC Superhero Trivia Questions

Attempt this DC heroes quiz carefully penned for you to spend time in awe of the DC comics and the DC universe!

DC Justice league comic heroes

50. Question: Which year did Green Arrow make his first appearance?

Answer: 1941.

51. Question: What is Batgirl's real name?

Answer: Barbara Gordon.

52.Question: What is Superman's real name?

Answer: Kal-El.

53. Question: What is the alias of the common disguise adopted by Batman to infiltrate Gotham City's criminal underworld zone?

Answer: Matches Malone.

54. Question: Which superhero got their power after inhaling nuclear fumes?

Answer: The Flash.

55. Question: Krypton is which superhero's home planet?

Answer: Superman.

56. Question: What is Dr Poison's secret weapon?

Answer: The 'Reverso' formula.

57. Question: In honour of who does Dick Grayson take on the name of Nightwing?

Answer: Superman and Batman.

58. Question: What is Wonder Woman's whip called?

Answer: Lasso of Truth.

59. Question: Lex Luthor is which superhero's arch-nemesis?

Answer: Superman.

60. Question: Which hero was Black Adam exiled by?

Answer: Shazam.

61. Question: What is Green Lantern's real name?

Answer: Hal Jordan.

62. Question: How did Flash travel through Time?

Answer: Using a cosmic treadmill.

63. Question: What is Catwoman's alias?

Answer: The Cat.

64. Question: Which character survived after a nuclear bomb was directly dropped on him?

Answer: Hal Jordan.

65. Question: Which DC Universe villain broke Batman's back and left him wheelchair-bound?

Answer: Bane.

66.Question: Which superhero is considered to be the light to Batman's darkness?

Answer: Nightwing.

67. Question: Which accessory of Wonder Woman's allows her to breathe in outer space?

Answer: Wonder Woman's earrings.

68. Question: Who was the dying alien that handed Hal Jordan the power ring upon his spaceship crash landing on earth?

Answer: Abin Sur.

69. Question: Which superhero is scared of bats?

Answer: Batman.

70. Question: What comic book did Aquaman first appear in?

Answer: 'More Fun Comics #73'.

71. Question: What is Green Lantern's main vulnerability?

Answer: The colour yellow.

72. Question: What is Beast Boy's birth identity?

Answer: Garfield Mark Logan.

Hard Superhero Trivia Quiz Questions For True Fans

DC Universe facts can get a little tricky to handle, but they are never too tricky for a true DC fandom member. Answer this obscure DC comics characters superhero quiz to know how much you can handle when it comes to DC trivia questions and answers!

73. Question: Where was Firestorm’s first appearance?

Answer: 'Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #1' (1978).

74. Question: What is Superman's logo is a Kryptonian symbol for?

Answer: Hope.

75. Question: Who said, "You left one bullet in the magazine", and to whom?

Answer: Batman to Joe Chill.

76. Question: Who is the original Captain Thunder?

Answer: Willie Fawcett.

77. Question: On which Earth does the Crime Syndicate exist?

Answer: Earth Three.

78. Question: Who was the first ever superhero to decline membership of the Justice League?

Answer: Metamorpho.

79. Question: Where was Catwoman's first appearance?

Answer: 'Batman #1'.

80. Question: In the Justice League, who is the second most trusted hero after Superman?

Answer: Dick Grayson.

81. Question: Who all created the original Doom Patrol superhero team?

Answer: Doom Patrol was created by writers Arnold Drake and Bob Haney, and artist Bruno Premiani.

82. Question: Who was in the original Doom Patrol superhero team?

Answer:  The Chief/ Niles Caulder, Robotman/ Cliff Steele, Elastigirl/ Rita Farr, Negative Man/ Larry Trainor, Beast Boy/ Garfield Logan, and Mento/ Steve Dayton.

83. Question: What is the jurisdiction of A.R.G.U.S?

Answer: Homeland Security.

84. Question: Which superhero was born with the curse of Kordax?

Answer: Aquaman.

More DC Characters Quiz Questions

How many DC Universe characters can a DC fan remember out of the thousands that exist? Don't think too hard, you might just find out after widening your spectrum on the DC Universe with this DC character quiz, all ready for you to answer!

85. Question: Who is Lois Lane's sister?

Answer: Lucy Lane.

86. Question: What is Harley Quinn and the Joker's daughter's name?

Answer: Lacy Quinn.

87. Question: How did Deathstroke get his powers?

Answer: A military experiment.

88.Question: What is the Joker's real name?

Answer: Jack Napier.

89. Question: Who is Harriet Cooper related to?

Answer: She is Dick Grayson's aunt.

90. Question: Who was Damien Darhk resurrected by?

Answer: Adeline Kane.

91. Question: Who is the founder of the Worldwide League of Assassins?

Answer: Ra's al Ghul.

92. Question: What is Aquaman's octopus sidekick called?

Answer: Topo.

93. Question: Which DC villain's alter ego is called Rudy Johns?

Answer: Parasite.

94. Question: Who does the Sword of Night belong to?

Answer: The Nightmaster.

95. Question: Who is called the Clown Princess of Crime?

Answer: Harley Quinn.

96. Question: Which DC Universe villain is a scientist whose invention of a freeze-gun went terribly wrong?

Answer: Mr. Freeze.

97. Question: Who is the lead singer of the Scare Tactics?

Answer: Scream Queen.

98. Question: Who is Vanessa Van Helsing's husband?

Answer: Jack Gold.

99. Question: What is Superman's dog called?

Answer: Krypto.

100. Question: What was Harley Quinn’s original name?

Answer: Dr Harleen Quinzel.

101. Question: Who is the DC Universe villain She-bat's husband?

Answer: Dr. Kirk Langstrom's.

102. Question: Who is the founder of Task Force X?

Answer: Amanda Waller.

103. Question: Who is Wonder Woman's mother?

Answer: Hippolyta.

104. Question: What is Killer Frost’s alias?

Answer: Caitlin Snow.

105. Question: Which enemy of Batman's has a strange compulsion to leave clues about their crimes?

Answer: The Riddler.

106. Question: Which DC Comics superhero has an ultrasonic ear-splitting vocal cry?

Answer: Black Canary.

107. Question: Which superhero's secret identity is former West Point Academy Cadet Kate Kane?

Answer: Batwoman.

108. Question: What is Dominic Darrk's main alias?

Answer: Reverend Darkk.

109. Question: Which Teen Titan superhero is the alien princess from the planet Tamaran?

Answer: Koriand'r/ Starfire.


Hard DC Universe Trivia Quiz Questions

These superhero quiz questions and answers are for kids, but the DC Comics fandom takes things to a whole new level of difficulty. We have prepared this hard-to-crack set of DC Comic trivia questions for you to solve like a true hardcore DC Universe fan!

110. Question: What does, "Ra's Al Ghul" translate to?

Answer: "The Demon's Head".

111. Question: What does ‘Lobo’ mean in the ancient Kund dialect?

Answer: “He who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it.”

112. Question: Who said the line,"Congratulations, Mr President", and to whom?

Answer: Superman to Lex Luthor.

113. Question: What is Clark Kent's middle name?

Answer: Clark 'Joseph' Kent.

114. Question: Who is the leader of the Chinese Triad gangs occupied in Star City?

Answer: China White/ Chien Na Wei.

115. Question: Who said the line, "Wait for a hero? Barbara Joan Gordon - Be your own damn hero"?

Answer: Batgirl.

116. Question: Who said the line, "There is a right and a wrong in the universe and the distinction should not be hard to make"?

Answer: Superman.

117. Question: While Vic Stone was in high school, what sport did he love and dedicate all of his time to?

Answer: Football.

118. Question: Who is the omnipresent deity and creator of the DC Universe?

Answer: The Presence, who is also called The Voice, is the omnipresent deity and creator of the DC Universe.

119. Question: Where did the anti-hero, the Spectre first appear ?

Answer: 'More Fun Comics #52'.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for DC Comics trivia questions and answers that only true fans can answer, then why not also take a look at our fantastic Wonder Woman trivia or challenging Literature Trivia or Avengers trivia for more fun quiz questions to keep the whole family entertained?

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