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Originally Published on Jan 06, 2021
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Who says love has to be just about sweet nothings, candle-lit dinners in a fancy restaurant, or heart-shaped presents? Buckle up, because love is about to get a laughter upgrade!

Swoon-worthy jokes about love aren't just rib-tickling, they're also an instant charm-booster. Whether you're trying to impress your crush or share a giggle with your dearly beloved friends and family, this delightful trove of love jokes is perfect!

Indeed, what spells 'I care' better than sparking a smile on your loved one's face? And what's the best way to do that? Funny love jokes, of course! So, get ready to explore a collection of side-splitting love and romance-themed jokes that'll bring together everyone in a shared moment of hearty laughter.

Boyfriend Jokes That'll Leave Him In Splits

Searching for that perfect blend of corniness and chuckles? Get ready to stumble upon a treasure trove of boyfriend jokes that are sure to have you doubled over in laughter.

This lovable collection of funny jokes is no ordinary list, it's a golden catalog of giggles and grins. These jokes are a perfect way to show your loved ones how laughter can be the best love language of all!

1. How are good boyfriends and parking spaces similar? Both are already taken.

2. What happens when you date a girl whose ex-boyfriend is a clown? You get some big shoes to fill.

3. Why is it wise to never break up with a goalie? Because he’s a keeper.

4. Why did the bartender get back with her boyfriend? Because he kept asking for one more shot.

5. What happens when your boyfriend pokes you in the eye? You stop seeing him for a while.

6. How do you tell your boyfriend that your relationship isn’t working out? You stop going to the gym with him.

7. Why can Spider-Man never be the perfect boyfriend? Because he’s way too clingy.

8. What do you do when your boyfriend asks for more space? You lock him out of the house.

9. What’s the difference between a boyfriend watching sports and a couch? Nothing, they’ve become one with each other.

10. What do you do with a boyfriend who doesn’t understand your fruit puns? You let that man-go.

11. What do you say when your boyfriend breaks up with you over video games? "It’s a foolish thing to Fallout 4."

12. What did the boyfriend say when his girl wanted them to split up because he acted too much like a detective? "Good idea. We can cover more ground that way."

Girlfriend Jokes That Are Serious Mood Lifters

Feeling a bit done with sappy sayings and worn-out one-liners? Take a refreshing detour into the world of girlfriend humor!

This delightful assortment of corny jokes, tailored just for her, promises an instant mood uplift. Guaranteed to bring ear-to-ear grins, these jokes are the perfect way to lighten the air and infuse a dash of hilarity into your love language. So, buckle up and get ready for a humor-filled journey that's all about sharing special smiles.

13. Why should you never laugh at the choices your girlfriend makes? Because you’re also one of them.

14. How do you show your girlfriend who’s the boss of the house? You hold up a mirror to her face.

15. What is a ghost’s idea of true love? A ghoul-friend.

16. How are a girlfriend and an X-ray machine the same? Both can see right through you.

17. What kind of girlfriend always says she'll call you when she gets home but never does? A homeless one.

18. What did the square say to his circle girlfriend when they broke up? "You aren’t edgy enough for me."

19. Why did the lion have to break up with his girlfriend? Because she was a cheetah.

Valentine's Day Jokes That'll Spread Some Love

Sure, Valentine's Day might have a reputation for being a bit of a cliché, but who says the humor has to be? It's time to spice up this love-filled occasion with some unique chuckles.

Get ready to delve into an assortment of romance jokes crafted especially for the season of love. These aren't your everyday wisecracks, they're cupid-approved love ticklers guaranteed to spread joy, laughter, and a whole lot of love.

20. What do you say to your single friends on Valentine’s Day? "Happy Independence Day!"

21. How did the telephone propose on Valentine's Day? It gave its girlfriend a ring.

22. What did the farm owner give his wife on Valentine's Day? Lots of hogs and kisses.

23. Where do hotdogs take their partners on Valentine's Day? To the meatball.

24. Why do skunks look forward to Valentine's Day? Because they are very scent-imental beings.

25. What did one boat say to the other boat on Valentine's Eve? "Are you interested in a little row-mance?"

Love And Marriage Jokes That Are Very Relatable

Has your Instagram feed become a tad too heavy with tiring relationship memes? Well, it's time for a humorous palette cleanser!

Enter the world of love and relationship jokes that promise an instant joy boost. Forget the typical memes; these jokes are your ticket to a rollercoaster ride of giggles and grins. Brace yourself for a fun-filled journey through the quirks and joys of relationships, all sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor.

26. What’s the difference between love and marriage? Love is blind, marriage is an eye-opener.

27. What happened when two vampires went on a date? It was love at first bite.

28. When do bees like to get married? When they find their honey.

29. What do you call a pair of spiders that just tied the knot? Newly-webs.

30. Why does a light bulb have a happy marriage with its spouse? Because the sparks keep flying.

31. What do you call marriage between two Russians? A Soviet Union.

32. What was the stamp’s way of confessing his love for the envelope? It said, "I’m stuck on you!"

33. Why do brides cry at their wedding? Because they can’t marry the best man.

Knock Knock Jokes That Are Full Of Love

Get ready for a delightful twist on a timeless classic! Who knew that the humble knock-knock joke could become a vessel for such love-filled giggles?

Brace yourself for an array of top-notch knock-knock jokes that take the humor about love to a whole new level. This selection isn't just about the old-school door-knocking jests, it's about infusing them with a generous dash of love, making each joke a delightful chuckle-fest. So, knock-knock, who's ready for a heaping helping of laughter and love?

34. Knock! Knock!

Who's there?


Juno who?

Juno who loves you? Me.

35. Knock! Knock!

Who's there?

Eye shore.

Eye shore who?

Eye shore do love you!

36. Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Isle who?

Isle always love you!

37. Knock, knock!

Who's there?


Folin who?

Folin in love with you.

38. Knock! Knock!

Who's there?


Aldo who?

Aldo anything to win your love.

39. Knock! Knock!

Who's there?


Candice who?

Candice be love that I’m feeling for you?

40. Knock! Knock!

Who's there?


Luke who?

Luke into my eyes and you’ll see my love for you.

Jokes About Falling In Love

Falling in love is quite the adventure, and now it's about to get an extra sprinkle of humor! Get ready to tumble head over heels for this delightful collection of jokes about falling in love.

These aren't just any jokes; they're an adorable blend of warmth, humor, and the sweetness of new love. So whether you're a hopeless romantic or a casual jest enthusiast, these quips are sure to put a smile on your face and a chuckle in your heart.

41. What is it called when you fall in love with an encyclopedia? You're in-fact-uated.

42. Why did the lady fall for someone on a high-fat, low-carb diet? Because it was the keto her heart the whole time.

43. Did you hear about the porcupine who was near-sighted? It fell in love with a pincushion.

44. What happens when two ropes fall head over heels for each other? They tie the knot.

45. Why did the man decide not to use Google anymore? Because all his searching was done after he found and fell in love with his girlfriend.

46. What do you call two raindrops who have fallen for each other? Rain-beaus.

47. Why do you think the lettuce fell in love with the sandwich? Because he was a hopeless romain-tic!

48. What do jail inmates do when they fall for each other? They finish each other’s sentences. 

49. Why is Elvis Presley so sentimental? Because he can’t help falling in love with you.

50. Do you have a bandage? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.

Jokes On Dating People Of Various Professions

Light-hearted humor is a key secret ingredient in the recipe of love, especially when it playfully touches on a partner's profession. And voila, here's a collection of delightful jokes about dating people from various professions! These aren't just jokes; they're little tokens of affection wrapped in a blanket of humor, sure to brighten up anyone's day.

51. Why is it so easy to date a civil engineer? Because he’ll bridge the gaps in your relationship.

52. Why is it risky to date a photographer? Because you might get shot.

53. What’s the best thing about dating an architect? The foundation of the relationship is strong.

54. What happens when your date is a mobile salesman? You always find his number busy.

55. Why do painters always fall for their models? Because they love them with all of their art.

56. What is it like to be in love with a baker? They'll always knead you.

57. Why is it annoying to date a chef? Because you get roasted too much.

58. What is the worst thing about dating astronauts? They don’t like to give you any space.

59. What happens when you date an electrician? You get shocking surprises.

60. Why shouldn’t you fall in love with a confectioner? Because he’ll dessert you.

61. What is it like to date a dentist? They’ll always make you smile.

62. When do bankers break up with their partners? When they seem to lose interest.

63. Do you know what happened to the girl who fell in love with a mechanic? Their relationship had a breakdown.

64. Why is it wise to marry an archeologist when you're older? Because the older you get, the more interested they’ll be.

Corny Love Jokes That Are Aww-dorably Funny

Do you have more appetite for giggles? Well, you're in for a treat! Prepare for a sweet dose of corny love jokes that are as adorable as they are hilarious. These aren't your run-of-the-mill wisecracks; they're a perfect blend of 'aww' and 'haha' moments.

The kind of jokes that will make you laugh and go "That's so cute!" at the same time. So sit back, relax, and let these aww-dorably funny love jokes bring a smile to your face and a giggle to your day!

65. How do you make someone like you if they don't believe in love at first sight? You pass by them the second time.

66. How do you ask a foodie out on a date? You say, "Lettuce meat for dinner."

67. What happened when the candle started dating? It found the perfect match.

68. What would the earth say to the sun if they started dating? "My entire world revolves around you."

69. What did the mobile phone say to the Wi-Fi router? "I feel a very strong connection between us."

70. What do the French say when they have to propose? "Eiffel for you so strongly!"

71. What did Mr. Broom say to his wife? "You absolutely swept me off my feet!"

72. Why is it difficult to impress a partner who works for the police? Because they don’t like anyone who steals hearts.

73. What do you say about a date you find in Prague? "Czech-mate!"

74. What can you do when you fail to get a date online? You get pistachios, almonds, and cashews instead.

75. What did the patient with the broken leg say to their doctor? "Hey doc, I have a crutch on you!"

You've now come to the end of this wholehearted collection of love jokes that have laughter and affection woven into every line. Whether you're smitten by the corny ones or find the profession-based jests irresistible, these jokes have something for everyone.

They're more than just punchlines; they're an invitation to share a laugh, a moment, and a bit of love.

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