75+ Best Graduation Jokes That Will Make The Grade

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Looking to add a touch of laughter to your child's graduation day? Fret not! Gather around and share some of the funniest graduation jokes that'll certainly make the grade. These knee-slappers promise not only to tickle the funny bone but also to provide a memorable and joyful twist to this pivotal moment.

So, get ready to graduate from chuckles to full-on belly laughs with these clever quips; after all, humor is the best way to celebrate monumental milestones! Stay tuned; your secret ingredient to an unforgettable graduation ceremony is right around the corner.

Best Graduation Jokes

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Graduation season is here, and it's a time of excitement, pride, and a little bit of humor! Welcome to this charming corner with the wittiest graduation jokes sure to give your celebration a delightful twist.

These funny graduation jokes are guaranteed to lighten the mood and add a pinch of joy to your graduate's momentous day. Turn up the fun with these rib-tickling jests for the ultimate graduation giggle-fest.

1. What did the boy say when his mom asked him why he didn't pick up his phone at his graduation? "I couldn't pick up because the reception was horrible."

2. Why did Mary want to work at Kentucky Fried Chicken even though she graduated as the class valedictorian? It has been on her bucket list for a long time.

3. What do you call it if a math major can't seem to hold down a job after their graduation? It's just a horrible after-math of the situation.

4. What did the fashion mogul say to his son after he attended his convocation ceremony? I'm extremely Prada you.

5. How many doctoral candidates do you need to change a single light bulb? You only need one, but it may take more than four years.

6. Why do most M&Ms want to go to college? They want to turn into Smarties.

7. Why did all the flight school students prefer to study in the airplane compared to on the ground? They wanted to get high grades on their final exam.

8. Why are halls where graduation ceremonies are conducted so warm? There are thousands of degrees packed in there.

9. Why was the photographer fired from the high school graduation ceremony? He got into scuffles at the drop of a hat.

10. Why did one high school in the city stop organizing graduation ceremonies? There was too much name-calling in it.

11. What did the science degree say when the diploma said that getting an education was tough? "I couldn't degree more."

12.What did the dad call his daughter after graduating from law school? "Daughter-in-law."

13. What did the mother whale say to her daughter when she graduated from college? "You've done so whale, I couldn't be more proud."

14. What did the koala bear possess after earning an undergraduate degree in law? The koalifications to practice as a full-time lawyer.

15. What did the bay leaf tell his friends when he became the class valedictorian? "I can't beleaf I made it this far."

16. What did the turkey say to the vegetable when she got a degree from culinary school? "I yam in awe of your talent."

17. Why was the baker so excited to go to the graduation party hosted by her parents? She was going to make a toast.

18. What did the herb say to his friends when he finally graduated from college? "It is thyme to party!"

19. What did the father say to his son, the lightbulb, when he was receiving his degree in Optical and Imaging technologies? "You have a very bright future ahead of you."

20. What did the dessert say when he realized he was going to see his friends at his convocation for the last time? "I donut want to graduate."

21. What did my puppy receive after he graduated from college? His pedigree.

22. What should you say to someone who has just graduated from college? "Con-grad-ulations on your degree!"

23. How did the culinary graduate's final exam go? She says it was a piece of cake.

24. How do tall people graduate? They graduate top of their class.

25. What is a graduated cylinder supposed to measure? It's meant to measure the number of degrees that are present.

26.What do you get when you complete science class? A graduated cylinder.

27. What would you call a vessel filled with college graduates? It would be a scholarship.

Funny College Graduation Jokes

Ready for some laughter therapy during the exciting hustle and bustle of college graduation? Well, look no further!

In this vibrant corner of fun and wit, you'll discover the most hilarious college graduation jokes, primed to spark smiles and laughter during this important milestone. These jokes are clever, relatable, and have just the right dose of humor to spice up your graduate's special day.

28. Why didn't the pirate make it to the dean's list when he graduated? All of his scores were in the C's.

29. What did the college graduate say when he entered his graduation ceremony? "It is one degree hotter in here."

30. What did the relieved college senior say to his friends when he received a passing grade on his final exam? "I'm grad that I'm finally done with that exam and with college."

31. Why did everyone think the valedictorian in the graduating class of 2020 was so charming? He was known to be a class act.

32. How did that one college have more than 50% of the graduating class in the country's top percentile? All the professors had their faculties intact.

33. Why did the college professor wear sunglasses while standing next to all the graduates on the dean's list? Because they were all really bright.

34. Why was the college graduate so sad after finishing college? Because he never found a group of friends he could click with.

35. Why didn't the new college course on flying become popular? Nobody saw it taking off.

36. What happened when the girl didn't pass her final exam for her cosmetology degree? She had to sign up for makeup classes.

37. How did your brother graduate at the top of his class with a major like Chemistry? "I think he felt like he was finally in his element."

38. What did the principal give at the end of the culinary school convocation? He gave a stirring tribute.

39. How do all the bee high school seniors travel to public school? They all take a buzz.

40. How do you get a liberal arts graduate off of your porch? Pay him for the pizza.

41. Why was a married man not allowed to complete his undergraduate degree? Because he wasn't a bachelor.

Funny Jokes About Seniors In High School

Got a high school senior in the house? Add a dash of humor to their final year!

Dive into this collection of hilarious jokes tailored just for seniors in high school. These wisecracks are sure to give you, your friends, and your family a hearty laugh, making these memorable times even more special. After all, laughter is the best way to navigate this unique and exciting chapter of life.

42. What happened when two seniors were sent to detention for making some horrible puns? They were pun-ished.

43. What happened when they found out about the kidnapping in the senior's auditorium? They woke him up.

44. Why did the high school senior not want to attend his prom? He thought the punch line was going to be too long.

45. Why was the bread senior such a good student? He was always on the honor roll.

46. Where did the ice cream man graduate from? Sundae school.

47. What faculty member was friends with all the seniors? The princi-pal.

48. Why did the high school senior chuck his watch out the window? He wished that time would fly.

49. Why do all the students bring ladders after ninth grade? They're in high school now.

50. Why did the high school teacher lose her job? Her pupils were out of control.

51. Why was the high school senior so excited to become a pilot? He wanted to pursue higher education.

52. Why do all the bad high school seniors carry scissors? They love to cut class.

53. What subject was a common favorite among the snake high school seniors? Most of them loved hiss-tory.

54. How did the high school senior make straight A's? He used a ruler.

55. What did the buffalo say when he dropped off his son for his last day of high school? "Bison."

56. Where did the surfer complete his high school graduation from? Boarding school.

57. Why was the high school senior so shocked by the speed by which time flew? He hadn't thought it would Zoom by this fast.

Best Jokes About High School Seniors

Calling all high school seniors and their cheerleaders! Sprinkle some extra joy into this final chapter of high school.

Here, you'll discover a collection of the best jokes about high school seniors. These funny tidbits will not only lighten the mood but also add a fun spin to your senior's last high school hurrah. From chuckles to belly laughs, your humor needs are covered!

58. How did the magician ace all of his tests in senior year? He was really good with trick questions.

59. Why was the high school senior buying lots of detergents? He wanted to get ready for his college freshers ahead of time.

60. What group does the high school faculty fear the most? The senior student's union.

61. Why are all high school seniors, great scriptwriters? Everyone has their own tran-script.

62. What do high school seniors play with in their free time? The dis-play board.

63. What do high school seniors use to pay off their debt? Extra credit.

64. What is the one senior event that eliminates home-sickness for seniors in boarding school? Homecoming.

65. Why does everyone think of all the whiteboard seniors? They're pretty remarkable.

66. Why did the high school seniors decide not to make a belt out of watches for senior prank day? They felt that it was going to be a waist of time.

67. Why was the high school senior going broke? Nothing he did made cents.

68. What did the high school student who was afraid of negative numbers do when he realized his fear? He stopped at nothing to avoid them.

69. What did the high school senior do in the humorous theatre performance? He was part of a play on words.

70. Why was the high school senior who wanted to be an architect so good at planning? His plans were always concrete.

71. Why was one senior always sleeping? He was preparing for a dream job.

72. Why did one high school senior wear glasses in all of his math classes? Because it improved di-vision.

73. Why does every student in their last year of high school need to learn sign language? It comes in handy in real life.

74. How did the senior in high school trip over his fallen books? He could only blame himshelf.

75. How did all of King Arthur's tired men graduate from high school with good grades? They had a lot of sleepless knights.

76. Why did half of the students in the senior class get expelled? They were found to be cheetahs.

There you have it; an assortment of the funniest graduation jokes designed to add a light-hearted touch to any graduation celebration. Whether it's sparking laughter at a graduation party or sharing a giggle with your high school senior, these jokes truly make the grade.

They serve as a gentle reminder that humor can beautifully accompany momentous milestones in life. So, why wait? Start sharing these jokes, and infuse your graduate's special day with cheer and chuckles.

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