70+ Periodic Table Puns To Get A Reaction

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Elemental neon gas concept from the periodic table of chemical elements
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Elements can be found everywhere and in everything.

The very matter which we perceive with our senses consists of different elements. These elements individually combine with other elements to form numerous compounds.

Compounds again react with one another and form other compounds and that is how each object is created in this world. However, these elements are stacked together in a chart which is called the periodic table.

Each element based on their definite characteristics is assorted in different groups like 'Halogens', 'inert or Noble gases'.

Periodic table jokes and puns are a way of making chemistry interesting and funny. Chemistry jokes and chemistry puns can take time to understand but once people get a good grasp of the joke or banter, there is no turning back.

Every joke will seem funny, good and like it or not you will start to want more.

Good, funny chemistry puns are coming your way - so, keep your eye behind goggles, get your lab coats on and experience the dose of intoxicating humor coming your way. You can even keep a count on how many of these puns you can get instantly once you read them.

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Element Puns

Xenon symbol in front of the periodic table

Elements and chemistry are fun, but Element jokes and puns are even funnier. We have a wide range of collection of puns ranging from science puns, chemistry puns, metallic puns, atom puns to funny and good science jokes.

You can even say these jokes to your chemistry friends and if you can land it the right time, they'd love it too. Laugh aloud with these gold puns given on the list below.

1. I auditioned for the lead role on a play of the periodic table but Actinium ended up getting it.

2. I'm a female but you can call me Iron Man (Fe = Iron, male = man).

3. "Please don't start with your element jokes, I've sulfered enough," said the tired element to the other elements.

4. Gold is not terrible. It's Au-some. Even silver Ag-rees.

5. If you find any dead elements around, you need to Barium.

6. When the elements saw a theft happening, they reported the crime to Copper.

7. He paid a nickel to hear some Chemistry jokes. Many of the jokes were Boron, but there was some comedy Gold. They were Sodium good.

8. When everyone called Hydrogen a loner, Helium laughed out loud, "HeHeHe".

9. The robbers learned that the tombs had treasure in them, and so, they went to Radium.

10. I earn a living by selling fur, I guess you could say I Sulfur.

11. When the top racer saw that he was falling behind the rest, he began Fluorine the gas to get back to the first place.

12. When there was a fire, the elements said that Arsenic started the fire.

13. There are many noble elements but the smartest of all elements in the periodic table is Einsteinium.

14. If you ever hurt your leg, you put your Neon the couch and put some ointment on it.

15. When the King heard that the prisoner escaped he told the guards to Cesium.

16. Oxygen and Potassium had a date last week. It was OK!

17. Oxygen tried to bond with Sodium over a 2Na sandwich.

18. When periodic table puns get Boron, you should start reading element jokes instead!

19. To break a wild horse, get a proper lasso and then Europium.

20. The police thought that something was cooking in the Chemist's lab. They wanted to radon the lab.

21. If Seth Rogen starts a new Monday night TV show about scienc, it would be called Night-Rogen.

22. The chemist had so much fun writing periodic table jokes, he was in his element.

23. The child wanted to go to the amusement park at midnight. His father arranged a bunch of iron in a circle and called out: "Here's a Ferrous Wheel."

24. The police did not trust the statement given by the atoms, after all, they are known for making up everything.

25. Carbon and Hydrogen went to the park, they really bonded well.

26. He was kind enough to help the old lady cross the road. Truly, he is a good Samarium.

27. The stupid clown was thrown in jail because he was a Silicon (Silly con).

28. All the elements went to wash their dishes in the Zinc.

Chemistry Puns

Apart from puns about elements and the periodic table, a lot of puns can be made about Chemistry itself. Here we have Chemistry puns involving Iron man to cool Barium puns.

A mention goes out to chemical puns, copper puns, Iron puns as well as the very common gas puns. People want and like puns so we bring some of the best for you. Take some time, know your chemistry, and engross yourself in some good puns.

29. The chemical formula for water is HIJKLMNO, in short, H to O.

30. If you have any problem with your computer, you should consult Technetium.

31. Chemists never die. They only stop reacting.

32. When you put your tooth in a glass of water, it becomes a molar solution.

33. John noticed that his Lithium was missing. Sammy said she did not take it. John said, "You Li."

34. Thor's absolute favorite element is Thorium.

35. One titration put out the challenge to the other titration - let's meet at the end point.

36. Shakespeare wrote a play on Beryllium. He called it "To Be or Not To Be".

37. The scientist put Silicone rubber in his sandals because he wanted to remove his Carbon footprints.

38. The funny Chemistry teacher loves chemistry puns. He tells them periodically.

39. The police ion warned the suspect, "I got my ion you."

40. The teacher made a chemistry joke but got no reaction from the class.

41. Scientists usually prefer working with Ammonium Hydroxide because it's pretty Basic.

42. When my old aunt died, I inherited all the antimony!

43. The boy wanted to play cowboy and so, he went to the horses and Rhodium.

44. The army should start making the right use of acid in wars to neutralize the enemy Bases.

45. Whenever Copper and Tellerium come together, they look so CuTe.

46. The scientist cooled himself down to absolute zero. He said he's 0K.

47. The bear just dissolved in water because it was polar.

48. All the good chemistry jokes Argon.

49. Nitrates are much favored by chemist's than day rates because they are cheaper.

50. If Iron Man and the Silver Surfer formed a team, they would become alloys.

51. Gold is one of the most expensive elements ever because it is Au-some.  

52. Acids with snarky attitude issues are called A-mean-o Acids.

53. Don't worry if your chemistry experiments don't turn out fine. It's okay, oxidants happen.

54. After buying the new car, the French person exclaimed "Car-bon".

55. I'm trying hard to remember the name of this element and it is at the tip of my tungsten.

56. On the day of Christmas, the chemist went to the store to buy a Chemis-tree.

57. Carbon can never get a good grade in Chemistry class. He's always stuck at C.

58. The gas chromatograph suffers from a separation anxiety.

59. During the chemistry exam, you either know the solution or you just precipitate!

60. When the homeowner threw sodium chloride at the thief, he cried out that it was an as-salt.

61. The chemist was arrested for having Sodium chloride and a 12V in his car. The police booked him for a-salt and battery.

62. The doctor told the sick chemist that if he couldn't Helium, and Curium, he will have to Barium.

63. When the man learned that Oxygen is only around 21% of our atmosphere, he exclaimed, "Oh".

64. You know, however much I want, I couldn't put down this book on Helium.

65. You should not drink too much phosphurous-based drinks. You will have to go to P too often!

66. Vanadium is the youngest element in Rome. Its age is just V.

67. Rubidium went to the diner and asked for his favorite: Barbecued Rb.

68. Nowadays, a fake knee (Ni) does not cost too much. It's just a Nickel!

69. Chemistry laboratory is a party place at times. Some students like to drop the base.

70. When one copper parted ways with the other copper,  he said, "Cu".

71. Proton couldn't go with Electron to the library on Sunday because he had mass.

72. If a student is unable to learn about Oxygen, he is an oxy-moron.

73. Don't want to be very mean, but people already know that you can't make Osmium learn anything - he is extremely dense.

74. Salt told water that they couldn't be together since they were in different states. So, they went for a new solution.

75. The chemist did an audition for the periodic table drama and got the Lead role.

76. I lost my electron microscope this morning. Now I can only see the positive.

77. Good morning! It is time to get up and go to work. Up and atom!

78. Iron and Lead love to listen to some Heavy Metal.

79. I never go on a treasure hunt with my friend Atom because he always wants to split up.  

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 70+ Periodic Table Puns then why not take a look at Geology puns, or Medical Puns.

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