90+ Funny Glasses Jokes That Will Crack You Up

Rajnandini Roychoudhury
Apr 12, 2024 By Rajnandini Roychoudhury
Originally Published on Apr 24, 2023
Fact-checked by Shadiya Ahammad
Cute baby wearing crooked glasses

Glasses are often seen as accessories that enhance intellectual appeal. Many great thinkers, writers, and famed figures throughout history have been known for their iconic spectacles.

So, it's only natural that there are so many puns and jokes where glasses take center stage. These hilarious quips playfully celebrate those who wear spectacles, taking a lighthearted look at the quirks of life viewed through a pair of lenses.

But it's not just the bespectacled who will enjoy these jests. Anyone who appreciates a good, clean joke will find something to chuckle about here. These jokes offer a humorous take on everything from the practical issues of wearing glasses, like perpetual smudges and losing them, to play on words.

Glasses jokes prove that humor can truly make the world look brighter, especially when viewed through a perfectly polished pair of specs. Simply put, these jokes offer a distinctive brand of humor that's served with a side of wit. Enjoy a lighthearted chuckle or a hearty chuckle as these punch lines throw some shade... or say glasses?

Funniest Glasses Jokes

A good laugh is just what the doctor ordered, and these glasses jokes won't disappoint. As fun comes into focus, this section compiles a list of hilarious, eye-catching jokes all about glasses. They're perfect if you love a little optical humor.

From classic one-liners to puns that will have you rolling your eyes (behind your specs, of course! ), these jokes guarantee a barrel of laughs. So, hold on to your frames, because these are the best and funniest glasses jokes to tickle your funny bone!

1. What do you say when someone asks if you like their new glasses? "It is a spectacle."

2. Why should you always give more respect to someone who wears glasses? They pay to see you.

3. What would you say to the person who stole your eyeglasses? "I have contacts and I will find you!"

4. What was the need for a programmer to wear glasses? Because he can’t C#.

5. Why did the father drink everything directly from the carton after visiting the doctor? The doctor said that there was no need for glasses.

6. Why should you put new glasses on a computer? It will help it to improve web-sight.

7. Why do most of the authors wear glasses? It gives them new eye-deas.

8. Why do most criminals love wearing glasses? Because it helps to hide their eye-dentity.

9. What would Vulcan from 'Star Trek' be called after wearing glasses? Spocktacles.

10. What would someone say to their friend after getting new eyeglasses? "Long time, no see."

11. What would one eyeball tell the other eyeball after getting new glasses? "Look Eye am back!"

12. Which Shark would seal the deal for extra-wide eyeglasses on Shark Tank? A Hammerhead.

13. Why did the programmer go broke? He used up all his cache on new glasses!

14. Why were the rabbits wearing glasses? He had a 20-carrot vision!

15. Why did the dad's glasses look unhappy? They had to deal with too much dad jokes.

16. Why did the man wear dark glasses to bed? He wanted to sleep incognito!

17. Why was the math book wearing glasses? It had too many problems to focus on!

18. Why did the optician fix the glasses for free? It was a clear case!

19. Why did the sunglasses never argue with the dark glasses? It didn't want to throw shade!

20. What do you call glasses that tell jokes? Hilarious spectacles!

21. What's a light bulb's version of glasses? A lampshade! It helps them dim their brightness.

22. Why don't programmers wear glasses? They prefer to see their code with bugs.

23. Why was the invisible man always losing at poker? Everyone could see his two glasses.

24. Why do two glasses make the perfect friends? They always 'see' eye-to-eye!

25. Why did the glasses apply for a job in contact sport? It thought it had a clear perspective on it.

26. Why did the ketchup bottles wear glasses? They didn't want to squint to find the fries!

27. Why did the librarian say he needed glasses? He wanted to read between the lines!

28. Why did the glasses apply for a job to fix bad eyesight? They thought they were the perfect 'frame' for the job!

29. Why did the light bulb wear glasses? It wanted to shed some light on the subject!

30. When did the sunglasses realize they wanted glasses? They couldn't block out their vision problems anymore!

31. Why did the glasses ace the job interview? They had a clear focus!

32. Why did the eye doctor place his glasses on his bedside table before sleeping? He wanted to see his dreams more clearly!

Silly Glasses Jokes

If you find eye-frame humor amusing and you love a good laugh, then you're in the right place. This compiled list of silly glasses jokes is sure to tweak your funny bone!

Whether you wear bifocals or no glasses at all, these zany zingers and puns are designed to amuse everyone. Prepare to giggle out loud as you read through these hilarious, silly glasses jokes. If you enjoy a spectacle, then these glasses-themed gags are sure to be a hit!

33. Who would you bump into on your way to fix your eyeglasses? Everyone! You would bump into everyone.

34. What do you say when a person comes up to you and tells you how pretty you look if you don’t wear your eyeglasses? “Even you look pretty to me when I don’t wear glasses”.

35. Why would someone put ketchup on their glasses to see better? Because Heinz-sight is 20/20.

36. Why did Mike Wazowski from 'Monsters, Inc.' get a pair of glasses at a 50% discount? Because he has only one eye.

37. Why would someone think that they have a very sharp vision? Because they found scratches inside their eyeglasses.

38. How would someone discipline their kid who took their grandpa's glasses? By teaching them how to re-spec elders.

39. Why would someone have a problem with contacts? They have the problem but don’t have a solution.

40. What is the easiest way to clean a house for someone who wears glasses? Just by taking their glasses off!

41. Why did a wife return her husband’s glasses that she purchased for him? Her husband was still not seeing things her way.

42. What would the painting of Vincent Van Gogh be called if he wore glasses? The Blurry Night.

43. Why did Clark Kent begin sweating after someone complimented him? The person said, “These glasses look super, man."

44. Did you hear about the dad who always wore his glasses when sleeping? He said he wanted to have dreams in high definition!

45. Did you hear about the guy who wore fake eclipse glasses? He said he didn't see the problem.

46. Did you hear about the glasses that got fixed? They were having a spectacle-ular recovery.

47. Why did the librarian wear two glasses? Because she said one was not enough for the fine print.

48. Why did the optometrist break up with his girlfriend? He saw they didn't have a future in sight.

49. Why did the book club president wear new glasses at every meeting? He wanted to have a fresh look at every story!

50. I bought some glasses for my car, but they didn't fit. Turns out they were eye-kia glasses!

51. My friend always speaks so negatively about glasses. I told him, "Hey, you need to respect people's choices... and their Heinz-sight!"

52. A programmer puts on his glasses, and suddenly he can talk in code. I guess you could say his sight is now HTML-enhanced!

53. My son asked me to fix his toy car's windshield. I handed him glasses and said, "There you go. Now it has 'windows' you can 'see' through."

54. My friend has the worst eyesight. Even with glasses, he still misreads the room when talking about politics.

55. I asked my dad how his glasses were working out for him. He said, "Son, they're just like you. I can't see my life without them."

56. I used to hate wearing glasses as a kid. Now, I can't find my way to the kitchen without them. You could say the tables have turned, along with my eyesight!

57. Why were delivery agents made to wear glasses during the pandemic? Most people opted for no-contact delivery.

58. From where exactly would a spider order its contacts? From a websight.

Cute little girl wearing glasses in an office employee outfit.

Lenses Jokes

Whether you're an optometrist, a photographer, or just someone who wears glasses, you must appreciate a good lens joke! This wide range of gags can help you view humor from a different angle, just like a good lens does.

And who doesn't love a joke to lighten the mood? So, whether you're just dabbling in optics humor or you're a seasoned professional in the art of lens jokes, check out this hilarious collection that will surely have you rolling with laughter.

59. Why would a cell phone never wear glasses? Because it already has contacts in it.

60. Why were people offended while I was wearing dirty glass lenses? They thought I was giving them dirty looks the whole day.

61. Why do most people choose to wear glasses over lenses? You can remove glasses dramatically in a situation. Have you ever seen someone removing contacts dramatically?

62. What would be the pickup line of tinted contact lenses? "Your eyes are as blue as the lens solution."

63. What was said by the detective upon recovering the stolen contacts? “It appears that the ‘lid of the case’ has been closed.

64. How would a mom contact lens punish her children? By telling them to go and sit in the cornea.

65. Why is it so hard to put on contacts without a mirror? While putting it on, the lens has to eyeball it.

Classic Glasses Jokes

Trying to find the right pair of glasses can sometimes feel like a comedy of errors.

The struggle to find the one that fits just right and suits your style can drive anyone to fits of laughter! To lighten up your journey or just to share a giggle with your spectacle-wearing or non-wearing friends, this section has gathered some hilarious classic glasses jokes.

From silly puns to clever quips, these jokes are sure to tickle your funny bone and maybe even make your next visit to the optometrist a bit more entertaining!

66. Why would a child have clearer memories after he got his prescription glasses? Before that, life was blurry to him.

67. Why would someone put their glasses on? Just to make everybody clear.

68. Why does everybody keep saying that I look better without glasses? I can’t see the reason.

69. Why would someone take their glasses off in a tough situation? They have already seen enough.

70. How come everybody thinks that carrots are good for eyesight? No one has ever seen a bunny wearing glasses.

71. What did an optometrist say to the optimist and pessimist arguing about whether the glass is half full or not? "Both of you require glasses."

72. What can we call a group of specialized people wearing eyeglasses? Special Ops.

73. How would a doctor know if the eye surgery went wrong? The patient can see the spots more clearly.

74. Who are you going to contact if your glasses go missing? A P eye.

75. What would an optician scream after being falsely accused? "You all will see it someday."

76. What would a father say to his son after the son broke his glasses? "I can never look at you the same way."

77. What did the kid say when he got his first glasses? "I can't believe I've been seeing in low definition this whole time!"

78. Over dinner, the son asked his dad, "Why do people who wear glasses always get into arguments?" His dad replied, "Because they always have a point of view!"

79. A man walks into an eyeglass store. When asked what he needed, he replied, "A pair of glasses, obviously!"

80. As two friends meet, the first guy says, "Nice glasses." The second guy responds, "Thanks, they're a site for sore eyes."

81. What did the potato say when it got glasses? "Now I'm a spec tater!"

82. Why did the man put his glasses next to the bottle of milk? He wanted to see if it was pasteurized before he drank it.

Incredible Sunglasses Jokes

Prepare your shades, because these sunglasses jokes are simply dazzling! From hilarious quips about tinted glasses to delightful one-liners about sun blockers, it's got laughs for everyone! Whether you're looking to entertain a room full of little comedians or just need a giggle to brighten your day, this list of sunglasses jokes is a sunshine-infused delight.

83. Why can sunglasses not have any political statement? Because sunglasses are polarized.

84. What would someone blame after receiving darker sunglasses than what they have ordered? They would blame the lack of transparency.

85. What can we call a man who is thin and wearing sunglasses? Slim Shady.

86. What is a common factor between hitmen and manufacturers of sunglasses? Well, both of them are involved in a shady business.

87. How would a duck pay for his sunglasses? He would ask the optician to put them on his bill.

88. Why would someone become paranoid after wearing sunglasses? Because everybody else appears very shady.

89. Why would someone wear sunglasses after sweating? Because after wearing them, they might feel cool.

90. Why does the FBI wear sunglasses? To protect the FB-eyes.

91. What did the arrogant sunglasses say to the nose? "I am always above you."

92. What does the sun drink from? From sunglasses.

93. Why would someone leave their sunglasses at home? To look at the bright side of life.

94. What did the father reply when his son asked whether he had seen his sunglasses or not? "No-Sun!"

95. Why would the maths teacher wear sunglasses to class every day? Because her students were extremely bright.


Hopefully, you've enjoyed this selection of funny jokes about glasses! With this collection of hilarious jokes, you're sure to be the life of the party, bringing smiles all around. Making light of 'nerd immunity' and poking fun without negatively affecting anyone, humor is indeed a great way to create positive vibes.

Laughter truly is the best medicine, so keep these glasses jokes tucked within arm's reach! Humor is a great way to turn the lens on life's quirks. Remember, the world looks better through laughter-tinted glasses!

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