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The name Nikki originated in Greek and Japan which means 'Victorious people.'

Nikki is short for Nicole and it has become a popular girl's name in 1972 in the state of Idaho. But the first time the name Nikki appeared was in 1925.

Nikki is used in English and French for the most part in English-speaking countries; it has been used since the middle of the 20th century. Nikki has been allied with the Greek goddess of victory, Nike. It is used as a name or surname as well in Japanese.

Cute Nicknames For Nikki

Some of the nicknames are short and sweet. Here are some memorable and cute nicknames for Nikki.

1. Ace: Unity.

2. Angel eyes: Ability to see unconditional love.

3. Angel:Messenger of God.

4. Aqua: Latin origin that means water.

5. Baby doll: Gift of God.

6. Babycakes: Sweetheart.

7. Banana muffin: Sweet cake.

8. Beanie: Latin origin means cat-like.

9. Bella: Beautiful in French.

10. Bff: Best friend forever.

11. Blondie: Blonde of fair hair.

12. Brown sugar: Muscovado sugar

13. Brownie: someone with brown eyes.

14. Bugs: Crazy or unstable

15. Bunny: Cute like a rabbit.

16. Candy eyes: Attractive to look at.

17. Catfish: Comes from the sea

18. Cheerleader: Organized cheering.

19. Cherry pie: Soft

20. Chewbacca: Russian word for dog.

21. Chica: Little girl.

22. Chicken wings: Humorous

23. Chirpy: Cheerful and lively

24. Class clown: Who is making fun

25. Co Lita: Nikki with a little touch of French.

26. Coco: For a sweet baby girl.

27. Cole: A popular nickname for one who bears Nikki.

28. Coley cozy: A gorgeous little girl.

29. Coli bear: For a chubby and probably hairy baby bearing the name Nikki.

30. Colie: Greek girl name.

31. Colletta: People of victory.

32. Colonic: Dove.

33. Colonic: Smart.

34. Coma: Injury or poison

35. Console: Victorious people

36. Corney: Strong-willed

37. Countess: Royalty.

38. Coy coy: Affectedly reserved or shy lady.

39. Crazy queen: Who is crazy?

40. Curvy Doll

41. Cute bunny: Excessively kind and caring.

42. Dearest: Loved one

43. Delight: Full of the test.

44. Dimples: A small hollow of your face.

45. Doll: Gift of god.

46. Dollface: Childish expression.

47. Dork: Socially awkward.

48. Dottie: Popular.

49. Dove: A bird.

50. Drama queen: Unnecessarily dramatic.

51. Drooly Julie: Vivacious.

52. Duchess: Leader or commander.

Unique Nicknames For Nikki

(Duchess is one of the nicknames for Nikki.)

When we give nicknames to our children, usually they feel loved. Here are some unique nicknames for Nikki.

53. Duck: Water bird.

54. Dynamo: Force or power.

55. Eclipse:Strength.

56. Eggie:Independence.

57. Fav:Favorite.

58. Felony: medieval French word

59. Fiddle: Violin.

60. Firecrackers: Ladis (Garland).

61. Fishy:Related to fish.

62. Foodie: Who eats more.

63. Fuzzy Wuzzy:A Sudanese soldier.

64. Gawky Legs:Inelegant.

65. Gem:Jewel.

66. Gingersnap:Flavored with ginger.

67. Ginger spice:Anyone had red hair.

68. Goldfish:Carassius auratus.

69. Goldie:A golden personality.

70. Goober:Ignorant.

71. Good looking: Handsome.

72. Good' n plenty: Hard candy shell.

73. Goody: Goodwife.

74. Gorgeous: Beautiful.

75. Heart: Mother of River.

76. Highway: A public way.

77. Honey bunches: Honey.

78. Hotness: Heat.

79. Hyper: Beyond.

80. Iris: Optics.

81. Jessica Rabbit: God beholds.

82. Jolly: Cheerful.

83. Junior mint: Soft.

84. Kiddo: Child.

85. Kiki: Sweet nickname for Nikki.

86. Kitten: Young cat.

87. Kitty: Cards.

88. Knight In Shining Armor: Kind.

89. Lady Long Legs (Tripple L): Long-lived.

90. Lifesaver: Lifeguard.

91. Lightning: Very quick.

92. Lilac: Lavender.

93. Lilo: Ruber bed.

94. Lina: The Italian variation of Nikki.

95. Living angel: For a lovely angel.

96. Loli pop: Like sweet.

97. Lolita: Sweet baby girl.

98. Long bean: beans that are long.

99. Lotus: Flower.

100. Lover boy: Something funky.

101. Lucky: Not a friendly nickname.

102. Lulu: Lovely name.

103. Manhattan: Place for gathering the bows.

104. Martini: Came from the Latin word Martinus.

Catchy Nicknames For Nikki

Nikki has many nicknames, that are made by using attractive words. Here are a few catchy and elegant nicknames for Nikki.

105. Mattressback: Something thrown down.

106. Mayhem: Needless.

107. McDreamy: Heartbreaker.

108. Meatball: Dull person.

109. Merlots: Blackbird.

110. Mighty: Powerful.

111. Minion: Underling.

112. Minty: Flavourful

113. Miss Skyscraper: Who is tall like buildings

114. Moonflower: Moonlight.

115. My beloved: Dear.

116. Mystic: Secret.

117. Nee kola: French variant of the name.

118. Nic: A simple and sweet nickname for Nikki.

119. Nica: The Croatian version of the name Nikki.

120. Nicanora: A conqueror.

121. Nicholas: Victory of the people.

122. Nickel: A hysterical way to call a friend who is also a gold digger.

123. Nicki: An English abbreviation of Nikki.

124. Nicki Minaj: Adapted from the name of Hip-Hop star Nicki Minaj for a fan of the rapper.

125. Nicky: An all-time favorite nickname for girls.

126. Nicky mouse: An adorable name for a sweet girl.

127. Nickle pickle: Fairly rhymes with Nikki and is a cute nickname for a loved one.

128. Nic NAC: Trinket.

129. Nico: An Italian nickname.

130. Nicol: People of victory.

131. Nicola: A nickname for Nikki of Italian origin.

132. Nicolas: victorious people.

133. Nicoleslaw: Destiny..

134. Nicolas: Success.

135. Nicole: A French name variant meaning 'people's victory.'

136. Nico late: A regular latecomer.

137. Nicolina: For a charming-looking baby girl.

138. Nicoletta: Hungarian form for Nikki.

139. Nike: The greek name that makes up Nikki.

140. Niki: The Greek name that makes up Nikki is interpreted as "Victory."

141. Nikita:  Lead role in an American movie titled Nikita.

142. Nikki Bella: American professional wrestler.

143. Nikki: An English variant for Nikki.

144. Nikki g: singer and songwriter.

145. Nikki Nivens: It is a Scottish variant name.

146. Nikki triki: For the most cunning Nikki, you know.

147. Nikkily: Something funky and exciting.

148. Niklas: people of victory.

149. Niklaus: Victory.

150. Nik naks: Perfect for a really sweet Nikki.

151. Niko: A Finnish variant of the name.

152. Nikolai: A Russian variant of the name.

153. Nikoletta: The Hungarian form for Nikki.

154. Nikos: Attractive.

155. Nio: A lovely nickname that means bright.

156. Ni mono: Another great alternative.

157. Nini: From the first two letters of the name, Nikki.

Funny Nicknames For Nikki

Nicknames for Nikki are full of fun and dramatic too. You will feel hilarious while reading these nicknames. Here are some!!.

158. Nino: Little

159. Nitai: Worship Gaurang.

160. Nixie: An old German nickname for someone named Nikki.

161. Next: Adjacent in place

162. Nizzy: Capable.

163. No-el: For a Christmas lover.

164. Nova: New.

165. Nugget: Solid lump.

166. Onyx: Black Gemstone.

167. Oreo: Gold.

168. Panda: Eater of bamboo.

169. Pecan: Smooth shell.

170. Peep: Heart's desire.

171. Pigtails: Curly tail.

172. Pixie: Fairy.

173. Punk: Hoodlum.

174. Puppy: Chief.

175. Rashie: Cute name.

176. Red Vine: Amaron.

177. Rhythm: Music Flow.

178. Ruby: Gemstone.

179. Rugrat: A young child.

180. Rummy: Strange.

181. Sherry: Dear.

182. Silly: Freedom loving.

183. Sky: Cloud.

184. Snapple: Apple juice product.

185. S-nickers:  Nikki and the chocolate name Snickers.

186. Snooki: Popular Tv actress Nicole Polizzi, from her show Snooki and JWoww.

187. Soda pop: A sweet syrup.

188. Stinky Nikki: Weird smell.

189. Starburst: Violent explosion.

190. Stinker: Offensive.

191. Strawberry: Types of fruit.

192. Stud: Knobby Nailhead.

193. Sunshine: Happy.

194. Sweetcheeks: Attractive.

195. Taffy: Beloved friend.

196. Tansy: Immortality.

197. Tart: Sharp.

198. Teacup: Optimistic.

199. Tequila: A kind of liquor.

200. The only one: A mononym.

201. Tricky Nikki: Funny name of Nikki.

202. Tweedle-Dee: Very similar manner.

203. Twinkie: Sparkle.

204. Unburnt: Destroyed by fire.

205. Unicorn: One horn.

206. Venti: Wind and storm in Latin.

207. Wonka: French rapper.

208. Wiggle Worm: Panfish worm.

209. Wildberry: Combination of strawberries,

210. Zinger: American singer and songwriter Nicole Scherzinger.

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