50 Best Pickle Puns For You To Relish

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Homemade Mango Pickle in a white jar.

If you are looking for a fun read, this article on pickle puns is a great choice.

Here is a list of some of the best pickle puns, which will make your day. Share this funny collection of a pickle pun or two with your friends and make them laugh aloud!

Pickles are used as a side dish or a garnish in many cuisines and cultures. Pickles have been in use for thousands of years and span multiple generations.

The word pickle is derived from the German word 'pokal' meaning 'brine' reflecting the method used to preserve the food. Some people make special holes in the ground to ferment their pickle ingredients. Some countries have a fun tradition of correlating a person's romantic viability with the number of pickles they have.

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Funny Pickle Sayings

Preserved pickles packed in jars.

The sour taste of pickles is a major reason why many people love to eat pickles. This funny list of pickle puns will surely pickle your funny bone and turn your world upside down. You will certainly relish these puns more than you think!

1. Today, the dill pickle is on holiday. The pickle is relishing every minute of his free time.

2. I went to the supermarket yesterday, and they had 20% off on pickles. It was a big dill.

3. Every day, the pickle sees a green vegetable at the jar who is always waiting for his turn. It must be the queue-cumber.

4. A green colored pickle that pecks on trees is none other than a Woody wood pickle.

5. The pickle lullaby for a baby cucumber can be none other than 'cucumber slumber number.'

6. The cucumber's favorite TV channel is none other than the funny kid's TV  channel 'pickleodeon'.

7. I accidentally dropped some pickle in my Hawaiian punch; I guess it is now trop-pickle.

8. Baby Gherkins giggle whenever you touch them. They are so pickle-ish.

9. I had to drop the green pickle box. Carrying them in a long queue was getting cumbersome.

10. The relish pickle earned first position in the competition, it really is a big dill!

11. The only thing common between a pickle and Java program is their JAR.

12. If you are a vegan, you won't like tro-pickle fish in a restaurant.

Dill Pickle Puns

A cucumber pickled with a unique herb, dill, constitutes the yummy dill pickle. Like the innovative dill pickle texture, this list of pickle pun is also diverse and impactful in nature. Here are the funniest pickle puns that we could think of!

13. The green pickle mother told her son, "Relax, young pickle, you can dill with the situation very easily."

14. A giant pickle got very popular overnight, now he is kind of a big dill.

15. On Christmas day, I had to choose between a gherkin and Vlasic. I was in a dill-emma.

16. The mustard pickle got in a pickle when he lost his two mustar-cards in fair.

17. The folk musician who was floating in a pickle jar was none other than the famous Bob Dill-an.

18. Every pickle's favorite competition,'The Biggest Pickle' took place this past week. As usual, the winners were titled as 'big dill.'

19. The pickle's favorite radio-station to listen to Bob Dill-an is the Vlasic rock station!

Condiment Puns

If you have heard about condiments, then you must be aware of their various types.  A condiment can be anything from a pickle to additional extracts that enhance the natural taste of a dish. So, here are some funny pickles puns along with mustard puns to make your day super entertaining!

20. The condiment told the pickle that if he wanted to ketchup, he could!

21. The condiment expressed his feelings, "I mustard the courage to leave."

22. Do you know, there is a special clinic for injured condiments. It's the Mayo Clinic!

23. A husband told his wife that he loved her as much as he loved mayonnaise. His wife blushed because she took it as a condiment.

24. My friend bought a horse named Mayo. Whenever Mayo needs food, Mayo-neighs.

25. My friend told me, "you are a-mayonnai-zing," after I fixed his condiment problem.

26. The cucumber sobbed "The condiment jumped into jar, I saw with may-onn-aise."

27. The pickle and dill went shopping for condiments. The pickle got tired after a while, so he said to the dill, "you go on my friend, I'll sauce you later."

28. The worried mother said her husband "These pickles are making me mad. They must be canned soon!"

29. The condiment wizard's best-performed trick is saucery.

30. All these pickles puns are a sauce of endless laughter.

31. I think my cat loves condiments a lot. She is always mayo-wing.

32. My friend and I were once trying to make art out of condiments and we ended up making a mustard piece.

33. The cucumber told condiments "I don't know about you, but I relish pickles!"

34. The pickle was shopping for condiments. He made all the payments with his mustar-card.

35. The condiments decided to have a grand pickle birthday party. They really relished it.

36. The condiment that has been elected the leader of the city for this year is the mayo-r.

37. If a pickle company ever want to try a new product, they can.

38. Cucumber is one vegetable that is always in a pickle.

Clever Pickle Names

If you're searching for some witty pickle names and pickle puns, then you are in the right place. If you ever find yourself in a pickle, feel free to shout out these funny pickle pun names which are sure to make those around you giggle.

You'll probably also make yourself laugh and forget the problem in the first place! Take a look at the pickle giggles below.

39. Pickle Shikle

40. Digi-dill Pickle

41. Fickle pickle

42. Pickle pockle

43. Pickle Pirate

44. Petite Pickle

45. Exploding Pickle

46. Pickle ladder

47. Little Pickle

48. Twisted pickle

49. Dilly Pickle

50. Pickle and pucker

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