40+ Thanksgiving Names For Your November Baby

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Originally Published on Nov 18, 2020
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Naming your little baby is certainly a big task.

You will consider many things while trying to choose the perfect name for your baby. But have you ever considered a thanksgiving name?

People often associate Thanksgiving with turkey, holidays, and food, but thanksgiving names are much more than that. They can be related to the themes of the season, or the meanings behind it. Here is a list of beautiful thanksgiving names for babies, to help you choose.

For more naming ideas, take a look at these names that mean energy and these names that mean dream.

Popular Girl Thanksgiving Names

Thanksgiving names are inspired by the harvest season. Here is a handpicked list of baby names for your little girl.  

1 . Akiko (Japanese origin) meaning "bright autumn youngster".

2 . Annona (Latin origin) this name comes from the Roman goddess of grain.

3 . Autumn (Latin origin) another name for the season of fall.

4 . Aurelia (Latin origin) meaning "the golden one."

5 . Ceres (Indo-European origin) is the Roman goddess of grain.

6 . Demeter (Greek origin) the name of a Greek goddess.

7 . Donna (Italian origin) this name is used to denote respect to the lady.

8 . Grania (Irish origin) meaning "grain of corn."

9 . Harriet (German origin), meaning "home pioneer".

10 . Kasha (Greek Origin) in the cuisine of Middle Europe, this is a name of a grain.

11 . Maizie (Scottish origin) whilst not strictly a thanksgiving name, it looks similar to maize, which suggests corn, so we'll take it.

12 . Parvati (Sanskrit origin) meaning "daughter of the mountain."

13 . Rue (English Origin) meaning "herb."

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Thanksgiving Names For Boys

Find the perfect name for your boy born on Thanksgiving here.

14 . Alden (Old English origin) meaning "old friend".

15 . Barnabas ( Aramaic origin) meaning "son of consolation."

16 . Bartholomew (Hebrew origin) meaning "son of a furrow."

17 . Bruno (German origin) meaning "brown."

18 . Elias (Greek origin) meaning "Yahweh is God."

19 . Humphrey (German origin), meaning "peaceful warrior."

20 . Jabez (Hebrew origin) meaning "borne in pain."

21 . Jasper (Persian origin) meaning "bringer of treasure."

22 . Jayden (Modern US origin) meaning "thankful."

23 . Lugh (Irish origin) the name of the Irish God of the harvest.

24 . Moses (Egyptian origin) meaning "delivered from the water."

25 . Myles (Latin origin) meaning "soldier".

26 . Oceanus (Greek origin) meaning "Titan in mythology."

27 . Peregrine (Latin origin) meaning "pilgrim or traveler."

28 . Phineas (Hebrew origin) meaning "the Nubian."

29 . Russel (French origin) meaning "redhead or fox head."

30 . Shaqir (Arabic origin) meaning "thankful."

31 . Smith (English origin) meaning "blacksmith."

32 . Truman (English origin) meaning "one who is loyal."

Names That Mean Thankful

Beyond the turkey, Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. Some parents strongly believe that the meaning of their child's name affects their personality a lot. So if you are thinking of giving a name to your tiny tot that means "thankful" on the Thanksgiving holiday, here are some names to choose for your tot.

33 . Asante (African origin) meaning "thank you."

34 . Kuron (African origin) meaning "thanks".

35 . Odelia (Anglo Saxon origin) meaning "thankful".

36 . Zendaya (African origin) meaning "to give thanks."

Thanksgiving Baby Names With An Historic Relevance

Choosing a name that has an historic relevance to Thanksgiving can be a brilliant choice for your child. These names for Thanksgiving babies would all make an inspiring and excellent option for your child.

45 . Abraham (Hebrew origin) Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving an official holiday.

47 . Sarah (Hebrew origin) Sarah Josepha Hale lobbied Abraham Lincoln for a national holiday on Thanksgiving.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Thanksgiving names then why not take a look at these names meaning happy, or for something different take a look at these edgy girl names.

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