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Portrait of a Royal Bengal Tiger alert and staring at the Camera.

Tigers are known for their ferocity and courage, and they are an integral part of the animal kingdom.

Tigers are a part of the cat family. If you're interested in some tiger jokes for kids or some hilarious puns about animals, the following list is an assorted set of puns and jokes.

This list is versatile enough to include jungle puns, funny animal jokes, and many other family-friendly jokes and puns which will not fail to leave you inquisitive and gleeful.

If you are searching for some impressive tiger humor, then keep chasing the list, and you'll find all the conversation starters you need to crack over a family lunch or a day out with friends.

If you would like to find more jokes and puns, check out these roar-some lion puns and these great zoo puns.

Hilarious Tiger Puns

Tiger puns are quite interesting. This is an assorted list for all pun and wordplay lovers to groove on and have their eyeballs rolling out. These funny tiger puns, funny white tiger puns, Tigger puns and stripe puns will make anyone laugh! Share them time and time again with your friends, we know they will make you laugh!

1. The tiger ran away from other tigers as they were rude to him. He didn't want to be involved in a catfight.

2. A zoo owner introduced his tiger to the visitors by saying "this is the most paw-some tiger at the zoo".

3. A fight between tiger and lion broke out. Both of them wanted to become the next empe-roar of the jungle.

4. The good pony apologized to the tiger at the zoo for his sore throat, he said: "I am sorry, I am a little horse."

5. People always talk about the 'Eye Of The Tiger'. No one talks about the other four letters.

6. It was reported that a tiger recently exploded in the forest fire. They say it was a Royal Bang-al Tiger.

7. Someone spotted Tigger running near the toilet as he was searching for the Pooh.

8. A priest is the best catch for a tiger as they like to prey.

9. Tigers are like army soldiers. They both grow up to earn some stripes.

10. The big cat was known around town to wear a lot of funky ties. Everyone called him the tie-ger.

11. The tiger asked his longtime friend, "Will you be my tigerlfriend."

12. A tiger lost a storytelling competition recently as he has only got one tail.

13. The tiger came went to the salon. Now, other animals of the jungle call him 'Shaved Khan.'

14. If a lamb and tiger were crossed, you would end up with a striped sweater.

Funny Tiger Jokes

Bengal Tiger in forest show head and leg

Tiger jokes are always funny wisecracks. And here we have the most promising tiger jokes, even including some Tigger jokes based on our favorite character from 'Winnie The Pooh'.

These jokes are definitely hilarious, and you may want to share these amazing jokes in the middle of a humorous conversation. We've also added some Bengal tiger jokes and some tiger dad jokes to browse through. Which one of these good jokes will be your favorite?

15. What did the zoologist and the herbalist name their child? Tiger Woods.

16. What will you get if you cross an ice bear and a running tiger? Frostbite.

17. What do you call a tiger who always gets the same grades as one other person? A tie-ger.

18. What side of a tiger has the most stripes? The outside.

19. Why did the tiger visit the eye specialist after dropping a can of red paint on himself? He saw red.

20. Why can't college professors take exams at a zoo? Because there are too many cheetahs.

21. What can you call a Christmas tiger that loves to dig in the desert? Sandy Claws.

22. Why was the big white tiger angry with his other Siberian tiger friend? Because he bleached him while grooming.

23. Why are Siberian tigers so happy at Christmas time? Because it is snowy, and they get to look like white tigers.

24. What should someone do if they are stuck between a jaguar and a tiger? Simple, just take the Jaguar and drive away from the tiger.

25. What is one of the big tiger's most favorite hangout places? A shopping maul.

26. Who would win a game of hide and seek between a dalmatian and a tiger? The tiger because he wouldn't be spotted.

27. What would a tiger running a Xerox machine in the back of a store be called? A copycat.

28. Why are tigers said to be religious? Because they frequently prey with all their family members.

29. Which flower is known as the most ferocious flower? A tiger lily.

30. What does a tiger say to his friends before eating a meal? "Let us prey!"

31. What will you get if you cross a tiger and a watchdog? A terrified watchman.

32. What is the only difference between a lion and a tiger? The mane part is missing in a tiger.

33. How did the tigers greet the other animals in the jungle? "Hey! Pleased to eat you."

34. Why do tigers always hunt and eat their prey raw? Because they don't know how to cook it.

35. Why are tigers striped? Because they never want to be spotted.

36. Why does Tigger take so many baths in a day? Because he plays with Pooh all day.

More Animal And Zoo Puns

An animal pun is an integral part of any purr-fect list of puns, so there are a huge range of jungle animal puns and some funny animal puns too wrapped up in this list. Why not share these tiger jokes for adults and kids with your family and friends back home?

37. Tigers are bad at basketball because they have only four feet.

38. If a sheep and a kangaroo are crossed, you would end up with a woolen jumper.

39. Bees are always sticky because they live in honey-combs.

40. The dolphins asked the tigers to be a little more pacific with their tails.

41. After a tiring summer, the sheep went on a vacation to the Baaaahamas.

42. A dolphin made a mistake and apologized as he didn't do it on purpoise.

43. A Canadian bee isn't as tech-savvy as the USBee.

44. The crab never used to share because he was a shellfish.

45. Leopards are worse at hide and seek than other animals because they are easily spotted.

46. A lion who dresses up like a weed is called a dande-lion

47. The teacher asked the students to make up their minds and said," Let minnow what you think. "

48. It was very hawkward for the hunter to get caught by the forest officers while hunting a bird.

49. Elephants usually tell wrinkly stories about their backs that are irr-elephant to the conversation.

50. An animal, when kept in a car, will turn into a car-pet.

51. All of the giraffes in the park were ill, so it was renamed the Giraffe-sick Park.

52. When zoo animals dine together, they always go for a zoo-cchini pizza.

53. If you cross two fish with two elephants, you will find yourself sitting with a pair of swimming trunks.

The Best Animal Jokes

Animals are another diverse part of the world around us that are amazing in their own way. These animal jokes have a huge variety of jokes which are clever enough to crack and wise enough to laugh at, and they will leave you laughing like hyenas!

54.What makes snails the strongest animals? They carry their houses on their backs.

55. Why don't teddy bears feel hungry at any time? Because they are stuffed.

56. Which keys cannot open locks but can make you laugh? Donkeys and monkeys!

57. What will you get when you cross a bird, a car and a cat? A flying car-pet.

58. Why do elephants have so many wrinkles? Because no one ever ironed them.

59. Why did none of the tigers laugh at the giraffe's joke? Because it went over their heads.

60. What would you call a cool male zebra? A ze-bro.

61. Why did the chicken hesitate to cross the road? Because there was a zebra crossing already.

62. Why is it so difficult to have a conversation with a snake? Because they slither out of every situation.

63. What would a judge say if there was a skunk present in the court? Odor in the court.

64. Why do monkeys prefer eating bananas? Because they are a-peal-ing.

65. Why is it so easy for shopkeepers to weigh fish? Because they have their own scales.

66. Which animals can you find on legal properties and documents? Seals.

67. Do you know what we would get if we crossed a pie and a snake? A pie-thon.

68. How do bees go to school? By the school buzz.

69. Why do cheetahs prefer fast food? Because they can catch them easily.

70. What would you call a cow that can't make milk? An udder failure.

71. How can you catch a squirrel easily? By acting like a nut.

72. What do you call a bear with no ear? B!

73. Which day of the week do fish hate? Fry-day

74. Why are giraffes so unapologetic? Because they take a lot of time in swallowing their pride.

75. How do we know giraffes need to be respected? Because they are animals that we can look up to.

76. Why should we never believe a giraffe's words? Because they tell tall tales.

77.What would you get if you crossed a parrot and a centipede? A walkie-talkie!

78. Which fish swims only at night? Starfish.

79. How do porcupines react when they hug each other? "Ouch!"

Zoo Jokes

Everyone loves visiting the zoo. Of course, most of us do, so here is another category of zoo jokes with all types of witty and relatable jokes about the zoo, which will be an ice breaker for you?

80. Which bird will be a good worker at a construction site? A crane.

81. What was the zoo's floor made of? Reptiles.

82. Where do sheep get their haircut from? From the baa baa black sheep's shop.

84. What did the management do when seven hundred hares ran away from the zoo? They had to comb the area.

84. Why did the chicken go to the zoo? To get the otter slide.

85. What would an alligator who works as a detective be called? An investigator.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes and puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for the best tiger puns and jokes, then why not take a look at these animal puns or these great giraffe jokes too?

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