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Mermaids have been a fascinating topic of discussion and debate ever since the myth came to being.

Because of their fascinating background, mermaids are one of the most popularly featured mythical beings in pop culture and the media. People are obsessed with the magical marine value of mermaids, making them this hugely popular element in marine culture.

A mythical creature with the torso of a woman and the tail of a fish is called a mermaid. Mermaids have not only fascinated kids but adults too.

These mythical creatures have been the topic of debate for a long time with many people desperate to prove that mermaids exist. Kids are extremely fond of the idea of a beautiful half-human half-fish mer-creature with a shiny tail and magical powers to control water.

Many films, books, TV series and cartoons have featured these mystic and magical creatures.

Many films have even shown how a modern mermaid would adapt to modern life in an alternate world where their existence is a possibility. From mermaid jewelry to mermaid tales, fairy tale lovers have simply been obsessed with the idea of these magical humanoid creatures.

Since it is hugely popular amongst kids who are easily fascinated by and drawn to such mystical fantasies, marine jokes regarding mermaids are bound to bring a smile to their faces.

Jokes are a great way to introduce humor amongst kids and making a relevant and witty joke about a topic that they can relate to can be both an entertaining exercise as well as a good way to keep them engaged and focused on one particular thing.

This not only helps sharpen their wit but also helps them develop a good understanding of the use of language.

Cracking mermaid jokes can be a very engaging process, therefore, and can come in handy.

There are many teens who love dressing up just like a mermaid and posing for posts and pictures.

Simply putting some flowers on your hair, and donning some marine-themed jewelry or perhaps a full mermaid fancy dress outfit is a great way to pretend to be a mermaid on Instagram, just make sure any teenager's account is always set to private! To complete the photo, why not caption is with a hilarious mermaid joke?

If you are looking for some of the best kinds of mermaid jokes and swimming jokes to make your kid or the inner mermaid embarrassed and jovial, or just for a good Instagram post, here is a list that is awesome as shell.

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The Funniest Jokes About Mermaids

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Looking under the sea for some funny sea jokes and silly mermaid jokes? Here is a list of both good and bad mermaid jokes, dolphin puns, marine jokes, and mermaid humor that will not make you salty!

1. How can you make out how much a mermaid weighs? By checking their scales.

2. How are mermaids born? Through a sea-section.

3. How does a mermaid clean her clothes? She uses the Tide.

4. What kind of pictures do mermaids love to take? A shellfie.

5. What would be the opposite of mermaids? Landlords.

6. Why did the mermaid not marry her merman boyfriend? Because she smelt something fishy about the arrangement.

7. What would you become if you killed a mermaid? Gill-tea of murder.

8. Why did the mermaid drop out of high school? Her grades fell under the C.

9. Why do the French have a hard time trusting mermaids? Because they are poisson.

10. What do Mermaids and the Washington Metro system have in common? Well, they are both under DC.

11. What did everyone say about the story of half of a mermaid washing up on the beach? It was only a tail.

12. What are violent mermaids called? Mercenaries.

13. What did the mermaid do after hitting the gym and becoming friends with a dolphin physical trainer? She felt like moving with a porpoise.

14. Why don't the relationships between mermaids and humans work out? Because they are always on the rocks.

15. Why does a mermaid wear to math class? An algae-bra.

16. What did the little mermaid spot trembling at the ocean bed? A nervous (ship)wreck.

17. Where do mermaids usually sleep? On waterbeds.

18. Why do mermaids swim across oceans? To go to the other tide.

19. Where do most mermaids go to see films? To the dive ins.

20. Where do mermaids keep their money saved? In a riverbank.

21. Why do mermaids hate playing tennis? They are scared of getting caught in the net.

22. Why are mermaids such amazing singers? They really know all their scales.

23. How do octopuses make mermaids laugh excessively? With ten tickles.

24. Why does everybody hate lending anything to mermaids? Because they are so shellfish.

25. How did the broke mermaid buy her brand new car and house? She prawned them all.

26. What song do mermaids love to sing? Salmon-chanted Evening.

27. How do mermaids receive important messages? Through sea-mail.

28. What do mermaids love to eat on bread with peanut butter for breakfast? Jellyfish.

29. Why was the little mermaid's baby octopus missing? She was squidnapped.

30. What do mermaids get from very mean whales? They get far away from them.

31. Why are all mermaids so easy to fool? They constantly fall for everything hook, line and sinker.

32. Who makes sure to keep the ocean spick and span? Mermaids.

33. Why were the mermaids embarrassed? Because the sea weed.

Little Mermaid Jokes And Ariel Joke

Looking for a funny mermaid joke or jokes about Ariel? This list of funny mermaid jokes about our favorite Little Mermaid Disney princess will sweep you off your feet.

34. What is the act of getting attacked by mermaids called? An Ariel assault.

35. What do you call drones which shoot countless pictures and videos of mermaids?  Ariel photographers.

36. What did the sea say to the mermaid in King Triton's kingdom? Nothing, it just waved.

37. What kind of phone does Ariel use to call her sisters? They use a shellphone.

38. Why did Ariel blush? Because she saw the ship's bottom.

39. How did people keep in touch with the mermaids in King Triton's kingdom? They dropped them a line.

40. How would princess Ariel and Prince Eric meet in the modern world? On line.

41. What did Ariel say when she met the rock pool? You have nice mussels.

42. Which TV show is Ariel’s favorite? Whale Of Fortune.

43. When does the Little Mermaid ride seahorses? When she plays water polo.

44. What font do mermaids use to type in their computers? Ariel.

45. What did the Little Mermaid do when she was really angry at her father? Nothing much, she only changed her entire species!

Mermaid Knock Knock Jokes

Mermaids cannot knock, but just for the sake of a joke, let's say they can. Here is a list of ocean knock knock jokes about funny mermaids.

46. Knock. Knock.

Who’s there?

Kelp who?

Kelp me, Ariel! I am going to drown!

47. Knock knock.

Who's there?


There who?

There is no such thing as a mermaid.

Hilarious Marine One Liners That Mermaids Use

On the hunt for some marine laughter related to mermaid jokes? These marine one liners about mermaid mysteries will make you want mermaids to be real.

48. What would a sassy mermaid say to someone who is negative? You can never krill my vibe.

49. What would a nice mermaid say to greet someone? I fish you a very joyful day.

50. What do mermaid lovers say to each other? You and I were mermaid for each other.

51. What do mermaids strongly believe in? Wishes upon starfish do come true.

52. How would a mermaid motivate someone? She would tell them they are mermaid to become successful.

53. What would a mermaid say to wish someone on their success? We should shell-abrate these joyful times.

54. What would a mermaid mom say to her merchild? You mermake me feel so full of life!

55. What would an Instagrammer mermaid say? I washed up today this way.

Mermaid Jokes For Kids

Don't be shellfish and share some mermaid jokes with the kids as well. Here is a list of kids' mermaid joke that they will love.

56. What did the mermaid turned sailor say? We need to set seal.

57. What is the most important seal in mermaid world? The seal of approval.

58. What did the mermaid say when she met the other cool mermaid? You are totally s'whale.

59. What did the overworked mermaid say? Work is so over-whale-ming.

60. What did the mermaid say to her friend before leaving? Sea ya later.

61. What does an enthusiastic mermaid say before starting her day? You need to seas the day.

62. Why was the mermaid so happy? She had such a fintastic day under the sea.

63. What did the sea say to the mermaid? "Whale! How are you doing?"

64. What is a mermaid's favorite song? 'I Can Sea Now' by Johnny Nash.

65. How can a mermaid make friends? By making shore they keep it real.

66. Why are mermaids so healthy? Because they get tons of vitamin sea.

67. Which part of a mermaid should you be most terrified of? Jaws.

68. What do mermaids say when they meet someone after a long time? Hi! Long time no sea. Hope you're doing whale.

69. What is a mermaid's favorite snack? Ships and dip.

70. Why do mermaids never use a fork and knife while eating food? Because they use their fish fingers instead.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes, puns and riddles for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for mermaid jokes then why not take a look at these awesome ocean puns or these funny fish puns for more under the sea humor?

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