Top 60 Albanian Girl Names For Your Baby That You'll Love

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Albanian girls' names are unique and memorable, perfect for your baby girl.
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Located on southeastern Europe's Balkan Peninsula, Albania's geography, as well as ancient history, make these Albanian names memorable, unique, and adorable. The language spoken in Albania is Albania, and going for an Albanian name for your baby girl could be the best decision you've ever made.

Throughout this article, we'll list our favorite Albanian names. Some of them are very popular, some are nature-inspired, and some are so unique that'll you'll fall in love with them immediately. So, without further ado, let's jump right in.

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Popular Albanian Girl Names

The following names are the most popular and some of the most beautiful baby names in Albania that are perfect for your newborn girl. Most of them are of Albanian origin, but others have Latin, Greek, or Arabic origins. Nonetheless, they're all equally adorable. Whilst the most popular name in Albania is not known exactly, these names are certainly high on the list!

1.Adriel - meaning 'God's flock'. Although it's widely used in Albania, the name has Hebrew origins. It's also one of the cutest boy names.

2.Afërdita - It means 'near to morning' or 'dawn'.

3.Afrodita - With Greek origins, the name is derived from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.

4.Agnes - It has Greek and Latin origins and it means 'pure'.

5.Agnesa - The Albanian form of Agnes.

6.Albana - It means 'from Alban' or 'white'.

7.Anjezë - Mother Teresa's first name, the most popular Albanian woman in history.

8.Adriana - One of the cutest Albanian baby girl names, Adriana means 'future'.

9.Artë - One of the cutest Albanian baby names, it means 'golden'.

10.Besjana - a beautiful name meaning 'trust' or 'oath'.

11.Bora - It's a name with different meanings; in Albanian, it means 'snow', while in Korean, it means 'purple', and in Turkish, it means 'hurricane'.

12.Bukuria - Albanian translation for 'beauty'.

13.Debora - It means 'bee' and has Hebrew origins.

14.Dori - With Greek and Latin origins, this cute baby name means 'gift'.

15.Dua - This beautiful name was made popular by the pop star Dua Lipa, and it means 'love' in Alabanian. It also means 'prayer' in Arabic.

16.Elira/Elirë - It means 'free' in Albanian.

17.Elvana - Made popular by the Albanian star Elvana Gjata, it means 'angel from heaven'.

18.Emina - It has many meanings, the most popular one is 'truthful' with Arabic origins.

19.Era - Era Istrefi is an international pop star with Albanian roots. It's derived from an Albanian word meaning 'wind'.

20.Fatmirë - It's one of the cutest names for a girl and it means 'luck' or 'fortune' in Albanian.

21.Fiona - Although it has Scottish origins, it's well-known in Albania and it means 'white'.

22.Grace - This Latin-originated name is popular all across Europe, including Albania.

23.Lëndina - This adorable Albanian name means 'meadow'.

24.Nora - It has many origins including Albanian, Irish, Arabic, Greek, and Latin and it means 'light'.

25.Rozë - It means 'pink' in the Albanian language.

26.Samira - Among the Arabic-originated names that are popular in Albania, it means 'evening companion'.

27.Sara - This Hebrew-originated name is widely used among Albanian babies and it means 'lady'.

28.Valë - Albanian translation of 'sea wave'.

Unique Albanian Names

Albania is located in southeastern Europe in the Balkans and inspires beautiful names.

Who said your little one has to have a popular Albanian name? The following names are used in Albania, but they are foten less well-known, making them even more special for your little one.

29.Aisha - With Arabic origins, Aisha means 'alive'.

30.Dorentina - It's derived from 'Doruntinën', a novel by a well-known Albanian writer, also known as 'The Ghost Rider'.

31.Elmedina - This name is derived from the Arabic word 'madina', which means 'the town'.

32.Lumturi - If your baby girl is the joy of your life, you'll love this Albanian name that means 'bliss' or 'joy'.

33.Marsela - This is perfect for you if your baby is born in March because it means 'born in March'.

34.Melodi - You can guess just by looking at the name that it means 'melody'.

35.Orkide - If you love flowers, Orkide means 'orchid flower' in Albanian.

36.Paquen - It translates to 'peace' in Albanian.

37.Parajsë - 'Heaven' is the meaning of this cute Albanian baby name.

38.Prende - Prende is the Albanian goddess of love.

Nature-Inspired Albanian Names

Who doesn't love nature? The morning light, flowers, oceans, lakes, you name it. The following are all Albanian nature-inspired names if you want your newborn to be named after nature.

39.Agim - The Albanian translation of 'dawn'.  While it's mostly used as a boy name, its beautiful meaning would make for a unique girl's name.

40.Diell - The Albanian translation of 'sun', Diell brings light into your life, just like your baby girl.

41.Dimër - It means 'winter' in Albanian.

42.Dren - This adorable name translates to 'deer' in Albanian.

43.Flutura - One of the cutest Albanian baby girl names and it's the Albanian translation of 'butterfly'.

44.Hëne - A beautiful baby name that is the Albanian word for 'moon'.

45.Lule - Lule is among the cutest Albanian girls' names and it means 'flower'.

46.Luledielli - As we've established before, 'lule' means 'flower' and 'diell' means 'sun'. Therefore, Luledielli means 'sunflower' in Albanian.

47.Lumë - The Albanian word for 'river'.

48.Oquean - Another waterbody name, Oquean, is the Albanian translation of 'ocean'.

49.Pranverë - Why not name your baby girl after the most beautiful season of the year? In Albanian, Pranverë means 'spring'.

50.Toka - Albanian translation of 'earth'.

51.Verë - If you love the warmth of the sun, you'll love this Albanian translation of 'summer'.

52.Zog - As a nature-lover, Zog will definitely spark your interest. In Albanian, it means 'bird'.

Names Of Albanian Places

Why not name your baby girl after an Albanian place? The following are the most beautiful Albanian areas that attract lots of tourists.

53.Albania - This name is simply the name of the wonderful country of Albania. It does not have a specific meaning.

54.Albulena - The well-known Battle of Albulena was between Albanian and Ottoman armies.

55.Berat - A very popular area in Albania. It's also the name of a castle in the same area that was built back in the 13th century.

56.Llogara - A well-known Albanian national park.

57.Ohrid - An Albanian-Macedonian lake that is known for its beauty and history. It's believed to be over 1 million years old!

58.Osum - A river in south Albania. It would also make for an adorable name for a baby boy.

59.Rozafa - This  Albanian castle is very popular thanks to a famous legend about how the castle was kept standing.

60.Tirana - Why not name your baby girl after the capital of Albania?

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