25+ Pharmacy Puns That Are A Sight For 'Psoriasis'

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Being a pharmacist can be pretty stressful, but why worry when you can take a chill pill with some rib-tickling humor?

We're not talking about any random joke or pun but some hilarious pharmacy humor to give you your daily dose of laughter. So, if you think that pharmacy is a little bit boring, our prescription of funny pharmacy puns will prove you wrong.

The pharmacy field helps to come up with drugs and medications for curing diseases. What an amazing job, right?

And, even better, pharmacy humor is anything but boring! In fact, these pharmacy one-liners and medication puns will get everyone laughing. So, here are some funny pharmacy puns, funny pharmacy names and wacky pharmacist puns that we prescribe for a good laugh!

If you want to become a funny pharmacist yourself, you could even take up a funny pharmacist character name like Di Spencer (sounds like 'dispenser', get it? ), and why not call your funny fake pharmacy The Pharm Yard (like 'The Farm Yard')?

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Medicine Puns To Crack You Up Instantly

Our fantastic puns on medicines will make bitter pills easier for you to swallow.

1. At the construction site, I metaformin last week. He had terrible diarrhea.

2. I don't know why my regular medicines make me sad. Maybe one of them is a sad-ative.

3. The bed asks for its pill-ows every time it's under the weather.

4. The pharmacist suggested some stare-oids for my eye problems.

5. Ibuproof-reading my school essays really well since I've started taking some pain relievers.

6. I've been feeling very lazy lately. I think I should try-cyclin.

7. Every time the pharmacist gets time, he goes on a vacation to Statin Island.

8. My dog's been sick since last night. So I have to visit the pharmacy to get a pug-ative.

9. I got an IV in both my arms. It was Ambi-dextrose.

10. It turns out that the window cleaning man was a thief. Surprisingly, all he stole were the pane-killers.

11. I am aspirin-g to be a pharmacist someday.

Witty Wordplays On Antibiotics That'll Get The Superbugs Laughing

Make those good ol' antibiotics viral by telling these hilarious puns to your friends.

12. My Italian friend is a pharmacy student, and his favorite antibiotic is amox-Sicily-n.

13. The pharmacy technician was trying to make French cheese and added penicillin to it by mistake. All his efforts failed because of the anti-brie-otic.

14. My pet poodle loves to ride bikes. He is out dog-xy-cyclin now.

15. I wonder what pigs apply on their skin wounds. Perhaps they use Antibiotic oink-ments.

16. The cattle owner just found out that all the cows in the herd have pneumonia and he needs to quarantine them in separate pens. I guess he'll have to get some pen-icillin now.

Classic Pharmacy And Pharmacist Puns That You'll Never Be Sick Of Hearing

Doctor filling in medical prescription.

Do you think pharmacy school sounds fun? Then check out these ridiculously funny puns and one-liners that are relatable to every pharmacist out there.

17. I went to the pharmacist to get a flu shot, but he said that nine out of 10 injections go in vain.

18. I bought the only pack of laxatives left at the pharmacy. I'm so relieved!

19. Pharmacists love Greek mythology so much because it has a centaur for disease control.

20. Whenever fish fall sick, they all go to the pharma-sea.

21. If you are stressing over finding a funny and cool pharmacy name, you can try taking 'Chill Pills'.

22. I tiptoed past the pharmacy shop lest I wake the sleeping pills.

23. I suggest you buy the expensive laxative from the local pharmacy. It'll give you a good run for your money.

24. I think a pharmacist's favorite beverage is cough-ee.

25. "You are absolutely pharma-cute-ical!" said the pharmacist to his wife.

Disease Humor That Is A Must-Have In Every Pharmacist's Prescription

A pharmacist has to study almost every disease out there, and you thought making and selling medicines was easy? Well, give these puns a read that will surely make you believe that diseases needn't always need to sound sickly.

26. I've been wondering what prompted Alexander to discover penicillin. Perhaps he was phlegm-ing.

27. The pony walked into the pharmacy, asking for sore throat medication. "I'm a little hoarse," he said.

28. My diabetic friend is great at puns and one-liners because he has a pun-creatic disease.

29. The pharmacy shop is always crowded during Halloween. It's the time when everyone starts coffin.

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