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Originally Published on Sep 24, 2020
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Searching for the perfect name for your baby boy?

There are many things to think about when it comes to boy names. Do you want something traditional and popular?

Or would you prefer something a little (or a lot) more unusual? First names ending in 'er' span the whole range, from cute to classic to cultural.

They have their origin in Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Old English, Germanic, Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic and beyond. Since it's increasingly common to use traditional European surnames as given names, there are also heaps of options there ending in 'er'. There's also the option to subvert tradition by shaking up the spelling of common names.

You'll find that many of these names are fairly easy to pronounce, have two syllables (a growing trend)- and are great for baby names and beyond.

We hope you will find our selection of boy names ending in 'er' helpful. The most popular names on this list in 2020 were Oliver, Asher and Jasper, so those are ones to avoid if you'd prefer your child to be the only one of their name in their class.

But whether your choice ends up being wildly popular or super unique, remember that your boy or boys will surely grow into and love their name, no matter what the origin or ending!

So, from Asher to Zander, we've listed 100 boy names for you to peruse here.

We've also got guides to great boys' names ending in "ie" and boys' names ending in "son" if you want even more inspiration.

Popular Baby Names Ending In Er

These 'er' names are not unusual to hear in the UK.

1) Alexander - Greek name meaning "protector/defender of men".

2) Christopher - Anglicised version of the Greek Christóforos, meaning "Christ-bearer".

3) Oliver - Old French and Medieval British name, associated with the Latin olivarius, meaning "olive tree planter". This was the most popular boy's name in the UK in 2020! Meanwhile, Olivia was the most popular girl's name.

4) Olivier - Like Oliver, an Old French and Medieval British name associated with the Latin olivarius, meaning "olive tree planter".

5) Peter - From the Greek meaning "stone" or "rock".

6) Spencer - Old English and French occupational name for a steward.

7) Walter - From the Germanic words for "power" and "army".

Hebrew And Arabic Boys' Names Ending In Er

Many beautiful names derive from Hebrew and Arabic words.

8) Abeer - Arabic name meaning "scent", "perfume" or "fragrance". Also spelt Abir.

9) Abner - Hebrew name meaning "God is light" or "God is my light".

10) Asher - Various origins, including a Hebrew word meaning "happy" or "blessing"; an Arabic word meaning "wise or "knowledgeable"; and an Old English and Germanic word for an ash maker. While not traditionally a common British name, this was among the top 10 most popular boy baby names in the UK in 2020.

11) Ebenezer - Hebrew name meaning "stone of the help".

12) Eleazer - Hebrew name meaning "God is a helper".

13) Haider - Arabic word for "lion", also spelt Haydar.

14) Nasser - Arabic name meaning "granter of victory".

15) Omer - Hebrew word meaning "bundle of corn".

16) Yasser - Arabic word meaning "to be rich".

Traditional European Surnames That Are Now Used As Given Names

These were once surnames, but in recent years they have found new fame, as gorgeous baby names for boys.

17) Adler - German and Yiddish surname meaning "eagle".

18) Archer - From the Middle English "archere", originally an occupational surname for an archer.

19) Baker - Old English surname for a baker.

20) Baxter - Scottish variation of the Old English name Baker.

21) Booker - Old English surname for someone involved with books.

22) Bridger - Old English surname for a family living near a bridge.

23) Calder - Scottish clan name, meaning "stony river" or "violent water".

24) Carter - Old English and Celtic occupational name for someone who transports goods by wagon.

25) Chandler - Middle English occupational name for a candlemaker.

26) Chester - Name of Latin origin meaning "fortress" or "walled town".

27) Cooper - Old English occupational name for one who works with copper. "Copper" comes from the Latin word cuprum, meaning "from the island of Cyprus," where much copper came from.

28) Denver - English locational surname and popular American name based on the state.

29) Dexter - Old English occupational name for a dyer of cloth.

30) Digger - Medieval English occupational name for one who digs ditches.

31) Elmer - From Old English words meaning "noble" and "famous".

32) Fisher - Old English occupational name for one who fished for a living.

33) Fletcher - Old English, Scottish and Irish name for a marker of arrows.

34) Foster - Old Engish occupational name for someone who looked after a forest.

35) Fowler - Old English occupational name for a catcher of wild birds.

36) Hunter - Scottish name for one involved in hunting.

37) Joyner - Old French occupational name for a furniture-maker.

38) Ledger - Anglo-French name meaning "spear tribe".

39) Luther - German name from the words meaning "people" and "army".

40) Maher - Irish name meaning "kindly" or "majestic".

41) Mercer - Old French occupational name for a merchant.

42) Miller - Old English and Scottish occupational names for a miller.

43) Mortimer - Engish surname derived from the French for "dead pond".

44) Palmer - Old English word for a pilgrim.

45) Parker - Old English and French occupational name for a park keeper.

Yes, There Are A Lot Of These Surnames...

46) Porter - Old English occupational name for the gatekeeper of a city.

47) Rayner - Medieval English name, can be traced back to the Old German word Raginhari, meaning "army counsel".

48) Roger - Old French name, can be traced to Old German words for "fame" and "spear".

49) Ryder - Old English name meaning "knight".

50) Sawyer - Old English occupational name for one who sawed wood.

51) Striker - Medieval English occupational name for someone who would measure grain.

52) Stryker - Old German occupational name, meaning "tester".

53) Tanner - Middle English and Dutch occupational name for a tanner of skins.

54) Thatcher - Middle English occupational name for a roof thatcher.

55) Tucker - Old English occupational name for someone who stomped on freshly-woven cloth to soften it.

56) Turner - Common British occupational surname for one who makes small objects.

57) Tyler - Old English and French occupational name for a house builder.

58) Warner - From the Germanic words for "guard" and "army".

59) Wilder - German nickname and later surname for a wild person.

60) Wilmer - Germanic name from "will" and "mar", meaning "famous".

More Baby Boy Names That End In Er

This assortment of baby boy names ending in 'er' range from Gaelic to Greek.

61) Casper - Meaning "treasurer" in ancient Semitic languages.

62) Colter - From the Gaelic "cúl tir", meaning "black land".

63) Evander - Various origins, from the Greek meaning "good man", and the Scottish Gaelic for "bow warrior" or "strong man".

64) Greger - More commonly a surname, Greger comes from the Greek "gregorien", meaning "to be watchful/awake".

65) Gulliver - From the Old French "goulafre", meaning "greedy".

66) Gunther - Germanic name meaning "army" or "warrior".

67) Homer - Greek name meaning "pledge", name of the famous Greek poet (and Simpsons character).

68) Jaiveer - Indian Hindu name meaning "victorious".

69) Jasper - Persian name meaning "treasurer".

70) Javier - Spanish spelling of Xavier, a Basque word meaning "castle".

71) Jupiter - King of the Roman gods.

72) Keifer - Various origins, including the German for "jaw"; or the Irish Gaelic name O Caoimh, derived from "caomh", meaning "gentle.

73) Kyzer - Dutch name meaning "king" or "emperor".

74) Leander - Greek name meaning "lion man".

75) Lysander - Greek name meaning "liberator".

76) Meyer - Various origins including Old English and Germanic words meaning "mayor"; or the Hebrew word Meir, meaning "one who shines".

77) October - From the month in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars.

78) Olander - Swedish name meaning one from the island of Öland.

79) Rajveer - Punjabi name meaning "hero of the land".

80) River - Comes directly from the English word for a river.

81) Skyler - Anglicised version, popularised in America, of the Dutch surnames Schuyler and Schuylar, meaning "scholar".

82) Stryder - Literary name invented by the author JRR Tolkein, which was used as an alias for the character of Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

83) Sylvester - Derived from the Latin for "wooded" or "wild".

84) Tiger - Directly from the English word for a tiger.

85) Tolliver - Americanised form of the Italian family name Taliaferro, meaning "to cut iron".

86) Winter - Comes directly from the English word for winter.

87) Xavier - A place in northern Spain, which became a name with St Francis Xavier.

88) Yasher - Turkish name meaning "one who lives a long life", traditionally spelt Yashar.

Alternative Spellings Of Baby Names

Finally, we find some boy names ending in 'er' with a twist from the traditional spelling. In today's internet-obsessed world, this can be a way to make a name more unique.

89) Alexzander - Alternate spelling of Alexander, a Greek name meaning "protector/defender of men".

90) Allister - Alternate spelling of Alistair, the Anglicised version of the Scottish Gaelic name Alasdair. This likely came from the Norman French Alexandre, which itself came from Alexander.

91) Conner - Alternate spelling of Connor, an Irish name from "Conchobhar", meaning "lover of wolves”.

92) Konner - Another alternative spelling of Connor.

93) Kooper - Alternative spelling of Cooper, an Old English occupational name for one who works with copper.

94) Kristopher - Alternative spelling of Christopher, from the Greek meaning "Christ-bearer".

95) Olliver - Alternative spelling of Oliver.

96) Petter - Alternative spelling of Peter, from the Greek meaning "stone" or "rock".

97) Wynter - Alternative spelling of Winter.

98) Xander - Shortened form of Alexander.

99) Xzavier - Alternative spelling of Xavier.

100) Zander - Alternative spelling of Xander, short for Alexander.

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