40 Camel Puns That Kids Will Love

Rachel Garner
Dec 12, 2023 By Rachel Garner
Originally Published on Oct 16, 2020
Fact-checked by Monisha Kochhar
Camels eating in Marrakech.

Did you know that camels have three eyelids and two sets of eyelashes to protect their eyes from sand?

What about the fact that camels are much stronger than horses in terms of weight-carrying, and in tough hot weather conditions? Or that they can store up to 80 pounds of fat in their humps that they can live off of for weeks on end?

Camels are absolutely fascinating creatures with plenty of interesting and funny mannerisms - which in turn makes for some pretty hilarious camel puns. Whether you're a fan of camels, are planning a trip to the desert, or simply want to improve your camel-related humor, we've rounded up 40 funny camel puns for you to enjoy.

Check them out and see how many of them you can manage to use!

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Classic Camel Puns

If you love a good old classic camel pun, take a look at the funny list below and see if you can make your friends and family laugh by slipping them into a conversation!

1.That camel is great at hiding. He's a real camel-leon!

2.The camel couldn't fall asleep so he had some camel-mile tea.

3.The sweetest camel is called a caramel!

4.A camel's favorite place to visit is Camel-bodia!

5.If you cross a camel and a cow, you'll end up with a very lumpy milkshake.

6.The royal family of camels live in Camel-lot Castle!

7.The camel looked at the Sahara and said, "Long time no sea!"

8.Hey Camel, how you been dune?

9.That camel loves to gossip. She's a real drama-dairy.

10.Don't worry about it, camel take care of that!

11.The latest fashion trend among camels is wearing s-calves!

12.A camel's favorite car is the Toyota Camelry.

13.Camels love to pose for the camel-ra!

14.When camels need medicine, they go to the fur-macy.

15.A popular celebrity amongst camels is Camel-ron Diaz!

16.You need to have passionate camelpaigners in your camp if you want to win the election!

17.Nobody could believe that the be-camel sauce was dairy-free!

18.Two young camels went for a coffee at the roadside calf-e.

19.A camel's favorite Christmas song is Oh Camel Ye Faithful!

20.A camel's favorite holiday destination is Camel-roon.

21.The camel had to be airlifted by crane, it was a camel tow.

22.The camel is very pessimistic. He sees everything as glass hoof empty.

23.Once, I tried to ride a camel instead of a horse. It had a lot of ups and downs.

24.A camel looked at another camel and said, "I have never seen herbivore!".

25.That sleepy camel is still calf-asleep!

26.A camel's favorite sauce has got to be be-camel!

27.The camel was very upset. He bought something from the black market and found out that he'd been s-camel-ed.

Hump Puns

There are plenty of funny camel puns centred around their iconic humps, why not memorize a few to make for a hilarious Wednesday?

28.A camel's favorite nursery rhyme is Humpty Dumpty.

29.That camel has no humps. His name is Humphrey.

30.A camel with three humps? It's got to be pregnant!

31.Camels love Wednesdays because it's Hump Day.

32.A crying camel? Don't you mean a humpback whale?

33.When ordering a coffee, camels are often asked "One hump of sugar or two?"

34.Riding a camel really isn't that hard. Once you get over the first hump, the rest is easy!

35.When you're a camel, every day is hump day.

36.I was left feeling a bit of a c-hump after I tripped over.

Caravan of camels walking across desert in Danakil Depression at sunrise, bringing salt for sale from salt mining plain in Ethiopia.

Desert Puns

We've rounded up a few funny desert-related camel puns below - which one is your favorite?

37.Camels find it very easy to hide. They have that natural desert camel-flage.

38.Camels don't really like dinner, but they love desert.

39.You can't go on a trip to the desert without a camel-corder!

40.Camels never go hungry, there are plenty of sand-wiches in the desert!

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