130 Gender-Neutral Nicknames

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Naming a child can be daunting.

A name, especially a gender-neutral nickname, has to be apt as per the child's personality. A lot of things have to be taken into account when naming a child.

A gender-neutral nickname has to be something that best describes the child irrespective of gender. Baby names are something parents hold close to their hearts. Baby names of any gender can also reflect what the parents want their children to be when they grow up. Whichever way you look at it, choosing baby names cannot be taken lightly.

When it comes to choosing baby nicknames, it is an entirely different ball game. Here the parents can let their imagination run riot and select nicknames that are mostly short, sweet, cute, and almost always funny.

Gender-neutral nicknames are quite easy to select. Read on to know some very special nicknames that are gender-neutral and go beyond the gender binary.

Funny Gender-Neutral Nicknames

Nicknames are usually funny because they are not serious names that a child will use formally. Being informal gives gender-neutral nicknames the possibility of a fun element in it. And the gender-neutral nickname Ariel is an all-time favorite among nicknames.

  • Apple - This is the perfect nickname if your baby is the 'apple of your eye' or if they love munching on apples.
  • Banjo - You can nickname someone after this popular musical instrument.
  • Bluebell - Some forests are covered with bluebell flowers that look magical. This name works if someone reminds you of these flowers.
  • Bubba - This is a famous nickname in the US.
  • Bud - It is a flower before blooming or short for the word 'buddy'.
  • Buddy Bear - It means a cute little bear.
  • Cherry - For someone as sweet as a cherry.
  • Daisy Boo - Named after the Walt Disney character, Daisy Duck.
  • Destry - This name means 'war horse'.
  • Fifibelle - This is a funny name.
  • Mowgli - One can be named after the protagonist in 'The Jungle Book'.
  • Pawk - This means 'tiny lobster'.
  • Peanut - This is for someone who enjoys snacking on peanuts or digging into a jar of peanut butter!
  • Royal - It means 'majestic'.
  • Satchel - It is a small bag.

Cool Gender-Neutral Nicknames

Some cool gender-neutral nicknames names have a German origin. Many interesting gender-neutral nicknames are of French origin. A few gender-neutral nicknames that have been trending were of Greek origin. Most Greek-origin gender nicknames are about objects or Gods. Some cool gender-neutral names are Hayden and Ashton.

  • Aiden - This means 'little fire'.
  • Andie - It means 'strong'.
  • Ariel - You could name someone after the popular mermaid from Disney.
  • Babushka - It is a kind of scarf.
  • Bailey - This name means 'agent of the law'.
  • Bennett - It means 'blessed'.
  • Bevan - It means 'son of Evan' and is of Welsh origin.
  • Bitsy Boo - This is a cute name for a small baby.
  • Britton - It means 'from Britain'.
  • Bubby Doo - It means 'lively'.
  • Bugaloo - This is a type of Afro-American dance style.
  • Bump - It is the perfect name for a quick walker.
  • Bun - This is short for Bunny.
  • Bunny - quite a popular nickname for a child or childhood friend. 
  • Button - It suits someone as cute as a button.
  • Cari - This means 'beloved' and is of Welsh origin.
  • Casey - Originating from Irish Gaelic, it means 'watchful' or 'vigilant'.
  • Charley - This German-origin name means 'freeman'.
  • Cubster - Someone who is cute and cubby.
  • Cutiekins - A nonsensical name that sounds cute.
  • Diddles - Someone who moves quickly.
  • Doodles - For someone who likes to doodle.
  • Drew - This means 'strong' and is of Greek origin.
  • Evan - It means 'the Lord is kind'.
  • Fisk - It means 'fisherman'.
  • Frankie - This name of Latin origin; means 'free man' or 'frank'.
  • Hayden - It means 'hay field'.
  • Kelsey - This name means 'ship's victory'.
  • Kiki - This cute name means 'double happiness'.
  • Little Bloop - This is a kind of low-pitched noise.
  • Little Toot - This name is inspired by the sounds a baby makes.
  • Louis - This German and French origin name means 'renowned warrior'.
  • Matilda - A name of German origin that means 'strength in battle'.
  • Murdoch - It means 'sea warrior'.
  • Nanouk - It is of Inuit origin and means 'polar bear'.
  • Nell - a name of Latin and Greek origin that means 'shining light'.
  • Owen - This name means 'noble and young warrior'.
  • Pickle - A great nickname if pickles are someone's favorite treat.
  • Pinkie Pie - Pinkie Pie is a character in 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic'.
  • Poodles - It is a breed of dog. 
  • Pumpkin - It is a type of squash.
  • Punkin-wunkin - This name is perfect for someone who is pumpkin-like.
  • Rory - With its origins in Irish, this name means 'red king'.
  • Rowan: -This nickname means 'dark red' and is of Gaelic origin.
  • Scooby - This is a cool nickname for someone who likes to unravel mysteries.
  • Snickerdoodle - It is a type of cookie.
  • Snookums - This is a term of endearment well suited for a loved one.
  • Taco - a popular Mexican food that makes a cute baby name.
  • Thumper - A character in 'Bambi'.
  • Waddles - This nickname originates from a British surname.

Cute Gender-Neutral Nicknames

These gender-neutral nicknames symbolize the deep affection and love parents have for one another or babies, both born and yet to be born. There are several gender-neutral baby nicknames that are quite famous. Angel is one such name. Cutie-pie is another baby nickname that fits people of any gender.

  • Andy - This name of Scottish origin means 'brave'.
  • Angel - Many loved ones are named Angel, and it means 'messenger'.
  • Arya - This Sanskrit-origin word means 'honorable'.
  • Ash - It means 'happy' and is of Hebrew origin.
  • Ashton - It means 'ash tree town'.
  • Babbu - It is one of the most common nicknames, which is simply a silly name.
  • Bev - It is shortened form of the name Beverly.
  • Cariño - This is one of the nicknames of Spanish origin, which means 'darling'.
  • Cassidy - A nickname of Irish origin that means 'curly-haired'.
  • Chica - one of the most well-known Spanish baby names that means 'little one'.
  • Chickadee - It is a songbird.
  • Chinchilla - This is a South American rodent.
  • Chipmunk - It is a kind of squirrel.
  • Cutie Patootie - This is perfect for a cute person.
  • Darling - A cute and common gender-neutral nickname.
  • Dumpling - A cute name that is also a kind of food.
  • Ewok - They are teddy bear-like creatures from the Star Wars universe.
  • Fifi - It means 'God gives'.
  • Fragolina - It means 'little strawberry'.
  • Jazz - It is a music genre.
  • Jelly Bean - It is a soft and mushy sweet.
  • Leilani - It means 'garland of flowers' and is of Hawaiian origin.
  • Little Lamb - a sweet nickname for a child that follows you everywhere.
  • Lulu - This cute nickname means 'pearl' and is of Swahili origin.
  • Khaleesi - One can nickname someone after this popular 'Game Of Thrones' character.
  • Magneto - A character from X- Men film series.
  • Meems - It is the Arabic letter M.
  • Muffin - is one of the cutest nicknames for any loved one. 
  • Neo - This word means 'new'.
  • Nugget - It is a small lump of gold.
  • Reed - It means 'red-haired'.
  • Sage - It is a kind of herb.
  • Sugar - It is a common endearment term.
  • Tigger - A character in 'Winnie The Pooh'.
  • Tinkerbell - A character in 'Peter Pan'.

Best Gender-Neutral Nicknames

Most nicknames meant exclusively for boys have now been used for girls. These baby names and nicknames have ceased to be gender specific. A gender-neutral nickname, though mostly nonsensical, is a very intense aspect of a relationship. It describes the kind of relationship between two individuals.

  • Amore - This is one of the most common nicknames for 'love'.
  • Auden - means 'old friend' and is of Half Danish origin.
  • Basil - A kind of herb.
  • Cheri - is one of the most common baby names and means 'dear'.
  • Chiquita - This name is of Spanish origin and means 'small'.
  • Chris - This name means 'bearer of Christ'.
  • Cookie - It is a kind of biscuit.
  • Dana - It means 'a perfect-sized pearl'.
  • Denver - This means 'green valley'.
  • Echo - It is a reverberating sound.
  • Hilary - It means 'cheerful'.
  • Honigküsse - This means 'honey kisses'.
  • Izzy - Izzy means 'God's promise'.
  • Jem - It is an alternative for the word 'gem'.
  • Jess - It means 'God exists'.
  • Jules - This name means 'youthful'.
  • Mickey - One can be nicknamed after the well-known character, Mickey Mouse.
  • Mi Vida - This means 'my life'.
  • Moxie - It works for someone spirited.
  • Pasticcino - It is Italian for 'cake'.
  • Patsy - meaning ‘Noble’.
  • Petunia - It is a kind of flower with white or pink flowers.
  • Polpetto - This means 'little meatball'.
  • Posy - It is a bunch of flowers.
  • Ruby - It is a precious stone.
  • Sassy - This is synonymous with the word 'cheeky'.
  • Tracy - It means 'war-like'.
  • Wren - It is a kind of bird.
  • Zephyr - This is a gender-neutral name that has its origins in Greek.
  • Zuckerbienchen - This word means 'little sugar bee'.

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