60+ Best Soda Puns And Jokes That Pop!

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Originally Published on Dec 02, 2020
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Soda pop is one of the favorite drinks that children, teens, and even adults sometimes dream of swimming in!

How about we make the Fanta-syeven more, engaging with an ocean full of soda jokes and puns? After all, everyone loves so-da-licious conversations and laughs.

The first soda, Coca-Cola, was invented in the year 1886. It has been called a carbonated drink, soda water, soft drink, Coke, pop, etc.

After all these decades since its invention, soda has still been marked with growing popularity and a statement of lifestyle amongst the people. The love for Coke, Sprite, or soft drinks never waivers. Soda comes in so many different flavors and a loved bubbly beverage that comes in many types.

Check the below list of soft drink puns and jokes about soda that will make most of your meal conversations extremely funny to witness.

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Coca Cola Puns

All the coke fans would love these cola puns that you can use as popular comments to create a fizz on your social media too, as well as just for raising spirits and cracking people up. We also have diet coke puns and Coke zero puns which will go down a treat!

Take a look at the list below and see which ones make you giggle.

1. A man got hit in the head by a soda can. Luckily he survived because it was a soft drink.

2. I always like Coke and orange soda together. They both make a good relation-sip.

3. I asked my father how much a bottle of soda costs. He said, "About a dollar a pop, soda speak." My father is quite a punny man.

4. I love singing a lot while drinking my Coke. My friends call me a pop-singer.

5. Ironically, if you drop a bottle of cola on your foot, it will hurt even though it is a soft drink.

6. I shook my coke bottle so much that it exploded. I guess the soda popped this time.

7. My friend said, "I am petrified to go on the Coca-Cola school trip." He further said, "I don't like tests, and I am sure the teacher will take a pop-quiz at the factory."

8. My son sort of chugged six coca colas without any sign and burped 7 Up. Funny kid, that one.

9. No one laughed at my cola bottle joke. I hear they thought it was uncanny.

10. The Coke sat outside the refrigerator window for so long in tears. It was soda pressing.

Funny Soda Pop Puns

Hilarious content that revolves around cool memes related to best drink puns can get a lot of attention as Instagram captions too. Take a look at these funny soda pop puns below.

11. A grocery store that I know of sells soda pop in bottles alone. That store was quite un-canny.

12. Baking sodas are training their sons to enter the police force. They are raising agents; I absolutely agree with this parental support.

13. I drank two free cans of soda pop today. I was soda hydrated.

14. I hid my orange drink in a basic bag from all my friends. It is my secret Fanta now.

15. I saw so many soda factory workers quit their jobs. They said it was a lot of fizzical labor.

16. I was soda pressed; I made my coffee with an energy drink instead of water. 20 mins on the highway, I realized I'd left my car in the garage!

17. I was soda pressed; I removed the R from sprite, just for spite.

18. I work at a soda factory, and I am tired of tasting the pop fizzy drinks; it is just soda grading.

19. My doctor has a health policy, and he says I should drink water instead of soda. He's just soda pressing.

20. My dad loves soda. He drinks it every day at work except for Thirst-day when he has a day off.

21. My friend thought he was drowning in orange soda in search of a better world. It turns out; it was his Fanta-sea.

22. My grandfather wanted to become a physicist, but he loves researching soda. So I call him a fizzisist.

23. My mom scolded me a lot today. She asked me to go to the store and buy eight sprites. It looks like I accidentally bought 7 Up.

24. My Nana loved making up a lot of soda jokes. I am sure she can provide some splendid knowledge of pop culture.

25. The sale of soft drinks at the supermarket had absolutely Schwepped me away.

26. The store guy dropped and damaged all the soda cans. I guess he'll be canned by the boss now.

27. Yesterday, I'd gone to the diner, and the waiter dropped a stick in my soda pop. I was so furious. So he looked at me and said that my drink is now Fanta-stick.

28. We play a lot of games to learn. So last week, we blind-folded my friend and asked him to guess between Coke and Pepsi. It was quite a pop quiz for him.

Cute Soda Puns And One-Liners

These puns can make for some really great and cute crush captions for you to share on Facebook, Pinterest, or a blog. Check out these super sweet soda puns.

29. I like my teacher so much; she's surely soda-lightful.

30. Oh, baby, I love everything that you dew.

31. Oh my God, I think you are soda cutest!

32. You are just the way I like my soda, sweet and bubbly.

33. Please don't get angry. You look like soda when you are furious because it is just angry water.

Funny Soda Jokes

These jokes are sure going to start a new way to get everyone's attention at a junk-foodie table. There are so many categories of sodas to think about and which can inspire several different and even funnier sprite puns and sparkling water puns. Soft drink humor is always welcomed at parties!

34. What do soda creators do majors in at college? Fizziology.

35. What do you call an orange elephant who likes pop? Ele-Fanta.

36. What is a beautiful play with soft drink actors called? Fantamime.

37. What is Flintstone's favorite pop drink? Mountain-yabadaba-dew.

38. What is the forest's favorite soft drink? Root Beer.

39. What kind of soda does a doggy like? Pupsi cola.

40. What kind of soda do the frogs like? Croak-a-cola.

41. What soda pop do the trees in the mountain like? Mountain dew.

42. What type of soda do the guardians of the galaxy like? G-root beer.

43. What was Michael Jackson's favorite pop drink? Peps hee hee.

44. What would a coca-cola call his diet coke father? Soda pop.

45. What would you call a soda pop that bakes? Baking Soda.

46. What would you call the opposite of sprite? Spleft.

47. Which is one of the favorite pop puns of Freddy Mercury? Is this real-life? Is this just Fanta-sea?

48. Which of the US states have the smallest drinks? Mini-soda.

49. Why did a housefly dance on the soda bottle? Directions said, 'twist to open.'

50. Why do people love a fizzy drink? They are soda-licious.

51. Why is it called soda pop? Because when you drink the soda, it pops in the mouth.

52. Why did the guy quit his job of crushing soft drink cans at the recycling center? Because it was soda pressing.

53. Why wouldn't Dr Pepper do anything to help Diet Coke save the soda? He has a PhD in deliciousness alone.

Popular Story Puns And Jokes

Don't miss this set of puns that are quite unique and interesting as they may add to the fun quotient in an evening. An energy drink pun could be just what you need to lift the mood. A good story joke is sure to entertain everyone.

54. What happened when I was drinking Redbull and gave some to my dog too? Now, he's going to fly me down the stairs.

55. What happened when I gave my kitty 7UP to taste? Now I think she's got 16 lives.

56. My friend and I stopped at the store, and she asked if I'd like to have a Monster. I said, "No, thank you, I am already friends with one." Oh boy, she just turned blue.

57. My sister asked me to get her an energy drink from the store. The storeman asked, "Monster?" "She doesn't need one," I started laughing.

58. What did the energy drink and tropical bird have in common? It takes more than toucans to perk up and get some energy to start their day.

59. What is NASA's favorite glass of drink? -7UP.

60. What happened when I dropped my Coca-Cola Zero? Now I have zero coca-cola.

61. What is the vegan form of soda? I guess we could call it sparkling water.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for the Puns and Jokes about Sodas, then why not take a look at this caffeine high list of Coffee Puns, or get something different and sweet with these Donut Puns.

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