50 Noodle Puns That Are As Funny As Ramen Is Tasty

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Traditional Italian Noodle Carbonara with bacon, cheese and egg yolk on plate

Are you ready to fall in love with some funny pasta puns?

Everybody loves food. We are also pasta-tive that you are going to enjoy the food puns as well.

Noodles are food made of dough and sometimes given various shapes and structures. As a result, there are different types of noodles. Noodles also have some really funny names like Koka noodles that are really fun to say out loud.

And that opens up the pasta-bilities of a bunch of funny puns. We have some really funny noodles jokes to make your day. So grab a bowl of your favorite noodle and sit tight because things are about to get saucy.

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Funny Noodle Puns That Are Worth A Penne

Delicious Italian noodles with fresh basil leaves and grated parmesan cheese

Do you like to laugh at fusilli jokes and puns? Here are a few noodle jokes for you that have amazing wordplay.

1. The stranger was judging me for buying a cart full of noodles. I told him "Don't judge me because udon know me."

2. I can't help but be absolutely crazy pho noodle soup.

3. My best friend and I bonded over cup noodle. We are now friends pho-ever and we love each other fusilli reasons.

4. Chinese noodles weigh a lot - wonton!

5. My mother asked me if a person can eat noodles all day in reality. I told her I am Pho real.

6. This classmate of mine shared some of her pasta with me during lunch. I am tortellini in love with her.

7. My cousin organized a noodles-themed birthday party. I went up to him and wished him happy brothday.

8. A customer entered a noodle shop with teary eyes. The waiter told him "I am here for you if you are feeling cannelloni".

9. Mother cooked all of father's favorite type of noodles. Father told her "Udon know how much I love you. You are the one pho me."

10. My friend is moving to Vietnam to open his own noodle shop. I hope he doesn't pho-get about me.

11. She ordered noodle for my birthday dinner. She makes miso happy.

12. The noodle shop near my place serves extra to their regulars. It is a phonomenal shop.

13. The beggar looked really hungry so I gave him a penne.

14. She has been fired from the pasta factory because she continuously made fusilli mistakes.

15. The waiter came to clean our table and serve us the next dish. He asked us "udon?"

16. The pho puns were so funny. It made me laugh so hard I'm ravioling on the floor.

17. My father scolded me for having an unhealthy diet. He seems to not appreciate the fact that noodles are part of my daily rotini.

18. This kid challenged me to a noodle eating competition. I think I am stroganoff to beat him.

19. As a kid my mother told me that I will be taken by ghosts if I eat pasta everyday. But I ain't alfredo no ghost.

20. He made a car made out of noodle. He calls it lambourguini.

21. The optimistic noodle said, "I Cannelloni laugh at my mistakes."

22. Since the noodle drank a lot, he was totally sauced.

Pasta Puns That Are Pastably The Best

Pasta can be manipulated to take any form or shape. One can make it thin, thick, long, saucy, with or without meatballs or you can make them into food jokes. For example, did you know you can call a fake noodle an impasta?

This probably the funniest pun about noodles. But if you want more like we want our pasta, here are some pasta puns for you. Enjoy and pasta la vista, baby!

23. A new pasta place opened in the neighborhood but it isn't easy to locate. I walked right pasta restaurant without realizing it.

24. Could not go out to eat from my favorite noodle shop for several months due to this lockdown. This too shall pasta.

25. Things were getting heated up at the dinner table so to defuse the situation I asked my sister "Can you pasta sauce please?"

26. This dish the chef made was so good, it's pre-pasta-rous.

27. I am really scared to make pasta because the pasta-bilities of me screwing up are endless!

28. The manager said I could not use the gift card to buy noodle because it was pasta due.

29. The chef prepared my meal within just a few minutes. He is pasta than a speeding bullet.

30. They voted out the chef from the game because he was the im-pasta.

31. The lockdown made me not go out for pasta for several months. It feels like a mission im-pasta-ble.

32. A 99 years old woman died while having pasta. She pasta away.

Ramen Noodle Puns

Ramen is a world famous Japanese food. If you are a Naruto fan you will know how much Ramen can mean to people. But is there's something that's better than ramen is funny noodle jokes and puns. So here we go with some awesome puns.

33. There are plenty of good food choices in college but you can never top ramen.

34. The kid drew a picture of a bowl of noodle. He captioned it ramen doodles.

35. My wife asked me if I would like some ramen. I said I like them cooked.

36. My computer was hungry so I fed it some RAMen.

37. The most famous Pharoah in Ramen Land is King Toothin'Ramen.

38. Cannibals don't go for ramen but rather for rawmen.

39. You and I are Ramen to be from the instant we met.

40. A ramen addict who posts ramen pictures online should have a separate Instramen account.

41. The cause of the fall of the Ramen Empire is that they were never soba.

42. The poor guy was praying to God. He said, "Dear God, please give me some good food so that I can stay healthy. Ramen".

Spaghetti Puns

Pasta pun can be as tasty as spaghetti. Spaghetti puns are like meatballs. If you like a pasta pun, you'd love spaghetti puns too. They make everything better. Here are some spaghetti puns to make you just spaghet everything else.

43. I ran away with my brother's bowl of spaghetti. I then asked him to come and spaghet it.

44. As a teen my sister could finish upto five bowls of noodles in one sitting but she can only do three now. I think she is spaghetting older?

45. My cousin lectured me about eating noodle all day. I asked her to spaghett out of my way.

46. Two siblings were fighting for the bigger portion of noodle. It was the Battle of Spaghettisburg.

47. The spaghetti could not attend the field trip. Apparently, he did not have the parmesan to go for it.

48. I went to a store because I needed some. It was a hot day and the line was so long I pasta-out in the store.

49. The religious spaghetti makes it a point to visit the local pasta every Sunday.

50. I went to a restaurant and ordered my food. They bought me some soggy spaghetti. So I had to put in a re-straining order.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for noodle puns then why not take a look at avocado jokes, or for something different take a look at squirrel jokes.

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