69 Baby Boy Names In Marathi That You'll Love

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Baby boy names in Marathi draw inspiration from Lord Shiva, Lord Indra, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Krishna.

Since the beginning of modern times, every lovely name with historic meanings has managed to capture the attention of parents.

In Marathi culture, name meanings are extremely important as they draw inspiration from holy deities like Lord Indra, Lord Krishna, and Lord Vishnu. Natural elements like fire, wind, flower, sky, universe, and Earth also inspire names and their meanings in Marathi families.

Victorious joy, bright ruler, sacred desire, handsome leader, pure joy, and glory to the king of the Earth are some of the important meanings for Marathi names. Read on for some of the best Marathi boy names. Also, check baby boy names starting with Cho and baby boy names starting with Sai.

Ganpati Names For Baby Boy In Marathi

When you already believe that your new-born son is no less than Shri Ganesh, then why not name him after one his names? There are a lot of names of Ganesha that you can choose from for your little boy. Here we go:

Balchandra (Indian Origin), meaning, 'moon crested Lord’, whose ruling planet is Jupiter and the sun sign is Sagittarius.

Chaturbhuj (Indian Origin), meaning, 'someone who has four hands’, is a perfect baby name for happiness in life.

Chintamani (Indian Origin), meaning, 'philosopher's stone or wishing stone’, generally have an active and eventful life.

Gadadhara (Indian Origin), meaning, 'someone who wields a mace for his protection’, is very familiar to Ganesh because this is the weapon he used to wield. A name meaning for boys related to Lord Krishna.

Gajamukh (Indian Origin), meaning, 'one with elephant head’, everyone knows the story behind this and therefore, if you see, there are a lot of names inspired from this story.

Gajvadan (Indian Origin), meaning, 'name of Shri Ganesh’, is suitable for someone born in dhanishta nakshatra.

Ganaisha (Indian Origin) means 'Lord Shiva and Parvati’s son’.

Ganapati (Indian Origin), meaning, 'son of Lord Shiva’, is one of the most commonly used names for the lord and by parents for their kids.

Gaurisuta (Indian Origin), meaning, 'son of Gauri’, stands for someone who is kind-hearted and accomplished.

Kaveesha (Indian Origin), meaning, 'lord of poets’, if born in the house of a poet, is the perfect name.

Lambodar (Indian Origin), meaning, 'Lord Ganesha’, is another commonly used name for Ganesha.

Mahamati (Indian Origin) means 'someone with a big brain’. Lord Ganesha was one of the wisest gods that Hindu scriptures had.

Musikvahana (Indian Origin) means, 'one who has a mouse as his charioteer’. In the real world, it is not literally possible but as we know from stories, it was true for Ganesha. A name for happiness in life

Nidheesh (Indian Origin), meaning, 'brave and courageous’, was a very strong warrior who took down devils who were stronger and bigger than him.

Shreenad (Indian Origin), meaning, 'continuous calling to Ganesha’, is a perfect name when you need him more than ever.

Siddhant (Indian Origin), meaning, 'principle of life or moral belief’, is for someone who stands for what is right and won't ever deviate from his beliefs.

Subhayan (Indian Origin) means 'auspicious or holy’. In India, the day starts by taking his name.

Viganesh  (Indian Origin) means 'lord of removal of obstacles’. When you believe the new-born boy will help you free from all troubles, this is the name for him.

Vighnesh (Indian Origin), meaning, 'to end evil or bad’, is not only known for his wisdom and strength but also for fighting evil. 

Vinayaka (Indian Origin) means 'lord of all’ as every God used to bow in front of Ganesh except Shiva and Parvati. A baby name that is full of happiness.

Twins Baby Boy Names In Marathi

First of all, congratulations if you got this lucky. This is a rare sight for anyone to see and a delightful news for any family. Therefore, have a name that reminds you of this auspicious day.

Aadit (Indian Origin), meaning, 'the first or the pinnacle’ and Aadir (Indian Origin) means 'the birth or origin’.

Aasav (Indian Origin), meaning, 'soul’, and Aarav (Indian Origin), meaning, 'calm and intelligent’, make a perfect combination of a name.

Aashish (Indian Origin), meaning, 'prosperity’, and Atish (Indian Origin), meaning, 'fireworks or wrath of someone’, go well together for your twins.

Aayush (Indian Origin), meaning, 'someone who lives a long and healthy life’, and Aarush (Indian Origin), meaning, 'sun's initial rays', go well together as names for your twin boys.

Anuj (Indian Origin), meaning, 'young one between two’,and Tanuj (Indian Origin), meaning, 'a hope of ray or rising sun’, sound similar and can be an excellent name meaning for boys.

Arsh (Indian Origin), meaning, 'to the heavens or a significant person’, and Ansh (Indian Origin), meaning, 'a part of the human body or a tiny portion of someone’, are quite unrelated but the names in themselves are great. A truly victorious name meaning for boys.

Baladitya (Indian Origin), meaning, 'bright sunshine’,and Baladeva (Indian Origin) means 'young lord’.

Hemal (Indian Origin), meaning, 'brilliant’, and Heman (Indian Origin), meaning, 'riches’, are very unique but totally complimentary baby names for each other.

Javin (Indian Origin), meaning, 'quick or rapidly’,and Kavin (Indian Origin) means 'pretty and charming’.

Laksh (Indian Origin), meaning, 'a goal, aim or a manzil in Hindi’, and Naksh (Indian Origin), meaning, 'high quality’ in Marathi, this combo is among the greatest twin baby boy names.

Lalith (Indian Origin), meaning, 'exquisite’, and Lohit (Indian Origin), meaning, 'red, as well as copper’, are also a predictor of how successful they'll be in life. A truly victorious name with a great meaning.

Mridul (Indian Origin), meaning, 'gentle’, and Mukul (Indian Origin) means 'in the stage of development’. These are complimentary baby names.

Tapan (Indian Origin), meaning, 'sun’,and Tapas (Indian Origin), meaning, 'warmth’,  are uncommon Sanskrit names for newborn boys in Marathi.

Unique Baby Boy Names In Marathi With Meaning

Maharashtra is full of surprises and someone who has been there will definitely agree to that. So, why compromise in naming a baby boy? Here are some of the names to help you:

Aakhya (Indian Origin), meaning, 'popularity or greatness’, is for someone you believe is bound to be famous. This name can also be used as a sacred girl name for joy as well.

Apurv (Indian Origin) means 'magnificent, unique and graceful’. One of the cool Marathi baby names.

Bhuban (Indian Origin), meaning, 'world’, when your son means the world to his parents.

Chaitan (Indian Origin) means 'one with perspective, one's own conscience and one who is intelligent’.

Dhaval (Indian Origin) means 'one who is fair’.

Eklavya (Indian Origin), meaning, 'bowmen or someone who learns by watching’, is a common baby name in the north but not in Marathi.

Gauraang (Indian Origin), meaning, 'husband of Gauri or Parvati’, is in other words, Lord Shiva.

Gurudutt (Indian Origin) means 'someone bestowed by a teacher’. One of the most interesting Marathi baby names.

Haresh (Indian Origin), meaning, 'Lord Shiva’, is another name for Lord Shiva but don't confuse it with Harsh.

Harihar (Indian Origin), meaning, 'Lord Krishna’, is one of the famous names of gods. Any name derived from Lord Krishna can be considered amongst the best Marathi baby boy names.

Harshad (Indian Origin) means 'delighted or someone who makes others happy’.

Hritik (Indian Origin), meaning, 'from the heart’, is for someone who is supposed to be truthful and a sage, one of the fun Marathi boy names.

Janak (Indian Origin), meaning, 'creator’, according to Hindu mythology, was the name of Sita's father.

Jayant (Indian Origin) means 'champion and unconquered’. One of the unique baby names.

Lakshmikant (Indian Origin), meaning, 'the husband of Goddess Lakshmi or Lord Vishnu’. Both Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi are highly revered.

Nana (Indian Origin) means 'maternal grandfather’. One of the popular baby names.

Nimish (Indian Origin), meaning, 'momentary’, is also another name for Lord Vishnu in Marathi.

Pinak (Indian Origin), meaning, 'Shiv Dhanush’, where Dhanush means bow. One of the popular Marathi names.

Glory, wind, leader, fire, the universe, and Earth are popular meanings of names in Marathi.

Latest Baby Boy Names In Marathi

Times are changing and everyone is looking for something new. Everyone wants to be modern. Therefore, here is a list of names that emerged in the recent past.

Aapt (Indian Origin) means 'someone who can be trusted and who is close to your heart’. A great name for your son.

Abhinay (Indian Origin), meaning, 'someone who is expressive’, is one of the fun Marathi names for your little person.

Advik (Indian Origin), meaning, 'blessed or unique’, is another pure name of Lord Shiva.

Ajinkya (Indian Origin), meaning, 'undefeated’, is a royal name for a son.

Amod (Indian Origin), meaning, 'content and cheerful’, is the sign of the god of happiness.

Anup (Indian Origin) means 'someone who can’t be compared with anyone’. Another great name in Marathi for a handsome son.

Arav (Indian Origin) means 'someone who is patient or silent or morning sound’. This name certainly has the fire of Lord Vishnu.

Atharv (Indian Origin), meaning, 'Ved’, is also one of the Vedas in Hindu religious text.

Bhavik (Indian Origin), meaning, 'admirer or spiritual’, is also one of the Marathi names for a newborn baby boy.

Chinmay (Indian Origin), meaning, 'wise’, is another lovely name of Lord Ganesha.

Darsheel (Indian Origin), meaning, 'someone who is just good’, is surely a great choice.

Divyesh (Indian Origin) means 'god of light, which is sun’. A lovely name for your young ruler.

Harshvardhan (Indian Origin) means 'someone who intensifies desire’.

Ishit (Indian Origin), meaning, 'born to rule’, as will always be desirous to rule.

Jasraj  (Indian Origin), meaning, 'god of fame’, a bright name for your boy who will gain fame.

Ketak (Indian Origin), meaning, 'flower or flower with fragrance’, is a name for a boy and not a girl.

Nihar (Indian Origin) means 'fog or dew’.

Samyak (Indian Origin), meaning, 'someone who is fulfilled or the shadow of Buddha’, will show how patient he is.

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