40+ Best Desert Puns That Are Out-Sand-Ing

Rajnandini Roychoudhury
Dec 12, 2023 By Rajnandini Roychoudhury
Originally Published on Dec 02, 2020
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A desert in Oman.

People can desert you, but puns never will.

When someone cracks a funny, punny joke, it incites laughter and joy. That is what good puns do, bring happiness. Puns are the greatest form of play on words, which are out-sanding modes of expression.

Deserts, no matter how dry or hot, are some of the top-visited places by tourists, with the Sahara desert being amongst one of the most visited ones. These vast expanses of gold have always had us wondering what lies beneath the titanic dunes of hot sand and if there are unknown treasures hidden underneath the billions of grains.

There are many other deserts all around the world which are famous and widely visited.

One of them happens to be the Colorado desert in California, where Coachella takes place. Deserts still remain a mystery and a wonder for people from all over the world to visit.

These uninhabitable landmasses with extreme weather conditions make up for great backgrounds of great stories.

Many movies are made in these sandy locations for a great and mysterious setting and also movies regarding any quest. They easily qualify as the land equivalent of the oceans of the world because they are giant, unsolved mysteries covering wide-open spaces that normal human beings still have not been able to fathom.

Desert jokes and funny desert puns about sand are usually very sunny, but if you are not a fan of such humor, take it with a grain of sand and move on.

When it comes to puns and jokes, they make great photo captions for Instagram posts and other platforms in social media, especially if you frequently keep posting desert-related photos of cactuses and camels.

For example, Coachella Instagram captions require the perfect desert pun.

If you are looking for some great puns that won't desert you when you need them, here is a wholesome serving of some desert related puns, including funny puns about puns, Sahara desert puns, hot weather puns, desert island puns, cactus, puns about Coachella, treasure puns; basically any and all desert jokes you could ever need.

If you like more puns, you can look into our other articles geography puns and beach puns.

Funny Desert Themed Puns

Camel walking in the desert.

Are you looking for some of the sunniest desert puns? Here is a list of great desert puns to refresh you like an oasis.

1. When I met my sibling in the Sahara desert, I shouted, "Oasis!"

2. I think I saw a celebrity when I visited the Sahara desert. It must have been Nicki Mirage.

3. When you cross a cactus with a duck, you end up with a quacktus.

4. All jokes about deserts fall under dry humor.

5. A mocking ravine in the Sahara desert should be called Sar-chasm instead.

6. Just in case you get stranded on a desert island, just make a bonfire. It is a shore-fire way to attract attention.

7. The weird guy brought a car door to the desert. He thought he could wind the window down if it gets too warm.

8. If a pig gets hot in a dessert it shouts, "I'm bacon out here."

9. The desert sun is brilliant. It has over five thousand degrees.

10. The woman in the desert started turning red when she was marooned.

11. If you are going to a desert, make sure your pack has a thirst-aid kit.

12. When the adventurer found three different places with water in the desert, he said, "Well, well, well."

13. No kings and queens rule over deserts because there is a lack of rain.

14. If you accidentally fall into an oasis in the desert, you should most definitely dry for help.

15. Soldier's love visiting deserts because they love Desert Eagles.

Puns About Desert Sand

What's the point of a desert with no sand? Here is a list of great puns on desert sand that you can enjoy any day and share with your friend if you are stranded on a desert island. The puns can never get dryer than this!

16. There's a guy from the Sahara who can send anyone to sleep in seconds. He's called the Sandman.

17. A type of sand that is never late is quicksand.

18. When the camel saw the sick sand, he asked, "How are you dune?"

19. When the Sahara desert met his friend, he said, "Long time no sea."

20. A type of witch who inhabits the desert is a sand-witch.

21. The kind of paper you use to draw the map of a desert is sandpaper.

22. You can never starve in a desert because of all the sand which is present in it.

23. A celebrity who loves visiting the desert is Barbara Drysand.

24. A dessert tiger should actually be called sandy-claws.

25. If Christmas would be celebrated in deserts, Sand-a Claus would visit them at night.

Camel Puns

Camels are the ships of the desert. Here is a list of the best desert jokes about camels to help you sail through. If you get even one of these puns, you can make your or someone else's day by sharing these puns with them. After all, puns are always delightful.

26. Something sweet that walks in a desert is a Caramel.

27. The camel that can easily hide is the camel Leon.

28. When a camel needs to hide in the desert, they usually camel-flage themselves.

29. Wanderers in the desert usually go to Camelot to buy camels.

30. On Christmas, Camels love singing the carol, 'O camel ye faithful.'

31. A camel that has no humps is called a humphrey.

32. A camel's favorite song that they love to listen to is 'My Humps.'

33. The best place to buy fresh camel milk from is the Dromedairy.

34. A camel that always throws temper tantrums is such a drama dairy.

35. A baby camel's favorite nursery rhyme is 'Humpty Dumpty.'

36. A sad camel that cries should actually be called a humpback wail.

37. The camel sank to the ground because it is the ship of the desert.

38. Most camels usually drink Camelmile tea for better sleep at night.

39. When camels go for adventures in the desert, they store all their special memories in a camel-corder

40. Teenage camels who still haven't come of age usually go to the calf-e for a cup of milk.

41. A camel's favorite coffee order is de-calf-inated.

42. Camels usually have deserts after a full meal.

43.  At the desert one day, we were served be-camel sauce. No one knew it could be this tasty.

44. The camel who got played on felt like such a chum-p.

45. When the camel packed up to go on an adventure, he asked, "Wanna camel-ong?

46. Camels love it when people take their pictures. They aren't camelra shy.

47. The camel inspector could not solve the case of the missing llama, so he closed the camelid.

Cactus Puns

A cactus is one of the most commonly found plants in a desert. If you are looking for a good cactus pun, here is a list of cactus puns that are great. This list will really make your day.

48. The cactus felt very lonely because he was deserted.

49. Nobody likes a cactus when they're angry. They're so prickly.

50. Cacti hate eating anything solid because they suck.

51. When the male cactus proposed to his lover, he said, "I don't want to be a cactI anymore. Let's be a cactUs."

52. Opticians love desert plants. There are so many cact-eye.

53. The cactus mom was exasperated with her son. He was such a prickly eater.

54. When the two cactuses met after an argument, one said to the other, "I have got a bone to prick with you."

55. Even though the cactus was the prick of the bunch, people hated him.

56. A snack that all cactuses love to eat when they are bored is prickles.

57. The type of war propaganda that most cactuses use is spike-ological warfare.

58. A cactus's favorite fruit to eat is the prickly pear.

59. The kind of kid in the desert that everybody finds extremely annoying is a Glo-kid.

60. A type of cactus that is always up for affectionate hugs is a Hedgehug.

61. When the cactus married his wife, he lovingly told her, "I am glad I pricked you."

62. The cactus loved his birthday party. It was on point.

63. When the cactus saw his wife, he told her, "You have prickled my fancy."

64. Nobody calls out the cactus for breaking the dress code at work because he looks sharp even without formal attire.

Coachella Puns

Coachella is a very famous event hosted in the Colorado desert in California that people look forward to. Here is a list of some celebrated puns of Coachella for your Insta-captions.

66. Let us get lost in desert dust and wanderlust.

67. After all is sand and done, I can happily say that Coachella was amazing.

68. Coachella is the best, and I could not have sand it better myself.

69. You cannot deny that a desert is the best place for a party. Enough sand.

70. How can I be sand? I am going to Coachella.

71. Dust-n't it make you a tad bit jealous? I mean, I went to Coachella after all!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for desert puns, then why not take a look at camel puns, or for something different, take a look at space puns.

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