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Originally Published on Sep 23, 2020
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Names ending in er have become popular over recent years for sounding unique, fresh, and in many cases, gender neutral.  

To keep up with their growing popularity, there have been tonnes of fresh baby names ending in er that are becoming more popular. Why not follow the trend and look at our selection of baby girl names ending with er?

We have done our research and got a list of the most popular baby girl names that end in er. This list of baby names has been created for girls, but many of these baby names are actually unisex so of course, you can use one of these awesome names for your newborn boy too.

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Names Inspired By Nature

A baby name inspired by nature is bound to be a hit. Nature inspired er names are perfect for earth-lovers and a fantastic way to show appreciation to mother nature. Many of these nature names ending in er have a bohemian feel and could also make a great option for baby girls with an earth zodiac sign.

1. Aster: (Greek) means star. Aster is also a type of flower.

2. Blaer: (Icelandic) means a light breeze.

3. Brier: (French) means heather.

4. Chader: (Sanskrit) means "moon shining" and a pretty, unique name.

5. Chanter: (French) means stone. It is also a variation of Chantal.

6. Clover: (English) is a meadow flower. Clover is a lucky name for your baby girl.

7. Denver: (English) means green valley. It is also the capital of Colorado.

8. Feather: (English) a great name for bird lovers.

9. Flower: (French) is as floral as it gets.

10. Genever: (Old French) means Juniper tree.

11. Ghadeer: (Arabic) means a spring of water.

12. Heather: (English) is an evergreen plant.

13. Hesper: (Greek) means evening star.

14. Juniper: (Latin) is a tree and a fresh baby girl name.

15. Kimber: (English) is the short form of Kimberley and refers to a meadow.

16. Lavender: (English) is a soft, delicate ad fragrant flower.

17. Nilufer: (Turkish) means water lily. It is a popular name in the Middle East.

18. Oleander: (Greek) means an evergreen tree.

19. River: (English) means a stream of water flowing to the sea.

20. Roser: (Latin) an interesting twist on the more classic names Rose or Rosa.

21. Seher: (Arabic) a poetic name that means moon crescent or just before dawn when this crescent is visible. 

22. Timber: (English) means wood. An earthy name for strong girls.

23. Vesper: (Latin) means evening star and evening prayer.

24. Wister: (German) a rare and interesting unisex name related to the Wisteria plant.

Classic Names

This list of girl names ending with er are names that have traditionally been popular. These er names are timeless and very well loved, so totally safe yet stunning options for your newborn.

25. Demeter: (Greek) Demeter is the Greek goddess of the Earth.

26. Elliner: (Greek) it is a variation of Helen meaning sunray.

27. Elmer: (Germanic) means noble and famous.

28. Esther: (Persian) meaning star. She is also a biblical character from the Old Testament.

29. Hester: Germanic origin and variant of Esther. Hetty would make a cute nickname for this name.

30. Jennifer: (English) means "fair one". It is a popular girls' name.

31. Marie-Pier: (French) means the one who brings up.

32. Melinder: (Latin)  means beautiful honey and an interesting spin on the classic name Melinda.

33. Tayler: (French origin) derives from "tailleur" meaning tailor.

34. Yenifer: (Spanish) means white wave.

Unisex -Er Names

The er suffix has historically been popular and common for boys' names, especially er names of English origin. This is particularly because names ending in er are occupational surnames given to men in medieval times, such as Cooper and Parker.

Nowadays, these baby names are used for either sex. Check out this list of awesome gender neutral baby names ending with er

35. Becker: (Hebrew) means to bind. It is also a great nickname for Rebecca.

36. Cooper: (English) means barrel maker.

37. Gardner: (Middle English) after someone who tends to gardens.

38. Harper: (Anglo-Saxon) means "player of a harp". It is a musical name for girls and one of the most popular baby names ending in er.

39. Hunter: (Anglo-Saxon) means hunter or huntress.

40. Jasper: (English) means treasurer.

41. Karter: (English) means transporter of goods in a cart.

42. Mercer: (English) means a merchant, usually in textiles.

43. Palmer: (Anglo-Saxon) is a pilgrim to the holy land. It is believed pilgrims would bring back palm leaves from the holy land as proof.

44. Parker: (English) means a keeper of parks.

45. Sawyer: (English) is someone who saws wood.

46. Walker: (English) typically a surname meaning "fuller of cloth".

Names After Times Of The Year

These er names are perfect for babies born at these specific times of the year, or simply make really cool and quirky baby names.

47. December: (English) also makes for an interesting unisex name.

48. Easter: (Anglo-Saxon) inspired by the holiday and the pagan goddess of the dawn.

49. November: (English) a slightly unusual name after this autumnal month.

50. October: (English) a unisex name after the eighth calendar month.

51. September: (English) a great unisex name for kids born in September.

52. Somer: (German) from the old Germanic for Summer.

53. Summer: (English) means born in the Summer.

54. Winter: (English) a great name inspired by this magical time of year.

55. Wynter: (Anglo Saxon) an interesting name meaning born in winter.

Short And Sweet Names

For something that rolls off the tongue try one of these short names ending with er. We think they are sweet-sounding, unique and fresh names. They could also make great middle names or nicknames for your baby.

56. Abeer: (Arabic) a unisex name that means perfume or scent.

57. Amber: (Arabic) is the brownish-yellow precious stone. Amber the birthstone for the Taurus zodiac sign and so is a great name for a Taurus baby.

58. Anner: (Anglo-Saxon) this name is a variant of Agnes and a unique girl name.

59. Asher: (Germanic) for someone who lives by an ash tree.

60. Bader: (Arabic origin) means full moon.

61. Cheer: (English) a name for happy baby girls.

62. Cinder: (English) means ash and a nod to the fairytale character Cinderella.

63. Ember: (English) meaning spark. It is a unisex baby name for bright children.

64. Emer: (Irish origin) a mystical name meaning sweet. Emer is a character from Irish mythology.

65. Ever: (Hebrew) means beyond. It is a timeless and unusual name.

66. Fajer: (Arabic) means dawn.

67. Fifer: (English) means flute player and another musical girl name.

68. Flaer: (English) is a derivative of flair for stylish girls.

69. Kyler: (Dutch) means archer.

70. Kyzer: (Dutch) a unique name meaning emperor.

71. Inger: (Norse) variation of Ingrid. Feminine form of Ing, the Norse god of fertility.

72. Meher: (Sanskrit) a beautiful name meaning kindness.

73. Pier: (Greek) from the Greek element rock. It is a great gender neutral name.

74. Ryder: (Anglo-Saxon) means to ride.

75. Ryker: (Danish origin) means rich. This name has become popular in the United States.

76. Tiger: (English) a powerful name after the stunning stripy big cat.

77. Tyler: (French) a unisex name that means tilemaker.

Unique Names

Choosing a not-so-obvious baby name can be a little tricky. No fear, we compiled a list of er baby names that would really allow your child to stand out in the playground.  These unique er names are from a variety of backgrounds and many of them can also make really great unisex baby names too.

78. Gayner: (Welsh) means fair.

79. Harminder: (Sanksrit) means "house of god".

80. Jasvinder: (Sanksrit) means god of the thunderbolt.

81. Jawaher: (Arabic origin) means jewels. A stunning name for precious girls.

82. Jupiter: (Greek) the largest planet in our solar system.

83. Kamber: (German) means comb-maker and a fantastic gender-neutral option.

84. Kazmeer: (Sanskrit) means from Kashmir, an area in northern India.

85. Kymber: (Anglo-Saxon) means royal fortress.

86. Menefer: (Egyptian) means established and beautiful.

87. Remember: (English) is a unique name for baby girls.

88. Sayler: (French) means dancer or leaper.

89. Silver: (Anglo-Saxon) after the shiny metal.

90. Whisper: (English) is a soft baby girl name meaning soft voice.

91. Wonder: (English origin) a pretty girl's name that means awe or wonder.

Names Inspired By Famous People And Characters

These er names are so popular that celebrities and fictional characters alike have adopted them. Not only can your child have an awesome baby name ending with er, but their name can also be inspired by someone famous.

92. Chandler: (French) means candle-maker and a fantastic gender-neutral name. Why not name your baby after one of the beloved characters from Friends?

93. Cher: (French) means dear. This name is shared by Cher, the hugely famous singer.

94. Ginger: (English) after the spicy root. Ginger Rogers is a famous Hollywood celebrity.

95. Greer: (Latin) means watchful or diligent. Judy Greer is a famous comedian and actress.

96. Pepper: (English) after the pepper plant. Pepper Potts is the girlfriend of Tony Stark/Ironman.

97. Piper: (German) means flute player. There are many celebrities with this name including Piper Laurie and Piper Halliwell.

98. Rumer: (English origin) means fame. Rumer is the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.

99. Skyler: (Dutch)  a popular modern name for girls meaning scholar. If you're a Breaking Bad fan, this is a great name. Skyler White is the wife of Walter in the award-winning TV series.

100. Sojourner: (French) means "to stay a while". This name is inspired by Sojourner Truth the women's rights activist.

101. Spencer: (English) means provider. Spencer Hastings is one of the main characters in the series Pretty Little Liars.

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