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Gavin is a famous name that is of English origin.

Why Nicknames For Gavin?

The meaning of the word is 'White Hawk,' and it's an alteration of the popular medieval name Gawain, which signified the falcon. The name Gavin is also used in literary pieces and can be seen in J. M.  Barrie's book titled 'The Little Minister'.

Furthermore, William Faulkner's family trilogy titled 'Snopes' even bears the name. Furthermore, famous pop sensation Gavin DeGraw and celebrity singer Gavin Rossdale have even contributed to making the name popular.

You might be searching for nicknames for Gavin for your near and dear ones. Here are some nicknames for Gavin that are both unique and fun.

Best Nicknames for Gavin

1. Beaver - The cute and unique name fits well as a nickname for Gavin.  Additionally, the word signifies a tiny mammal that resides in water and has soft fur, a wide tail, and pointed teeth. 

2. G Wave  - This is another unique name included in the list of nicknames for Gavin, which can be given to somebody who has a love for the sea or enjoys surfing.  The name also adds an element of creativity and quirkiness to the overall personality. 

3. Gary - This is another interesting nickname for Gavin that means the spear bearer. 

4. Gave - The name Gave is a popular short form of the word Gavin.  The meaning of the word is to give. 

5. Gavey - The name synchronizes well with the name Gavin and proves it as a cute nickname. 

6. Gavvie Pooh - There can't be any other nickname as crazy as Gavvie Pooh that makes you enchanting. 

7. Giggles - The most preferred nickname for Gavin is Giggles, for the word adds a sense of amusement and means laughing lightly. 

8. Goofy - The word in itself signifies humor and proves to be a great name to address someone in a light-hearted manner. 

9. Gugu - There are some names that do not have a significant meaning yet prove to be charming.  Gugu is one such nickname that is both fun and attractive. 

10. Gummy Bear - Addressing someone with a cute name like Gummy Bear gives off an adorable feeling. 

Funny Nicknames For Gavin

11. G-String - The nickname for Gavin that gives a naughty and hilarious feel is G-String. 

12. Gap - The word Gap signifies interruption and works as a perfect funny nickname for Gavin. 

13. Gassy - If you are looking to achieve some kind of toilet humor, then this name fits the bill in a cool way. 

14. Globe - The nicknames for Gavin also include the name Globe, which can be given to any person who stays restless and roams around here and there.  It will surely attract some fun moments. 

15. Gravy Boat - This is another distinct and comical word that belongs to the list of nicknames for Gavin.  The words signify a long and narrow jug attached to a handle that is primarily used to pour gravy. 

16. Gumby - This is another funny name that can bring a naughty smile to the face.  The word implies being clumsy. 

17. Gus - This is both a short and a sweet name, which signifies being great.  However, it is also used to address pet animals, which can annoy people. 

18. Gyro - If you intend to choose a distinct name that is both short and cheeky, then this word suits you well as it signifies a sandwich with lots of fillings. 

19. Gyro - If you intend to choose a distinct name that is both short and cheeky, then this word suits you well as it signifies a sandwich with lots of fillings. 

20. Gaming Ninja - If you happen to come across a Gavin who enjoys playing various types of video games, the name will complement his personality well. 

21. Gandalf - if you are looking to opt for a name from the novels 'The Lord Of The Rings' or 'The Hobbit', the name Gandalf proves suitable, as the main characters of the book had the same name. 

22. Gavel - In the list of nicknames for Gavin, Gavel is another name that fits well for a person who always calls for attention.  The word signifies a tiny hammer that judges use to hit a surface to maintain law and order in the courtroom. 

23. Gavilan - This creative nickname signifies a sparrow hawk and forms an extension of the word Gavin. 

24. Gavino - The word Gavino is basically the Italian form of the word Gavin.  If you are looking to choose sophisticated nicknames for Gavin, then you can comfortably use Gavino. 

25. Glover - Among the nicknames for Gavin, the name Glover gives a feeling of uniqueness.  The meaning of the word is someone who creates gloves. 

26. Google - Other than a search engine, the name has become quite popular among people whose names start with the letter 'G'.  Furthermore, you can even give this nickname to a person who has all the answers to any question to add an element of fun. 

27. Guava - People with the name Gavin who loves eating fruits can be addressed as Guava as well. 

Cool Nicknames for Gavin

28. Cravin - The nicknames for Gavin may also include Cravin, which can be given to a person whose association your group craves. 

29. G-Man - The nickname for Gavin can also be G-Man, which can be given to people who have an eye for detail or like to investigate.  The word is also used as a short form for people working in the government sector. 

30. G-Wagon - For Gavin, people who are in love with their vehicle or long to possess luxurious vehicles can be addressed with the name. 

31. Gavinator  - The name describes an individual who believes in creating harmony as well as balance. 

32. Gawaine - The nickname for Gavin can even be Gawaine, which has a Scottish origin and means 'little falcon'. 

33. Gigi - This is a short and adorable name for people who follow the celebrity Gigi Hadid. 

34. Givenchy - The name of a popular fashion brand can also double up as a nickname for Gavin, who has an interest in luxurious items and fashion. 

35. Givon - The name bears an Arabic origin and is generally used for boys.  Additionally, it can be used as a nickname for a person who has a longing for hills or high places. 

36. Goalie - The nickname for Gavin can also be Goalie for people involved in sports.  The name suits well for a football lover. 

37. Guyana - If you are looking to give a nickname related to a country.  The name Guyana proves perfect as it is the name of a Caribbean country which is located in South America. 

38. Ravin - The name rhymes well with the name Gavin and can be used as a nickname.  Furthermore, the name can also be given to a person who is always looking to capture something. 

39. Vin - This is a short and sweet form of the name Gavin, which can be used as a nickname as well. 

40. Yavin - This is another rhyming word of Gavin that proves great for a person who is quite understanding and sympathizes with others. 

Unique Nicknames for Gavin

41. Agave - This is another different name that can be used as a nickname for Gavin that signifies being illustrious. 

42. Avin  - For Gavin who is handsome can be given the nickname Avin. 

43. Bravin - The Gavin who displays bravery, can be addressed as Bravin. 

44. Calvin  - If a person with the name Gavin has baldness, the person can be cutely referred to as Calvin which signifies a little bald one. 

45. Gaddy - The word is a surname used by the Scottish people.  It can also be used as a nickname for Gavin. 

46. Gage - The unique name signifies an object that is valuable and can be deposited as an assurance of good faith. 

47. Galvin - The possible nickname for Gavin can be Galvin, which has an Irish origin and signifies a sparrow. 

48. Garrett - The nickname for Gavin can be Garrett, which is derived from the French term Guerite which signifies a watchtower. 

49. Gav daddy - This is yet another quirky name for daddy Gavin.

50. Gavan  - The name signifies the same meaning as Gavin, which is a white hawk. 

51. Gavi Bear  - For people with the name Gavin, having a sweet and adorable persona can be given the name Gavi Bear. 

52. Gavin Sensei  - Give a slight twist to the original name with this nickname. 

53. Gavster - This is both a cool and distinct way to call a person by the name Gavin. 

54. Grace  - A person named Gavin who displays kindness can be given the nickname Grace. 

55. Graeme - This is another light-hearted nickname for Gavin that is both simple and distinct. 

56. Griffin - If the person by the name of Gavin is very sharp, then the person can be given the nickname Griffin.  The word signifies a mythical creature that combines the outlook of an eagle and a lion. 

57. Marvin  - The Welsh origin name bear similarity to the name Gavin and belongs to the list of nicknames for Gavin.  The word signifies sea friend. 

58. Nagging - If the person with the name Gavin has the habit of fault-finding, then giving this comical name will be ideal. 

59. Owen - The word bears an Irish and Welsh origin and defines a person who is noble. 

60. Tavin  - The similar name with just a change of letter to signify royal staff. 

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