80+ Dinosaur Nicknames

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Dinosaur nicknames are fun to read!

Why Dinosaur Nicknames

Dinosaurs were gigantic reptiles who once dominated the earth. They were known for their enormous sizes; some were even taller than a six-storeyed building!

Dinosaurs may be extinct now, but famous dinosaur specimens discovered worldwide have been given many nicknames. Dinosaur names from TV shows and movies, such as 'Jurassic Park' and 'Walking With Dinosaurs', are also quite famous worldwide. Read this article to choose from a list of catchy, unique, and hilarious dino nicknames and feel yourself returning to prehistoric times.

Funny Dinosaur Nicknames

1. Allo- the nickname is suitable for Allosaurus. Allosaurus was one of the most common predators to dominate the earth during the late Jurassic period.

2. Destroyer-becausetheir giant structures look scary, the buildings won't even have a chance against him.

3. Dino King- refers to the terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex, the king of dinosaurs.

4. Kron- this is a reference to Disney's 2000 CGI film 'Dinosaur', where Kron was the central antagonist.

5. Little foot- the lovable Brontosaurus in the movie 'The Land Before Time'.

6. Barney- the adorable purple dinosaur from 'Barney And Friends', an American children's TV series.

7. Rexie- the terrifying T-rex of the 'Jurassic Park' franchise, the largest carnivore on the island.

8. Runt- means 'the smallest animal in the herd'. This nickname can be used for a dinosaur that still needs to grow to its full height.

9. Swiftysaurus- this nickname can be used when the dinosaur is too fast to catch and gets away quickly.

10. Spike-a-Saurus is a reference to the Stegosaurus, which has spikes on its back to protect them from predators.

11. Triceps- a funny nickname for Triceratops, who have large horns protruding from their heads.

12. Ty- a cute way to address a T-rex.

Unique Dinosaur Nicknames

13. Antonio- the affectionate name was given to the dinosaur whose complete fossil was unearthed in Italy in 1994. Antonio was vegetarian and lived 70 million years ago.

14. Centaur- nickname for Centrosaurus, a herbivorous dinosaur with a horn on its head. Centaur refers to a mythical Greek creature that resembles a horse.

15. Bitzy- this nickname refers to dinosaurs like Kongonaphon, who enjoyed eating bitsy bugs.

16. Brokenhorn- this is a perfect nickname for when a dinosaur loses its horn while hunting.

17. Dorothy- the green-colored dinosaur featured 'The Weagles', who loves to dance and only eat roses!

18. Smally- a nickname for Compsognathus, one of the smallest known dinosaurs.

19. Diplo-do- a cute name for Diplodocus, a gigantic dinosaur with a long neck and tail.

20. Rawrr- call a baby dino by this nickname to compliment its roar.

21. Dippy- another name for Diplodocus.

22. Tea rex- probably the Tyrannosaurus rex didn't have tea after coming home from a hunt, but this makes a cute nickname for an otherwise terrifying dinosaur.

23. Thanatos- in Greek mythology, Thanatos personifies death. An apt nickname for the predators who killed at large.

24. Trihorn- nickname for Triceratops, which had three horns on its head.

25. Zilla- the nickname for dinosaurs can be used when they acquire Godzilla's powers.

Cute Dinosaur Nicknames

26. Big Al- Big Al is one of the allosaurus fossils that paleontologists discovered in 1991 in Wyoming.

27. Billy- nickname for Brontosaurus.

28. Cliff- this nickname is suitable for dinosaurs who lived on cliffs and mountains.

29. Extinct-Saurus- because the dinosaurs have gone extinct and won't be found lurking around any more!

30. Fluffy Rino- this is an excellent choice for dinosaurs whose scales and hairs are so soft that you can get a good night's sleep on them.

31. McClaws- this nickname is an adorable way of playfully teasing your dinosaurs, whose claws give you red scratches.

32. Mr. Dino

33. Ruffie- this is an endearing nickname for the dinosaur full of soft hairs.

34. Sour- it is a pun on the word saur. This nickname is perfect for the dinosaur who woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

35. Spikes- the small spikes protruding from their skulls and faces make dinosaurs look haunting and adorable.

36. Stomper- the nickname signifies the heavy walking of dinosaurs that can crush cars.

Catchy Dinosaur Nicknames

37. Gronk- the name of the dinosaur in the American comic book B.C., which is set in prehistoric times.

38. Chopper

39. Digger Dino- perfect nickname for an Oryctodromeus who loved digging.

40. DinoZ

41. Dunfy

42. Indominus rex- The name of the fictional dinosaur in the film 'Jurassic World' who has the strength of both the Tyrannosaurus rex and the Velociraptor.

43. Jumper- this is a hilarious way to call dinosaurs who can jump high.

44. Mr. Lizard- because technically, dinosaurs were giant lizards.

45. Grimlock- the leader of the Dinobots in the 'Transformer' franchise.

46.Raptor- refers to the birds of prey.

47. Saur

48. Yosaurus

Cool Dinosaur Nicknames

49. Steggie- nickname for Stegosaurus.

50. Sue- this name was given to the best-preserved fossil of T-rex, which was discovered in 1990. The fossil is now kept at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

51. Destructor

52. Iggie- a cute nickname for Stegosaurus, who roamed the earth 150 million years ago.

53. Flyer- nickname for Pterosaur, who had wings.

54. Jaws- this is a reference to the classic film, 'Jaws.' The similarity between sharks with dinosaurs is uncanny.

55. Leo- means 'lion', the perfect nickname for the king of the dinosaurs.

56. Lord Dino- the nickname can be used to address the leader/king of the dinosaur clan.

57. Patchy- a perfect nickname for the dinosaur with patchy skin but a golden heart.

58. Raptor-Zilla- the best combination of Velociraptor and Godzilla.

59. Rap-trap- the nickname signifies the agility of dinosaurs.

60. Max

61. Smallhands

62. Sneaky

63. Tyrion- means 'gentle'. Refers to the gentle herbivorous dinosaurs who didn't attack anyone unless provoked.

Popular Dinosaur Nicknames

64. Alpha- the term 'alpha' describes a dominant creature or a predator. Cool nickname for these giants, who once belonged at the top of the food chain.

65. Dino-Mite- This is a popular pun for dinosaurs with dynamite personalities.

66. Chomp- means 'to chew on something vigorously'. Perfectly describes the dinosaurs' eating habits.

67. Speedy- becausesome dinosaurs would even outrun modern-day high-tech cars.

68. Eddie- nickname for Edmontosaurus.

69. Scythe Lizard- the pet name is given to Therizinosaurus, who had claws like a scythe.

70. Indoraptor- it was a hybrid dinosaur created discreetly by Dr. Henry Wu in the lab in 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom'.

71. Don- nickname for Troodon, one of the most intelligent dinosaurs to ever roam the earth.

72. Grim

73. Quickfang- the nickname best highlights the vicious nature of dinosaurs.

74. Ripper- this name suggests the feral strength of dinosaurs, the terrifying predators.

75. Roar-y

76. Sharpclaw- This name can be given to these clawed creatures who could do with a manicure.

77. Slasher- this nickname is best for the sharp-clawed creature who can tear anything apart in just two seconds.

78. Charlie- one of the Velociraptors who lived in Jurassic Park was named Charlie.

79. Terror-king- This is an excellent choice for the king of the forest, whose name spreads terror in others' hearts.

80. T-lord- This is a gentle reminder not to forget the ruler and lord of all dinosaurs, the T-rex.

81. Scowler- the Pachyrhinosaurus who appeared in the movie 'Walking With Dinosaurs 3D'

82. Tyranno-chorus

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