50 Graduation Puns To Celebrate With Teens

Danielle Outen
Dec 12, 2023 By Danielle Outen
Originally Published on Sep 28, 2020
Fact-checked by Isobel Murphy
A group of teenagers throwing their graduation caps into the air.

Graduation day is one of the proudest moments for students and parents and what better way to celebrate finishing studies than with some laughs?

Not only does it celebrate perseverance from your child, but graduation also represents responsible guidance from your end. Years of hard work lead to this most awaited day, and we’ve rounded up amusing graduation day lines to keep the celebratory mood high.

The long gowns that students wear are known as a “full academic regalia” and was a tradition that started 700 years ago. The tossing of hats symbolises completion and was first done in 1912 during a Naval Academy graduation day.

So hat’s off! Congratulations to you and your child for making it this far on your academic journey. You can make this moment even more delightful by sharing these puns as graduation captions for photos, or simply bust them out for a memorable, funny graduation day.

Hilarious Graduation Puns

From animal-inspired lines to food references, these funny, short graduation puns are perfect for some chuckles or as funny graduation Instagram captions.

1. What does a big mammal say after your graduation? Whale done, graduate!

2. Even if the progress is slow, you’ve made it to graduation and you absolutely snailed it!

3. You’re smart, so you better be-leaf that you made it to graduation!

4. Now you’ve graduated, your favorite show must be “Breaking Grad”.

5. Llamas graduate with a great dip-llama!

6. This breakfast toast wants to say “bravo-cado” on your graduation!

7. Lettuce celebrate your graduation!

8. Con-grad-ulations for making it!

9. Not only am I proud, but your cat is feline purrdy proud of you too. Con-cat-ulations on your graduation!

10. It’s so cool that you’ve graduated, it’s absolutely grad-ical!

11. Your work is truly acknowledged, and the tassel was worth the hassle!

12. If I learned something from my graduation a long time ago, it's that those loud encyclopedias paid off. They speak volumes!

13. Own your success and cap that graduation!

14. Here's a corny graduation caption for you: Corn-gratulations from a tortilla!

15. Your graduation in Australia makes you koala-fied for bigger and brighter things.

16. If I was an herb, graduation would be a big dill.

17. If I was a marine mammal, I would give you my seal of approval!

18. I want to celebrate with some soup, because miso proud of you.

19. Now you can see that life is full of pasta-bilities!

20. While you eat these mashed yams, you can believe that I yam so proud of you!

21. Congratulations to one smart cookie!

22. We herd you are graduating. Cow-grad-tulations!

23. The cat thinks you are highly edu-cat-ed now.

24. Before you finish your breakfast, let’s make a toast!

25. The cat thinks you’ve made it this far because you had your thinking cat on!

26. Let’s get Chinese take out, because you are all that and dim-sum!

27. If you were a steak, I could only say one thing to you: well done!

28. Are you an eggplant because you’re an auber-genius.

29. Soar high, because owl you do is win!

High School, College And University Puns

Here are witty lines perfect for those finishing all kinds of degrees, or even for those finally putting an end to a master's degree.

30. You can bet that it’s one degree hotter in here!

31.Great job on finishing high school! You are in a class of your own.

32. When math majors graduate, do they get radians or degrees?

33. Congratulations on finishing your history degree. The rest really is history.

34. It’s time to celebrate! English majors get lit!

35. Now that you’ve graduated, you have two important “Mas”, your diplo-MA and your real Ma!

36. You are ready for the real world. Go find your Nietzsche!

37. Are you hungry for some chips and dip-loma’s?

38. You should be grad for surviving the past four years!

39. Now the cylinder and you are both graduated.

40. You’ve done the math, and the calculator says you’re amazing!

41. I would believe you if you said studying science made you appreciate the little things in life.

42. Congratulations on finishing dentistry, you enamel!

43. You’re a mushroom because you are the champignon of your degree!

44. You’ve had many coffees in the past four years, and I'd like to espresso my congratulations to you.

45. You shouldn't hang your college and master's diploma on the refrigerator. It can't have too many degrees.

Dissertation Puns

Completing a dissertation or thesis can be one of the hardest parts of studies. Celebrate the hard work by telling a funny graduation pun.

46. Congratulations on finishing your thesis. We are proud to be your parent-theses!

47. If you're looking for a sign, thesis it!

48. Now you've finished your dissertation son, you should give me credit in the parent-theses!

49. You survived the dissertation Hunger Games. The data is in your favor!

50. Your dissertation was out of thesis world!

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