69 Beautifully Ancient Tamil Names And Their Meanings

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Ancient Tamil names feature a range of pure Tamil baby names from the Sangam age.

Tamil baby names feature in the list of best Indian names from literature for a son and a daughter.

Every young parent desires to select baby names that relate to popular personalities. Indian names are undoubtedly on the list of best baby names as they reflect wisdom, culture, and tradition.

Ancient Tamil King Names

These names of kings have an aura of majesty and power, a trait parents may wish to give to their newborns. Here are some South Indian baby names and baby boy names that are popular in Tamil Nadu.

Nirush (Persian origin) is a king from the Mahabharata. It is a pure Tamil name for your baby boy.

Panan (Hindi origin) is the name of a small region king. It is one of the popular baby names for boys.

Nithin (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'brave king and leader of a good way', is a perfect Hindu name you can select for your boy; after all, it is a great name taken from ancient kings.

Kadalan (Sanskrit origin) is a well-known Sangam poet named one of the best boy names in Tamil literature.

Rajees (Indian origin) means 'ruler', 'fame', or 'like king'. It is a royal Tamil name of a king you can choose.

Prabha (Hindi origin), meaning 'the king' or 'light', is quite a famous Hindu name among Tamilians. It is nothing short of a name of a king.

Vasu (Hindi origin) is the name of an ancient king, and it actually has a good old charm.

Rishab (Hindi origin), meaning 'king of morality and superiority', is another famous Hindu name for your baby boy with a strong meaning.

Pothan (Tamil origin) is a famous Sangam poet and this is one of the rarest Hindu names you can find for your baby boy.

Rehaan (Arabic origin), meaning 'star' or 'a king', is another unique and beautiful name for your boy.

Tanvit (Kannada origin), meaning 'courage' or 'king', has paved the way for an extravagant ancient boy name.

Aviyan (Sanskrit origin) is the name of a small region king. This name is a strong vintage Hindu name.

Adheesh (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'king' or 'ruler', is a compact Hindu name that packs a lot of punch into just a few letters.

Aswanth (Hindi origin), meaning 'victorious' or 'great king', is another short name with a powerful meaning.

Yuvraj (Hindi origin), meaning 'son of the king', is a very popular name you can choose for your boy.

Ezhilarasan (Hindi origin), meaning 'prettiest king', is a complicated name and is fit for your little prince.

Thanuj (Kannada origin), meaning 'king of the kingdom', is a versatile name. It is a name that is yet to catch people's fancy and is up for grabs.

Ancient Tamil Queen Names

According to the latest trend, parents are looking for unique names which are cool, adorable, and in fashion. Here are some suggested girl names for young queens and princesses.

Arya (Persian origin), meaning 'a noble goddess' or 'queen', is a beautiful name you can choose for your new family member.

Vanu (Hindi origin), meaning 'queen of forest', is a remarkable modern Tamil baby name.

Aashi (Hindi origin), meaning 'queen of family' or 'hope', is a pretty name as your daughter is the princess of your house.

Arasi (Tamil origin), means 'a beautiful queen'. It is profound. Some names are lighthearted.

Miral (Arabic origin), meaning 'reigning queen', is a name that remains popular, no matter how old it gets.

Srini (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'love', 'queen', 'daughter of Goddess Lakshmi', is a holy name you can choose for your girl.

Rutuja (Hindi origin), meaning 'queen of seasons', is the name you need that can match her royal air.

Navya (Hindi origin), meaning 'beauty of queens', is a Tamil name that is so wonderful that it never falls out of favor.

Ishika (Hindi origin), meaning 'the queen of water and mountain', is a powerful royal name.

Vennila (Sanskrit origin) means 'moon'. As the name means beautiful, it is commonly used by Tamilians.

Dhivyaa (Hindi origin), meaning 'the queen of the universe' or 'wisdom', is a classic Tamil name for your baby girl.

Surani (Hindi origin), meaning 'ideal' or 'beautiful queen', could be the one for your little princess.

Sakshi (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'purity' or 'queen', is another popular name. It's an elegant and unique name that will give your child a fierce start.

Rakavi (Hindi origin), meaning 'queen of music and songs', is a melodious name for your little girl.

Yadvi (Hindi origin), meaning 'queen' or 'Goddess Durga', is for a baby girl destined to grow to be strong.

Hiral (Hindi origin) means 'gem', 'bright', 'queen', or 'diamond'. This is a perfect name for your sweet little darling.

Rina (Hindi origin), meaning 'queen' or 'beloved', is good if you’re looking for a name for your baby that's fit for a royal.

Ancient Girl Baby Names In Tamil

Meanings of names differ according to the culture and wisdom of the people. In South India, the ancient Tamil king's name or queen's name can be used for a young boy or girl, respectively. Here are some girl names for you.

Aadarshini (Tamil origin), meaning 'idealistic', is a unique name. So, go for this beautiful name if you are an optimist.

Aadhya (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'first power', is a beautiful and powerful name for your little girl.

Sumaya (Arabic origin), means 'beautiful' or 'with excellent plans', is the name you may look for if you believe in keeping things simple.

Swetha (Hindi origin), meaning 'lovely' or 'beautiful', can be a pretty name for your little girl.

Tharni (Tamil origin), meaning 'beautiful' or 'a division of the shire', is a good one if you’re looking for a modern Tamil baby name that is both special and unique.

Tanvee (Hindi origin), meaning 'slender', 'beautiful', 'delicate', or 'Goddess Durga', is quite unique. It is essential to pick a unique yet meaningful name for your little girl.

Abilasha (Tamil origin), meaning 'wish' or 'desire', is also perfect for your girl as it seems.

Bhavika (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'well-meaning', 'righteous', or 'cheerful expression', is an artistic name if you are looking for a unique name for your baby girl.

Anasuya (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'non-jealous', is one of the names that carry good old charm.

Srithi (Hindi origin), meaning 'beautiful', 'referring to god', or 'Goddess Lakshmi', is another popular name in this list.

Banhi (Hindi origin), meaning 'fire', as fire is considered holy and special by most Indians. The Tamil culture too worships fire.

Bhanumati (Hindi origin), meaning 'bright' or 'shining', is a beautiful name and girls always bring happiness and joy to the family.

Devika (Hindi origin), meaning 'little goddess', is a beautiful name and is easy to spell and pronounce.

Deesha (Hindi origin), meaning 'direction', is also spelled as Disha. It is a popular Indian name that is common among Tamilians too.

Eila (Hebrew origin), meaning 'the Earth' or 'cardamom tree', is quite a unique name for your girl. Eila, pronounced as 'Ila', is short, stylish, and sweet.

Gitika (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'small song', is no longer just a Tamil name. But it remains a great option for parents looking for a pretty name for their little girls.

Gayathri (Hindi origin), meaning 'good character', 'precious angel', 'Goddess Durga', or 'chant of salvation', is also spelled Gayatri and has become a pan-India name.

Gitanjali (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'an offering of songs', is quite a beautiful name as one of the biggest divine gifts we have today is music.

Beautiful Ancient Tamil Flower Names

There are only some things you can compare to a flower's beauty, and one of those is your new baby girl. Here are some old ancient Tamil flower names from traditional literature.

Neha (Hindi origin), meaning 'beautiful eyes', 'love and affection', or 'a flower', is quite a popular name among Tamilians. So you can go for it and give the best name for your pretty little flower.

Eshal (Arabic origin), meaning 'flower in heaven', is a unique and wonderful name for a baby girl. This might have the right touch of sweetness and femininity.

Manju (Hindi origin), meaning 'charming', is a name that is as unique as a name can get.

Mansi (Hindi origin), meaning 'plucked flower', 'desire', or 'internal beauty', is one of the sweetest names for a beautiful girl.

Ayanna (African origin), meaning 'beautiful flower', is another popular name you can shortlist.

Pushpa (Hindi origin), meaning 'flower', is the name that will stand out from the rest and perfectly suit your girl.

Rusha (Hindi origin), meaning 'blooming flowers', is another unique name on the list for your newborn.

Neepa (Hindi origin) is a flower's name that will help you welcome your little flower bud.

Parul (Bengali origin) is the name of a flower that also means 'graceful' or 'the flow of water'. Parul is a pretty simple name.

Yuthi (Hindi origin), meaning 'Juhi flower', 'herd', or 'unite', is a pretty name that evokes flowers in their glory.

Hena (Arabic origin), meaning 'a flower', 'gracious', 'merciful', 'rose', or 'blessed', is unusual and is a good choice if you want a name that stands out.

Sanni (Susanna origin), meaning 'the flower Lily', is a simple yet cute name you can always choose for your little one.

Karvi (Hindi origin), meaning 'a golden flower' or 'moonlight', is another pretty name you can choose.

Ganika (Hindi origin) is the name of a flower that will be the perfect name for the latest addition to your family.

Kusum (Hindi origin), meaning 'a beautiful flower that Lord Krishna likes', is a unique and sweet pick.

Noorja  (Arabic origin), meaning 'disease-less' or 'lotus flower', is one of the names that you fall in love with instantly.

Maalini (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'as beautiful as flowers', is a sweet name you can choose for your little princess.

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