30+ Lego Puns That Kids Will Love

Cora Lydon
Dec 12, 2023 By Cora Lydon
Originally Published on Oct 15, 2020
Fact-checked by Isobel Murphy
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From side-splitting quips to sharp witticisms you'll find everything here to amuse your friends once you're done playing with your Lego bricks.

Lego truly is a global phenomenon: across the globe children spend five billion hours a year playing with their Lego, having hours of fun creating all manner of designs from the colourful plastic bricks.

And their popularity, the funny little people and the fun you can have with the bricks makes them a veritable feast for Lego one-liners and lego jokes.

Why not check out these Lego puns and impress the kids with your wit?

Questions To Pun-der

We've got just the questions you need to set off a good pun – ready for the who, where, why, what and when?

1. On a scale of one to 'stepping on Lego' how much pain are you in?

2. Can you still play with Lego once you reach the big 1-0-0?

3. Did you hear about the Lego man who died? May he rest in pieces.

4. What's the best way to stop burglars entering your home? Scatter your Lego bricks under the window.

5. Can a kangaroo jump higher than a Lego tower? Of course, Lego towers can't jump.

6. What do most mini figures have? Separation anxiety.

7. Did you hear about the break-in at the Lego store? The police are still trying to piece everything together.

8. Have you heard about Lego's 200ft tall castle complete with fire breathing dragon? You couldn't make it up.

Mini Figure Fun

Mini they may be but they're sure big on laughs. Try out these mini word play lines on your nearest and dearest.

9. Two mini figures were connected. They couldn't Lego.

10. Why could the Lego mini figures never divorce. Because they're stuck together forever.

11. The Lego mini figure wanted to order the ninja to leave. 'Ninjago' he shouted.

12. The Lego mini figures weren't related yet were so alike. It's almost like they were made from the same mold.

13. Have you ever noticed that if you stick a blackberry on a Lego mini figure you get Marge Simpson?

14. How did the Lego mini figures like to party? With a block party.

15. Did you see the new Lego mini figure? They're a real head turner.

16. It took 200 mini figures to build a Lego town. They were building up to it.

Characters of the game Minecraft

Block Quips

Every good pun needs firm foundations to build on. Try out these block-related Lego laughs for size.

17. I'd avoid the new Lego store for a while. It's busy and people will be lined up for blocks.

18. The Lego movie is a real blockbuster.

19. A meteorite is on a collision course with Lego land. The damage is expected to be 50 square blocks.

20. My friends didn't like my Lego jokes. I had to block them.

More Lego Laughs

And finally we've got some all-round Lego humour to tickle you. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them!

21. A lazy husband presented his wife with Lego on their anniversary and told her to build herself whatever she wanted.

22. I made a Lego pun earlier. Everyone agreed it was well played.

23. I woke up this morning and found a pile of Lego bricks at the front door. I didn't know what to make of it.

24. I was challenged to walk bare-foot across a Lego-strewn floor. I suffered the agony of defeat.

25. My little brother could never work out how to stick to Lego blocks together. Yesterday it just clicked.

26. I've been working on some Lego jokes. They've taken me a long time to put together.

27. Walking and Lego manuals share the same problem. There are too many steps.

28. The Lego taxi driver kept shouting. His passengers kept telling him to step on it.

29. My brother gave me a set of Lego with 7+ on the box. I must be a genius, I managed to complete it in two years.

30. Some toys are so clingy. They never want to Lego.

31. I stood on a Lego brick. The doctor told me to try to Lego of the pain.

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