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Are you ready for a laughter fest? Gather round, because it's time for a humor-filled adventure through the hushed halls of your favorite book-filled havens.

Yes, you guessed it - it's all about those libraries we know and love. But, these aren't just library jokes, they're a celebration of the joy and humor that can be found in the quietest corners of our world. Buckle up, because we have a variety of hilarious library jokes to share with you!

Don't be surprised if you catch yourself guffawing or even sharing these jokes with your book buddies. These are thoughtfully curated and top-rated library jokes designed to make your day brighter and your smiles wider.

So let's dive right into this ocean of hilarity, folks! There's something here for everyone, from the classic bookworm to the occasional reader, and even those just here for the chuckles. Who knows?

Some of these jokes might even inspire your next visit to the local library! It's fun, it's informative, and it's brimming with laughter - just the way we like it!

Funny Library Jokes For Kids

Ready for a chucklesome adventure? We're diving into the world of libraries but with a humorous twist.

We've compiled a book of rib-tickling library jokes and library one-liners perfect for kids and kids-at-heart! Buckle up for a fun-filled joyride, filled with wordplay, library humor, giggles, and a newfound appreciation for your favorite book havens. Time to spread smiles and share laughter; let the hilarity begin!

1. Why are libraries the tallest buildings in the world?Because they have so many stories.

2. Why did the bookworm visit the library? Because she wanted to burrow a book.

3. Where does the library keep books about Bigfoot? The large-print section.

4. Why can’t you go to the world’s biggest library?It’s always overbooked.

5. How do the novels stay warm in the libraries? They wear book jackets.

6. Why do ghosts frequently visit the library? They go through the books very quickly.

7. Why was the math book at the library sad? Because it had too many problems.

8. I wrote a novel about religious women. The library put it in the nun-fiction section.

9. Where are the books on reincarnation kept in a library? At the Returns counter. 

10. How do they always keep a library project top-secret? By keeping it all very hush-hush. 

Very Funny Library Jokes

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Want to turn those library shushes into giggles and grins? Then you're in the right place.

We've scoured the stacks, flipped through pages of puns, and dusted off some classic humor to bring you some of the funniest library jokes ever! These jokes are guaranteed to have you in stitches and possibly even make you look at your local library in a whole new, humorous light.

Grab your library card of comedy, and prepare for a laughter-packed journey through the bookish world of wit. Hold on tight, because we're about to open the book of giggles.

11. Why did the local library ban drinks for people who read there? Because a person poured some milk on the serials.

12. I have a condition where I feel the need to steal library books. I should probably get that checked out.

13 What building has the most stories? The library.

14. Why didn't the thief burgle the library? Because he was afraid the judge would give him a long sentence.

15. What did the cops say when the librarian died after a book fell on top of her head? She had her shelf to blame.

16. What did the reader say to his beloved library book? "May I take you out?"

17. Why did the librarian scold the kid when his book on amnesia was seven months overdue? Because he forgot about it.

18. What does a religion enthusiast say to her religious library book? "Our bond is canon."

19. Why was the library book above its weight class? Because it had too much volume.

20. A woman walks into a library and asks, “Do you have 'Great Expectations'?” The librarian says, “I hope to be the manager by the end of the year”.

21. What do people who cannot part with their library books say? "My love for you is overdue."

22. Why did the lady find out about the library in her area only after ages of living there? They were too quiet about it.  

Witty Books And Librarian Humor

Ever wonder what happens when books and librarians take center stage in the comedy world? Well, you're about to find out! Prepare to crack open the pages of some of the most witty and whimsical books and librarian jokes around. Time to flip those pages of puns and embark on a laugh-out-loud literary adventure!

23. Why do librarians love good jokes about books? They always get the reference.

24. What do you call a South American librarian named Tina, who is always in a hurry? Urgent Tina.

25. How did the librarian slip and fall? She was working in the non-friction section.

26. A woman walks into a library and asks for a book about coincidences. The librarian says, “this one has just arrived”.

27. Why did the library authorities fire the librarian? He/She always checked out before closing time.

28. Why can’t librarians finish mystery books? They keep reading between the lines.

29. What did the library book say after her friend noticed she got thinner? "I got my appendix removed."

30. What is one life advice you can expect from a librarian? "You need to believe in your shelf."

31. What did the librarian say to the woman who issued too many books? "Try not to overdo it."

32. What did the librarian say after she was told that the reader hadn't read Fitzgerald? "You've Gatsby kidding me!"

33. What does a librarian wish someone on their birthday? "Many many happy returns."

34. What vegetables do librarians like? Quiet peas.

35. What do librarians do after they retire? They get ready for a new chapter in their life. 

36. Why did the young man visit the librarian often? To get into her good books.

37. Why did the librarian win a Lifetime Achievement Award? He/She had a storied career.

38. What does an author do when it's cold? They grab a novel and get wrapped up in a good book!

39. Why did the cookbook get in trouble? It mentioned whipping the cream! 

40. How does the coloring book introduce itself to its readers? Yellow! Orange you happy that I will make you well red? 

41. How did the librarian feel about the book about anti-gravity? It was hard to put it down.

42. Why did the book join the circus? Because it wanted to do some novel tricks.

43. What did the librarian say to the guy who said he disliked 'Lord Of The Rings'? "Do you even know what you are Tolkien about?"

Jokes For Kids About Libraries And Books

Are you ready to take a ride through the aisles of hilarity? We've crafted a final joyride of laughs, all themed around the best spots in libraries, and our best pals; books!

Perfect for the kids, these library book jokes promise an infusion of laughter with a whole lot of bookish fun. Gather round, future comedians and book lovers, we're about to turn the pages to the funniest chapter yet.

44. Which book in the library wants everyone to leave it alone? A withdrawn book.

45. How did the reader feel after reading a book about colors? It blue him away.

46. Why did the crime book get arrested? It was caught in a story of a crime!

47. Where in the library can books about alternative facts be found? In the fiction section. 

48. Why did the book join the police force? He wanted to go undercover. 

49.  What did the kid who loves reading horror books ask the librarian? "Do you have any books written by ghost writers?" 

50. What do you call a book that's about the brain? A mind reader.

51. Why is 'Walden' considered to be a great book? Because of Thoreau editing. 

52. Why did the elephant use its trunk to bookmark her books? So that it nose where it stopped last.

53. What are you supposed to do if your pet starts to eat your book? Take words out of its mouth right away.

54. What did the reader feel like after reading the book about black holes? It sucked her in.

55. What's a book's favorite exercise? It likes to run out of pages.

56. Why was the book always losing its place? Because it kept losing its bookmarks!


There you have it, the most chuckle-worthy collection of library jokes guaranteed to tickle your funny bone! From the punny to the downright clever, these gags are sure to bring a smile to any bibliophile's face.

While the downside might be a gentle "Shhh!" from a librarian for laughing too loudly, the upside is fostering an association of joy, humor, and fun with reading and libraries - that's priceless!

So, don't hesitate to bring these jokes on your next library visit and share them around. A library is a treasury of tales, a universe of ideas, but it can be a playground for humor too.

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