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The name Arthur is originally derived from the legendary King Arthur.

It is believed that the name Arthur refers to the Celtic word, 'Artos', which means 'Bear'. 'Historia Brittonum', a Welsh-Latin text of the ninth century, has had the earliest attestation of the name Arthur.

The name Arthur has come into the spotlight for the great British leader King Arthur. The exact ancestry of the name is a subject of dispute. The extremely conventional theory establishes it from the Romanian relative name 'Artorius'. The name Arthur is the fourth most popular name in the United Kingdom.

Nicknames are usually the informal names given to people or animals, that help create a new way of recognition. Picking a good nickname can be tough as there are many contrasting things to consider.

Nicknaming is not only important to make a good relationship, but it also allows you to give a name that is more personalized and interesting. Some people may have caught inspiration from their favorite athletes or fictional characters. The best nicknames for Arthur are unique and different.

Adorable Arthur Nicknames

Some of the nicknames for Arthur are so adorable. The name Arthur is famous for the legendary King Arthur. The following are some ideas for Arthur nicknames that you might like.  

  • Arthur Antares - The word referring to someone who is the rival of Ares.
  • Arthur Party-Moon - The word generally means someone who is living their life without any complications.
  • Charlie Kaa - The name means joy and happiness and refers to a person who has always had an affirmative thought in their life. The name is also famous for its character from the novel 'The Jungle Book'.
  • Goanna - It is a large Australian monitor lizard from the Varanidae family. This name is also featured in the animated film 'FernGully: The Last Rainforest'.
  • Ling Arthur Bay - is an inflatable white robot or a humanoid.
  • Pascal - A cute lizard that is a pet of Rapunzel in the animated Disney film 'Tangled'. The name carries the meaning who is related to Easter.
  • Spyro - A basket used to carry the seed. The name got popular from the Spyro video game series. The Spyro games are one of the most famous games in the world.

Best Arthur Nicknames

This list of ideas is a perfect tip if you want to use the best nicknames for Arthur. Choose one of the best Arthur nicknames from one of the following creative pet names:  

  • Amok Raijin - Kaminari-Sama, the god of storms and thunder from Japanese myth and Shinto religion.
  • Arthur Darvil Hendawg - The name is derived from the renowned British actor and musician Arthur Darvil.
  • Arthur Enric Daddo - It is an endearing nickname with no particular meaning attached to it.
  • Arthur Samuel Ziggy - this gender-neutral name means victory and is also an exciting nickname for Arthur.
  • Arthur the builder - This word refers to the character of someone who has a wish to build their kingdom all over the world.
  • Enta Arthur Yoshi - The baby name is reported to the six immortal elders of captain Marvel who have gained a superpower.
  • Ettie Arthur - This is a famous baby name that means someone so little.
  • Martin Arther - The name generally means God of war or God of Mars. The name is well-liked for the lizard from the GEICO commercials.
  • Mushu - The name is derived from the animated Disney film 'Mulan' which means one who is very pleasant.
  • Royal Artie-Pie - A popular American baby name that refers to one who is very courageous and noble.
  • William Smaug - The name comes from the Name 'Zmaj', a Slavic Dragon character. it is also used in the novel The Hobbit.

Cute Nicknames For Arthur

The following names are some tips for Cute Arthur nicknames ideas that can work if someone doesn't want to choose the traditional naming: 

  • Arthur Bell Embargo - This word means a Governmental order to restrict trade or the movement of trade ships. It is also a popular name variant of the name Arthur.
  • Arthur Rico Siesta - reflects a Snorlax's love for sleeping.
  • Caybs Shrek - The nickname isderived from GermanSchreck, and it means 'fright'.
  • Fenix Arthur Zagnut - is a popular candy manufactured in the USA.
  • Henri Stomp Arthur - this means to tread on with a loud sound, usually in anger.
  • James Arthur Felix - another form of the word Felicity, Felix means 'happy' or 'lucky' in Latin.
  • King Arthur Slugworth - These are the most popular middle names in the present time.
  • Rikehen Arthur Aura - A highly glowing light.
  • Sirion Grinch - A grumpy person who kills the spirit of enjoyment.
  • Slur Arthur Luke - One who illuminates somewhere black.
  • Trinidad Phatty - A name coming from the Island of Trinidad.

Funny Nicknames For Arthur

There are some funny Arthur nicknames. The funny nicknames have to be easy to remember and effortless to pronounce. If the above Arthur nickname ideas in the above list do not match your expectations, then you can choose funny nicknames for Arthur from the following tips:  

  • Ari-Arthur Sunbro - A creature that is a warrior and also gains its energy from the sun.
  • Arthur Carney - The name is derived from the famous American actor Art Carney.
  • Arthur Courage Blade - is the name for a person who has a sword-like personality.
  • Arthur Heiko - To write the meaning of these kinds of nicknames, everyone should be reminded of the power of God.
  • Arthur II Xena - someone about whom we know nothing.
  • Artturi Helio Anime - Helio means the sun, and Anime means the power of love. The name can be a very good nickname for a girl.
  • Austin Arthur - The word refers to someone with a nobility character.
  • Heikki Dave - short for Hebrew David and Old English Davis, Dave means beloved.
  • Hen Zelda Arthur III - is someone who is a strong and beautiful woman.
  • Henzo Arthur Scamper - A creature that can run as fast as other creatures. It also refers to a playful and funny animal.
  • Rango Arthur - The name is derived from the famous animation film 'Rango'. Rango, a lizard, plays the main character of the said movie.
  • Ruth-San - This could be one of the most appropriate middle names with a joyful character.
  • RV Dwight - The meaning white or blond makes it the perfect baby name that describes its physical attributes of Arthur.
  • Steve - Steve is a popular British name that refers to someone who is victorious. The name gets popular for 'Phineas And Ferb', an animated Disney series.

Creative And Cool Nicknames For Arthur

There are some popular and creative nicknames for Arthur to choose from the following list: 

  • Arthur Alphys - The baby name is well-known for the game 'Undertale'. It featured a scientist reptile which has won millions of hearts.
  • Arthur Garfunkel - The name is derived from the famous name Arthur Ira Garfunkel.
  • Arthur Weasley - The word refers to someone who has the power of God.
  • Artur - The Irish Origin name is the variant of the Celtic origin name Arthur which is one of the popular nicknames for Arthur in the world.
  • Arturo - This is the Spanish and the Roman origin of the name Arthur. The name refers to the famous King Arthur.
  • Author Whaitiri - A Goddess of the lightning in Māori mythology. This name is very much suitable for the unique nickname of Arthur.
  • Fafnir - The name refers to a dangerous dragon. It is believed that it guards the Nibelung Gold Hoard.
  • Finn Chompy - a cute nickname given to Munchlax referring to its love for munching.
  • Frank - Someone who is set free. The name has its popularity for the film The Rescuers Down Under, a Disney animation.
  • Gex - One who also has a mysterious side. The name was featured in the video game series 'Gex Retro'.
  • Hebrew Quetzi - This is Quetzalcoatl's short form, which was feathered in the serpent from Aztec legend.
  • Louie Thor Frills - This generally means to gather at one side and has kept the other side loose.
  • Randall - This means one type of shield or cover which can protect someone from a heavy injury. The film 'Monsters, Inc.' uses the name in its animated Disney movie.
  • V Arthur Chuck - An English-origin name that means 'A man'. The name is used in 'Rocko’s Modern Life', a Nickelodeon show.
  • Zeus - The word is attributed in the mythology of Greece, which refers to the god of lightning and the god of heaven.

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