186 Spice Puns That Are Burningly Funny

Temitope Adebowale
Dec 12, 2023 By Temitope Adebowale
Originally Published on Nov 01, 2020
Fact-checked by Isobel Murphy
Red dried pepper on a dark wooden background.

A spice is a food derived from any part of a vegetable, which provides a smell or taste that can be used to flavour food.

Think of thyme, pepper or cinnamon - these are all spices. Spices and spice combinations like curry powder, bagel seasoning and others can be incorporated into all of our meals, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Spices are very important when it comes to cooking, so it's only right that we present some epic spice puns for you to work with too!

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Seasoning Puns

Seasoning refers to salt, spices and herbs that are added to foods to enhance their flavour. They make our foods taste the way they do, and so, here are some seasoning puns to make us laugh the way we do, too.

1. Ain't no season to go anywhere else.

2. Let's have a quick brainstorming season.

3. Season the day.

4. Beyond seasonable doubt.

5. That was a great jam season yesterday.

6. Seasoning's greetings.

7. Seasonings change.

8. A soldier who has survived mustard gas and pepper spray is indeed a seasoned veteran.

9. For everything, there is a seasoning!

Salt Puns

Salt is a type of seasoning derived from seawater. It might just be the most popular of all seasonings, so here are some salty puns for some laughs while you're cooking.

10. Someone told me I looked like a salt shaker. I took it as a huge condiment.

11. What an in-salt.

12. That is definitely worth your salt.

13. I prefer to cook with sea salt, as it's better for my eyesight.

14. You're salty because you didn't win.

15. A few days ago, I got sprayed by a salt-spraying truck. "Watch out!" I yelled through gritted teeth.

16. Don't rub salt in the wound.

17. Many fish prefer to live in salt water, as pepper makes them sneeze.

18. I took the recent snow warnings with a pinch of salt.

19. I sprinkled some salt on my phone yesterday, now it is a Saxa-phone.

Pepper Puns

When you think spice, you probably think of pepper next: there's chilli pepper, black pepper, white pepper, and bell pepper all spicing up our meals to varying degrees. Check out these peppered puns for an extra sprinkle of humour.

20. Movies are pepper to watch with the lights off.

21. I like to read the pepper while drinking some herbal tea.

22. We need to pepper up, she seems a bit down.

23. We're in a pepper place now.

24. It's pepper on the other side.

25. Its pepper by far.

26. It'll be pepper tomorrow.

27. It's pepper you don't know.

28. It keeps on getting pepper.

29. For pepper and a day.

30. You pepper believe it.

31. In a pepper world.

32. We're pepper together!

33. Pepper luck tomorrow.

34. You'd be pepper off not going.

35. No-one does it pepper.

36. It's even pepper than the real thing.

37. Two is pepper than one.

38. You pepper be home soon.

39. Peppers are so nosy, they're always jalapeño business.

40. I pepper get going.

41. It's pepper to give than to receive.

42. You pepper move on.

43. For lack of a pepper name.

44. We have seen pepper days.

45. Pepper late than never.

46. I couldn't have said it pepper.

47. For want of a pepper word.

48. You could have it so much pepper.

49. Pepper the devil you know than the devil you don't.

50. To travel hopefully is a pepper thing than to arrive.

51. For pepper or worse.

52. Holding onto strings pepper left to fray.

53. A pepper tomorrow.

54. Two heads are pepper than one.

55. I should have known pepper.

56. Music sounds pepper with you.

57. In search of a pepper life.

58. The less I know, the pepper.

59. This is all I've pepper wanted.

Chilli Puns

The chilli pepper is a spicy fruit (yes, it's a fruit and not a vegetable) which is often used to make cooked dishes spicy as well. Take a look at these chilli puns that pack some heat!

60. Take a chilli pill.

61. I wrapped my pepper in a blanket because it was feeling a little bit chilli.

62. You chilli got me.

63. It sure is chilli outside.

64. All I chilli want to do.

65. I once caught a chef sticking her hand in the cooking pot. She said she was just feeling a little chilli.

66. Chilli out.

67. Here's how to succeed in a project without chilli trying.

68. Ask a chilli question and you'll get a chilli answer.

69. If you chilli knew me, you would know that I don't like cheese.

Heat Puns

Spicy foods often have a warmth to them - a heat, even, for some of them. Check out these spice puns that are all about the heat, for you to use to amuse next time you're cooking up a spicy dish.

70. This is no mean heat.

71. Let's get you back on your heat.

72. I'll heat you halfway.

73. I really need a bite to heat.

74. I heat to say it but...

75. I'll make you heat your words.

76. Take heat of my warning.

77. Keep a clean heat.

78. Heat the brakes.

79. I'll heat you there.

80. Heaters gonna heat.

81. I have a love-heat relationship with cleaning.

82. You heat the nail on the head.

83. Heat the road, Jack.

84. Hold on to your heats, folks.

85. You've got a heat-sheet, don't you?

86. Heat and greet.

87. Don't heat around the bush.

88. It's getting late I'm going to heat the hay.

89. Try to heat the challenge.

90. We heat the jackpot!

91. Let's reach new heats.

92. I'm just trying to make ends heat.

93. In the heat of the moment.

Cinnamon Puns

Cinnamon is a spice made from the bark of the Cinnamomum trees. Known for their warm fragrance in drinks and desserts, you'll like the spice even more once you've caught some of these puns!

94. The cinnamon height of the bridge will make sure lorries and trucks can pass under safely.

95. The cinnamon weight of cookies that we sell will give them a nice sample, and keep them coming back for more!

96. Law-abiding cinnamon.

97. Cinnamon wage.

98. Cinnamon Valley.

99. I've cinam-all before.

100. Senior cinnamon.

Ginger Puns

Ginger is said to be one of the healthiest plants out there, but did you know that the part that we eat is actually the root? Here's a nice hearty dose of ginger puns to spice up your day.

101. Please don't ginger mind.

102. She's sporting a gingery. She cut her hand whilst chopping ginger!

Cumin Puns

Cumin is the name of a spice, but also the flowering plant that it comes from. The seeds are extracted from the plant, then ground and used as a seasoning. Here we've opted to use cumin for puns, enjoy!

103. I'm cumin to my senses.

104. I should have seen that cumin.

105. I've never faced this much traffic cumin home!

106. Cumin side and make yourself at home.

107. If you think I'm going to do that, you've got another thing cumin.

108. I'm cumin back to the start, where it all began.

109. After we lost the game, they started to laugh and jeera-t us.

110. Hold on, I'm cumin!

111. I'm cumin to the end of my rope.

112. I'm cumin to see things in a different light.

Curry Powder Puns

Curry powder is a special blend of spices, used to flavour a variety of meals, including, of course, curries. Take a look at these tasty curry puns below!

113. I'm in a bit of a curry, but let's definitely talk later.

114. It's a re-curry-ing nightmare.

115. Please curry on without me.

116. Curry up! We have to go now.

117. Keep calm and curry on.

118. I'm going as fast as my legs can curry me.

119. How long do you think we can curry this on for?

Herb Puns

A herb is a plant with seeds, leaves or flowers that can be used as a flavouring, for food, perfumes or medicines. Check out these herb-inspired puns to add to your pun spice rack too!

120. I herb it through the grapevine.

121. The candles have a wonderful herb-iscus scent to them.

122. Herb your enthusiasm.

123. What a peaceful herb-itat.

124. It's herb-itual.

125. You herb it here first.

126. The bear is preparing to enter herb-ination.

127. You could have herb a pin drop.

128. That's simply my bay leaf.

129. One fennel time.

130. Never mint.

131. Let's cut a dill.

132. Pull up at the herb.

Thyme Puns

Black peppercorns in a wooden bowl.

Thyme is a popular herb used in seasoning all sorts of things, from meats to sauces...to puns. Enjoy.

133. They have way too much thyme on their hands.

134. You're right on thyme.

135. Thyme and thyme again.

136. I just don't have the thyme, I'm sorry.

137. The thyme is cumin.

138. What a waste of thyme.

139. It's thyme for dinner.

140. Long thyme no see.

141. 'Twas the best of thymes, and the worst of thymes.

142. One more thyme.

143. Perfect thyming.

144. It's thyme to wake up.

145. They say that sleeping in the herb garden helps you wake up on thyme.

146. It's thyme to reflect.

147. I just want to spend thyme with you.

148. I don't know how you find the thyme to do all of that!

149. Ain't nobody got thyme for that!

150. It's thyme to go to school.

151. Oops, I'm out of thyme.

152. This is my thyme to shine.

153. It's go thyme.

154. Thyme after thyme.

Spicy Puns

Check out these funny puns with the word spice in them that are packed with flavour, as well as humour.

155. Spice, spice, baby.

156. Sugar and spice makes everything nice.

157. Variety is the spice of life.

158. My favourite spice girls are Salt'N'Pepa.

159. A monk's favourite spice is cardamohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

160. I think those people there are spice.

161. You spice up my life.

Pumpkin Spice Puns

If you like a good pumpkin pun, you'll love these pumpkin spice puns! Perfect for Fall funnies!

162. Life is gourd when you've got pumpkin spice.

163. Pumpkin spice and everything nice.

164. I know a latte about pumpkin spice.

165. Pie love spending time with you.

166. I love pumpkin spice a latte.

167. I only have pies for you pumpkin spice.

168. Let's give them pumpkin to talk about.

169. Don't even chai to talk to me before I've had my pumpkin spice latte.

Condiment Puns Straight From The Spice Rack

It's said that variety is the spice of life, so check out this great set of spice puns to make some of those funny spice names even funnier! Tell these to your friends and they won't be able to stop themselves from laughing.

170. I beg your parsley?

171. I only like herbs parsely, not entirely.

172. I bay leaf in you!

173. Originally, all of the condiments were part of a single condiment, named Pangea.

174. In mint condition.

175. I'm kinda a big dill.

176. I'll have the condimental breakfast.

177. I cayenne-ot believe it!

178. Catch me if you cayenne!

179. We're mint to be.

Spicy Dish Puns

If you love spicy dishes, chances are you love spicy food jokes too, so these spicy food puns will be right up your alley. From Dhal, to Samosas, spice are essential ingredients in these delicious dishes.

180. Dhaling, I'm home!

181. That's a dhal-breaker for me.

182. I think we've made samosa-f it.

183. You'd better all wrap up warm, otherwise jalfreezi.

184. Please be a dhaling and pass me my keys on the table over there.

185. There's never a dhal moment with you.

186. It's no big dhal.

We at Kidadl, we have specially cherry-picked a bunch of fabulous, family-friendly puns, jokes and riddles for all to enjoy! If you loved our spice puns, why not take a look at 39 Geology Puns That Teens Will Dig?

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