Top 100 Celebrity Baby Boy Names For Your Little Star

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Originally Published on Oct 28, 2020
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We live in a time of pop idols and celebrities who are really making a mark all over the media and the internet.

TV Stars and pop musicians have incredible influence and fan following. Naturally, it is also common for parents to name their children after these famous personalities.

There is at least one functional side to this: celebs often have eye-catchy stage names, something that helps their trade. We have also seen the trend of celebs keeping their indigenous, non-anglicized names as a form of empowerment.

Celeb parents also often get creative when naming their babies.

Try as they may keep it away from the limelight, there is always media hype about it. So no matter where the baby name you want falls on the spectrum from traditional to unique, you will definitely find some inspiration from these celebrity baby names.

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Celebrity Inspired Baby Names

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Here is a list of famous celebrity names, for when you want your baby boy's name to be a homage to your favorite celeb personality.

1. Aaron (Hebrew origin) meaning "mountain of strength", the name for several actors including Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, also famous screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.

2. Adam  (Hebrew origin) meaning "the earth" (as in-ground). Adam Sandler is a  well-known celebrity actor from movies such as  'Uncut Gems' and '50 First Dates'.

3. Alec (Greek origin) meaning "defender", the name of popular SNL star, Alec Baldwin.

4. Bob (Germanic origin) meaning "bright fame". Bob Marley and Bob Dylan are both celebrity singers/songwriters.

5. Bradley (Old English origin) meaning "broad meadow", is the name of several Hollywood stars including Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt.

6. Brian (Celtic origin) meaning "noble". Both phonetically similar, Bryan Cranston is an actor, while Brian Adams is a popular musician.

7. Chace (Old French origin) meaning "seize". Chace Crawford is a famous actor ('The Boys').

8. Charles (German origin) meaning "free man" is a variation of Charles, both names of several famous movie stars such as Charlie Day and Charlie Chaplin.

9. Daniel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my strength". Daniel Radcliffe is best known for his Harry Potter in the adapted film series.

10. David (Hebrew origin) meaning "beloved". David Bowie a.k.a Ziggy is a world-famous singer.

11. Donald (Gaelic origin) meaning "world ruler". Donald Glover is the real name of actor/rapper, Childish Gambino.

12. Ed (Old English origin) meaning "rich" or "friend". Ed Sheeran is a celebrity singer/songwriter.

13. Eric (Germanic origin) meaning "eternal king", is the name of legendary singer/guitarist, Eric Clapton.

14. Farrokh (Arabic origin) meaning "fortunate". Farrokh Bulsara is the real name of iconic rock-star, Freddie Mercury.

15. Frank (Germanic origin) meaning "free man". Frank Sinatra from the 20th Century.

16. Gary (Germanic origin) meaning "spear". Gary Oldman, a famous actor.

17. George (Greek origin) meaning "farmer". George Clooney is a celebrated movie star.

18. Gordon (Welsh origin) meaning "spacious fort" is the name of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

19. Hans (German origin) meaning "Yahweh is gracious". Hans Zimmer is a well-known film score composer.

20. Harry (Germanic origin) meaning "home ruler". Name of singer, Harry Styles.

21. Heath (English origin) meaning "moor dweller", name of actor, Heath Ledger.

22. Hrithik (Indian origin) meaning "from the heart". Name of Hrithik Roshan, a Bollywood star.

23. Hugh (English origin) meaning "mind", actors Hugh Laurie and Hugh Jackman. A very similar baby name is Hugo.

24. Ian (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious". Actor Ian McKellen and 'James Bond' author Ian Fleming.

25. Idris (Welsh/Arabic origin) meaning 'interpreter". 'The Wire' star Idris Alba is a celebrity example.

26. Jackie (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious". Examples include actor Jackie Chan.

27. Jamie (Latin origin) meaning "heel" or "supplanter". Actor Jamie Dornan is an example.

28. Jordan (Hebrew origin) meaning "descend", is the name of singer/songwriter Jordan Fisher.

29. Keanu (Hawaiian origin) meaning "cold breeze". Keanu Reeves is a  famous contemporary film star.

30. Kendrick (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "family ruler". The biggest celeb example is hip-hop artist, Kendrick Lamar.

31. Kevin (Irish origin) meaning "of noble birth". Kevin Hart is a celebrated stand-up comic.

32. Larry (Latin origin) meaning "man from Laurenam". Larry King is an iconic talk show host.

33. Liam (Irish origin) meaning "protector", examples being Liam Gallagher, a former member of the band 'Oasis', and actor Liam Neeson.

34. Matthew (Hebrew origin) meaning "gift of Yahweh". Matthew McConaughey is an actor starring 'Interstellar' and 'The Wolf of Wall Street'.

35. Michael (Hebrew origin) meaning "who is like God". Michael Jackson is a pop sensation of the last century.

Traditional Modern Celebrity Baby Boy Names

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If you want your baby to have a more traditional, old-school, or regal-sounding name, this is the list for you!

36. Anthony (Latin origin) meaning "of the Antonius family", the name of Anthony Bourdain, a famous TV personality.

37. Benedict (Latin origin) meaning 'blessed', is the name of 'Sherlock' lead star Benedict Cumberbatch.

38. Brendan (Old Welsh origin) meaning "prince". Actor Brendan Fraser has this name.

39. Chadwick (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "town of Chad". Chadwick Bosman was a talented actor.

40. Christopher (Greek origin) meaning "Christ-bearer", name of famous movie director, Christopher Nolan.

41. Gerard (Germanic origin) meaning "spear-headed", name of '300' star, Gerard Butler.

42. Harrison (English origin) meaning "son of Harry",  name of actor Harrison Ford.

43. Henry (English origin) meaning "homeland ruler". Henry Cavill is a famous actor.

44. Isaiah (Hebrew origin) meaning "Yahweh is salvation".  Isaiah Washington, a  famous actor, and an internet personality.

45. Jaden (Hebrew origin) meaning "thankful". Jaden Smith, a famous actor and son of Will Smith.

46. Jake (Hebrew origin) meaning "holder of the heel", actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

47. John (Hebrew origin) meaning "YHWH has been gracious". Author John Green and wrestler John Cena have this name.

48. Jonah (Hebrew origin) meaning "dove", name of actor Jonah Hill.

49. Kiefer (German origin) meaning "pine tree".  Kiefer Sutherland is a famous movie producer.

50. Leonardo (English/Italian origin) meaning "strong as a lion". Leonardo DiCaprio is an Oscar-winning actor.

51. Oliver (Latin origin) meaning "olive tree", name of actor Oliver Hudson.

51. Orlando (Italian origin) meaning "from glorious lands", renowned actor Orlando Bloom.

53. Patrick (Latin origin) meaning "nobleman", popular theatre and movie actor, Patrick Stewart.

54. Upton (Old English origin) meaning "upper field", famous author, Upton Sinclair.

55. William (Germanic origin) meaning "will" and "helm". Actor William Shatner is an example.

Unique Modern Celebrity Baby Boy Names

Celeb parents are known to have a preference for some out-there names for their babies  - here are some of the best.

56. Apple (English origin) referring to the fruit, is the unusual name of the baby of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow

57. Anaca (Nigerian origin) meaning "sweet-faced" is the baby name of Candice Swanepoel's son.

58. Audio (English origin) meaning "sound" is the name of actress Shannyn Sossamon's son.

59. Banjo (English origin) meaning "a stringed music instrument" is Australian actress Rachel Griffiths' son's unique name.

60. Birdie (English origin) meaning "little bird",  the name of Jessica Simpson's third child.

61. Bodhi (Sanskrit origin) meaning "enlightenment" is the baby name of Megan Fox's son.

62. Cricket (English origin) meaning "insect of the night" is the unique name Busy Phillip gave to her son.

63. Czar (Latin origin) meaning "emperor" is the name of Indian celeb film producer/actress Farah Khan's youngest son.

64. Elias (Latin origin) meaning "Yahweh is with me" is Michael Bublé's son.

65. Ennio (Latin origin) meaning "favored by God" is Erin McNaught's son.

66. Gravity (Latin origin) meaning "gravitas", American celeb model Lucky Blue Smith's son.

67. Hal (English origin) meaning "house ruler", is Benedict Cumberbatch's son.

68. Hart (English origin) meaning "stag" is the name of Miranda Kerr's son.

69. Ivey (English origin) meaning "ivy" is Jamie Watson's son's name.

70. Kulture (English origin) meaning "culture" is Cardi B's child, another eccentric celebrity baby name.

71. Leone (French origin) meaning 'lion' is Italian hip-hop star Fedez's child's name.

72. Onyx (English origin) meaning "black gem" is the unique name celeb parents Alanis Morisette and Mario Treadway gave to their child.

73. Otis (German origin) meaning "prosperity", Olivia Wilde's child.

74. Psalm (Hebrew origin) meaning "song", Kim and Kanye West's second child.

75. Raddix (Latin origin) meaning "root" is actress Cameron Diaz's son, the most unique baby celebrity name.

76. Reign (English origin) meaning "rule", Kourtney Kardashian's infant son.

77. River (English origin) meaning "large stream of water", actor Joaquim Phoenix's son.

78. Sailor (German origin) meaning 'boatman" Liv Tyler and Dave Gardner's child.

79. Stormi (Old English origin) meaning "stormy",  Kylie Jenner's child.

80. Strummer (English origin) meaning "one who strums", is the baby name of Julia Stiles' son.

81. Titan (Greek origin) meaning "big powerful man", Kelly Rowland's child's name.

Celebrity Baby Names From The Past

It is perfectly normal to not want your baby's name to be unique or eccentric. Here are some old-fashioned classy names that celebrity parents back in the day gave to their children.

82. Chad (Old English origin) meaning "warrior/leader", the celebrity baby born to parents Steve McQueen and Nelie Adams.

83. Dexter (Latin origin) meaning "dyer", Diane Keaton's son.

84. Dodd (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "plump". Dodd Mitchell Darin is the celebrity baby of Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin.

85. Edward (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "prosperous", Christopher Edward Wilding, son of celebrity parents Michael Wilding and Elizabeth Taylor.

86. Ethan (Hebrew origin) meaning "strong", the celebrity son of actor John Wayne.

87. Evan (Gaelic origin) meaning "youth". Evan Ross, Diana Ross's son.

88. Jason (Greek origin) meaning "healer", Sean Connery's only son.

89. Jesse (Hebrew origin) meaning "God exists", Bob Dylan's son.

90. Jett (English origin) meaning "jet black", John Travolta's son.

91. Kit (Latin origin) meaning "follower of Christ", Jodie Foster's eldest son.

92. Myles (Latin origin) meaning "soldier", Marlon Brando's son.

93. Ray (Old German origin) meaning "advisor", name of Jack Nicholson's son.

94. Ronald (Old English origin) meaning "advice" and "ruler", name of Jerry Lewis' son with Patti Palmer.

95. Ronan (Irish origin) meaning "little seal", the name of Mia Farrow's celebrity baby son.

96. Samuel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God heard", the name of Jessica Lange's son.

97. Scott (English origin) meaning "Scottish", name of Paul Newman's eldest son.

98. Sean (Irish origin) meaning "God is gracious", name of Sean Flynn, born to celeb parents Jane Seymour and David Flynn.

99. Terry (German origin) meaning "tribe power", the celebrity baby of '90s actress Doris Day.

100. Troy (Greek origin) meaning "foot soldier". Troy Garity is the son of celeb parents Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden.

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