120+ Moroccan Names And Last Names With Meanings And History

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Originally Published on Dec 21, 2020
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Morocco is a country located in North Africa.

The country's culture and traditions have fascinated people from all around of the globe. Its people are known for their hospitality and warmth.

The people of Morocco have names that are heavily influenced by Muslim boys' names and girls' names, as it is a Muslim majority country. Read on to discover more than 100 Moroccan names for boys and girls as well as some Moroccan surnames.

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Moroccan Names For Girls

We'll kick things off by sharing some of the best Moroccan female names with you. So if you're on the lookout for a Moroccan name for your baby girl, this is the ideal section for you to read through.

1. Adilah, meaning "just" and "honest".

2. Aicha, meaning "sustenance". It was the name of the favorite wife of the Prophet Mohammad.

3. Alia, meaning "honor", "glory", "high standards", and "high values". The name is also spelt Aliah, Aleah or Aliyah.

4. Amina, meaning "faithful" and "trustworthy".

5. Amira, meaning "ruler". It is one of the Moroccan girl names that's given to girls who are born during Shavuot, a Moroccan festival.

6. Anisa, meaning "good". It is also spelt Anisah.

7. Asmaa, meaning "supreme". This is the name of the Prophet Mohammad's niece, who helped him to escape to the holy city of Mecca.

8. Ayat, meaning "verses of the holy Quran". It is one of the most spiritual Moroccan girl names.

9. Aziza, meaning "precious" or "gorgeous.

10. Buchra, meaning "good omen". It is also spelt Bushra.

11. Chaima, meaning "one who has a beauty spot". It's a rare name that's essentially unisex but is mostly used to name girls.

12. Faiza, meaning "victorious"; a beautiful name for girls in Morocco.

13. Farah, meaning "happiness". A common name among Muslims, which was popularized by Iran's last Empress, Farah Palavi.

14. Farida, meaning "unique". It was popularized by Queen Farida of Egypt.

15. Fatiha, meaning "conqueror". It is also the title of one of the holy Quran's verses.

16. Fatima, meaning "the Prophet's daughter". It was the name of one of Prophet Mohammad's daughters, who along with her sisters are known in the Islamic world as the only four perfect women to have ever existed.

17. Ghislaine, meaning "gazelle". It is a name derived from the Arabic word 'gazal'.

18. Habiba, meaning "beloved" and "sweetheart".

19. Ikram, meaning "hospitality" and "honor". It's a unisex name, but in Morocco it is mostly given to girls.

20. Iman, meaning "faith"; another unisex name that's used mainly to name baby girls in Morocco. You can even spell it as Imane for your baby girl.

21. Jamila, meaning "beautiful".

22. Khadijah, meaning "respected" and "trustworthy". In Islamic history, Khadijah was the Prophet Mohammad's first wife. The name can be spelt Khadija or Khatija.

23. Khalida, meaning "everlasting" or "immortal".

24. Latifa, meaning "gentle" and "kind".

25. Layla, meaning "night". It's one of the unique Moroccan names typically given to girls born at night.

26. Meryem, a reference to Mother Mary. It can be spelt Maryam, Mariam, or Miriam as well.

27. Mona, meaning "wished for" and "desired". It is also spelt Mounia and Mouna.

28. Nadia, meaning "hope".

29. Nahla, meaning "a glass of water".

30. Naima, meaning "likable" and "pleasant".

31. Nora, meaning "light". It can be spelt Norah as well.

32. Nour, meaning "light" or "glow". It is also spelt Noor sometimes.

33. Rabia, meaning "spring". It is one of the most popular Moroccan names used to name girls.

34. Rachida, meaning "one who is guided in the right direction".

35. Rihanna, meaning "fragrant and sweet basil flower". It's one of the most popular Arabic girls' names that's now used all around the world, it can be spelt Rehana too.

36. Sabrina, meaning "endurance" and "patience".

37. Saeeda, meaning "fortunate" and "lucky".

38. Safaa, meaning "purity". It is the name of a hill located in the holy city of Mecca.

39. Salima, meaning "healthy" and "safe". It can also be spelt Salma.

40. Samira, meaning "companion". It is also spelt Samirah or Sameera.

41. Sara, meaning "content" and "happy". Also spelt Sarah, this name belonged to an ancient Saint who is mentioned in the holy books of all Abrahamic religions.

42. Soraya, meaning "jewel". The name was popularized by Empress Soraya of Iran.

43. Yasmine, meaning "the flower jasmine". This name is also spelt Yasmin or Yasmina.

44. Zara, meaning "flower". It is also spelt Zahra or Zohra.

45. Zaynab, meaning "fragrant flower". One of Prophet Muhammad's wives was named Zaynab.

Moroccan Names For Boys

Now that you have so many options to pick from to name your baby girl, it's time to look at some popular and unique Moroccan names for boys. These Moroccan boy names have been influenced heavily by Arabic boys names and they are used to name boys throughout the Muslim world.

Which of these beautiful baby names will you pick for your son?

46. Aamir, meaning "ruler" and "prince".

47. Abbas, meaning "lion". Prophet Mohammad's uncle was named Abbas.

48. Abdel, meaning "servant". It can also be spelt Abdul.

49. Abdellah, meaning "the slave of God". It is spelt Abdullah as well.

50. Adil, meaning "just".

51. Ahmed, meaning "praiseworthy". It is one of the most common Moroccan male names and is also spelt Ahmad.

52. Ali, meaning "champion" and "elevated". Prophet Mohammad's son in law was called Ali.

53. Akbar, meaning "the greatest".

54. Amine, meaning "trustworthy and faithful". It is also spelt Amin.

55. Anas, meaning "friendly and affectionate". One of Prophet Mohammad's most faithful companions was named Anas.

56. Aryn, meaning "messenger".

57. Ayoub, meaning "returning to God". It is the Arabic name of the Biblical Prophet Job.

58. Bilal, meaning "victorious", "water", or "full moon". It is the name of one of Prophet Mohammad's companions.

59. Brahim, meaning "father of multitudes". It is the short form of Ibrahim, which is the Arabic name of the Prophet Abraham.

60. Driss, meaning "smart" and "studious". It is the short form of the popular Arabic name Idris.

61. Emir, meaning "commander" or "chief".

62. Hachim, meaning "judicious". It is the Moroccan version of the Arabic name Hakim.

63. Hamza, meaning "lion". Prophet Mohammad's uncle was named Hamza.

64. Hassan, meaning "handsome". Apart from being a popular Arabic and Moroccan first name, it's also one of the most common Arabic surnames.

65. Ilyas, the Arabic and Moroccan version of Prophet Elijah.

66. Ismail, meaning "God will hear". It is also spelt Ismael.

67. Issam, meaning "bond".

68. Jamal, meaning "handsome", one of the best baby names for your handsome little boy.

69. Kadin, meaning "companion" or "friend".

70. Kareem, meaning "noble". It is also spelt Karim.

71. Khalid, meaning "everlasting" or "immortal". It is one of the Moroccan baby names for boys that also has a female version: Khalida.

72. Maleek, meaning "God's angel".

73. Mahdi, meaning "rightly guided". The name also refers to a leader that will end evil in the world on the Day of Judgment.

74. Mohamed, one of many variations of the name of the Prophet Mohammad. Other variations include Muhammad and Mohmed.

75. Mustafa, meaning "the chosen one". It is an epithet that is used to refer to Prophet Mohammad.

76. Nabil, meaning "highborn".

77. Nadim, meaning "good friend". It can be spelt Nadeem as well.

78. Omar, meaning "populous" and "flourishing". Umar is one of the variations of this name that's also common as a name for a baby boy in Morocco.

79. Osman, meaning "black". It was the moniker of the Ottoman Empire's creator, and it is sometimes spelt Usman as well.

80. Rachid, meaning "the guide", another name that refers to Allah or God in Islam. It can also be spelt Rashid.

81. Rafiq, meaning "companion" or "friend". Rafeeq is a commonly used variation of this name used in Morocco.

82. Rahim, meaning "merciful" and "empathetic", one of many names Muslims use to refer to God. Raheem is a variation of this baby boy name.

83. Said, meaning "happy". It can be alternatively spelt Sayid or Sayeed as well.

84. Samir, meaning "breeze" or "friend". Sameer is one of the popular variations of this baby boy name.

85. Suleiman, meaning "peace". In Morocco, some spell the name Sulaiman as well.

86. Younness, meaning "dolphin". It is the Moroccan and Arabic variation of Jonah and is one of the most common baby names for boys in Morocco.

87. Yousef, meaning "Allah increases in influence, piety, and power". Yusuf is a commonly used variation of this name.

88. Zakariah, meaning "God has remembered". It is the Arabic variation of Zecharia, a common Hebrew name.

Gender Neutral Moroccan Names

There are several unisex baby names used for both baby boys and girls in Morocco. We'll take you through the most popular unisex baby names in Morocco in this section. Whether you are having a son or a daughter, or you do not yet know, the perfect name for your baby could be on this list!

89. Asfa, meaning "sunburned" or "tanned".

90. Badr, meaning "full moon".

91. Barakah, meaning "blessing".

92. Barkat, meaning "blessing" or "bounty".

93. Dawlah, meaning "happiness" or "riches".

94. Gamal, meaning "camel".

95. Gohar, meaning "precious stone" or "diamond".

96. Hanin, meaning "emotion", "longing" and "yearning".

97. Hareem, meaning "respectable". The name is also used to refer to the four walls of the Kaaba, which is Islam's holiest shrine.

98. Khair, meaning "blessing" or "wealth".

99. Khairat, meaning "good work" or "blessings".

100. Khurshid, meaning "cheerful" or "shining sun".

101. Minnah, meaning "blessings and kindness".

102. Najah, meaning "success" or "pleasure derived from achieving success".

103. Nazakat, meaning "delicacy".

104. Rosheen, meaning "rose" or "light".

105. Ula, meaning "glory" and "prestige".

106. Sabahat, meaning "grace", "beauty" and "handsomeness".

107. Taisir, meaning "to make easy".

108. Wadi, meaning "peaceful" and "calm".

109. Yakta, meaning "unique".

110. Zayb, meaning "adornment" or "beauty".

Moroccan Last Names

In this last section, we'll take you through several popular Muslim last names that are incredibly common in Morocco. These names have a lot in common with Arabic last names and many of them have deep meanings as well, so feel free to even pick them as a first name for your baby boy or girl.

111. Arfaoui, meaning "elevated" or "knowing".

112. Bekhti, meaning "fortune" and "luck".

113. Belarbi, meaning "the Arab's son". It's also spelt Bellarabi.

114. Belhadj, meaning "the pilgrim's son".

115. Chergui, meaning "a person from the east".

116. Cherkaoui, meaning "eastern".

117. Djazairi, meaning "the islands".

118. Farkhani, meaning "a person from the Moroccan town of Farkhana".

119. Gharbi, meaning "westerner".

120. Hadj, meaning "pilgrim".

121. Jaouhari, meaning "essence", "gem", or "jewel".

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