DC Comics Trivia: 95 Questions (And Answers) Only True Fans Can Answer

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Originally Published on Jan 22, 2021
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Want to test your knowledge about the fantastic DC universe, just for the fun of it? Some of you might be hardcore fans who can recite the Green Lantern's oath by heart, while others might just be beginning to dip their toes into these extraordinary narratives. This trivia quiz can be a fun and challenging experience for both!

DC Comics brought us a vibrant universe teeming with iconic figures. We've got Batman, the world's greatest detective with his legendary Batmobile. Then there's the Man of Steel, Superman, who made us all dream about what we'd do if we could fly. And let's not forget the formidable female heroes that left the 'men' behind and the spine-chilling villains that have kept us on the edge of our seats! So, buckle up and see if you can take on this trivia challenge.

The entire DC Comics universe is a treasure trove of stories. So even if you can't answer all the questions now, don't worry!

Easy DC Comics Trivia Questions

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned fan who can name every single DC character, this first round of easy-peasy trivia is just for you! So, dust off your capes, ready your superpowers, and let's see if you can ace this superhero trivia!

1. Question: What was Wonder Woman originally named?

Answer: Diana Prince.

2. Question: What is the real name of the DC Comics villain The Riddler?

Answer: Edward Nygma/Edward Nashton.

3. Question: What is Batman's real name?

Answer: Bruce Wayne.

4. Question: Which DC superhero is known for harnessing the power of the Speed Force?

Answer: Barry Allen/Flash.

5. Question: Which DC superhero team features young heroes like Robin, Beast Boy, and Starfire?

Answer: Teen Titans.

6. Question: Which anti-hero is the only one to remain conscious after the Pathfinder zapped him?

Answer: Deadshot.

7. Question: What name is DC Comics' Captain Marvel also sometimes known by?

Answer: Shazam.

8. Question: In the DC Comics world, which superhero is known for his ability to time travel?

Answer: Booster Gold.

9. Question: Which iconic DC villain was meant to be terminated after his second appearance?

Answer: Joker.

10. Question: Which DC Comics series was the first to introduce Superman?

Answer: Action Comics.

11. Question: What does DC stand for?

Answer: Detective Comics.

12. Question: Which anti-hero was a knock-off of the Charlton Comics characters The Question and Mr. A?

Answer: Rorschach.

13. Question: Who was the founder of DC Comics?

Answer: Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson.

14. Question: Who is the daughter of Commissioner James Gordon and becomes the vigilante known as Batgirl?

Answer: Barbara Gordon.

15. Question: Which famous DC superhero group, also known as the JSA, predates the Justice League?

Answer: Justice Society Of America.

16. Question: Which DC character from Gotham is known for his dual personality?

Answer: Harvey Dent/Two-Face.

17. Question: In the DC Comics universe, what is the name of the squad comprised of supervillains who undertake dangerous missions for the government?

Answer: Suicide Squad.

18. Question: What is one of the spiciest foods known to the superheroes in the DC Universe?

Answer: Green Arrow’s Chili.

19. Question: Which DC character's early adventures were set during World War II?

Answer:Wonder Woman.

20. Question: What was the name of Bruce Wayne's mother?

Answer: Martha Wayne.

21. Question: Which famous flying superhero originally had no flight ability?

Answer: Superman.

22. Question: Which superhero team did Batman help found in the DC Comics universe?

Answer: Justice League.

Fun DC Comics Trivia Questions

The following trivia questions are about the wonderful stories, captivating characters, and unforgettable events that shaped the DC universe. You'll be dropping comic book facts at your next get-together like a true trivia champ once you can remember all of these!

23. Question: Who is Batman's butler?

Answer: Alfred Pennyworth.

24. Question: What is the name of Superman's father?

Answer: Jor-El.

25. Question: What is Superman's logo a Kryptonian symbol for?

Answer: Hope.

26. Question: Which year did Lois Lane and Clark Kent get married?

Answer: 1978 ('Action Comics #484').

27. Question: Which Crime Syndicate's original member organized the Secret Society Of Super-Villains?

Answer: The Outsider.

28. Question: Where did Harley Quinn intern as a psychologist?

Answer: Arkham Asylum.

29. Question: Who are the members of the Gotham City Sirens?

Answer: Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy.

30. Question: What comic book did Aquaman first appear in?

Answer: 'More Fun Comics #73'.

31. Question: Which year did Green Arrow make his first appearance?

Answer: 1941.

32. Question: Which supervillain is originally from the planet Colu?

Answer: Brainiac.

33. Question: Where is Poison Ivy’s base of operation?

Answer: Gotham City.

34. Question: Which superhero is considered to be the light to Batman's darkness?

Answer: Nightwing.

35. Question: What is Task Force X also called?

Answer: The Suicide Squad.

36. Question: Who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne?

Answer: Joe Chill.

37. Question: Which anti-hero deduced Batman's secret identity?

Answer: Dr. Hugo Strange.

38. Question: What power was Hal Jordan weak against?

Answer: Fear.

39. Question: Members of which family represent the ruling class of Tamaraneans on the planet Tamaran?

Answer: The Royal Family of Tamaran.

40. Question: Which superheroine from Themyscira is a founding member of the Justice League?

Answer: Wonder Woman.

41. Question: Lex Luthor is which superhero's arch-nemesis?

Answer: Superman.

42. Question: In the DC Comics universe, which superhero team is known for their collaboration and includes members from both the Justice League and the Justice Society Of America?

Answer: All-Star Squadron.

43. Question: Who used their power to temporarily restore the Joker’s sanity?

Answer: Martian Manhunter.

44. Question: Which DC character was once hired by the Easter Bunny to kill Santa?

Answer: Lobo.

45. Question: What is the original name of the comic series that introduced Batman to the world?

Answer: Detective Comics.

46. Question: Which hero was Black Adam exiled by?

Answer: Shazam.

47. Question: What circus troupe did Dick Grayson perform with before his parents' tragic death?

Answer: Haly's Circus.

48. Question: In addition to flight and super strength, what other power does Superman possess?

Answer: Heat vision.

49. Question: Which material is Superman's weakness?

Answer: Kryptonite.

DC Superhero Trivia Questions

Ever wonder if you have what it takes to rub elbows with the ultimate Justice League fanatics? Well, today is your lucky day! This trivia will challenge you to match the right clues to the right superheroes and become detectives yourselves. So channel your inner detective, and let's see if you can crack these superhero codes.

DC Justice league comic heroes

50. Question: Which DC superhero possesses a power ring fueled by willpower and can create constructs from pure energy?

Answer: Green Lantern.

51. Question: What is Batgirl's real name?

Answer: Barbara Gordon.

52. Question: What is Superman's real name?

Answer: Kal-El.

53. Question: What is the alias of the common disguise adopted by Batman to infiltrate Gotham City's criminal underworld zone?

Answer: Matches Malone.

54. Question: Which superhero got his power from being struck by lightning?

Answer: Flash.

55. Question: Krypton was which superhero's home planet?

Answer: Superman.

56. Question: Which superhero's secret identity is Carter Hall?

Answer: Hawkman.

57. Question: What is the superhero name of Dick Grayson after he gives up being Robin?

Answer: Nightwing.

58. Question: Which DC character is the adoptive son of Bruce Wayne and becomes the second Robin?

Answer: Jason Todd.

60. Question: Who was the original Atom, from the Golden Age Of Comics?

Answer: Al Pratt.

61. Question: What is Green Lantern's real name?

Answer: Hal Jordan.

62. Question: Who said, "You left one bullet in the magazine." to whom?

Answer: Batman to Joe Chill.

63. Question: Which DC character is the alter ego of Arthur Curry and is the ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis?

Answer: Aquaman.

64. Question: Who was the dying alien that handed Hal Jordan the power ring upon his spaceship crash landing on Earth?

Answer: Abin Sur.

65. Question: Which superhero was scared of bats when he was young?

Answer: Batman.

66. Question: Which DC superhero is known for his connection to the mystical realm and wields a mystical artifact known as the Helmet Of Fate?

Answer: Doctor Fate.

Hard Trivia Questions For True DC Comics Fans

Ready for a real head-scratcher? This trivia challenge could turn out to be tougher than Superman's day at a Kryptonite mine. But don't fret! You're about to discover some thrilling new tidbits about the DC universe. So, pull up your mental utility belts, and let's see how deep your DC knowledge really goes.

67. Question: Where was Firestorm’s first appearance?

Answer: 'Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #1' (1978).

68. Question: Which accessory of Wonder Woman allows her to breathe in outer space?

Answer: Wonder Woman's earrings.

69. Question: The Green Lantern villain Doctor Polaris was killed by which superhero during the Infinite Crisis?

Answer: Human Bomb.

70. Question: What is Catwoman's real name?

Answer: Selina Kyle.

71. Question: Who was the first ever superhero to decline membership in the Justice League?

Answer: Adam Strange.

72. Question: Where was Catwoman's first appearance?

Answer: 'Batman #1'.

73. Question: Who created the original Doom Patrol superhero team?

Answer: Arnold Drake and Bob Haney, with artist Bruno Premiani.

74. Question: Who was in the original Doom Patrol superhero team?

Answer: The Chief (Niles Caulder), Robotman (Cliff Steele), Elastigirl (Rita Farr), Negative Man (Larry Trainor), Beast Boy (Garfield Logan), and Mento (Steve Dayton).

75. Question: Which superhero was born with the curse of Kordax?

Answer: Aquaman.

More DC Character Quiz Questions

This round of trivia shines a spotlight on the unsung heroes, notorious villains, and pivotal sidekicks who make the DC Universe so vibrant. Let's see how well you know these influential figures who keep us flipping pages.

76. Question: What is Harley Quinn's real name?

Answer: Harleen Quinzel.

77. Question: What is the name of Harley Quinn and the Joker's daughter?

Answer: Lucy Quinzel.

78. Question: What is the Joker's name when he becomes the White Knight?

Answer: Jack Napier.

79. Question: Who is the founder of the League Of Assassins?

Answer: Ra's al Ghul.

80. Question: Who is called the 'Clown Princess Of Crime'?

Answer: Harley Quinn.

81. Question: Which DC Universe villain is a scientist whose invention of a freeze gun went wrong?

Answer: Mr. Freeze.

82. Question: Who is the founder of Task Force X?

Answer: Amanda Waller.

83. Question: Who is Wonder Woman's mother?

Answer: Queen Hippolyta.

84. Question: Which enemy of Batman has a strange compulsion to leave clues about their crimes?

Answer: The Riddler.

85. Question: Which DC Comics superhero has an ultrasonic ear-splitting vocal cry?

Answer: Black Canary.

86. Question: Which superhero's secret identity is former West Point Academy Cadet Kate Kane?

Answer: Batwoman.

87. Question: Which Teen Titan superhero is the alien princess from Tamaran?

Answer: Koriand'r/Starfire.

DC Universe Trivia Quiz Questions

Ready to delve into the final frontier of our DC universe trivia quest? This last set of questions is a rollercoaster ride of DC fun facts! You will be reading about memorable characters, pivotal events, and iconic publications. Keep those answers stored in your mental Batcomputer and keep learning to claim your title as the ultimate DC trivia ace!

88. Question: What does, 'Ra's al Ghul' translate to in Arabic?

Answer: 'The demon's head' or 'head of the ghoul'.

89. Question: What is the Spanish meaning of 'Lobo', which is a DC Comics character?

Answer: Wolf.

90. Question: Who said the line, "Congratulations, Mr. President." and to whom?

Answer: Superman to Lex Luthor.

91. Question: Who said the line, "Wait for a hero? Barbara Joan Gordon - Be your own damn hero."?

Answer: Batgirl.

92. Question: Who said the line, "There is a right and a wrong in the universe and the distinction should not be hard to make."?

Answer: Superman.

93. Question: While Vic Stone was in high school, what sport did he love and dedicate all of his time to?

Answer: American Football.

94. Question: Who is the omnipresent deity and creator of the DC Universe?

Answer: The Presence, or The Voice.

95. Question: Where did the anti-hero, the Spectre first appear?

Answer: 'More Fun Comics #52'.

There's so much to explore in the rich universe of DC Comics. If you've aced these questions, give yourself a pat on the back! And if you stumbled a bit, hey, even superheroes have their off days, right? Hope this trivia was an enjoyable experience of exploring and learning about the magical worlds in DC Comics.

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