93 Popular Marathi Baby Boy Names To Name Your Little Lad

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Pure and sacred Marathi baby boy names are preferred by parents looking for Marathi boy names.
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Marathi baby boy names that bring the feeling of joy and light in a person are highly preferred by Marathi parents across the world.

Many Marathi baby names are focused on religious deities like Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Indra, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, and several others. Also, many Marathi baby names, including girl names, are also based on natural elements like fire, wind, light, flower, sky, universe, Earth, Moon, lotus, and more.

Parents believe that selecting a good Indian male name in the Marathi language will bring joy and fame to the baby and make the baby the master of the world or, rather, the ruler of the universe. If you are also interested in Marathi names for your baby, make sure that you understand the name's meaning thoroughly.

Read on for an exhaustive list of baby boy names in Marathi to select the baby boy name you find the most appropriate for your little munchkin to rule the world.

Modern Marathi Names For Baby Boys

If you are looking for some modern Marathi names for your baby boy, the below list is made for you. Here are some brilliant names with an interesting meaning.

Aarav (Hindi origin)is a name that represents 'calm morning sounds' and is a great name for people who have peaceful and quiet personalities.

Ajinkya (Hindi origin)is a Marathi name that means 'royal or unbeatable'.

Ajitesh (Sanskrit origin) is the name of Lord Vishnu.

Amol (Sanskrit origin) is a name that means 'valuable'.

Advik (Hindi origin), meaning 'rare' or 'special', is also another name for Lord Shiva.

Akshaj (Hindi origin) is a common Marathi name that means 'Lord Vishnu'.

Dhaval (Hindi origin) refers to someone or something 'fair' or 'white'.

Kunal (Hindi origin) means 'lotus child' and is a common Marathi name for boys.

Manav (Hindi origin) is a masculine name referring to 'humankind', 'human being', or 'youth'.

Mihir (Hindi origin) is another name for the 'Sun'.

Nivant (Marathi origin) is a great name referring to 'someone who is cool and calm'.

Nidhra (Marathi origin) represents 'someone who resembles the Moon'.

Prahas (Sanskrit, Hindi origin) is a name that shows characteristics of 'a person who is upright and possesses a lot of qualities'.

Ojas (Hindi origin) is another name for Hindu Lord Ganesha. It means 'glow' or 'body power'.

Piyush (Hindi origin) has a beautiful definition that describes it as 'nectar' or 'drink for immortality'.

Pruthviraj (Hindi origin) is another name for Lord Shiva.

Sarthak (Indian origin) is a name that represents 'success', 'achievement', or 'purposeful'.

Siddhant (Hindi origin) is a sweet name defined as 'principles' or 'values'.

Tanmay (Hindi origin) is a common modern Marathi name that means 'absorbed' or 'engrossed with inspiration'.

Yash (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'success' or 'win',is another name similar to the meaning of Utkarsh. 

Unique Baby Boy Names In Marathi With Meaning

Every parent would like to give their newborn a unique name with a unique meaning. We have searched and collected some unique Marathi baby boy names along with their meanings.

Aapt (Hindi origin) is a short and sweet name meaning 'trustworthy' or 'close to heart'.

Aakhya (Marathi, Hindi origin) is a Marathi name for boys referring to 'someone who has fame and high reputation'.

Amod (Hindi origin) is an Indian name meaning 'pleasure' or 'happiness'.

Anup (Sanskrit origin) is a seldom-used name that means 'incomparable' or 'unequaled'.

Anvay (Hindi origin) is another uncommon name that means 'integration' or 'being united'.

Atharv (Sanskrit origin), another name for Lord Ganesh, is also the name of one of the renowned Hindu Vedas.

Atulya (Hindi origin) means 'incredible' and is a great name choice for your baby boy.

Avneesh (Hindi origin) is another Indian name referring to Lord Ganesha, and it also means 'God of Earth'.

Chinmay (Hindi origin) represents 'someone who is full of knowledge'. This is also one of the many names of Lord Ganesha.

Darsheel (Hindi origin) refers to 'something or someone that is good to look at'. It is also the name of the actor in the famous Bollywood movie 'Taare Zameen Parr'.

Ekansh (Hindi origin) is a sweet Marathi name that means 'complete' or 'whole'.

Harshal (Sanskrit origin) means 'happiness' or refers to someone who is 'joyful'.

Ishit (Hindi origin) is a unique Indian name that represents 'one whose desires is to rule'.

Ilesh (Hindi origin), meaning 'Lord of Earth',is another uncommon name for boys.

Jayesh (Sanskrit origin)is a combination of words that mean 'win' and 'lord'. So, Jayesh means 'Lord of Victory'.

Mrudun (Hindi origin)is one of the numerous names for Lord Shiva.

Namniya (Hindi origin)is a pure name given for 'someone who is full of respect' or 'a respectable person'.

Nandedkar (Marathi origin) is used to refer to someone who belongs to the city of Nanded in Maharashtra andis quite an uncommon Marathi name.

Narvel (Hindi origin)is a very sacred Indian name that means 'the time of mankind'.

Nishakant (Hindi origin)refers to 'ruler of the nation'.

Nrupal (Hindi origin), meaning 'king',is another sacred name for boys.

Common meanings of Marathi names relate to Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, and Goddess Lakshmi.

Latest Baby Boy Names In Marathi

If you are Marathi names for baby boy that goes along with the latest generational trends, this section provides exactly such kinds of names for you to choose from. At the beginning of life, the name given to a person is believed to have some impact on life.

Find below some of the latest baby boy names in Marathi, along with their meanings.

Ajay (Hindi origin),meaning 'victorious,' is believed to motivate the baby to be victorious in life.

Amey (Marathi origin), meaning 'eagle',is a Marathi name for boys, which is also another name for Lord Ganesha.

Hritik (Hindi origin), also written as 'Hrithik',means 'from the heart'. It is also the name of the famous Bollywood actor, Hrithik Roshan.

Indivar (Hindi origin)is defined as a 'blue lotus flower'.

Ishaan (Hindi origin)is derived from the Sanskrit word 'isha' and refers to the Sun or the 'Lord of Wealth'. It is also a name associated with Lord Shiva.

Ishayu (Marathi origin) is a Marathi name that means 'Sun'.

Jayant (Sanskrit origin)is an addition to the list of names of Lord Shiva. Its literal definition is 'victorious' and 'triumphant'.

Pankajalochana (Marathi origin)is a Marathi boy name that means 'lotus-eyed Lord Krishna'.

Prahaval (Hindi origin) is a Marathi name that means 'to have a magnificent form'.

Pranal (Hindi origin), meaning 'a waterway' or 'creek',is a nice name for boys.

Pranay (Hindi origin)has many meanings, including 'affection', 'leader', 'romance', and more.

Pyarelal (Hindi origin)is another name for Lord Krishna.

Rahul (Sanskrit, Pali origin)is quite a liked and modern name that means 'efficient'. It also refers to the 'son of Buddha'.

Sahil (Hindi origin)is an appropriate Indian name for some with leadership qualities. The meaning of this name is 'leader' or 'guide'.

Sanyam (Hindi origin) refers to someone who 'has patience, self-control' and is 'self-reserved'.

Shantanu (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'peace loving', is a name inspired by Mahabharata’s character, who was Bhisma’s father.

Soham (Hindi origin), in Sanskrit, means 'I am'. It also refers to God Brahma of Hindu mythology.

Spandan (Hindi origin)is an uncommon Marathi name that means 'heartbeat'.

Tejas (Hindi origin)is a great name for boys meaning 'brightness' or 'brilliance'.

Tushar (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'winter' or 'snow', is a name liked by many.

Vaibhav (Sanskrit origin)is a common Hindu Marathi name that means 'moral' and 'prosperity'. It is also another name for Lord Vishnu, husband of Goddess Lakshmi.

Varad (Hindi origin)is a name that refers to 'Lord Ganesha' and the 'God of Fire'.

Vinit (Hindi origin) refers to someone who has qualities like 'being humble' or 'of a requesting nature'.

Newborn Baby Boy Names In Hindu Marathi Culture

This section includes a collection of names that have both Hindu and Marathi origins. A majority of these names are inspired by Hindu mythology. 

Aahan (Hindi origin), a beautiful name, means 'sunrise' or 'first ray of light'. It also refers to 'someone who is of the nature of time itself'.

Aakash (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'the sky',is quite a common name for boys.

Aalok (Sanskrit origin)refers to 'light of divinity' and is also another name for Lord Shiva.

Aanal (Hindi origin) is a Hindu name for boys that means 'fire'.

Abhilash (Hindi origin)is the masculine form for Abhilasha, and it means 'desire' or 'hope'.

Abhinay (Hindi origin) is a Hindi word that refers to 'acting' or 'expression'. It qualifies as a good Marathi name for boys. 

Apoorv (Sanskrit origin) has many meanings, some of which include 'consolation', 'patience', 'resolute', and more.

Avanindra (Sanskrit origin)literally means 'king of the Earth'.

Bhavik (Hindi origin), pronounced as 'Bhaavik', is a name that means 'emotional' in Sanskrit. It is also defined as 'devotee'.

Bhushan (Hindi origin)is another name for Lord Vishnu. Its literal meaning is 'ornament' or 'honor'.

Dinesh (Hindi origin) is a synonym for the Sun. It is literally defined as 'lord of the day'.

Divyesh (Hindi origin) is another synonym for the 'Sun'.

Eklavya (Hindi origin) means 'the student who learned to bow by watching'. This is based on the character who was a part of the epic of Mahabharata.

Gandharv (Hindi origin), meaning 'master musician', is also another name for the Sun.

Harshvardhan (Hindu origin) is a name that refers to 'someone who enhances or increases joy'.

Indra (Hindi origin) is the word used to refer to 'the god of thunder'.

Induj (Sanskrit origin) is another word for Moon and Sky.

Iresh (Sanskrit origin)is a handsome Hindu Marathi name that refers to Lord Vishnu, husband of Goddess Lakshmi.

Ishant (Sanskrit origin), a Marathi name for boys, is defined as 'a lovely or cute baby' and is also another name for Lord Shiva.

Jaideep (Hindi origin) is a name that means 'victory or light of success'.

Parth (Hindi origin) is another name inspired by Arjun, the main character in the epic of Mahabharata. It means 'one who never misses their target'.

Prasan (Marathi origin)is a Marathi name for boys referring to 'someone who is a successful person in life'.

Prasvar (Marathi origin)is a unique name that means 'a holy and sacred syllable Om’.

Pratibhavan (Hindi origin) is a Hindu Marathi name that means 'intelligent'.

Pushpit (Hindi origin)is a handsome name that means 'blooming' or 'bearing flowers'.

Sarang (Hindi origin)refers to a musical instrument and also means 'brilliance'. It also has other meanings like 'Moon' or 'Lord Krishna'.

Shankar (Sanskrit origin)is the Hindi term for Lord Shiva and also refers to someone 'who brings about prosperity or happiness'.

Umang (Hindi origin)is a name filled with positivity. It means 'enthusiasm', 'ambition', or 'aspiration'.

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