110+ Popular Illyrian Names For Boys And Girls

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List of popular Illyrian names will feature certain Illyrian baby boy names as well.
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Have you ever been on a name hunt and found yourself scrolling past common choices, and seeking something with a dash more zest and history? Well, here's a gem for you, Illyrian names!

Imagine a time long ago, in lands that now make up modern-day Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, and a sprinkle of Slovenia and Serbia. The Illyrian tribes called these places home, leaving behind not just a rich tapestry of culture but also some truly unique names.

These ancient Indo-Europeans lounged around the western Balkans, making history and soaking up diverse linguistic influences. But here's the kicker: the Illyrians are like that mysterious neighbor you always wish you knew more about.

Their history is not as well-documented as the Romans or Greeks, but that makes them all the more fascinating.

Still, researchers have done their homework, piecing together names from linguistic clues and historical snippets.

So, if you're searching for a name that’s both lovely and storied for your newest family member, or maybe even penning an epic tale that needs characters as unique as their journey, buckle up! You're about to explore a list of popular Illyrian names that just might be the inspiration you've been looking for.

Popular Illyrian Girl Names

Ready to dive deep into history and scoop up some unique treasures? Though the Illyrian kingdom ceased to exist long ago, they've left behind some stunning names that have taken up popularity in Albanian culture and beyond.

For those wanting to sprinkle a little historic magic on their baby girl's name, or just curious about ancient naming trends, here's a list that’ll surely whisk you away to times gone by!

1. Afërdita (Albanian origin): means 'near to morning' or 'dawn' in English, and is a name that is quite rare.

2. Afrodita (Greek/Slavic origin): means 'goddess of love', is a unique name for a girl, and holds a mythological significance due to its association with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

3. Agnes (Greek/Latin origin): means 'pure', was a popular name for English-speaking women for more than 400 years. In Albanian language, the name Agnes is spelled as Agnesa.

4. Albana (Albanian origin): means 'white' or 'blonde', is one of the most authentic choices of Albanian names for a girl child.

5. Arberie (Albanian origin): means 'one who belongs to the forest'. It's derived from the Albanian word 'Arbër', and it's one of the traditional Albanian names that signify a connection to nature and the land.

6. Ardiana (Albanian origin): means 'future'. It is said to have been coined from the Albanian word 'Ardiaei', the name of one of the biggest Illyrian tribes. Some sources also claim it may be connected to the Albanian word 'ardhjen' which also means 'future'.

7. Artë (Albanian origin): means 'golden', is one of the most beautiful Albanian baby names that depict the cultural and linguistic heritage of these people.

8. Besa (Albanian origin): means 'oath', and is an elegant name for a baby girl.

9. Besjana (Albanian origin): means 'trust and oath', and is also predominantly used for its Albanian roots.

10. Bukuria (Albanian origin): means 'beauty', is an elegant name for baby girls in the Balkan peninsula.

11. Diellza (Slavic/Swiss origin): means ‘the sun’, and can also be an ideal name for a baby girl.

12. Dori (Hebrew/Latin origin): means ‘gift’, and is a very simple and unique name used by Albanian girls. Some other sources suggest that the name Dori is derived from the Hebrew word 'dor', translated to mean 'generation' or 'period of time'.

13. Drita (Albanian origin): derived from the Albanian word, 'drite', which means ‘light’. Give your daughter this name with the hope that she shines brightly in all aspects of her life.

14. Dua (Albanian origin): means ‘love'; it's also the name of the famous singer, Dua Lipa.

15. Elira/Elirë (Albanian origin): means ‘free’, and is a name that embodies freedom, independence, and adventure.

16. Elvana (Albanian origin): means ‘angel from heaven’, and is a beautiful name for a girl if you want inspiration from Illyrian history.

17. Emina (Arabic origin): means ‘truthful’, a stylish name for baby girls from Kosovo. Kosovo is an area with a historical connection to the Illyrians.

18. Enis (Albanian/ Bosnian origin): means ‘one who is friendly’, and is a fitting name for a girl with a beautiful and forgiving soul. This name could also work for boys according to some sources.

19. Era (Albanian origin): means ‘wind’, is the name of the famous Kosovo-Albanian singer, Era Istrefi.

20. Erblin (Albanian origin): means ‘scent of the Linden tree’, and is an adorable name that depicts power as the Linden tree is extremely important in Albanian culture.

21. Fatmirë (Albanian origin): means ‘luck or fortune’, and is one of the cutest names for a girl from Albania.

22. Flamur (Albanian origin): means ‘flag’, and is a name that reflects patriotism among the Albanians.

23. Flutura (Albanian origin): means ‘butterfly’, and is one of the cutest baby girl names.

24. Gezim (Albanian origin): means ‘joy’, and is a perfect name for a baby girl who brings love and joy into your life. Some sources report this name to be great for baby boys too, so it might be a unisex option.

25. Grace (Latin origin): means ‘goodness and generosity’, and is popular all across Europe, including Albania.

26. Hëne (Albanian origin): means ‘moon’, a pretty name for a baby girl.

27. Kaltrina (Albanian origin): means ‘blue girl’ in English, is a sophisticated and cool-sounding name.

28. Lule (Albanian origin): means ‘flower’, perfect for a little girl who is delicate and beautiful.

29. Manjola (Albanian origin): means ‘magnolia tree’ in English. It is a melodic name for a baby girl for the joy and warmth they bring.

30. Marsela (Latin origin): means ‘born in March’ or 'child of March'. It's a perfect name for your baby girl if she was born in March.

31. Nora (Albanian/Anglo-Norman/Arabic/Irish origins): means ‘light’, and is a cute name for a beautiful baby girl.

32. Orkide (Albanian/Turkish origin): means ‘orchid flower’, and is a unique name that reflects positivity and good energy.

33. Rita (Spanish/Greek/Latin origin): means ‘pearl’, and is a name that was popular amongst Illyrians.

34. Samira (Arabic origin): means 'evening companion’, and is a popular name in Albania.

35. Sara (Hebrew origin): means ‘lady’ or 'princess', and is a fitting name for a beautiful girl.

36. Shpresa (Albanian origin): means ‘hope’. It is a name that reflects the joy and warmth a baby brings into your world.

37. Toka (Albanian origin): means ‘earth’, a perfect name for a baby girl who has a strong resolve.

38. Valë (Albanian origin): means ‘sea wave’, a name that reflects bravery and determination.

39. Vetone (Albanian origin): means ‘ancient warrior’, and is a unique choice of name for your cute little daughter.

40. Xhevahire (Arabic/Albanian origin): means ‘gems’ 'jewels', or 'precious stones', another super cool name for a baby girl.

41. Zerina (Albanian/Arabic origin): means ‘golden one’, and it's an alluring name for a beautiful daughter in whom you have complete faith.

Popular Illyrian Boy Names

It's time for another name quest that’s a real blast from the past! Join this trip to ancient Illyria if you’re keen on gifting your baby boy a name that's as adventurous as you are, and also if you just love exploring unique monikers.

This curated list mostly features Albanian boy names that are just perfect. Who knows, you might just find that legendary name you’ve been searching for!

42. Abdyl (Albanian origin): means ‘servant’, and is associated with popular people like the Albanian politician Abdyl Kellezi.

43. Adir (Hebrew origin): means ‘mighty’, and is considered one of the strongest male names. Although Hebrew names are not popular in Albania, some still fancy names with such origins.

44. Agron (Albanian origin): means 'fire' and 'brave', and is associated with the Illyrian King, Agron.

45. Alban (Latin origin): means 'white' or ‘from Alba’ according to different sources. This name is associated with Saint Alban.

46. Astius (Albanian origin): means ‘golden’, and is a name associated with an Illyrian saint.

47. Bardhore (Albanian origin): means ‘shining’. It's a perfect name for a baby boy with a bright and lively disposition.

48. Bardhyll (Albanian origin): means ‘white star’. This name became popular due to the ancient Illyrian king, Bardhyll.

49. Bekim (Albanian origin): means ‘blessed’ or 'blessing'. It's the perfect name for a baby boy who brings joy.

50. Besart (Albanian origin): means ‘golden oath’, and is a fantastic name for a boy. According to other sources, the name could also mean 'one who gives value to faith'.

51. Burim (Albanian origin): means ‘riverhead' or 'fountain’, and is the name of the famous Albanian photographer, Burim Myftiu.

52. Dardan (Albanian origin): means 'pear', and is derived from an Illyrian tribe, the Dardani, who lived in the Balkans.

53. Edon (Albanian origin): means ‘love’, and is one of the most attractive baby names, and its pronunciation is also simple.

54. Elion (Albanian origin): means ‘lion’, and is a strong name for a baby boy.

55. Endrit (Albanian origin): means ‘to shine or have light’, and is a meaningful name for a baby boy.

56. Erion (Albanian origin): means ‘the wind of the Ionian sea’, and is a name that depicts strength.

57. Fatmir (Albanian origin): means ‘a boy of great luck’. It is a blessed name that is commonly used to name Albanian baby boys.

58. Fatos (Albanian origin): means ‘daring or brave’. It's a strong name that is best associated with the former Albanian football player, Fatos Daja, among other influential people.

59. Fitore (Albanian origin): means ‘victorious’ or 'triumphant' in English. It holds a positive and empowering meaning that can influence your baby boy's life

60. Gabriel (Hebrew origin): means ‘God’ is my strength' or 'God is a strong man'. It's a vintage name for men all over the world, including Albania.

61. Gentius, (Latin/Illyrian origin): means 'people', 'population', 'race', or 'ancestry', among other meanings. It is often associated with the ancient but powerful Illyrian king, Gentius.

62. Gezim (Albanian origin): means ‘joy’, and is an attractive name for a baby boy who is always smiling and happy.

63. Gjon (Albanian origin): means ‘the lucky one’ or 'the blessed one'. This name is associated with the well-known Albanian writer, Gjon Buzuku.

64. Ismail (Arabic origin): means ‘heard by God’, a simple name with a beautiful meaning.

65. Jeta (Albanian origin): means ‘life’, and is an unusual yet lovely and special name for a baby boy.

66. Joel (Hebrew origin): means ‘The Lord’, and is a commonly used Albanian name in Macedonia.

67. Liridon (Albanian origin): means ‘one who is of free will’, is a fitting name for an adventurous boy.

68. Lorik (Albanian origin): means 'freedom’. This Albanian name is associated with the former Albanian footballer, Lorik Cana.

69. Murat (Turkish origin): means ‘wish' or 'desire’, and is a simple yet adorable name.

70. Noel (French origin): means ‘Christmas’, an aesthetic and cool-sounding name. Although not of Albanian or Illyrian origin, it is still a somewhat common name used by Albanians.

71. Rezart (Albanian origin): means ‘golden ray’, and is a name that represents warmth and hope.

72. Skender (Albanian origin): means ‘the protector’, a name that reflects strength and bravery.

73. Turhan (Turkish origin): means ‘noble' or 'mercy’. The well-known Albanian politician, Turhan Permeti, is known by this name.

74. Valon (Albanian origin): means ‘wave’. It may also have been derived from the name of the city of Valone in Albania.

75. Vetone (Albanian origin): means ‘an ancient warrior’, is also a good option for naming a boy.

76. Ylli (Albanian origin): means ‘star’, and it makes for a cute and unique Albanian baby name for a boy.

Erag meaning scent or dawn is a popular boy name in Albania.

Common Illyrian Last Names

Do you ever wonder about the surnames that echo from the heart of ancient Illyria? Get ready to channel your inner time-traveler, because you're diving deep into some classic Illyrian family names.

Whether you're exploring your roots or just have an itch for historic tidbits, this list is your ticket. Hold onto your hats, as you uncover these age-old Illyrian last names that still resonate today.

77. Balla (Multiple origins): In the Albanian context, it is a nickname or metonymic occupational name from 'balla', which means 'half-soles' (in shoe repair). It is a common surname in the entire world and Albania.

78. Caka (Indian/Albanian origin): a common surname in Albania and other countries.

79. Cani (Unknown origin): another common Albanian surname, more popular in Albania than in most other countries. Its origin is unclear, and it might also appear in variations like 'Cañi'.

80. Çela (Spanish-Galician/Albanian origin): a common surname for Albanians. According to some sources, about 13,544 people, or 1 in 215 use this surname.

81. Dervishi (Persian or Albanian Muslim origin): Some sources say that approximately 10,933 Albanians (or 1 in 267) bear this surname.

82. Elezi (Albanian origin): another common Albanian last name. Some sources say the name means 'warrior'. Many notable historical figures use the name, like Cen Elezi, an Albanian colonel, and nationalist.

83. Gjini (Albanian origin): an Albanian surname that dates back to the Ottoman invasion of Albania, thought to be derived from the name Dukagjini. The surname Gjini is most widespread in Albania, according to some sources who report its use by about 6,600 people, or 1 in 442 Albanians.

84. Gjoka (Albanian origin): another last name in Albania, reportedly used by 9,905 people or 1 in 294.

85. Gjoni (Albanian origin): means 'John' according to several sources. It's a common Albanian last name, derived from the given name Gjon.

86. Hasa (Arabic/Bengali origin): a common Albanian surname; according to some sources, it is used by as many as 5,734 people. Its origin can be traced to an Arabic word that means 'myrtle' or 'one who gathers myrtle'.

87. Hoxha (Turkish origin): an Albanian surname, derived from the Persian word 'Khawaja' which translates to 'master' in English. Another variation of this name is Hoxhaj. It is among the most common Albanian names, reported to be used by approximately 54,367 people.

88. Hysa (Albanian origin): another widely used surname in Albania, reportedly used by 8,850 Albanians or around 1 in 329 people.

89. Karaj (Multiple origins): another common surname that approximately 6,186 people bear. Many people in other parts of the world also use this surname including Congo, Greece, and India.

90. Koçi (Albanian origin): ranks top among the most common surnames in the world and is also quite common in Albania. About 9,014 Albanians use this surname, according to different reports.

91. Muça (Greece/Albanian origin): a common surname in Albania, with about 12,531 occurrences based on collated data.

92. Prifti (Albanian origin): means ‘priest’, and was a surname used by Orthodox Christians in Albania and Greece. It is a common surname, used by about 13,354 Albanian people.

93. Shehu (Albanian origin): This name has about 26,240 users and is one of the most common Albanian surnames, according to several reports.

94. Sinani (Arabic/Albanian origin): another widely used surname in Albania, used by about 6,136 people.

95. Toska (Multiple origins): This surname is used by around 7,188 Albanian people. The name is derived from 'toskë', referring to a speaker of the southern variety of the Albanian language.

Ancient Illyrian Names And Meanings

Who's ready to unearth some of the oldest, most mystical names around? Say hello to these Illyrian names, each one like a time capsule packed with stories and meanings.

If you're on the hunt for a name that packs a historic punch, or you're just a trivia whiz looking to expand that mental Rolodex, you're right where you need to be. So, grab your metaphorical shovel and dig in as you decode these ancient Illyrian names and what they're whispering from eons past!

96. Andena (Greek origin): means ‘manly’, and is a name that represents strength and purpose.

97. Arbor (Latin/French origin): means ‘tree’, a perfect name for a brave and tall boy.

98. Aurelian (Latin origin): means ‘golden’, and it is an artistic and comforting name when spoken. The name's Latin origin relates to the word 'aurum', which means gold.

99. Bardha (Albanian origin): means ‘the white one’, a perfect name for a baby girl.

100. Bato (Albanian origin): means ‘Illyrian warrior’, and is an ideal name for a brave and strong boy.

101. Emilian (Slavic/Romanian/Latin origin): means ‘eager' or 'rival’, and is an ideal name for a baby boy.

102. Helena (Greek origin): means ‘light’, and it's a magnificent name for a baby girl.

103. Leka (Greek origin): means ‘protector and defender of the people’, and is an elegant and classy name for both girls and boys.

Names Of Famous Illyrian Kings

Fancy a trip down the royal corridors of ancient Illyria? Among its echoing chambers, you'll find kings with names that have stood the test of time.

Whether you're daydreaming of regal tales or pondering a princely name for a little one, these Illyrian king names come with a crown of legacy. If you're ready to meet these legendary leaders, let this royal roll call begin!

104. Agron was an Illyrian ruler of the Ardiaean Kingdom in the third century BC.

105. Cleitus was an Illyrian king who was the son of King Bardylis and the father of King Bardylis II.

106. Galaurus was an Illyrian king of Taulantii who ruled in the middle of the 7th century BC.

107. Gentius was an Illyrian king of the Labeatan dynasty.

108. Glaucias, an ancient ruler, governed the Taulantian kingdom during the second half of the fourth century BC. The Taulantii were an Illyrian people situated along the Adriatic coast of southern Illyria.

109. Monunius was an Illyrian king who reigned over southern Illyria.

110. Mytilos was another Illyrian king who reigned over southern Illyria. He was Monunius I's successor, and most likely his son.

111. Pinnes was the son of Agron, king of the Ardiaei in Illyria, and Triteuta, with Agron's first wife.

112. Pleuratus was king of a region near the Adriatic coast in southern Illyria.

113. Pleurias was the king of the Autariatae, where the Illyrian people lived.

114. Sirras was a prince, royal member, and possibly prince-regent of Upper Macedonia's Lynkestis (Lyncestis) under his father-in-law King Arrhabaeus.


Wrapping up this historical deep dive, Illyrian names truly are hidden gems in the vast treasure trove of naming. While some may require a bit of pronunciation practice, their rich history and unique ring make them stand out in any crowd.

Naming your little one or a character in your story with an Illyrian name not only embraces a deep-rooted culture but also offers a sprinkle of ancient mystique.

So, why not be a trendsetter of old meets new? Explore the list, pick your favorite, and let these names echo stories of ancient times in today's world.

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