100+ Best Herb Puns And Jokes

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Originally Published on Dec 02, 2020
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Wooden crate with a variety of fresh green potted culinary herbs growing outdoors in a backyard garden

Herbs are plants that are best known for their medicinal and aromatic properties.

We all have some herbs and spices stored in our kitchens. Have you ever wondered about the opportunities you have to make great herb puns and jokes?

These puns will simply fill your heart with joy and delight. One can gaze into a herb garden and instantly be inspired to find or even make these puns funny.

Herb puns usually include thyme puns, basil puns, rosemary puns, or weed puns. Here we have compiled a few such herb jokes and puns so that you get the best laugh of your life.

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Funny Herb Puns

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There is no need to mention the fact that a herb pun can be smart and funny. One can never get enough of puns and jokes about herbs. Herb puns are great for professional cooks and for those who cook at home. Check out this list of herb puns that'll make you giggle.

1. While trimming leaves in the garden, I accidentally cut off a rose plant. Thankfully, my mother didn't make a big dill about it.

2. I hired a new gardener for my brand new herb garden. He is famous for his sage advice.

3. I was always late for work because of my sleeping arrangement. My doctor suggested that I sleep in the garden. Now I wake up on thyme.

4. Yesterday, a girl stopped me on the road and said she was with me in an Eco-club in high school. I’ve never met herbivore.

5. I prefer to add basil to soups. They are soup-herb!

6. When the herb garden owner has to prepare some documents regarding the harvest, he prefers to use Microsoft Herb.

7. I just signed up for a cooking competition. I am really nervous, but I know that I have to bay-leaf in myself.

8. I was really excited when I decided to have a herb garden. But later I realized that I don't have enough cinna-money for that.

9. The herbal products company is facing a lawsuit for corporate fraud. It was a big white-collar thyme.

10. My herbology teacher told me to grow herbs in my back garden. It was sage advice.

11. The herb farm owner was caught stealing from his own company. He was arrested on accounts of em-basil-mint.

12. I can't believe my best friend did not season my pizza with herbs. It is a basil thing one should know.

13. I forgot to ask my kid to water the plants when I was away. So, it is parsley my fault that all the plants have dried.

14. I was driving to town to deliver flowers and vegetables when I got a flat tire. I think I have a-spare-a-gus in the back.

15. It is said that playing music to plants can help them grow faster. I don't know about others, but my favorite plant musician is Elvis Parsley.

16. The parsley farmer got sued because he used illegal fertilizers. Now his name is garnished.

17. There was a herb poetry competition at my sister's school. She got the first prize because she had the perfect thyme scheme.

18. Cicely was cooking tomato soup on the stove. She burnt her hands when she touched the pot. She was not using any cloves.

19. Rosemary said she was throwing a party tonight. We all were so excited and shouted: "It's party thyme!"

20. My little brother won the Kid's Cooking Championship. It's time to celery-brate.

21. I am trying to study in my room, but my little brothers are fighting all the time. Why can't they be quiet? I really need some peas.

22. The basil was extremely disappointed when it couldn't get into the school for herbs. I think what it really needs is encourage-mint.

23. The herbs need to grow up and take care of themselves by weeding out the unnecessary drama.

24. I happened to see some lucky bamboos in the morning. Thistle be the best day ever.

25. When I am bored, I like to put my hands in a box full of herbs. I have way too much thyme in my hands.

26. Someone stole my herbs last night. I am not going to leave them alone. It was a barberry-c act.

27. I added the wrong herbs and spices to the dishes yesterday. The customers were disappointed. It was calamint-y.

28. A new movie is being released next week. It is about a herb traveling to outer spice.

29. I hurt my hands while plucking roses from my garden. I should have used some cloves.

30. A sack of herbs fell straight onto my face, and some of the herbs entered my eye. Now I am parsley sighted.

31. I tried to make a variety of dishes by combining spices, but it did not end up working. Now it is a re-curry-ing nightmare for me.

32. My husband is trying to cook today. He is not a good cook, but I bay-leaf in him.

33. My wife was experimenting in the kitchen. She added some spices into the oil, and the whole thing spilled over. I did not see that cumin.

34. I was sending out so many greeting cards for Christmas. A few accidentally fell inside the spice storage. Now they are seasoned greetings.

35. My friend had a dill with me, but at the last moment, she ginger mind.

36. My friend went out to buy herbal juice, but the one she got did not taste good. It was a huge disappoint-mint.

37. The old boy next door told me I don't know how to season food properly. What an in-salt.

38. I have been learning how to cook for almost a month now. I am not great, but I am getting pepper.

Garden Puns

Garden puns are amazing. The amount of puns and jokes you can make about your garden is astounding.  Take a look at this list of garden puns we prepared.

39. I went to my garden for a stroll today. I happened to overhear tomato and basil talking to each other. The tomato said, "You are growing on me."

40. I saw some people fighting over a pickle in the canteen. Turns out it was a big dill.

41. The farmer was very careful while trying to grow saffron. He provided it with a very peaceful herb-itat.

42. One of my neighbor's gardens dried up this summer because of the heat. I don't have a garden so I don't have to worry. What a releaf!

43. I never liked gardening. But once I planted a few basil seeds, they grew on me.

44. The person living near my herb garden is giving away free herbs. I think he is a cilantro-pist.

45. We live in a city. Even though we don't have much space, we grow herbs on our rooftop. We are herb-an farmers.

46. We decided to use the small space behind our home for gardening. But we haven't botany plants.

47. We decided to hire a gardener for our new herb garden, but he rejected the offer because he thought the celery was too low.

48. The gardener has been lighting bulbs all over the garden. I guess he is trying to make power plants.

Garden Jokes

Even if you do not own a herb garden, you can still enjoy these jokes and puns related to the garden. Take a look at this list of garden jokes.

49. What was the gardener worried about when he saw that his plants had been destroyed? Global worming.

50. What did the big rose ask its little one? "How are you doing, bud?"

51. Why did the gardener ask for ferns? He was looking for a frond.

52. What happens when you cross a monkey with a flower? You get a chimp-pansy.

53. Where do baby citrus fruits go to study? To a-lemon-tree school.

54. What do you call it when children go gardening? A kindergarden.

55. What happened to the cacti who got married? They became cactus.

56. What did the cactus say to the other cactus? "I am glad I pricked you."

57. What happened to the grape who got crushed? It let out a wine.

Funny Plant Puns

This list of plant puns includes flower puns, vegetable puns, and many more. These plant puns can make it hard to hold back your giggles. Here is a list of some funny plant puns.

58. Rosemary competed in a plant quiz on Environmental day. Even though she did not win the contest, she received a partici-plant certificate.

59. We wanted to plant trees on the new plot that we bought. To calculate the square root of the plot, we used log-arithm.

60. The melon is having a big fancy wedding at the farmhouse. I heard it's because they cant-elope.

61. On my way out, I saw a big cactus next to a little cactus. I think they are suc-cute-lent.

62. In my biology class, I learned that succulents store water in their stems and survive in dry conditions. They are simply plant-astic.

63. I went to the forest today and noticed that the plants were communicating with each other. I didn't understand anything. They were probably using moss code.

Plant Jokes

Plant jokes are plant-astic. It is wonderful that you can make jokes about such simple things. Take a look at these amazing plant jokes.

64. What did the potted plant say to the pot? "I'm rooting for you."

65. Why were the potted plants on the display of the herb shop sad? Because they were all dressed up with nowhere to grow.

66. What do you say when plants go mad? Moss hysteria.

67. What did the Spanish guy say to the shopkeeper when he wanted an extra plant? "Uno moss."

68. What did the peony ask the rose who was lost in her thoughts? A peony for your thoughts?

69. What did one fungus say to another? There is mushroom for improvement.

70. What do plants use for stem pain? Lemon balm.

71. Why did the baby corn cry in front of mama corn? Because it couldn't find popcorn.

72. What do you call a plant grown using electricity? A power plant.

73. What would a plant choose to study in college? STEM.

Best Herb Jokes

Herb jokes and puns never go out of trend. These are not only funny plant jokes but can also be brain-teasers at times. Herb jokes are refreshing and provide a nice flavor to the moment. Check out this list to get the best herb jokes of all thyme.

74. Why do scientists need herbs? For ex-spear-mints.

75. Which is the most popular herb in Korea? It's Koreander.

76. What is the favorite herb of a postman? It's parcel-y.

77. What did parsley say when he called his friend? "Aloe, vera you?"

78. What did Rosemary say when Coriander knocked on her door? Cumin.

79. Which is the funniest herb in the herb garden? It's Silly-antro.

80. What do you call your mother's credit card? Card-a-mom.

81. What is the only gun that herbs are allowed to use? A terra-gun.

82. Why was the nosey pepper disqualified? Because it gets jalapeño business.

83. What herb is the scariest troublemaker? Terrorgon

84. Why did the mint call the other herbs useless? Because it was a discourage-mint.

85. Why were Simon and Garfunkel called lazy? Because they were constantly asking for flavors from parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.

86. Why did the father stop his son from cooking the family dinner? Because he was not a seasoned professional.

87. What does someone new to herb farming need? Presence of mint.

88. Why were the plastic potted plants sad? Because they were not oregano.

89. Why is thyme considered to have exceptional medicinal properties? Because it heals all wounds.

90. What would you say when someone adds peppermint to perfume? Makes scents.

91. What happens when herbs are attacked by weeds? They get herb-aches

92. What did the children say when their parents were arguing about the sandwich? "Lettuce do that".

93. What does one call a herb that is spicy and bold? A sassparagus.

94. What did the garlic do when it got hot? It removed its cloves.

95. Who is the role model of asparagus? An Aspiragus.

96. What happens when paprika greets everyone on Christmas? It becomes seasoned greetings.

97. Which herb knows to speak in Greek?  Fenugreek.

98. Which herb has the duty of washing the herb garden? A wash basil.

99. What do you call Cilantro's cousin? A Culantro.

100. What is the name of the disease that herbs have when they don't produce glucose? Herb-etes.

101. What happens after oregano arrives? Oregano leaves.

102. What happened when the Royal Mint of Spain was robbed? The robbers made a lot of scents.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully formulated lots of puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 100+ herb puns then why not take a look at the best avocado jokes for your avo-kiddos, or for something different take a look at these succulent puns.

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