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A baby's name is a precious gift given to a child.

Honor means respect and status, and giving a proper name that means honor to a child is a privilege for them. The name may come from English, Greek, or Latin origin but what matters most is the amazing meaning associated with it.

As a parent, we always think to give our kids a cute and unique baby name. We always try to find out names with a powerful meaning that will bring pride to the child.

Honor or integrity is something that many parents also look for in their children. A baby name that means honor is not very common these days.

So to give your baby boy or girl, an uncommon name would help them stand out from others. We have collected a list of fantastic female names as well as strong male names that mean honor.

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Popular Girl Names Meaning Honor

An honorary US army veteran

It is quite a challenging task to search and find a perfect name for a girl that means honor. So here we have collected and formed a list of unique but interesting baby names for your baby girls.

1. Adaly(German origin)meaning "who is honored"

2. Aenea(Greek origin)meaning "praised one". It is the name of a character in the series, 'Rise of Endymion'.

3. Amara(Nigerian origin)meaning "elegance or grace"

4. Analee(Hebrew origin)meaning" grace that is favored"

5. Annamaria(Hebrew origin)meaning "God is kind". Annamaria Rizzoli is a famous Italian actress.

6. Annette(French origin)meaning "merciful". Anette Carol is a famous actress from America who has played the role of 'Lady Macbeth' in a famous play by Shakespeare in  1984.

7. Anju(Indian origin)meaning "someone who lives in the heart

8. Ardala(Irish origin) meaning"highly honorable"

9. Athalie(Hebrew origin)meaning "praising God"

10. Briana(Irish origin)meaning "strong and good". Briana Curry was the goalkeeper for the American national soccer team at World Cup in 1995.

11. Charis(Greek origin)meaning "kindness, grace"

12. Lauraine(English origin)meaning"name of the tree symbolizing honor and victory"

13. Earheart(German origin)meaning"courageous, honorable". Amelia Earheart was a pilot from America who was successful in setting many records for flying as a female pilot.

14. Engracia(Spanish origin)meaning "provided with blessing"

15. Esme(French origin)meaning "admired"

16. Folami(African origin)meaning "respecting and honoring me"

17. Gracia(Spanish origin)meaning "charity". Gracia Martore was the previous president of the Tegna  Broadcasting Company.

18. Grazia(Italian origin)meaning "grace"

19. Ivanka(Russian origin)meaning "God is courteous". Ivanka Trump is the daughter of the American president, Donald Trump.

20. Lorinna(English origin) meaning "name of the tree symbolizing honor and victory"

21. Joan(English origin)meaning "God is graceful"

22. Joanna(Greek origin)meaning "stylish and graceful". Joanna Zeiger is a famous athlete to won Ironman Brazil in 2005 and Ion Coeur d'Alene in 2006.

23. Keyanna(American origin)meaning "someone living a graceful life"

24. Kyla(English origin)meaning"honorable"

25. Laura(English origin)meaning"name of the tree symbolizing honor and victory"

26. Louisa(German origin)meaning "fighting with respect". Louisa Moritz is a famous lawyer and an actress in America.

27. Marianne(French name)meaning "kind"

28. Tima(Greek origin)meaning"honor"

29. Timo(Greek origin)meaning"honor"

Strong Boy Names Meaning Honor

A little boy flexing his biceps after winning a gold medal

Strong and unique male names that mean honor, grace, respect are not as popular and hence, come out as unique Here we have consolidated a list of baby boy names that mean strength and honor.

30. Abiola(African origin)meaning "born in respect"

31. Aeneas(Greek origin) meaning "praised"

32. Ahmad(Arabic origin) meaning "greatly praised"

33. Alimayu(Ethiopian origin)meaning "honoring God"

34. Andhere(English origin) meaning "a supportive man who is honored"

35. Aneirin(Latin origin) meaning "to be respected". Aneirin was the name of a famous Brythonic poet of medieval years.

36. Aneurin(Welsh origin)meaning "great esteem". Aneurin Bevan was a health minister in the UK was responsible for a significant change in the health sector.

37. Apacita(Indian origin) meaning "a respected man"

38. Aryan(Indian origin)meaning "a noble person". Aryan Kaganof is a famous filmmaker and novelist from South Africa.

39. Ashane(Jamaican origin)meaning "powerful"

40. Brian(Irish origin)meaning "powerful and respected". King Brian Boru of Irish was successful in kicking out the Vikings from Ireland.

41. Cadogan(Welsh origin) meaning " honor in a fight".Kevin Cadogan is a famous musician in America.

42. Cagney(Irish origin)meaning "praise". James Cagney was a top movie star from the 1930s to 1950s.

43. Chanak(Spanish origin)meaning "a graceful man"

44. Chezian(Indian origin)meaning "graceful"

45. Eastman (English origin)meaning "lover of nature". George Eastman was the founder of the world-famous Eastman Kodak company. Eastman is a common English surname.

46. Erhard(German origin)meaning"respect"

47. Erwin(German origin)meaning "a friend who is respected". Erwin Rommel, popularly known as 'Desert Fox', has served the German army during World War 2.

48. Esmond(English origin)meaning "kindful protection". Henry Esmond is the lead frictional character of a famous novel of 1852.

49. Gianni(Italian origin) is a shorter version of Giovanni. Giovanni Versace is a respected fashion designer and creator of the brand Versace.

50. Giovanni(Italian origin)meaning "God is gracious"

51. Hanibal(Hebrew origin)meaning "blessings of Ba'al". Dr. Hannibal Lecter is an important character in novels written by Thomas Harris, featuring this character.

52. Hillel(Hebrew origin)meaning "praised greatly"

53. Jarlath(Irish origin)meaning "affluent lord". Jarlath Regan is a famous comedian based out of the United Kingdom.

54. Joab(Hebrew origin)meaning "praising Jehovah"

55. Kane(Gaelic origin)meaning"honor"

56. Kieth(Thai origin)meaning"honor"

57. Tim(Greek origin)meaning"honoring God"

58. Timoleon(Greek origin)meaning"honoring what said"

Gender Neutral Names Meaning Honor

(Honor does not stick to any gender and can be given as a name to both boys and girls.

Gender-neutral names are a growing trend among this century's parents.  Here we have prepared a diverse list of gender-neutral names to give an honorable name for your child:

59. Addaley(German origin)meaning "good or noble"

60. Alyosha(Greek origin)meaning "one who defends man". 'The Brothers Karamazov' is a classic book that has Alyosha as the hero.

61. Ehren(German origin)meaning "honorable person"

62. Erhardt(German origin) meaning "courageous and honored"

63. Hadar(Hebrew origin)meaning "famous, respected"

64. Hansel(German origin)meaning "God is kind". It is a famous character from the fairy tale 'Hansel and Gretel'.

65. Honor(Greek origin)meaning "respectful". Honor Blackman is a famous British actress.

66. Jinpa(Tibetan origin)meaning "to be generous". Thupten Jinpa is a famous Buddhist scholar and main translator for Dalai Lama.

67. Joud(Arabic origin)meaning "to be kind"

68. Jyioluwa(Yoruba origin)meaning "to honor God"

69. Kahiau(Hawaiian origin)meaning "selflessly generous"

70. Lorah(German origin) meaning "name of a tree symbolizing honor"

71. Loria(English origin)meaning"name of a tree that symbolizes honor"

72. Namasya(Indian origin)meaning "to worship"

73. Sami(Arabic or Hebrew origin) meaning "praised". Adnan Sami is a famous Indian singer, composer of music, and pianist.

74. Seye(Yoruba origin)meaning "honor"

75. Yoshi(Japanese origin)meaning "honorable". Yoshi is a popular character that appeared for the first time in a video game called 'Super Mario World'.

Latin Origin Names That Mean Honor

Latin baby names are popular among parents in the US. Latin baby names have deep meaning and rich history behind them.  So here we have an exciting list of honorable, popular baby names from Latin.

76. Annora meaning "respect"

77. Ann meaning "a favor". Ann Neville was the wife of King Richard III in England.

78. Anne meaning "a charm". Anne Bosworth was a famous mathematician in America.

79. Gloria meaning "God's glory". Gloria Steinem is a famous American journalist and co-founder of 'Ms. Magazine'.

80. Grace meaning "charming". Grace Gummer is a famous television actress.

81. Gracelynn meaning "blessing by God"

82. Honoria meaning "honor" in Latin. Honoria Glossop is a famous part of the stories written by P.G  Wodehouse known for his comic writings.

83. Jude meaning "praised". Jude Law is a famous actor who has received several nomination awards, two for Academy and another two for Tony Awards.

84. Juliette meaning "which receives compliment". Juliette is a famous actor from France who has been awarded several international awards for her performances.

85. Laurene meaning "name of the tree symbolizing honor and victory". Laurene Powell Jobs is a multibillionaire in America and also the wife of the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple company.

86. Laurenne meaning "a location where tree symbolizing honor and victory is found". Laurenne Ross is a famous Olympic skier from the United States of America.

87. Lauryn meaning "a location where the tree symbolizing honor and victory is found". Lauryn Hill is a great and famous rapper in the United States of America.

88. Liora meaning "name of the tree symbolizing honor and victory"

89. Lora meaning "name of laurel tree symbolizing victory"

90. Loreta meaning "a small tree symbolizing honor". Loreta Goggi from Italy is a famous singer and a host for a TV show.

91. Majestas meaning "Goddess of honor in Rome"

92. Merida meaning "honorable". Princess Merida is a courageous lead character in the Disney movie, 'Brave'.

93. Mira meaning "commendable". Mira Nair is a famous Indian writer based in the New York City of America.

94. Mireya meaning "praiseworthy"

95. Roseanne meaning "possessing the grace of the flower Rose". A famous comedy-drama series in America created by  Rosanne Barr and  Matt William.

96. Timaeus meaning "praise or esteemed". Timaeus of Locri is a role in the dialogue of 'Plato; Timaeus and Critias'.

97. Tita meaning "honored"

98. Titiana meaning "a title given to someone honorable"

99. Tricia meaning "noble". Tricia Goddard is a British actress now working in America and also took part in the 12th series of Dancing In Ice.

100. Veredigna meaning "earning great respect"

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