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Marvel is undoubtedly one of the most popular franchises that have gained acclaim all across the world.

People love superhero movies and have a special bond with their favorite characters as well. This is not only because they are cool and incredible in real life, but also because they help them escape to another cinematic world where superheroes protect their people.

Superhero movies are more than just some entertainment for people of all ages who love them. Some of them even gain inspiration and make it their lifestyle as well.

Many who are big fans of certain superheroes are highly influenced by their favorite superhero's idealogy and beliefs.

They even go to the point of adopting a similar lifestyle of their beloved characters. Many superheroes have also influenced the young minds into following a certain career, and this mindset helps them achieve their life goals (Tony Stark, aka Iron Man and Spider-Man, are among the top inspirations).

They are symbols of hope and life. They help us out of the drudgery of routine life, thereby evoking joy and excitement in the process.

The thought of superheroes takes us to a different level of surreal existence in our minds, thereby helping us have some comic relief in our lives.

Speaking of which, even though they are superhero movies, many of their themes are quite dark and disturbing. To add to the comic relief, jokes, funny personas, dialogues, and scenes are added to make things seem a little bit lighter and happier.

Similarly, there are a plethora of jokes about superheroes and superhero movies as well. One of the key elements of a Marvel comic or movie is entertainment and comedy.

There are various superhero characters who are not just heroic in nature but also have another superpower, and that is a good sense of humor! People simply love jokes in various Marvel movies about characters like Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, etc.

Out of which, Iron Man and Spider-Man do stand out with their sassy humor.

In certain serious Marvel movies like 'Infinity War' and 'Endgame', jokes are what makes Marvel unique and kid-friendly as well. The serious grimness that it portrays is balanced out by the comic relief very tactfully as well.

Avengers, being a very popular franchise, makes it easier for everyone else to find jokes that seem relevant. Being able to humor people by cracking genius jokes is also a great way to make friends.

There are countless fans of the Avengers movies and superheroes who would burst into peals of laughter because of a cool and hilarious joke they find relevant.

This gets them interested in you and hence can start a beautiful new friendship that no supervillain can beat. Anybody who watches superhero movies will absolutely love jokes and puns about it because they are quite familiar with the movie and the characters all the more.

If you are on the lookout for some of the best puns about Marvel superheroes, supervillains, and other characters from this universe, have a look at this list of some of the punniest jokes ever. We have Marvel comics puns, funny marvel puns, and puns on Spider-Man, Iron Man, and other superheroes from MCU.

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The Best Marvel Puns And Punny Marvel Humor

Close up shot of Tony Stark ( IRONMAN ) superheros figure in action fighting

In need of some of the best Marvel puns ever? You will love these marvel one-liners, including Hulk puns, Iron Man puns, Captain America puns, and other Marvel Superhero puns that fans will love.

1. The Avenger Franchise should use The Hulk for advertising all their movies. He literally is a giant Banner.

2. When Hawkeye gears up and wears his suits, he never forgets to add the bow tie.

3. The most trusted Avenger amongst all the others is The Credible Hulk.

4. The Avenger who is always hurrying and scurrying is Black Widow. Not just because she works for S.H.I.E.L.D, but also because she is Russian.

5. If the shield of Captain America is made of vibranium, Hawkeye's shield must be made of Quicksilver.

6. The members of the Avengers are very handy with tools because they are great at assembling.

7. When Black Widow met Hawkeye first, she told him that he makes her quiver.

8. One Marvel antihero who loves talking in puns and cracks wordplay jokes is the Pun-isher.

9. If Marvel is thinking about cloning Benjamin J. Grimm, they will have another Thing coming.

10. People who are Marvel fans are Loki attractive.

11. The Marvel character from San Francisco who started playing baseball in Tampa, in the end, is called Bay-to-Ray Bill.

12. Thanos just snapped when he got sick of the universe.

13. The car that Black Panther usually drives is a T'Challanger.

14. It is punny to note that the director of Amazing Spider-Man was a guy named Webb.

15. When T'Challa is sick of Suri's technology, he goes Black to Basics.

16. Loki says "Loki-Dokey" whenever he agrees to get things done.

17. Captain Marvel is very possessive of her comic universe. She can always be heard saying "I DC about the others."

Punny Avengers One-Liners

Do you love the Marvel Avengers? Looking for some punny Marvel jokes about Tony Stark, Spiderman, and other Marvel Avengers puns? This list is smashing!

18. When 'Avengers: Endgame' released, the fans finally thought, "It was about time."

19. One Marvel supervillain who absolutely loves summer and always prepares ahead for it is Tan-os.

20. Whenever you are on the lookout for Captain Marvel's cat,  you are literally on a wild Goose chase.

21. The Marvel actress who got caught pilfering soft French cheese is named Brie Larceny.

22. Thanos can be seen drinking tea whenever he wants because he literally has the Gauntlet of Infinite-tea.

23. When T'Challa was a baby, he was called Black Pampers.

24. The Avenger who loves gardening and is the best gardener is without a doubt, The Hulk. He literally has green fingers, you see.

25. Fixing the universe was barely hard for Thanos. It was nothing but a snap.

26. The Avengers had to fight blind after the events in the Infinity War because they had lost their Vision.

Thundering Marvel Puns About Thor

Is Thor your favorite Avenger from Marvel? You will love this list of puns about him!

27. When the Avengers play golf and hit a golf ball, they shout, "Thor!"

28. Thor's brother makes such a bad impression whenever he visits a party. He is very Low-key.

29. If you cross a dog and an Avenger, you end up with a Labra-Thor.

30. When Thor sees something crazy, he exclaims, "Thor out of Thor mind!"

31. Thor's favorite weekday is Thorsday.

32. When Odinson carried his Hammer around all day he felt Thor-oughly tired.

33. When the King of Asgard started living in Williamsburg he was called a hips-Thor.

Amazing Marvel Puns About Peter Parker

Searching for some Amazing Spider-Man puns that are slinging awesome? We know you will love this list of web-slinging magic!

34. Spider-Man was keen on joining the swim team in his school because he wanted to try out his webbed feet.

35. When anyone asks what Peter Parker does for a living, he tells them that he is a Web designer.

36. Uncle Ben would never let Peter Parker turn down his proposal to join the Avengers, but his aunt May.

Genius Marvel Puns About Iron Man

Looking for some puns about our all-time favorite Tony Stark? This list of puns on Iron Man might make you crave burgers, just like Stark does.

37. To kill Tony Stark's family it only costs one Buck.

38. If the Silver Surfer teamed up with Ironman, they would be alloys.

39. When Iron man does cartwheels he actually turns into a ferrous wheel.

40. Ironman's favorite movie, without a doubt, is Ferrous Bueller.

41. From Tony Stark's kitchen, the Pepper Potts are always missing.

42. When Iron Man removes his suit he actually becomes Stark naked.

Awesome Ant-Man Puns

Do you love Ant-Man? We know he is funny, so here are some of the best Ant-Man one-liners.

43. Whenever the Wasp catches Ant-Man snooping around, he tells her "I Ant being sneaky."

44. Whenever Ant-Man has a fight with the Wasp, he yells, "Wasp-a matter with you?"

45. Ant-Man sure loves all his Ants and Uncles.

Great Guardians Of The Galaxy Puns

No need to search the galaxy for puns. Check out this list of one-liners.

46. The guardian who loves going on adventures with her trusty backpack and map is called Gamora, the explorer.

47. Whenever Quill has nothing to do, he becomes Star-bored.

48. Whenever Groot gets a load of money, he shouts, "I am loot."

Brilliant Black Widow Puns

Here is a list of some scary good Black Widow one-liners that are just sassy and awesome.

49. Whenever Black Widow nabs her target, she says, "Widown't fool around!"

50. The Avengers forced Black Widow to turn her GPS on because she is always Romanoff.

51. After a successful mission, Black Widow can be seen chilling on a Widowsill.

Hilarious Hawkeye Puns

Here's a list of Hawkeye one-liners that are on point!

52. When Hawkeye is in the mood, he loves to Hawk and roll!

53. Whenever Hawkeye gets into an uncomfortable situation, it becomes Hawkward.

54. 'Hawk the Herald Angels Sing' is Hawkeye's favorite Christmas Carol.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Marvel puns, then why not take a look at Superhero Puns, or Batman Jokes.

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