55+ Bee Jokes That Are Bee-Rilliant

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A bee is a flying insect that is closely related to ants and wasps.

Bees commonly pollinate all different kinds of flowers. That is why the bee is a big part of our ecosystem, and any harm to bees will cause its collapse.

There are more than 20,000 kinds of bees known to man in this world. The best known is the western honey bee, which is, as the name suggests, known for producing honey. These little creatures are flying insects who fly with their little yellow wings.

When bees fly, they make a buzzing sound. So have a buzz reading and laughing along with these amazing jokes. Increase your knowledge of bee humor with this collection of jokes and bee funny!

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Funny Bee Jokes For Kids And Parents

Here we have some funny bee jokes, bumblebee jokes, and other jokes for both kids and parents to enjoy together. These bee jokes are a great source of vitamin bee.

1. When do bees decide to get married? When they have found their honey.

2. What is the worst part of getting stung by a bunch of bees? The next day you always need to take care of the hives.

3. What did the one honey bee say to the other honey bee when it sat on the same flower he was sitting on? He said, "Buzz off."

4. Did you hear about the insect that won the spelling competition the other day? It was a spelling bee.

5. Why did the man always buy their regular natural honey from the same family of bees? That's because the bees always gave them swarm wishes.

6. How can the bees fly in the rain? They can only fly if they have their little yellow jackets on.

7. When you have a bee in your hand, what do you have in your eye? It's 'beauty', and that's because beauty is always in the eyes of the bee-holder.

8. What musician is the favorite of the younger generation of bees? They all love the musician 'Sting'.

9. What's the name of the particular band that all bees can relate to? It's the pop band named 'Bee Gees'.

10. What part do the bees love the most about their wedding? It's the honey-moon.

11. Who is the only one that can protect the majestic Queen Bee? It's her hub-bee.

12. What is the favorite Spice Girls song of all the bees? It's the song, 'Wanna-bee'.

13. Why was the hairdresser bee fired from her job at the barbershop? That's because the only haircut she knew to do was a buzz-cut.

14. Have you heard about the bee that just could not stop eating? He eventually became a bit chub-bee.

15. What do the bees style their hair with? They do it with honeycombs.

16. Did you hear about the bee that always used to talk too quietly to everyone? She must have been a mumble-bee.

17. What do all the bees like to have with their sushi? It's wasa-bee.

Bees Joke That Are Unbee-lievably Funny

European honey bee on an apricot tree.

In this list, you'll get a beekeeper joke, bee sting jokes that are bee-riliantly funny and not stingy at all.

18. Did you like the bee puns he told at the comedy show last day? No, they stung.

19. Why did everyone ask the beekeeper to move her business away from the town? It's because she had been creating quite a buzz all around the town.

20. What artist and song album do the swarm of teenaged bees all love? It's The Beatles and their album, 'Let it Bee'.

21. What is the blood type of happy bumblebees? It's bee positive.

22. Which bees get permission to go to their hive to make honey bees? The ones who are always on their best bee-hivior.

23. Who is the most favorite singer of all the bees? Probably Bee-yoncé.

24. What did the bees do as soon as they finished making their hive? Well, they all threw a huge house swarming party for everyone in their group.

25. Why did the particular bee deserve the promotion he got at his work? Because he was always very buzzy on the job.

26. Have you heard about the bee that loved to fly backward? Not really; instead, whenever it was near, I would always hear it going zzub zzub.

27. Did you hear about the pretentious wasp at the insect school? Yes, I heard that she is very snob-bee.

28. What would you get if you cross bees with a doorbell? You'd be left with something which is a hum-dinger.

29. Where did the worker bee decide to take his vacation last year? He went to Stingapore.

30. What advice did the nice bee give to his friend bee when she felt nervous about her job interview? He said, "Just bee yourself."

31. What did the bee, an admirer of William Shakespeare, say when he had an existential crisis? He said, "To bee or not to bee, I suppose that is the question".

32. What would you call a bee from America? He can call them a USBee.

33. Why did the stand-up comedian bee say that bee puns are good for one's health? Probably because they provide a dose of Vitamin Bee.

34. What did the irritated bee say to his friend who just wouldn't stop pulling pranks on him? He shouted, "Quit pollen my leg".

Honey Bee Jokes You'll Pollen Love With

Here you'll find some honey jokes, bee and wasp jokes, and pollen jokes that will make you pollen love with these little creatures.

35. How do all the little bees go to school every day? They take the school buzz to get to their school.

36. What kind of bee has a habit of always dropping things? The Fumble bee.

37. What is the favorite sport of the bees? It's rug-bee.

38. Who is the most favorite painter of the bees? Pablo Bee-casso.

39. What is the favorite gun of the bees? I guess, the BeeBee guns.

40. What are all the bee students handed on their first day of class? They're given a sylla-buzz.

41. What can you call a swarm of really tiny queen bees? They can be called royal wee.

42. What is the one thing the bees always remember to bring with them to the beach? Their frisbees.

43. What did the bee bank robber always say whenever he went to rob a bee bank? He would say to the bank tellers, "Your choice, your honey or your life."

44. What is the only thing the Queen Bee eats when she goes to Burger King? The hum-burgers.

45. What did the parent bees call their baby bee affectionately? She was called 'the little hum-bug'.

46. What happens when you call a bee on the phone? They end up blab-bee-ing a lot.

47. Why do all the little bees always hum? Probably because they always forget the words of the song they try singing.

48. What happens when a bee starts to write a sonnet? They'd be waxing poetic.

49. What is the favorite kind of candy of all the little bees? It's the bumble gum.

50. What do all the female bees have a very particular affection for? The ru-bee rings.

51. What is the favorite weapon of the bee military? The large buzz-ooka.

Buzzing And Funny Jokes About Bees

This is the list of bee and bumble bee jokes, spelling bee jokes, beekeeping jokes, and beekeeper jokes that will help you make quite a buzz around the town.

52. Why did the bee teacher call in the parents of the little bee to the school? Because she kept telling the little bee to bee-hive, but he wasn't listening at all.

53. What is the favorite novel of a bee? It's the Great Gats-bee.

54. What can you call a bee that was probably born during May? It can be called May-Bee.

55. What would you get if you cross a bee with someone who is a sore loser? You'd get a cry bay-bee.

56. What would you call some bears without their ears? They'd be mainly referred to as the 'B's.

57. Why did the romantic bee decide to marry so quickly? That's because he had already pollen in love and found his honey.

58. What would you call a bee who has been put under a magic spell? It'd be known as the bee-witched one.

59. Did you hear about the bee that scored the winning shot at the basketball game last night? Afterward, the entire team and the fans all wanted to give her a hive-five.

60. What do the bees usually sit on? They sit on their bee-hind.

61. What did the little bee say when it rode on a roller coaster for the first time? It exclaimed, "Hive never felt like this bee-fore."

62. What is the favorite flower of a bee? The Bee-gonias.

63. Have you heard the bee puns the comedian came up with? Sure, they weren't too shab-bee.

64. What did the little bee say when it saw the flower? It said, "Hey bud."

65. What would you call a bee that can return from being dead? A zombee.

66. Where do all the bees keep their money safe? In the honey box.

67. What would you call a beehive if didn't have any exits? It'd be un-bee-leave-able.

68. Where did Noah decide to keep the bees in his ship? In the ark-hives.

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