88 Blue Puns That Won't Leave You Feeling Blue

Temitope Adebowale
Jun 14, 2024 By Temitope Adebowale
Originally Published on Oct 15, 2020
Fact-checked by Monisha Kochhar
Blue Purple Ink swirling in water.

Puns are adapted phrases which make use of the rhyming and similar spellings of words to create clever, humorous wordplay. Puns are great because the wordplay and double meanings are so unexpected; you think the sentence means one thing, then it ends up meaning another!

Blue-related puns, in particular, are related to blue, shades of blue and themes like 'the blues'. Among the most prominent colours (along with red, white and black) blue and all things blue-like give much room for a pun or two.

Keep these funny blue-related phrases for future reference - you never know when you'll need to use one to brighten someone's day too!

Puns With The Word Blue

These puns won't leave you feeling blue, on the contrary, they'll kick the blues and brighten up your day. One by one, each pun will put a smile on your face, a grin in your mouth and a laugh in your belly!

1.I blue it.

2.My least favourite hue is purple. It's worse than red and blue combined.

3.All blue can eat buffet.

4.Blue peas in a pod.

5.A dream come blue.

6.Life's blue short.

7.This is blue much.

8.Say a blue words.

9.This was built for blue.

10.In blue time.

11.I'm eating for blue.

12.I blue you were trouble.

13.You're right on blue.

14.No blues is good blues.

15.Take your blue.

16.Breaking blues.

17.Doctor Blue.

18.Someone like blue.

19.It's good as blue.

20.The weather is warm and bluemid.

21.There is no job blue small.

22.How blue-tiful!

23.Goody blue shoes.

24.Pick and blues.

25.Don't call me, I'll call blue.

26.That was over much blue soon.

27.That is too good to be blue.

28.Show us your blue colours.

29.Blued to the television.

30.Blued to your seat.

31.Just gimme the blues.

32.Just a blue more steps.

33.Take a blue deep breaths.

34.Blue and far between.

35.Give credit where credit is blue.

36.Have I got blues for you!

37.In blue course.

38.I'd hate to be the bearer of bad blues.

39.I haven't got a blue.

40.Take your blue, we're starting.

41.Bite off more than you can blue.

42.Yesterday the wind blue strongly.

43.Blue can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Tin can of color paint blue &red  isolated on white background.

Puns About The Colour Blue

Check out our top picks below - who would have thought there would be so many puns about the different shades of blue?


45.Sapphire the cannon!

46.Teal a glance.

47.A word for the turquoise.

48.A done teal.

49.A small step for cyan, a giant leap for bluemanity.

50.Nerves of teal.

51.That's a teal order.

52.Teal the show.

53.Rest azured.

54.Teal the spotlight.

55.Azure headed into town...

56.Get teal.

57.Are there any cobalternatives?

58.For teal.

59.Azure aware...

60.Every picture teals a story.

61.Head over teals in love.

62.Signed, tealed, delivered.

63.It's not over teal it's over.

64.That's not a big teal.

65.The way I teal.

66.All I teally want to do.

67.Teal your fate.


69.That's a teal.

70.Ah, the sweet smalt of success.

71.Hope you teal better soon.

72.Don't sweat the smalt stuff.

73.Stop and smalt the roses.

74.Three square teals.

75.Chasing your own teal.

76.A tell-teal sign.

77.Live to tell the teal.

78.Teal of approval.

79.Teal the deal.

80.Breathe a cyan of relief.

81.Telling tall teals.

82.Yes, cyan.

83.A teal-breaker.

84.Heads or teals.

85.Just teal with it.

86.Fake it teal you make it.

87.Reinventing the teal.

88.A pinch of smalt.

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Temitope AdebowaleBachelor of Fine Arts specializing in Fine and Studio Arts

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Fact-checked by Monisha Kochhar

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