110+ Beautiful And Tough Girl Names

Georgia Stone
Feb 16, 2024 By Georgia Stone
Originally Published on Nov 20, 2020
Adorable baby girl making a funny face expression while lifted by her mom.

Baby girls are powerful little darlings who can grab the attention of everyone in the room.

Most parents hope to raise strong willed and fierce girls who will be able to take on life's curveballs with ease. Tough names for girls make this a lot easier.

Strong girl names are meaningful and will give your daughter more strength of character as she learns the ways of the world. With women making tremendous progress in several industries and being pioneers in their field, you surely want your little girl to follow in their footsteps. Or even better, you will want her to carve out her own.

Tough girl names will allow your daughter to do just that and will become an integral part of her identity.

Whether it's warrior or fighter names, names inspired by strong women of the past and present, or even powerful girl names with strong girl nicknames, there's no end to the options to choose from when it comes to selecting the right name for your baby girl.

Why not take a look through this list of strong girls' names and pick a meaningful name you like for your baby girl? For more inspiration, you can also check out our articles on strong female names and tomboy names.

Tough Girl Names Inspired By Notable Women

Want to explore some baby girl names that are inspired by notable or famous women? Here are some powerful names you might like.

1. Adele (German origin), meaning "nobility". Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is a famous English singer and songwriter.

2. Amelia (German, English origin), the name means "hardworking". Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Andrea (Greek origin), meaning "courageous". Andrea Lee is the MMA fighter and American kickboxer signed with the UFC.

4. Alex (Greek origin), meaning "protector". Could be inspired by the American football player, Alex Morgan.  

5. Bessie (English origin), meaning "God is my oath". The world's first African-American and Native American female pilot was Bessie Coleman.    

6. Ella (Spanish origin), the name means "young girl". Ella Fitzgerald, was a singer and the first black woman who won a Grammy.  

7. Frida (German origin), the name means "peace". Frida Kahlo was a renowned artist who also took a strong stance on social issues like feminism and the rights of the LGBTQ community.

8. Gabriela (Hebrew origin), the name means "messenger of God". The first Latin American author to win a Nobel Prize was Gabriela Mistral.  

9. Gerlinde (German origin), meaning "flexible spear". Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner is the first woman who climbed 8000 meters and higher peaks without the use of oxygen.

10. Greta (Greek origin), the name means "pearl". Greta Thunberg, the Swedish environmental activist, is world renowned for her fight against climate change.  

11. Helen (Greek origin), meaning "bright". Inspired by the deaf and blind social activist, Helen Keller.

12. Hillary (Latin, Greek origin), the name means "cheerful". Name of Hillary Clinton, former US Senator and Secretary of State.

13. Indira (Sanskrit origin), the name means "splendid" or "beautiful". Indira Gandhi was the first female Prime Minister of India.

14. Isabella (Hebrew origin), the name means "consecrated to God". Isabella Bird was the first woman that the Royal Geographical Society accepted.  

15. Joan (English origin), meaning "God is merciful". Inspired by the French martyr, Joan of Arc.

16. Junko (Japanese origin), a tough name that means "pure".Junko Tabei was the first woman to touch the Mount Everest summit.

17. Kat (English origin), the name means "pure". Kat Gunn is the world's highest earning female gamer.

18. Krystyna (Greek origin), meaning "follower of Christ". After Krystyna Chojnowska-Liskiewicz, the first woman to sail solo around the world from 1976 to 1978.

19. Margaret (Latin, French, Greek origin), the name means "pearl". Margaret Thatcher was the first female Prime Minister of Britain.  

20. Marie (French origin), the name means "from the sea". Marie Curie was a world renowned scientist and also the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize.

21. Maud (German origin), the name means "powerful battler". Maud Stevens Wagner was the US' first female tattoo artist.

22. Meryl (English origin), the name means "shining sea". Inspired by the actress who has won many hearts, Meryl Streep.  

23. Michelle (Hebrew origin), meaning "who is like God"? Michelle Obama was the First Lady of the United States between 2009 and 2017.

24. Oprah (Hebrew origin), the name means "gazelle". The name shot up to popularity due to the American talk show host, actress, author, television producer, and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey.  

25. Serena (Greek, Latin origin), the name means "tranquil" or "clear". Name of Serena Williams, the American professional tennis player.  

26. Tracy (Irish origin), meaning "war like" or "fighter". Tracy Cortez is the MMA fighter from UFC.

27. Valentina (Latin, Roman origin), meaning "strong" or "healthy". Inspired by Valentina Tereshkova, the youngest and the first woman who flew into space on a solo mission in 1963.

Girl Names With Tomboy Nicknames

Looking for a beautiful girl name that has the perfect tomboy nickname? Pick one name you like from this list of baby names.

28. Adira (Hebrew origin), meaning "strong". Nickname: Adi.

29. Alexa (Greek origin), meaning "defender of mankind". Nickname: Alex. Among the most popular tough girl names.  

30. Althia (Greek origin), the name means "one who possesses healing powers". Nickname: Al.

31. Blakely (English origin), meaning "one who is from the dark meadow". Nickname: Blake.

32. Charlisa (German origin), the name means "brave woman". Nickname: Charlie.

33. Edme (Scottish origin), meaning "defender". Nickname: Ed.

34. Erlene (English origin), the name means "princess". Nickname: Earl.

35. Frankie (Latin origin), meaning "the free one". Nickname: Frank.

36. Jaiyana (Arabic origin), this name means "strength". Nickname: Jai, Jay.

37. Yashica (Indian origin), the name means "successful, brave, and smart". Nickname: Yash.

Strong Female Names

Want to choose strong names for girls that your baby will be proud to wear for the rest of her life? Choose the name you like from among this list.  

38. Aeon (Greek origin), the name means "life" or "vital force". A tough name for your daughter.

39. Alessandra (Italian origin) this name means "protector".  

40. Andriette (Danish origin), meaning "fearless". This is one of the tough girl names you can use for your daughter.  

41. Anoud (Arabic origin), meaning "courageous".

42. Aphrodite (Greek origin), the name means "born from sea foam". Aphrodite is the Goddess of love and fertility in Greek mythology.  

43. Basilah (Arabic origin), meaning "fearless".

44. Bast (Egyptian origin), the name means "fire" or "heat".

45. Brendette (Scandinavian origin), the name means "sword". Among the tough girl names you can pick for your daughter.

46. Bridget (Gaelic origin), the name means "strength".

47. Casey (Irish origin), the name means "bravery in battle".  

48. Dree (Greek origin) among the names that mean "strong".

49. Eirene (Greek origin), the name means "peace".

50. Esther (Persian origin), meaning "star".

51. Etana (Hebrew origin), the name means "dedication".

52. Fia (Irish, Portuguese, Italian origin), the name means "wild".

53. Gerarda (English origin), the name means "brave woman with a spear".

54. Gerde (Scandinavian origin), meaning "protected".

55. Gertrude (German origin), among the names meaning "power" or "strength".

56. Helga (Scandinavian origin), meaning "a respected woman".

57. Hildi (German origin), the name means "ready for war". A tough name for your little one.

58. Inanna (Sumerian origin), the name means "lady of the heavens".

59. Isane (German origin), this name means "strong willed".

60. Kaimana (Hawaiian origin), the name means "power of the ocean".

61. Kara (Norse origin), meaning "the rough, stormy one". This is one of the most fierce baby names.

62. Keren (Hebrew origin), this is one of the names that mean "power".

63. Kindra (Scandinavian origin), this name means "the greatest champion". Among the strong baby names for girls.

64. Lenna (German origin), meaning "one who has the strength of a lion". An excellent choice for a tough little girl.

65. Leona (French origin), meaning "lion".

66. Lova (Scandinavian origin), this name means "sounds of battle".  

67. Lucy (Latin origin), the name means "light". Perfect for your baby girl who will surely light up your life.

68. Maliha (Islamic origin), the name means "strength and beauty".

69. Marcella (Latin origin), meaning "warlike". Among the best female warrior names.

70. Maya (Latin origin), the name means "great".

71. Meredith (Celtic origin), a strong name meaning "defender of the sea".

72. Millicent (English, French origin), meaning "strong worker".

73. Minerva (Latin origin), meaning "intellect". Also the name of the Roman Goddess of war and wisdom.

74. Moja (Scandinavian origin), name meaning "great".    

75. Moriko (Japanese origin), the name means "child of the forest". A unique name to consider when naming your baby.

76. Moxie (American origin), a unique name meaning "one who is bold and shows strength of character".

77. Myla (German origin), meaning "soldier". A tough name for girls.  

78. Nasrin (Persian origin), the name means "wild rose".

79. Neci (Slavic origin), name meaning "fiery". One of the best tough names for girls.

80. Nia or Nyah (Swahili origin), the name means "purpose".

81. Nikita (Greek origin), meaning "unconquered".

82. Odile (French origin), the name means "one who is successful in battle". Among the powerful names for girls.

83. Oula (Scandinavian origin), the name means "strong willed or determined".

84. Prima (Norse origin),a namemeaning "battle".

85. Riley (Irish origin), name meaning "brave".

86. Rosabella (German origin), this strong name means "renowned protector".

87. Sandra (Greek origin), meaning "protector of mankind".  

88. Shamara (Arabic origin), a strong name meaning "ready for battle".

89. Thema (African origin), meaning "Queen". Perfect for the queen of your heart.

90. Trudy (German origin), name meaning "spear of strength". One of the most popular tough girl names.

91. Ulf (German origin), the name means "wolf". Another fierce name for your baby girl.

92. Urszula (Scandinavian origin), meaning "tiny female bear".

93. Valda (German origin), meaning "battle heroine".

94. Valencia (Latin origin), the name means "healthy".

95. Valerie (French origin), meaning "fierce".

96. Vega (Arabic origin), meaning "sweeping eagle".

97. Velika (Slavic origin), this strong name means "wondrous".

98. Wilda (German origin), the name means "wild".

99. Wyetta (English origin), meaning "war like strength".    

100. Xylia (Greek origin), this name means "one who dwells in the forest". A tough name for a tough girl.  

101. Yulla (Scandinavian origin), the name means "affluent".

102. Zasha (Russian origin), meaning "protector of the people".  

103. Zelda (German origin), this tough name means "grey fighting maiden".  

Girl Names That Mean Warrior Or Fighter

Do you want to give your daughter a girl name that has a more specific meaning? Why not pick one of these powerful names meaning "fighter" or "warrior"? 

104. Aife (Irish origin), meaning "warrior".  

105. Aloisa (German origin), meaning "well known fighter". One of the most unique warrior female names for your baby.  

106. Arvid (Scandinavian origin), this powerful name means "brave fighter or warrior".

107. Batilde (German origin), a girl name meaning "warrior".

108. Bellatrix (Latin origin), the name means "female warrior".

109. Kelly (Irish origin), meaning "warrior".

110. Luisa (German origin), meaning "renowned female warrior".

111. Lulita (German origin), meaning "renowned warrior".

112. Maia (Maori origin), the name means "courageous warrior".

113. Marcheline (French origin), meaning "warrior".

114. Minka (Polish origin), meaning "strong willed warrior".

115. Serrilda (German origin), this powerful name means "an armed warrior woman".

116. Zoe (Greek origin), meaning "one who is equivalent to a fighter".

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for beautiful and tough girl names, then why not take a look at something different like these flower names for girls or these fancy boy names?

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