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What are some of your favorite things about ramen?

Everybody likes ramen, and everybody likes jokes. So ramen jokes are definitely going to be everyone's favorite.

Ramen is like your favorite person. It comforts you, is there for you when you need it, doesn't make you feel lonely, is warm and loving.

There is not a thing about ramen that one won't like. Kids like ramen so much because it's tasty and fun, whereas adults like ramen because it is one of the easiest things to make and, also, of course, because it is soup-er tasty.

Though ramen is originally a Japanese dish, it is loved and enjoyed by everyone all over the world.

Puns are wordplays that take a word and play with its meaning, resulting in lots of laughs. So wordplay with our all-time favorite ramen is going to be such a fun experience.

When it comes to writing jokes, we have a lot of topics, but nothing can ever top ramen! We have a whole list of funny ramen puns to laugh at, enjoy!

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Hilarious Ramen Noodle Jokes

A bowl of ramen can change your mood and lift your spirit up in an 'instant'. So can a ramen joke!

Ramen noodles are basically of four kinds: shoyu, shio, miso and tonkotsu. But that does not limit our possibilities to make a lot of hilarious yet cute ramen jokes.

What is better and more relaxing than sipping the broth from a bowl, slurping the noodle, and having a good laugh by reading some funny jokes about ramen on a fine winter evening?

Don't get us wrong, this also sounds equally amazing in any other seasons as well. So grab your bowl of ramen and go through this list of funny jokes on ramen noodles.

1. What Instagram captions can be used while uploading a drawing of a bowl of noodles? Ramen doodles are so good.

2. What did I say to my mother when she asked me if I would like some ra-men? No thanks, I prefer them cooked.

3. What should feed to very hungry computers? Some RAM-en.

4. What do you call a King who tries to take over all the ramen stock? Uslurper.

5. What could be the reason behind the downfall of the Ramen Empire? None of them were soba.

6. What numeral system do noodles use? Ramen numerals.

7. What would we be making with ramen if it was paper? Norigami.

8. What do you call it when your grandfather has the ability to make instant ramen? Instagram.

9. What did the ramen say to her friends when they came to pick her up for a party? "I'll be ready in five ra-minutes".

10. Why does my brother drink the broth before he eats the ramen? He is a very soup-erstitious person.

11. How does a Buddhist monk order his ramen? "Make me one with everything".

12. What happened to the tongue when the ramen made fun of it? It got burnt.

13. What fonts do noodles use while typing? Times New Ramen.

14. How do ramen fall in love? Instantly.

15. What happened to the dollar store ramen noodles without packets of flavor? They ran out of stock.

16. What do you call a noodle that has amazing sword skills? Ramen Hood.

17. What do you call a ramen when it becomes famous? A soup-er star.

18. Why did everyone wish ramen happy returns? It was his brothday.

19. Where did the ramen go for a vacation? Stock-holm.

20. What social media do ramen use to upload pictures with ramen captions? Insta-ramen.

21. What did my dad say when I was eating ramen with my sister? "Eat it with chopsticks instead, please".

22. What is a noodle's favorite show? Everybody loves Ramend.

23. Which hotel did the noodles check in at? The Ram Inn.

Humorous Ramen Noodles Jokes About Ramen Toppings

Traditional Italian Pasta Carbonara with bacon, cheese and egg yolk on plate.

Toppings on ramen are like the cherry on the top of a cake. It makes everything come together and taste the best. Especially if you are an anime fan, you will know that toppings make the ramen look ten times better and taste even better.

How many times have we all drooled over a picture of ramen with all the best toppings on it? Everyone has different favorites when it comes to ramen toppings. Some prefer roasted pork and some like their ramen with eggs.

Others like corn and fish cakes on their ramen. There are countless numbers of things that go amazingly well with ramen. You just have to find out what works best for you.

But, first listen up because we went all out with ramen toppings jokes! Have we turned your favorite ramen toppings into a funny joke? Let's find out with this list.

24. Why did I put so much soy sauce in my ramen? Because brown noodles are healthier than white ones.

25. What happened after I ate too much ramen? I was over-soyed.

26. What did the ramen say to the broth? "I am soy into you".

27. Who happened to be the best mathematician in the world of ramen toppings? Ramen-ujan.

28. What did soy sauce say to ramen? "I will shoyu how much you need me".

29. Why did I not order plain ramen? Because toppings make it butter.

30. What did the meat say to the vegetables before going into the broth? "I will Shio soon".

31. Why do toppings make ramen taste better? Simply because it corn.

32. Why did the ramen suddenly become more tasty? Because it got egged.

33. Why do I only like pork on my ramen? Because I am a very piggy eater.

34. Why could the chef not garnish his ramen? Because he was out of thyme.

The Best Noodles Puns

Ramen is a type of noodle. It is basically a noodle soup but there are a lot of other types of noodles out there that are just as tasty and fun.

A noodle joke can bring out the funny side of ramen as well as other noodles.

We have a list of such puns here that we know are going to be your next favorites, which of these makes you laugh the most? Why not share one of these noodle puns with your friends next time you enjoy a hot bowl of ramen together?

35. Ramen always picks a fight with other noodles fusilli reasons.

36. Ramen was sad because her teacher embarrassed her in front of the entire class and said, "Udon know anything".

37. The mein ingredient to cook delicious noodles is love.

38. The chef at the restaurant next door makes ramen that tastes absolutely pho-nomenal.

39. I heard so many funny jokes about ramen the other day that I was ravioling on the floor for two hours.

40. A new pasta place opened up near my school and everybody went to try it out. I walked pasta it to go to my regular ramen shop.

41. My wife makes ramen for dinner every Wednesday even though she likes other noodles better. So I started making dinner pho her every Monday.

42. The ramen was getting impatient, so he asked the boiling water "Udon?".

Puns About Ramen

Ramen puns can hit the spot just like ramen if the ramen puns are made correctly. Ramen craving is a very real thing, and kids have it often. Although ramen is very easily available everywhere, there can be times when we can't eat ramen.

But guess what we can do at any moment in time? Read a few ramen puns or even better, make a few ramen puns. Check out list of some hilarious ramen noodle puns that will tickle your funny bone.

45. A lot of food tastes really good but nothing can ever Top Ramen.

46. I met my best friend in the school canteen three years back. We ordered the same noodles at the same time, and I knew that we ramen to be from that very 'instant'.

47. The kid wanted some noodles, but her mother refused to give it to her so she prayed to God for it saying, "Dear God, please help me convince my mother to make me some noodles. Ramen!"

48. The noodle was getting irritated by just anything. He was very tempe-ramen-tal that day.

49. When my brother asked for ramen despite not liking noodles that much, I asked if he was positive about it. He said, "Shio, I am."

50. Two ramens were getting married, and it was time for their vows. One of them said "You make miso happy" and the other said, "My heart beats only pho you."

51. The noodle loved to take pictures, and he was good at it, so he became a cam-ramen.

52. A noodle was trying to cheat in his exams and got caught. He has to face ramen-ifications.

53. A noodle was ashamed of his behavior and how he treats people so he took a few days off from everything to ramend himself.

54. A few noodles went swimming in the pond and were caught by fish-ramen.

55. A lot of people do not like the broth of ramen noodles and throw them away. They are all very stew-pid.  

56. The Egyptian King who loved ramen was called Tutankh-ramen.

57. Ramen got an off period in school, so he began noodling.

58. The smell of hot fresh ramen with my favorite toppings really takes my broth away.

59. I made a lot of broth today so that I can use it throughout the entire week. I guess you can call me a stock investor.

60. I tried making ramen noodles and accidentally burnt it. It tasted soba-d.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for ramen puns, then why not take a look at something different, like this hilarious sushi puns, or these funny rice puns that are bound to get the whole family laughing?

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