125 Best Spaghetti Puns You Won't Want To Pas-ta

Temitope Adebowale
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Originally Published on Oct 28, 2020
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Delicious Italian spaghetti

A staple in Italian cooking, spaghetti is a type of pasta that originated from the country and is long, cylindrical, thin, and solid.

The Italian word translates to "little twine" and is enjoyed in many countries around the world. Spaghetti is most commonly served with either a tomato based sauce by the name of 'bolognese', with meatballs, or with a creamy, herby sauce.

Spaghetti belongs to the pasta family, meaning it's made from a simple dough that doesn't rise. The dough is then rolled into sheets or shapes before cooking by boiling (and occasionally baking).

The majority of dried pasta are made from water and semolina flour only. Fresh pasta may have some egg added, but for the most part, all you need to make some yummy pasta are flour and water, mixed into a paste. Speaking of paste, the Italian version of the word is where pasta comes from.

For more food-based laughs take a look at these pasta jokes and these burger puns.

Spaghetti Puns

Spaghetti with funny meatballs

Spaghetti is one of the top three most popular types of pasta, along with penne and macaroni. It's long, thin and, like the other pasta variations, is shaped to hold as much sauce as it can. Here are some of the best pasta puns about spaghetti for you to slurp up too!

1. Come and spaghet-it!

2. So, you're really spaghetti-ng older.

3. Like unrinsed spaghetti, good friends stick together.

4. We must stick together!

5. Spaghett-out of my way!

6. You just spaghet-me!

7. How are you spaghetti-ng on?

Best Of The Pasta Puns

Take a look at these funny pasta puns for you to tuck into, quicker than you can say arrivederci!

8. The boat pasta-nder the bridge.

9. How pre-pasta-rous.

10. We went pasta big roundabout, then all of a sudden, we were lost.

11. Pasta than a bolt of lightning.

12. The pasta-bilities are endless.

13. I walked straight pasta restaurant without realising!

14. Absolutely, pasta-tively.

15. I wouldn't put it pasta.

16. Could you pasta sauce please?

17. I went pasta nice play area on my way here today.

18. It's way pasta bed time.

19. That spider was creeping pasta and she didn't even see it!

20. Mission Impastable.

21. We've tried all of the pasta-bilities.

22. I pasta-p extra TV time because I wanted to play outside.

23. You've pasta the test!

24. I was looking for her for a while, and didn't realise I'd already walked pasta!

25. Consider all of the pasta-bilities.

26. Pasta la vista, baby.

27. I pasta-p the opportunity to go to the arcade because I had to go to a birthday party.

28. I'm keeping this for all pasta-ternity.

29. You are an im-pasta!

30. Pasta than the speed of sound.

31. This is pastably the best thing I've ever eaten!

32. This too shall pasta.

33. Now that we're so early, how will we pasta time?

Sauce Puns

Did you know that the most popular pasta dishes were spaghetti bolognese, lasagne and macaroni and cheese? All of these have a rich, Italian sauce incorporated into them.

Italian sauces often consist of tomatoes and herbs such as thyme, basil and oregano. To match, these pasta puns have a lot of humour incorporated into them, for some great laughs that spaghetti lovers will really enjoy.

34. Don't be saucy!

35. I ain't alfredo no ghost.

36. Everything is sauce-some.

37. I refuse to reveal my sauces, it's a secret.

38. It's me ver-sauce you.

39. Tell us already! Stop keeping us in sauce-spence.

40. That looks very sauce-spicious.

41. Wow, this is one jar of sauce you might regretti opening.

Pesto Puns

Pesto is another type of pasta sauce, made from a blend of garlic, pine nuts, basil leaves, salt, olive oil and a hard cheese. It goes extremely well with spaghetti, and these pasta puns with a pesto theme consist of a blend of funny phrases to make everyone laugh!

42. You can have the pesto my spaghetti.

43. The pesto's yet to come.

44. Dressed to im-pesto.

45. Stop being such a pest-o.

46. It's the pesto both worlds.

47. This is my idea of going green.

48. The pesto the worst.

Penne Puns

If you thought pasta la vista was funny, wait until you catch these penne puns! Penne is a type of pasta that is hollow and cylindrical in shape and has been cut diagonally at the ends.

Semolina (or durum) wheat and water are used to make the food and once cooked, it's double the original size. Here are some funny puns about penne pasta that you can use to double the laughs when you share them!

49. Penne for your thoughts?

50. If I had a penne for every time you said that, I'd be a millionaire.

51. I haven't got a penne.

52. It cost a pretty penne.

53. A penne saved is a penne earned.

54. Their armour is im-penne-trable.

Rolling Puns

Rolling is in important process in spaghetti making as it helps transform the pasta dough into the desired pasta shape. From spaghetti to ditali to ziti to penne, rolling pasta dough is transformative, especially when making pasta by hand. Check out these funny pasta puns about rolling that you might just need to make use of!

55. I'm rolling on the floor laughing.

56. We love to rock and roll!

57. Let the good times roll.

58. Let's get the ball rolling, shall we?

59. Roll over with laughter.

60. A roll different ball game.

61. A rolling stone gathers no moss.

62. That's just how I roll.

63. Rolling through social media.

64. Go the roll way.

65. It certainly does take a roll on you after a while.

66. Let's call the roll thing off.

67. You're on a roll!

68. With all my heart and roll.

Dough Puns

Take some wheat, mix it with some water and before you know it, you have a dough. Dough is used to make the longest pasta as well as the shortest, and here are some puns all about it!

69. Dough not mess with me!

70. What are you dough-ing right now?

71. I dough my very best.

72. I dough not buy it.

73. Dough not even think about it.

74. You look as dough you haven't slept.

75. Dough-n't you dare!

Meatball Puns

Meatballs were first created by Italian immigrants in New York, where they had access to a greater meat supply. Ground beef or pork is mixed with spices, breadcrumbs and seasoning, before being served in a rich tomato sauce with lots of spaghetti. Here are some tasty meatball puns for you to try too!

76. Get the meat-ball rolling.

77. Good things come in meat-ball packages.

78. Don't sweat the meatball stuff.

79. This is a different meat-ball game.

80. Meatb-all's fair in love and war.

81. I'm having a meat-ball.

82. That was meatb-all in a day's work.

83. It's not meatb-all about you!

84. Some say the sun is simply a meat-ball of fire.

85. Meatb-all aboard!

86. Meatball me if you need anything.

87. No job too big, no job too meat-ball.

88. It doesn't ring a meatball.

Wheat Puns

Spaghetti pasta is either made from the flour of semolina or durum wheat, which both come from hard grains. These pasta puns are all about the wheat that gives them their special structure and shape, so here are some puns all about the wheat.

89. Wheat love for you to join us!

90. Wheat took our sweet time.

91. We could go on for flours.

92. I get paid per flour.

93. Wheat talked about that yesterday.

94. The plane leaves in one flour.

95. Come a grain?

96. Durum-ember that time when...

97. Wheat-ever you like.

98. Wheat are you up to?

99. It was ingrained in me from when I was young.

100. Time and time a grain.

101. Wheat and see.

102. Wheat a second!

103. Stop and smell the flours.

104. Now and a grain.

More Saucesome Pasta Puns

Whether you like to eat spaghetti or you like to eat fusilli, or ravioli, or canelloni, there is a pun here for your favourite pasta - buon appetito!

105. It's important to have a good rotini.

106. A cup orzo of water should be fine.

107. No time fusilli games.

108. Bigoli gosh, I've got to go.

109. That is tortellini accurate. You're so fusilli.

110. I cannelloni laugh at my mistakes.

111. Congratulations you're the winner, here is your trofie.

112. The hidden treasure needs ravioli-ng!

113. This present is vermicelli friend who loves pasta.

114. Anelli fell off my chair when I heard the news.

115. If only there was an anti-dough-te.

116. Bright lights in the big ziti.

117. Spaghetti is a part of my daily rotini.

118. That was so funny I was ravioling on the floor laughing.

119. It should take me half an hour orzo to get there.

Shape Puns

Did you know that there were around 350 different types of pasta out there? From long and thin, to corkscrew, to elbow-shaped and a plethora of shapes in between, pasta is incredibly versatile. It's only right that these spaghetti pasta puns are versatile too, so check out our shape puns below.

120. Like a bull in a china shape.

121. Shape 'till you drop.

122. All over the shape.

123. Count shape until you fall asleep.

124. Cut through red shape.

125. Abandon shape!

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