60 Interesting Nicknames For Henry

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Nicknames for Henry can be fun and creative!
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Why Nicknames For Henry?

Henry is a very common name for boys all over the world. The more common the name, the more important it is to have a nickname that is unique to an individual.

After all, that is a way of setting them apart from the crowd.

The name 'Henry' is extremely popular, with one of the biggest examples being that of the popular character, 'Henry Jekyll'. Numerous prominent personalities share this name, including actors such as Henry Kissinger, Henry Cavill, Henry Forman, and Henry Winkler.

Apart from acting, the name is also prevalent in other sectors. This includes sports (Henry Menzies, the famous rugby player), racing (Henry Surtees, the famous racecar driver), industry ( Henry Ford, the automotive industrialist), art (Henry Moore, the sculptor), and music (Czerny Henry and Henry Lau, the famous singers).

The name has also been given to numerous characters such as Henry Bowers from 'It' and Henry Branwell from 'The Infernal Devices'.

The name 'Henry' is actually derived from two German words, which, when translated to English, mean 'ruler of the house'. If you're searching for awesome nicknames for Henry, we've got you covered with an amazing list to choose from!

Interesting Nicknames for Henry

1. Enrico - Fun take on another nickname, 'Henrico'.

2. H - A cute abbreviation for Henry.

3. H King - Based on Henry King.

4. Hen - Short and sweet, just like Henry.

5. Hendrick - For a Dutch Henry.

6. Henizen - For a Henry who is always on the internet.

7. Henny - Cute nickname for Henry.

8. Henrico - Exotic nickname for Henry.

9. Henricus- For a Henry who likes Latin.

10. Henryk - For a Polish Henry.

11. Henstar - For a rockstar Henry.

12. Hettie - Uncommon and cool nickname for Henry.

13. Huck - Cute nickname for Henry.

Funny Nicknames For Henry

Funny nicknames of Henry are appreciated by all!
14. H-Rex - For a Henry who likes dinosaurs.

15. Heiko - A german name that means “ruler”.

16. Henkin - Funny nickname for Henry.

17. Henrygeek - For a Henry who is a geek.

18. Henrynerd - For a Henry who is a nerd.

19. Hens - Cute nickname for Henry.

20. Hensy - Cute nickname for Henry.

21. Lil H - For a small Henry.

Creative Nicknames For Henry

22. Angry Hengry - For a Henry who gets angry when he's hungry.

23. Duke Henry - Royal nickname for Henry.

24. Funrik - Mix between 'funny' and 'Henrik'.

25. Harri - Cute nickname for Henry.

26. Heinz - Cool nickname for Henry.

27. Heinz Ketchup - A reference to Heinz ketchup.

28. Heinzy - Cute variation of another nickname, 'Heinz'.

29. Henrie - Cool and simple nickname for Henry.

30. Henrich - When Henry is filthy rich.

31. Henrichie - Variation of another nickname, 'Henrich'.

32. Henrik - Sophisticated-sounding nickname for Henry.

33. Henrique - Stylish nickname for Henry.

34. Henry Hawk - Based on the cartoon character 'Henery Hawk'.

35. Henry Jekyll - Based on the popular character of the same name.

36. Henry Potter - When Henry is a fan of Harry Potter.

Unique Nicknames for Henry

37. Heikki

38. Big H

39. Eanraig – For a Scottish Henry.

40. Enrique

41. Enry

42. Hal

43. Hank

44. Hankin

45. Hanky

46. Hanrai – Irish version of Henry.

47. Hanx

48. Harry

49. Henriett

50. Hein

51. Hendry

52. Henk

53. Hennessy

54. Henri

55. Henrik

56. Henz

57. Huck

58. Ree Ree

59. Ry

60. Ry-Ry

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