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This collection of Marvel jokes has been assembled for all lovers of Marvel movies. These jokes provide a lighthearted way to read and learn about beloved characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man(Peter Parker), Black Widow, and Captain Marvel.

They're suitable for various occasions including gatherings, family game nights, or simply sharing with friends, and they also offer an enjoyable opportunity to connect with the Marvel world in a new and entertaining way.

These hilariously heroic Marvel jokes from the Marvel Comic Universe pack a punch stronger than Thor's hammer. From the streets of New York with Spider-Man to the intergalactic realms with the Guardians, these jokes have got all the Marvel-ous humor you need.

Here's a friendly tip: use these gems to lighten up your next superhero gathering or to bring a smile to a fellow fan's face.

The Funniest Marvel Comics Jokes

Close up shot of THOR figurine in fight mode

Planning a comic book-themed party or simply in need of a superhero-themed joke? These jokes will have you grinning like the Cheshire cat. Put on your superhero cape, flex those laugh muscles, and embark on a journey filled with humor and joy. With Marvel, the heroes don't need to have all the fun; the fans can join in too!

1. What is the name of Dr. Strange's cousin who cannot do magic? Doctor Normal.

2. Why were the Avengers fighting blind after Infinity War? They lost their Vision.

3. What species of spider is friendly with all of the Avengers and lives in their headquarters? A Black Widow.

4. Which Marvel villain loves Thanksgiving the most? Goblin.

5. What is Thor's favorite element? Thorium.

6. Why is Thor's brother great at sneaking around? He is very Loki.

7. How does Yondu get baby Star-Lord to sleep? Rocket.

8. What would Thor do if he finds an injured person? Norse him.

9. What is the common thing between Benedict Cumberbatch and his Marvel character? The last names of each are strange.

10. How many characters from the Marvel Comic Universe will it take to change a lightbulb? Only one.

11. Which Pink Floyd song is Gamora's favorite song? 'Green is the color'.

12. What OS do the supervillains of the Marvel Comic Universe use? Than-OS.

13. How will you determine that you are in a Marvel movie? You are bound to bump into Stan Lee randomly at some point in your life.

14. Why did Aquaman not join the Marvel Comic Universe and end up joining the DC Universe? He was hydra-phobic.

15. How do Ant-Man and the Wasp travel? They take the buzz.

16. What is Thor's favorite food? Thor-tillas.

17. Why was Thanos so crazy? He snapped.

18. What happens when Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk walk into IKEA? Avengers assemble!

19. When Odin got a leak in the bathroom, who did he call? The jani-Thor.

20. Where does Iron Man go to drink coffee? Starkbucks.

21. What should you tell people when you’re looking for Captain Marvel’s cat? That you’re on a wild goose chase.

22. What did Wolverine do when he was working at a salad bar? He was shredding carrots.

23. Why did Thor take so long to look for his brother? He failed to Lokite him.

Marvel Knock-Knock Jokes

This section is a collection of Marvel Knock-Knock jokes that will make you laugh like never before. Perfect for young superheroes in training or the seasoned Marvel fan looking for a chuckle, these Marvel Superhero jokes are a delightful way to connect with friends and family.

It doesn't matter if you're teaming up with Iron Man or swinging with Spider-Man, these knock-knock zingers will make you the hero of any gathering.

24. Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Doctor Who?

No! Doctor Strange!

25. Thor: Knock! Knock!

Loki: Who is there?

Thor: Father adopted.

Loki: Father adopted who?

Thor: Father adopted You!

26. Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Iron who?

Iron Man; here to save the day!

27. Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Widow who?

Widow you know, it's Black Widow.

28. Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Cap who?

Cap-tain America, reporting for duty.

Avengers Movie Jokes

Assemble, Avengers fans! It's time to soar through the skies with Iron Man, smash some laughter with the Hulk, and have a good time with these awesome Avengers movie jokes!

Perfect for a Marvel-themed party or just a chuckle with fellow fans, these jokes are a ticket to a universe filled with fun. With a splash of humor from every corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, get ready to unleash the laughter. Grab your favorite superhero cape, because these jokes are more exciting than a showdown with Thanos!

29. What would be the name of a group chat with Hulk, Thanos, and Iron Man? SnapChat.

30. What will the Avengers movie where there is a battle of the media conglomerate Comcast be called? It will be called 'Xfinity War'. 

31. Why did Thanos knit himself a glove after losing the gauntlet in 'Endgame'? Because he wanted an Infi-knit-y Gauntlet.

32. Why was the second Avengers movie 'Age Of Ultron' so confusing? Because nobody knows how old Ultron is.

Hulk Jokes

These incredible Hulk jokes will definitely have you howling with laughter! Are you a longtime fan of the big green guy or just in the mood for some super-sized fun?

These Marvel movie jokes from Marvel Studios are perfect for all ages. Use them to brighten up a birthday party, lighten the mood during family game night, or simply bring a grin to a fellow Marvel fan. These Hulk-themed jokes will surely have you roaring with laughter.

33. What is Hulk's favorite song? 'It's Not Easy Being Green'.

34. What would you get if you cross Captain America with Hulk? The Star-Spangled Banner.

35. Why does Hulk recycle most of the trash at home? He likes to go green.

36. What would you call Hulk if he didn't shave for quite some time? Mark Scruffulo.

37. What do you call Hulk's mashed potatoes? Hulk's mash!

38. What is Bruce Banner called when he does not want to speak to anyone? The Incredible Sulk.

39. What do the Avengers call Bruce Banner when he is injured? Bruised Banner.

40. What did people think of the new fashion line of The Incredible Hulk? It was all the rage.

41. If you are living in a place that gets overrun by multiple Hulks, who should you call? Hulkbusters.

42. How does the Hulk look when he wears a suit? He looks smashing.

Captain America Jokes

You'll now embark on a laugh-filled journey with the star-spangled hero himself. These Captain America jokes are the perfect shield against any bad-day blues.

From the streets of Brooklyn to the heart of the Avengers' tower, let these patriotic puns light up your day. Perfect for your next superhero gathering or just a quick chuckle during a coffee break, these starry jokes will leave you feeling as invincible as Captain America.

43. If Captain America’s shield is vibranium, what is Hawkeye’s shield? Quicksilver.

44. Why was Captain America patiently waiting for so long to wield Mjolnir? He did not want to steal Thor's thunder.

45. Which superhero wins all singing competitions? Captain American Idol!

46. What was Captain America called when he was young? Lieutenant America.

47. What did Captain America say at the beginning of the orchestra? Avengers, ensemble!

Guardians Of The Galaxy Jokes

Get into a realm of hilarious laughter with these Guardians of the Galaxy jokes! These jokes will take you on a humorous adventure with Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, and the rest of the gang.

Are you planning a cosmic-themed party or do you just want to share a laugh with fellow fans? These jokes are the perfect way to get everyone grooving like Groot. Put on your favorite mixtape, strap in, and prepare to explore the funny side of the galaxy.

48. What does Groot say when he becomes angry and acts brutish? "I am Groot."

49. What are the security guards at the Samsung store called? 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'.

50. What would Baby Groot's character's name be if he was Winnie the Pooh's best friend? Twiglet.

51. What does Groot say whenever gets a load of money? “I am loot.”

Spider-Man Jokes

Swing into a web of hilarity with these Spider-Man jokes from the Marvel Comic Universe! If you're a resident of Queens like the friendly neighborhood Spiderman or simply a fan from afar, these jokes are bound to stick with you.

Share these puns during a skyscraper-high sleepover or when spinning some humor during snack time, and you'll find them as vibrant as Spidey's suit. Don your web shooters, take a leap of faith, and begin the journey into a world where laughter is the ultimate superpower.

52. Why did Spider-Man join the swim team? Because he had webbed feet.

53. Why did Spider-Man fail to be the hero and save the day? He refused to get out of his bath.

54. Which month is Spider-Man's least favorite? Ock-tober.

55. Where can you find the home page of Spider-Man? On the web.

56. Which is the favorite outdoor sport that Spider-Man loves? Fly fishing.

57. Where did Spider-Man take his parent’s car? Out for a spin.

58. Why is Spider-Man so good at playing baseball? He catches flies very well.

59. What is the result when you cross an ear of corn with Spider-Man? Cobwebs.

60. Which month is Spider-Man’s favorite? Web-ruary.

61. How did Spider-Man learn how to make his spider suit? He checked the World Wide Web.

62. Why does Spider-Man love toy tops? He loves spinning.

63. What is the favorite baseball position of the Spider-Man? The outfield. He loves the flies.

64. What is Spider-Man's favorite day of the week? Fly-day.

65. Why was Peter Parker torn up about joining the Avengers? Because his Uncle Ben would never tell him to turn down the offer, but his Aunt May.

66. What is Peter Parker called when he is in a bad mood? Angry Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Funny Iron Man Jokes

Next up is a deep dive into the world of Tony Stark with these rib-tickling Iron Man jokes. You might be hosting a superhero-themed bash or just want to share a chuckle with a fellow fan, it doesn't matter.

These puns from Marvel Universe movies are as shiny as Iron Man's armor and are guaranteed to light up your arc reactor. From Stark Tower to your living room, let the witty charm of the billionaire philanthropist superhero whisk you away on a whirlwind of laughter.

67. Which superhero wears the least wrinkled suit? Iron Man.

68. Why did Iron Man's tuxedo range not work out? It was not his strong suit.

69. What do you call it when Iron Man does a cartwheel? A ferrous wheel.

70. Why was Iron Man suspicious when Thanos invited him to a beach party? He has rust issue.

71. How is Aluminum Man different from Iron Man? Iron Man defeats villains but Aluminum Man can only foil their attempts.

72. Who do the Avengers go to when they need to get their laundry pressed? Iron Man.

73. What did Iron Man angrily say to Spiderman? "Quit bugging me."

74. Why did Iron Man think that Thanos is pessimistic? He's a universe-half-empty kind of person.


After reading through these super jokes from the Marvel Universe, it is evident that humor truly is a universal language. While some jokes might leave you in splits and others may require a super fan's insight, the power of laughter is undeniable.

A tip for the eager jesters: context is everything. Know your audience and pick the jokes that suit the moment.

You might be looking to impress people at a party or simply brighten someone's day, don't worry, we have made sure that you always have a joke up your sleeve. Go ahead and share the joy of laughter, because everyone deserves a superheroic chuckle!


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