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Albanian names are known for their out of the world and quirky charm.

If you are interested in naming your little boy with an unusual yet meaningful name, then Albanian names are just right for you! These names come with a load of history and importance.

Albanian is a language spoken in a small country called Albania, located in southern Europe. Apart from its rich cultural heritage, Albania is known for its famous tourist attractions too.

Albanian names are said to be among the rarest of rare names found in the whole world. They are unique, funny, meaningful, cute, beautiful, popular and religious too. So here, we present to you a list of cool 100 Albanian boy names for your little bundle of joy.

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Names Of Famous Albanian Men

Albanian men are unique and different, just like their names, and some became famous too. Such diversity in names will not be found anywhere but here. Here is the list of baby boy names inspired by some of the famous Albanian men:

1. Abdyl meaning "servant". This name is associated with Albanian politician Abdyl Kellezi.

2. Admir (Slavic origin) meaning "warrior; peace bringer". Admir Teli is an Albanian retired professional footballer.

3. Albi, meaning "country Albania". One of the short and sweet baby boy Albanian names.

4. Altin (Turkish origin) meaning "golden". This name is associated with the Albanian footballer Altin Rraklli.

5. Atifete meaning "patriotic". This name is associated with a politician and former president of Kosovo Atifete Jahjaga.

6. Bardhyll meaning "white star". This name got popular due to the ancient Illyrian king, Bardhyll.

7. Besart meaning "faith; golden". This name is associated with an Albanian footballer.

8. Besnik meaning "loyal; faithful". This name is associated with Albanian politician Besnik Bekteshi.

9. Burim meaning "Riverhead; fountain". The famous Albanian photographer Burim Myftiu has this name.

10. Driton meaning "light". Albanian ballroom dancer Driton Dovolani is known by this name.

11. Edon meaning "he loves". It means "love" in Albanian. Edon Hasani is a popular Albanian footballer.

12. Elseid meaning "luck". Well, known Albanian football player Elseid Hysaj made this name very famous.

13. Erjon meaning "our wind". This Albanian baby name is made by the Albanian skier, Erjon Tola.

14. Fatos meaning "daring; brave". This name is best associated with the famous Albanian football player, Fatos Daja.

15. Ferid (Arabic origin) meaning "precious; unique". The famous Nobel prize winner for medicine in 1998, Dr Ferid Murad, is known to have this name.

16. Flamur meaning "flag". Famous football player Flamur Kastrati is known by this name.

17. Ismail meaning "heard by God". Ismail Kadare is known to be the most popular writer and poet from Albania.

18. James (English origin) meaning "supplanter". This name is associated with famous American actor James Belushi who is from Albania.

19. Kejsi meaning "descendent of Cathasaigh". This name got popular due to Albanian singer Kejsi Tola.

20. Kreshnik meaning "knight". This Albania name was made famous by the Albanian film and stage actor Kreshnik Xhelilaj.

21. Lorik meaning "brave"; freedom. This Albanian name is related to the former Albanian footballer, Lorik Cana.

22. Mergim meaning "exile". Mergim Neziri is a famous German-Albanian, footballer.

23. Valon meaning "wave of the flag". This name is inspired by the name of the city Valone in Albania.

Names Of Men From Albanian History

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Albanian history is filled with men of high stature, strong deeds, and great achievements. Here's the list of the names of these extraordinary Albanian boy names and meanings:

24. Agron meaning" fire; brave". This name is associated with the King of Illyrian.

25. Ahmet meaning "Praiseworthy". Ahmet Delia was an Albanian freedom fighter.

26. Ardian meaning "of the future". It is a derivation of 'Ardiaei', the name of an ancient Illyrian people.

27. Asti meaning "golden". It is associated with an Illyrian saint.

28. Bekim meaning "blessed". Bekim Berisha was a Kosova-Albanian soldier who served in the Yugoslav Wars.

29. Dalmat meaning "sheep". This name comes from the Illyrian tribe.

30. Engjell meaning "angel". Albanian physicist Enggjell Licaj made this name popular.

31. Ergi meaning "love". A commonly used Albanian name.

32. Fatmir meaning "Good luck". This name is associated with the Albanian writer Fatmir Agalliu.

33. Genti meaning "flower". This name is associated with the last Illyrian king of the Adriaen kingdom.

34. Gezim meaning "happiness". Albanian philosopher and sociologist Gazim Albion made this name famous.

35. Ilir meaning "freedom; free". 

36. Turhan (Turkish origin) meaning "noble; of mercy". The well-known Albanian politician, Turhan Permeti, is known by this name.

Popular Albanian Boys Names

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Albanian boy names are funky and cool, which you may consider in giving such names to your baby boy too. Here is the list of some popular Albanian names for a boy:

37. Alban (Latin origin) meaning "from Alba". This Albanian baby name is associated with Saint Alban.

38. Afrim meaning "approach". Famous Albanian writer, Afrim Peposhi, is known by this name.

39. Arbnor meaning "kingdom."

40. Arjeta meaning "golden life".

41. Bernard (English origin) meaning "strong and brave".

42. Daniel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my judge". Albanian football player, Daniel Xhafaj, made this name popular.

43. Dardan meaning "Illyrian earth".

44. Elion meaning "lion". A strong and powerful name for Albanian baby names.

45. Erion meaning "the wind of Ionian sea".

46. Ermal meaning "mountain wind". This Albanian baby name is associated with the Albanian actor and Comedian Ermal Mamaqi.

47. Erminus meaning "wind from the Ion seas". Considered to be one of the popularly used Albanian names for boys.

48. Finuala (English origin) meaning "having fair shoulders".

49. Fitore meaning "victorious life".

50. Gabriel (Hebrew origin) meaning "man of God". A vintage name for men all over the world, including Albania.

51. Guzim meaning "courage".

52. Jetmir meaning "good life".

53. Joel (Hebrew origin) meaning "The Lord God". A commonly used Albanian names.

54. Lefter meaning "broke". This name is associated with the famous Albanian football player Lefter Millo.

55. Liridon meaning "desire for freedom". Albanian football player Liridon Ahmeti is known by this name.

56. Lulezim meaning "to flower; bloom".

57. Manhar meaning "one who wins heart". It was kept as the name of Albanian rulers.

58. Mirjet meaning "life".

59. Noar meaning "river name in Illyria".

60. Noel (French origin) meaning "Christmas". It is the most common name used in Albania.

61. Surroje meaning "place". This name is inspired by a small village in Albania called Surroje.

Unique Albanian Boys Names

Albanian names are unique; there s no question about it, but what is makes them quite different are their spellings and their quirky pronunciation. We present you the list of such interesting, unique names of Albanian boys for your baby boy:

62. Adir (Hebrew origin) meaning "mighty". It is considered one of the strong male names.

63. Ardit meaning "golden day". This name is associated with the popular Albanian football player, Ardit Beqiri.

64. Arian meaning "golden day; life".

65. Armend meaning "golden mind".

66. Artan meaning "little bear; golden".

67. Bardhore meaning "shining".

68. Bujar meaning "generosity".

69. Cevdet (Turkish origin) meaning "maturity".

70. Dren meaning "reindeer". Dren is the real name of the DC Comics character 'Scarlet Skier'.

71. Drin meaning "river name"; holy". This name makes up for a cute Albanian baby boy name.

72. Erag meaning "scent; dawn wind".

73. Erlblin meaning "scent of linden tree".

74. Esad meaning "fortunate life"

75. Fisnik meaning "noble; gallant". Fisnik Gashi is a popular Albanian football player.

76. Gazmend meaning "joy".

77. Gjon meaning "lucky one". This name is associated with well known Albanian writer, Gjon Buzuku.

78. Kreshnik meaning "knight". Albanian politician, Kreshnik Cipi, has this name.

79. Kristi (English origin) meaning "Christ".

80. Leart meaning "golden birth".

81. Ledion meaning "caress; best".

82. Lirim meaning "freedom; relief; liberty".

83. Luan meaning "lion". A strong Albanian name for a baby boy.

84. Merkush meaning "happy".

85. Murat (Turkish origin) meaning "a wish; desire".

86. Nderim meaning "honor; respect; favor".

87. Pellumb meaning "dove". It is considered to be one of the unusual and rarest baby boy names in Albania.

88. Rezart meaning "golden ray".

89. Skender (English origin) meaning "defender of mankind".

90. Ylli meaning "star". Makes up for a cute and unique Albanian baby name for a boy.

Albanian Non-Binary Names

Albanians have some great gender-neutral names too. Here is the list of some of the Albanian non-binary names:

91. Elif (Turkish origin) meaning "beautiful; slender".

92. Endi meaning "defender of people; lightness; power".

93. Endrit meaning "enlightened".

94. Gezim meaning "joyous life".

95. Greis (Latin origin) meaning "graceful; beauty". It is an Albanian form of grace.

96. Jeta meaning "life".

97. Liri meaning "freedom".

98. Stejsi meaning "resurrection". Known to be an Albanian form of Stacy. Considered to be one of the rarely used non-binary Albanian names.

99. Stivi meaning "crown; victorious".

100. Uendi meaning "friend".

101. Vetone meaning "an ancient warrior".

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