130 Medieval Male Names With Old World Charm

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Dec 12, 2023 By Georgia Stone
Originally Published on Oct 14, 2020
names for men from old times

Are you looking for good baby names from the medieval period?

Maybe you want to allude to your family's heritage or give your son a unique name from times passed.  There are also timeless names that were common in the medieval period and are still popular today, like John and Richard.  

This list includes names used in medieval Europe from a variety of languages. Using names from the medieval period unlocks a lot of possibilities.

Whether popular or rare, these names call back to an older time, evoking the spirit of bygone centuries. Some were also the names of famous figures of the past, others allude to nature or religion.

This list includes some names that have also been used as surnames. If one of these surnames shows up in your family tree, it might also serve as a fitting medieval name for your baby son.

For more baby name inspiration take a look at these Old English boys' names and these Old English girls' names.

Common Medieval English Male Names

According to historians, medieval texts reveal that William and John were the most common names among men in medieval English.  Here are some other names that were popular in medieval England, some of which still retain popularity.  

1. Ælfric(Old English origin) meaning "elf ruler."

2. Godwin (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "friend of God."

3. John (English origin) meaning "God is gracious."

4. Leofric (Old English origin) meaning "dear ruler."

5. Leofwine (Old English origin) meaning "dear friend."

6. Richard (English origin) from an ancient Germanic name meaning "brave ruler."

7. Robert (English origin) from an ancient Germanic name meaning "bright frame."

8. Thomas (Greek origin) meaning "twin."  

9. William (English origin) from an ancient Germanic name meaning "helmet of will." William the Conqueror bore this name.  

Medieval Versions Of Modern Names

These older names later evolved into names that are popular today.  

10. Adalbert (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "noble and bright." Predecessor of the name Albert.

11. Bréanainn (Irish origin) meaning "prince." Predecessor of the name Brendan.

12. Charibert (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "bright army." Predecessor of the name Herbert.

13. Conchobar (Irish origin) a combination of "hound" and "desiring." Predecessor of the name Conor.

14. Donnchad (Irish origin) meaning "brown battle." Predecessor of the name Duncan.

15. Drustan (Irish origin) meaning "riot." Predecessor of the name Tristan.

16. Gerold (German origin) meaning "rule of the spear." Predecessor of the name Gerald.

17. Morcant (Welsh origin) a combination of "sea" and "circle." Predecessor of the name Morgan.

18. Ode (English origin) meaning "wealth." Predecessor of the names Otto and Otis.  

19. Sigismund (German origin) a combination of "victory" and "protector." An archaic variant of Sigmund.

Germanic Medieval Boy Names

The Germanic people inhabited Northern and Western Europe during the Middle Ages.  Here are some names this medieval group used.

20. Alaric (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "ruler of all."

21. Amalaric (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "ruler of work."

22. Badegisel (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "bold pledge" or "battle pledge."

23. Burchard (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "brave protection."

24. Carloman (Ancient Germanic origin) a combination of Carl and man.  Carl may mean "army."

25. Childebert (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "bright battle."

26. Chlodomer (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "famous."

27. Dagaric (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "mighty day."

28. Dagobert (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "bright day."

29. Euric (Ancient Germanic origin) a combination of "mighty" and "age" or "law."

30. Gararic (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "strong spear" or "strong and prepared."

31. Grimwald (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "mask ruler."

32. Gunderic (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "mighty war."

33. Hariric (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "strong army."

34. Hartmut (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "brave mind."

35. Hildebald (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "brave battle."

36. Hildebert (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "bright battle."

37. Hilderic (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "strong battle."

38. Hilperic (Ancient Germanic origin) a combination of "to help" and "strong."

39. Huneric (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "strong Hun."

40. Lothar (German origin) meaning "famous army."

41. Maganhar (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "army strength."

42. Meginhard (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "hardy strength."

43. Mundric (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "strong protection."

44. Ragnachar (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "vigilant advice."

45. Reccared (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "strong counsel."

46. Ricarad (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "strong counsel."

47. Richar (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "strong army."

48. Sigeric (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "powerful victory."

49. Sigisbert (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "bright victory."

50. Theodoric (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "ruler of the people."

51. Theudebald (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "brave people."

52. Warinbert (Ancient Germanic origin) a combination of "bright" and "to defend."

53. Wulfhelm (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "wolf protection."

Irish Medieval Boy Names

These Celtic names were used in Ireland during the Middle Ages.  Using one of these names can be a good way to showcase your baby's Irish heritage.  

54. Brian (Irish origin) meaning "hill."

55. Caratacos (Irish origin) meaning "love."

56. Cathasach (Irish origin) meaning "vigilant."

57. Donndubhán (Irish origin) meaning "dark brown."

58. Dubhshláine (Irish origin) meaning "defiance."

59. Feidlimid (Irish origin) meaning "beauty" or "ever good."

60. Galchobhar (Irish origin) meaning "help."

61. Lóegaire (Irish origin) meaning "calf herder."

62. Máel Máedóc (Irish origin) meaning "disciple of Saint Máedóc."

63. Máel Sechnaill (Irish origin) meaning "disciple of Saint Seachnall."

64. Mathghamhain (Irish origin) meaning "bear."

65. Mochán (Irish origin) meaning "early."

67. Seachnall (Irish origin) meaning "second."

68. Nechtan (Irish origin) meaning "damp." The husband of the river goddess in Irish mythology.

Strong Medieval Boy Names

Are you looking for a name that will connote strength and courage?  These medieval boy names have meanings related to strength and bravery.  

69. Bernard (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "brave bear."

70. Berthar (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "bright army."

71. Childeric (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "strong battle."

72. Chilperic (Ancient Germanic origin) a combination of "to help" and "strong."

73. Corraidhín (Irish origin) meaning "little spear."

74. Drogo (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "ghost" or possibly "to carry." Now commonly associated with 'Game of Thrones' character Khal Drogo.

75. Elric (Old English origin) meaning "elf ruler" or "noble ruler."

76. Firmin (Old English origin) meaning "firm."

77. Gundebad (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "battle."

78.  Guntram (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "war raven."

79. Lancaster (English origin) meaning unknown, possibly "land."  One of the Knights of the round table in English mythology.

80. Pépin (Frankish origin) meaning "awe-inspiring." Associated with king Pépin the Short, father of Charlemagne.

81. Suibhne (Irish origin) meaning "ruler of all."

82. Wymond (Old English origin) meaning "battle bright."

83. Wymond (Old English origin) meaning "battle protector."

84. Wyot (Old English origin) meaning "battle hardy."

Old Fashioned Boy Names From The Middle Ages

If you're looking for names for your boy that has an antique feel, these names are centuries old and have meanings with long histories.

85. Aldous (English origin) meaning "old"

86. Bertram (English origin) meaning "bright raven."

87. Clovis (French origin) meaning "famous battle."

88. Crispin (Latin origin) meaning "curly."

89. Conrad (German origin) meaning "brave counsel."

90. Emil (English origin) meaning "envious."

91. Eustace (English origin) meaning "fruitful" or "stable." The name of the patron saint of hunters.  

92. Finnian (Irish origin) meaning "white." The name of several Irish saints.

93. Hann (English origin) meaning "God is gracious." An archaic form of John.

94. Jerome (Greek origin) meaning "holy name."

95. Justus (Latin origin) meaning "fair."

96. Lucan (Latin origin) meaning "inhabitant of Luca."

97. Maurice (English origin) meaning "dark-skinned."

98. Oliver (English origin) meaning "elf warrior" or "ancestor's descendant."

99. Osmund (Icelandic origin) meaning "god protector."

100. Pascal (Latin origin) meaning "Easter."

101. Pascow (Cornish origin) meaning "Easter."

102. Randolf (English origin) a combination of "rim of a shield" and "wolf."

103. Hick (Old English origin) meaning "brave ruler."

104. Wilkin (Old English origin) from an ancient Germanic name meaning "helmet of will."

105. Wolfgang (German origin) meaning "wolf path." Commonly associated with the Austrian musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  

106. Wolfram (German origin) meaning "wolf raven."

Cool Medieval Names For Boys

Even though these names are centuries old, they are still a cool option to name your son today.  

107. Calvin (English origin) meaning "bald."

108. Christian (English origin) meaning "a Christian." Used for both boys and girls during the Middle Ages.

109. Drew (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "ghost." Commonly used as a nickname for Andrew or as a unisex name.

110. Gregory (Greek origin) meaning "watchful." The name of many popes and saints.

111. Hamo (Old English origin) meaning "home."

112. Judd (English origin) meaning "to descend." A derivative of Jordan, which refers to the River Jordan in the Middle East.

113. Maurin (Latin origin) meaning "moor."

114. Miles (Latin origin) meaning "soldier."

115. Milo (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "generous."

116. Novel (Italian origin) meaning "young."

117. Radax (Old English origin) meaning unknown.  Similar to Raddix, name of the daughter of actress Cameron Diaz.  

118. Rogue (English origin) meaning "crow."

119. Salvador (Spanish origin) meaning "savior." Used to refer to Jesus Christ.  

120. Teague (Irish origin) meaning "poet."

121. Titian (English origin) meaning unknown. This name was borne by a renaissance painter and multiple Christian saints.  

122. Zemislav (Czech origin) meaning "family glory."

Medieval Boy Names Relating To Animals

Are you looking for male names related to the natural world?  These names have meanings related to animals.  

123. Alan (Breton origin) meaning "deer."

124. Björn (Norse origin) meaning "bear."

125. Eberulf (Ancient Germanic origin) a combination of "wild boar" and "wolf."

126. Hawk (Old English origin) meaning "hawk."

127. Rolf (German origin) from a combination of "fame" and "wolf."

128. Sauvage (French origin) meaning "wild."

129. Wolf (Old English origin) meaning "wolf."

130. Wulfbert (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning "bright wolf."

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for medieval boy names then why not take a look at these Norse boy names, or for something different take a look at these names ending in S.

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